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"Love, love, love, what is love?": a condensed sonnet ...
by Apple (Poetry) on Feb. 26
"Know that I worship you on bended knee" ...
by Apple (Poetry) on Feb. 25
Horsefeathers ...
by chapter1 (Poetry) on Feb. 24
The Gift of Poetic Genius ...
by Apple (Poetry) on Feb. 24
A Pixie For The Taking -chapter 39- ...
by gsmonks (Fantasy) on Feb. 21
Poem: Turned Inwardly? ...
by jjbreunig3 (Poetry) on Feb. 20
"La Beau Idéal" ...
by Apple (Poetry) on Feb. 20
Joelle Biele featured March 5, at Midtown Scholar ...
by aragon37 (Press Releases) on Feb. 19
Without ...
by Shakti (Poetry) on Feb. 18
My unalloyed lusts ...
by Shakti (Poetry) on Feb. 17

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