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Who do I identify with? What is my identity? Do I think of myself as an American, an ex-Catholic, a displaced Celt, the son of exiled and dispersed American Aboriginals? An educator? A former union organizer or a writer? A metalhead or a Trekkie? What has truly formed my consciousness and what do I call myself?

I call myself a Liberation Theologist (seeing Christ as the Carpenter who identifies with all the people of the Earth). I call myself a member of the Working Class, which represents virtually all the people on the Earth meaning those who are not in control of it because it is forcibly ruled by only several hundred people at most.


My father fought in the second world war, which took his brother in a different theater on the other side of the planet. Their father fought the first world war and made it back alive. My father's white ancestors came from England and Germany in the late 1600's. His red ancestors were among the survivors of thirty million dead, slaughtered by the ignorant and stupid white trash that came from Europe to do very little but destroy and take, setting the tone for America's history all the way into the present time.
My mother's family came from North Ireland in the mid-nineteenth century and immediately bore arms for the Union Army, already in action against the Confederacy. My mother made a life of taking care of my father, whom she met years after losing her original fiance on the USS Indiannapolis; he was eaten by sharks with the other survivors when the ship sank and the rescue vessel didn't come. That's real fact, it happened to a lot of people who survived naval battles throughout history; I'm not trying to be dramatic.
I do not allow these moving histories of my forebears to help the media lull me into any sort of patriotism; I know now that it was all a waste.

Every American soldier who has ever died has died for nothing, beginning with the tragic and hopeful sacrifice of America's first fallen warrior, the runaway slave known as Crispus Attucks, all the way to the most recent slain in Iraq or Afghanistan. America fights for power and wealth, and that's it.
If you don't believe me, read 'War is a Racket' by USMC Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, two-time Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.

As long as the American People do not control this Government, and as long as they continue to allow it to do the things it does for its true masters, they are a nation of moral cowards and whores who do not deserve life. They take it away from the innocent for the sake of the power of the guilty. They see the sins of the guilty but dismiss them as circumstance and witness genocide and terror, generation after generation. The American People become more and more controlled and complacent and do more and more damage to the earth and its creatures through endless mass consumption and waste, as well as unending warfare all over the globe.

I find it difficult to believe that those of the opposed viewpoint to mine truly believe the things that they say they believe, and do not know that they are blindly, naively or callously defending a great evil. Who can be this blind or stupid? Who can be so virulently defensive or hostile when opposed with eloquence and facts as the Republican believers in the United States? I can only believe that theirs is the anger and hate applied to those, as Zora Neale Hurston best said, they have themselves hurt (or know their souls).

It is telling that their political paradigm is so closely linked to the religious fundamentalists whose roots lead back to the homicidal, genocidal and tyrannical Puritans from the beginning of North America's colonization. Bloodshed, terror and genocide have been with us like favorite uncles from the beginning of the Nation and they are with us now. Blood and Death are the parents of America, and Hell is its true Mother Country. The British People are different today than they were then and are doing what they can to recover their government, just as many of us here try to do, but the rich are too powerful to permit democracy. What makes this possible?

It is a combination of greedy, soulless people and ignorant, stupid people who support the powerful; their motivations are greed and fear. Those who continually lash out at dissenters are the latter kind, and I have dealt with them on this very forum, as I have elsewhere. The first kind, while in ways easier to understand, astonish me for their dark-hearted purposefulness and knowing betrayal of truth, justice, humanity. Yet I have known these peoples' hearts for many years now: They are Capitalists.

Here is my most recent example:

I know a man, personally, who is going to vote for Bush because his machine shop produces materials for Haliburton, which is making a lot of money for Dick Cheney in Iraq. Yet this same man, a former US Navy Seal from the Viet Nam war era, revealed to me this: that Lyndon Baines Johnson, President of the USA at that time (and G.W. Bush's fellow Texan) owned the construction company that actively and lucratively built scores of airbases for the US military all over South Vietnam. This is the man under whose Presidency I was born in 1966, who took over from the assassinated John F. Kennedy so quickly and assuredly, with no tears. Johnny, we hardly knew ye. Ka-ching!!! (Before any Republicans object, Johnson was Kennedy's Vice President, therefore his lawful successor; he was a Democrat).

Kennedy was most likely to remove America from Viet Nam before serious escalation of our involvement; there were of course many people and entities with just as many motivations to kill him. Oliver Stone raised the iceberg and revealed much of this. When Kennedy died a serious obstruction to military escalation in Viet Nam was removed, and LBJ made a lot of money building those airfields. He did not seek a second term, knowing his health was a large issue in terms of stamina for the office, and died shortly after leaving the White House for Richard Nixon. He did not even have the opportunity to fully enjoy the billions he made from his decimation and rape of the innocent people of Viet Nam. I had just begun to develop a mildly positive view of him, before learning all of this, due to reading about his work as a teacher of impoverished Mexican-American children in neglected school districts in Texas and seeing photos of him with his students. What took him from one place to such another? This is hard to understand. Is greed really that powerful?

Yes it is. Greed is truly that powerful; Jesus said that it would be easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. However His self-acclaimed followers, the modern pharisees, America's fundamentalist Christians (who are generally Republicans) give tremendous power to the rich, as their ancestors hanged falsely-accused 'witches' to give their lands and property to their leaders. I am sure Jesus would not make a ministry out of hanging people for simple herbalism and folk-magic practices (which have no relation to the sorcery of the Sumerians of the Old Testament) as Cotton Mather did. I know He would not bomb and kill people to help Dick Cheney and his friends become rich and the Zionists build power on the blood of Palestinians. He would not put two oilmen in office to help one of them and the other's father exert their will at the expense of the Nation, and of the innocent overseas targets. He would not lie to Himself about the character and intentions of those exhorting Him to do evil, any more than He thought of giving in to Satan when he offered Him ultimate power in the material world. Cotton Mather would be a powerful political figure today, and there would be children hanging from trees and streetlamps, right out in front of the Wal-Mart, and almost all of them would be Black. Is that what Jesus would do? This has been the behavior of American fundamentalist Christians throughout the history of the United States, in one respect or another.

I must ask them the famous question seen on tee-shirts worn by their own children: "What Would Jesus Do?"

Jesus doesn't have any napalm or nukes. He doesn't desire money. He doesn't hate people who are different from Him. He reaches out to them in the worst places, where fundamentalists rarely tread. He identifies with the poor and the outcast, which the fundamentalists truly do not. The Republican Party, regardless their current political jingle of 'compassionate conservatism', is no friend to the common people. It is their murderer, all over the world. How can these people not know and acknowledge that their patronage of the rich and powerful is an abhorrent and eminently sinfully rebellious compromise against Christ and His teachings, and the way of God, as they themselves describe it? They can do this because they have mastered the art of 'dogmatism' and 'indoctrination' and ... self-delusion. When one belongs to a community that constantly inures one's mind to dogma and inbred cultural stricture, prejudiced and ignorant of everything outside the influence of morally arrogant and false leaders, it's easy.

Greed, bloodshed and ignorance have mainly characterized America throughout its history, and today this has not changed.

I hope one day that the Native Peoples of the Americas walk out of their Reservations to find Amerikkka gone, and restore their culture and their place in the natural life of the land. The healing cannot begin until the poison is gone.

I beg the Creator to destroy America before America destroys the Earth, in an apocalyptic, satanistic act of ego and spiritual rebellion against God, in the ultimate blasphemy of doing all of this in His Name. I beg Him to make it stop, because the American People do not have the will to make it stop, nor the wisdom, nor apparently the gene pool.

Let it be done.


The Alienist

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The following comments are for "America: a Failed Experiment Near its End"
by The Alienist

I don't think America is quite worthy of a complete annhiliation just yet. Not everything America has done is bad, just for the past hundred years. But yes, you do have good points and all, and if it came to be that America was to be completely and utterly destroyed, I would sadly welcome it.

But anyhow, lighten up man. You're working on getting some virtual ruffled hair, dirty jacket, and a sign of "The End Is Near". You start sounding like every other apocalyptic doomsayer, people stop listening. You lost a bit of effect with the "may God kill America" bit.

( Posted by: xitwound117 [Member] On: September 5, 2004 )

Whoa Nellie
Alienist, you write with much conviction and passion. However, I think your last paragraph is over the top. I'm hoping that emotion got the better of you there.

Personally, I do not think America is near its end nor to I hope it happens anytime soon. I do believe we need a change in leadership, as many Americans do and I firmly believe that it will happen. In that regard, I have faith in the our people.

Is your frustration a reaction to the Time and Newsweek polls? I wouldn't sweat it. These rags basically write republican talking points. They have as much credibility as an O'Reilly poll. After all, they publish articles that praise Rush Limbaugh----need I say more?


( Posted by: Pythagoras [Member] On: September 5, 2004 )

I'm not sure how that line of treason was supposed to look. Are you saying its treasonous to say that every American soldier who has ever died in the line of duty has died for nothing?

I hope that isn't the case. Treason is the word used by blind patriots to disgrace and shun the ones who voice different opinions. America, after all, is founded on treason.

But anyway, I, for one, look forward to seeing your "counter rant".

( Posted by: xitwound117 [Member] On: September 5, 2004 )

Re: America
I'll keep this short and sweet. You, sir, are an idiot. You're not a liberal. You're not a conservative. You're an anarchist, which makes you an idiot. You're as far off base as left is from right. You're misquoting scriptures, you're claiming complete bullplop, and, as Claire noted, you're a traitor. You should be shot.

Yes, the system's not perfect. Yes, politicians are corrupt. Yes, people are greedy. Yes, we've done some things, as a nation, and as a people that we shouldn't have. WOW, WHAT A REVELATION!!!! I wish I had that kind of massive intellect! There is no basis for your claims beyond what has already been stated countless thousands of times before.

In addition to this, your writing is verbose and boring as hell, and your references are obscure and have no backing. You even misquoted Christ, while completely missing the point of the statement! You're hardly worth the time and effort put into this comment.

I beg the Creator to remove the scales from your own eyes, so you may see, not only the world, but humanity, for what it really is and can be. Until then, you're still putting forth nothing but a flaming sack of crap on the doorstep of the world.


( Posted by: the Co.konspirator [Member] On: September 5, 2004 )

praying with Co and Clair
Having exhausted my energy on reading the news of terror and war, I find that Claire and CoK said it for me. Except I pray too that the scales are removed from your eyes and you live a long satisfying life in these US of A.

( Posted by: teflon [Member] On: September 5, 2004 )

The last three...

That's all from me...

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: September 5, 2004 )


( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: September 5, 2004 )

Your essay is lucid, well worded, and coherently thought out. maybe the last paragraph was over the top; maybe, maybe not. I have been pondering lately how ironic it sounds when we become outraged at terrorist acts. The latest thing I noticed was reading the quote (concerning the hostages in Russia), "First, we bury our sons. Next, we get revenge." A chorus of 'a-mens' arise out of the West. Palestinians have been saying it for years, but we dismiss them as petty and contentious. We have been conditioned for years to believe that "they" are subhuman, and that we are entitled to the comforts we enjoy at considerable expense to less priveleged people. The jungle is a great place to live in if you're a tiger, heh?
You have written eloquently, honestly, and with full conviction. It is painfully honest, and refreshing.
Whether we deserve to go down in flames as you suggest,I don't think it will play out that way. I think instead that our hypocrisy will die and our ideals will be exported, in the long run. This country will decline, has been in decline already; but I fervently hope that the things that we claim to believe in will live on forever, and you know why.
May I keep a copy of this essay in print?

( Posted by: brickhouse [Member] On: September 5, 2004 )

I'm In Blazing...

Accord Bob...

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: September 5, 2004 )

no problem here
Feel *FREE* to include me in your rant, or how about my thoughts? I may be posting one soon too. I have said it before; vigorous discussion leads to healthy consensus. As long as we can keep that, we have a slim chance.

( Posted by: brickhouse [Member] On: September 5, 2004 )

Alienist Off Meds
I hate to break this to you . . . But you're not a member of 'the working class' that you soooo often identify yourself with. You Sir, are a pseudo-intellectual that really doesn't have a clue. Whilst you continue to suck air in your fantasy realm, Americans Do Die for good cause AND for Ingrates like you; you just don't have the good sense to realize it. I am quite sure that Nobody feels sorry for you in your horrible position as a public school teacher. If you don't like it - Quit! And while you're at it, Grow Up! I for one am extremely tired of 'hearing' you whine.

( Posted by: cjmiller [Member] On: September 5, 2004 )

After reading through the original piece, and the comments that followed, I am struck by the absolute mindless garble and rhetoric that is being spewed forth.

Alienist, I agree with much of what you said, but how you presented it was greatly flawed in my view. As a rant its not bad; as an essay it is trite. I would suggest you remove any mention of Oliver Stone; his movies can hardly be considered sterdy resources on which to base any argument. And I don't understand the point behind the 'fellow Texan' remark. It really detracts from your argument. Refrain from the use of things like 'stupid' 'idiots' and 'Amerikkka'; it serves no purpose toward proving your point, and can only serve to insite those who most need to hear it. There's a few more things, but I think you get the idea. There are some logical points made toward your thesis, but they are aligned next to points which are illogical, irrational and misleading. I don't care much for personal essays when making a strong point of any kind, but particularly a political one. Presenting your ideas in a formal essay, detatched, logical and including a well formulted counter-argument (ie antithesis) would greatly improve your chances of getting the American People to see what you are saying. People all over the world hate the American government because of what they are doing; people hate the American people because they are too ignorant or appathetic to do anything about it. I assume that is the purpose behind this piece: to make Americans remove the patriotic blinders and see things as they are, before it is too late for everyone. I recommend referencing the 'National Security Strategy' document, and compare it, logically, to Lebensraum. That should add a little weight to your essay.

I know we are supposed to reserve comments to writing, but I would feel remisce if I did not address some of these comments.

Claire: As someone who has family in a country that was bombed for American 'freedom' I can tell you Alienist is not 'consumately wrong'. But I'll wait until your rant before I say more.

Bob: As an ex-soldier then, you should know first-hand the corruption that exists in every military entity, not just American, but every one. I have spoken to soldiers who concur with me on this. Soldiers do not die for freedom. Both World Wars were nothing more than imperlialism sponsered by nationalism. I would suggest reading War and Peace if you haven't already. As you may know, Tolstoy was a soldier as well. Also, it is an illogical implication to say that simply because one has never served in war, one is not fit to comment on the nature of war. It is this kind of circular logic that keeps the war machine running.

"What? The land of the free?
Whoever told you that is your enemy."~Rage Against the Machine

CJ: I'm sure your comment will be deleted, and that seems to be the best response that can possibly be given to what you have said. If you are so sick of the Aleinist's views, simply cease reading his work. Simple solution, no?


( Posted by: eleutheromaniac [Member] On: September 5, 2004 )

Apathetic about spelling? No, just pathetic. What can I say? Spell check has ruined me. But I have to admit, remiss is a pretty bad one. Don't know what I was thinking there. Sorry about the spelling mistakes, I usually read it over before I submit, but I'm operating off a Mac for the first time and I'm a little awkward with it.

I didn't explain antithesis really, I was just illustrating that if your going to have such a strong stance on a controversial issue, an antithesis is crucial to make for a strong essay.

As for the capitalisation on American People, it's in reference to the essay, boo.


( Posted by: eleutheromaniac [Member] On: September 6, 2004 )

Before you point it out
you're not your. Sorry about that.

( Posted by: eleutheromaniac [Member] On: September 6, 2004 )

Quick reply
I don't want to take away too much from Alienist's essay, so excuse me if I keep this brief.

I wouldn't go so far as to say a soldier's death is ever in vain, but I would say that many deaths (both civilian and military war-related deaths) are unnecessary, or to use a cold statistical term, superfluous. The way Stalin threw away Russian lives (over 20 million) in WWII is perhaps the most vivid and tragic example of this.

Because the Bush administration allowed paranoia, pride and greed get the better of them, there have and will be many needless deaths. This combined with the new National Security Strategy has painted America as an aggressor, and this in turn instills fear, anger and hatred toward America. Which will lead to more unnecessary deaths.


( Posted by: eleutheromaniac [Member] On: September 6, 2004 )

Traitor? Go somewhere else?
Like I've pointed out, my father's blood has been here thousands of years. I'm not going anywhere. You can leave and take your murdering, corrupt government with you.

As for the vanity of getting killed for the US Government - as long as the American Sheople have no real control over it, it's all a lie. The greatest statesman in the whole Congress seemed, to me, to be Cynthia McKinney as she tried to get the bought-and-sold senators to come down and sign the document that would keep Bush from stealing the election, like he may well try to get away with again. Yet while loyal Black citizens try to increase the quality of their peoples' lives through the traditional route of power, they are locked out by those who take their orders from the captains of industry and never the people. Why this doesn't infuriate the public beyond sensibility I can't understand. Democracy is completely negated in America above the local and level, usually at the state level as well.

I'm not the only person who notices this. I now see ads with Republicans who will vote for Kerry because they notice that people go nuts on them if they speak differently than other Republicans.

Treason? The US Government has absolutely no loyalty to the American People. It's staggeringly corrupt and has given us a sinister face to the rest of the world, which now sees Uncle Sam for what he is: a murderer, a thief and a rapist. That's why G.W. Bush doesn't want US troops to face war crimes trials by the UN tribunal: they commit them all the time. Abu Graib is not a simple offhand incident. It's American tradition, even here at home.

I'm an anarchist, that's right. No government that serves a hidden master has any business existing. None. I guarantee you that the US Government sees the general American public as an enemy and a threat.

I didn't misquote Christ. The Fundamentalists misquote Him and use Him wrongly to substantiate power for a few - the few that the Christian Right supports because they're bonded to dogmatism and blinder-sight thought. Fundamentalism is the natural bedfellow to authoritarianism. You'll find the same kind of people in Iran hanging people from construction cranes with blue nooses, in public.

I'll change my tune when this Government becomes responsive to the true majority of the Nation, and peoples oppressed by it have been shown justice.

( Posted by: the alienist [Member] On: September 7, 2004 )

Jessicanm -
I must beg off the idea of moving somewhere else. For one thing, my family has more history and investment here than likely any of those of my critics'.

Also, as another person mentioned, many people in other countries are being bombed by the US, and in general for all the wrong reasons. The United States has NEVER fought a war for anything but power and wealth, and it never will.

Again, I point people to 'War is a Racket' by Smedely D. Butler, USMC. It's perfectly resonant toady.

( Posted by: The Alienist [Member] On: September 7, 2004 )

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