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Well, the Caption Blogs give way to the Avatar Readings.
I used to write profiling reports. Here, I draw on that profiling to find the hidden best in the avatars and guess what they say and how they compliment the writers they represent.

To start, look at the Teflon's avatar.
Right away you see something stuck in the 50's nostalgia, the careless laugh and the cowlick suggesting a scatterbrained misfit.

Strong indication of same in the writings: the cacophony of images, annoying titles that must have been thought up by the late Latka (may he rest in peace), the anachronistic ABABCC rhyme serving to relate half-baked thoughts. Most likely he is a college campus hippy wearing sweaters made of cat hair and eating organically grown tofu spiked with fenugreek.

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The following comments are for "Avatar Readings"
by Teflon

Profiling Tinalouise
Well, thank you for your input. Why not start with you?

The significant amount of black in the background that contrasts well with your apparently blond hair aslo suggests contrast. Contrast between the apparent and the inseen, the real life and the virtual life.

If that black object is a monitor, then it suggests that you have the power to overcome the crowd behavior and actually turn them off, thereby excercising complete control over your life.

It appears that you're resting your chin on both of your hands. The configuration of your hands suggests history with dance, footwork, stage, if not professionally, then attempts at it as an unrequited dream. Have you ever whated to perform while you managed the nightclub?

The thoughtfullness devoid of any hint of sadness while looking straight ahead indicates honesty.

The choice of position relative to the light might not be random, either. Your face is lit so as to indicate a ying-yang in your life-- again, a contrast. This is hinted at in your work:

"Run rampantly, forcefully over the path,
Creating your very own breeze."


"Take the path less trodden,
Or follow the common road," -FEET

Both the hand-feet connection and the control over your life is further underscored by the the same work:

"There are no excuses,
Only you control your feet."

I knew it was there, in your writings.

I hope I didn't het too personal, Tina. What do you think?

( Posted by: teflon [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

Fairplay. Fairplay for Tina...

I am in awe at your versification. Regarding Tina, yes, you were the first one to have commented on her avatar (In her "Our Personal Reality...")

Yes, they called me Teflon years ago when I appeared to have had nine lives and abundance of luck, and could mouth off or write cavalier diatribes against the most dangerous bosses, supervisors, managers, strangers. Nothing stuck to me. Like aquarium water off a duck's pristinely white back. much in the name...
Thanks for the suggestion. I am on it.

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

profiling Viper9
On Tina's request, here's Viper9.
First of all, on the topic of telepathic coincidence, the avatar is one of the garish clowns from the Teflon profile! Yes, the ballet, the sheiks, the Thumbolina!

Now, the image itself. The green background, if it is a verdant field suggesting fruitfulness and pastoral naivete – it hints at the history in the country side with the subsequent outbreak into a big city, even a stab at performing.

If the green is an artificial matter, such as Astroturf, or even a figment of photo editing, then the ogre’s taunt is more in sync with the gradual development of vile yellows.

On the subject of childhood, the clown’s taunt itself serves to remind self, and others, at the severed trust between the child and the man in the clown’s suit. Maybe the break was caused by the screeching disparity between the traditional goals in life and the undercurrents that only Freud and Jung have dared to discuss. These undertows are visible in his Trembling Flower:

“Not because she was frightened, She was cold, brittle…”
“Bright white over her eyes, Warm yet deadly”

Now I understand the presence of “phantoms round her head”, and the crowning touch, the nod: “frightened for reasons untold.”

Similar clues can be found in Bacchanalian Patois and Wilfred Brimley

On the lighter note, to entertain the possibility of childhood development, when he resorts to phantoms, he may subconsciously refer to the American military jet, F-4 Phantom, that might have been abundant at and around the Lakenheath Air Force base, or over the city of London.

An altogether different cause maybe the history of peace protest at the above airbase, having been subjected to the taunting (!) threats of the police, while being buzzed from above by the flying craft of the Big Cousins defending the island.
Powerless in the tilting against the unbending superpower, the Don Quixote chose the path of realpolitik, and that might be the reason why he’s happily practicing poetry in the Shadow of the Valley of Silicon ;-)

( Posted by: teflon [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

I have always loved your humour and your avatar is one of the most recognisable. Mine is boring, I think I might have to pic something out of my art collection!!

Interesting read on Tina aswell, I always think she looks like a 'wine bar' lady who sits with friends alot. LOL!

Alex :-)

( Posted by: londongrey [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

hold it, London!
don't change it. It looks good, and I would like to profile it here. I'll be analytical, I promise :-)

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

It is such a boring pics you won't be able to write very much!!

Fairplay I have no idea what your response meant.

Alex :-)

( Posted by: londongrey [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

Profiling Fairplay
The choice of the bearded Cmdr. William Thomas Riker indicates advanced age and experience. Though in your Take Me above you do discuss having grandchildren, ignoring that, the beard does project the age.
But I choose to be skeptical. To analyze you the young you, as your poetry have unintentionally painted you, I would have to draw your attention to the choice of an image that originates in the Star Trek.
The series, to remind you, is The Next Generation – the new generation, as in youth, newness. I suspect the experience provides a new forum not only for your creativity, but a podium at which you can unload the chip from your shoulder right on to the flat screens of the your audience. In your easy-come easy-born verse.

The Star Trek theme may associate you with fantasy, or fantasies yet unexplored, you may be even a technical type, an engineer. As you say in your very first post, you are “trying to go everywhere in the world on this trip of a lifetime” – isn’t it the gist of the USS Enterprise mission statement?

“The tourists are to go there soon” and The Armchair Warrior whisper to me the influence of another nautical, though earth-bound, lore example of which can be Herman Melville.

Ignoring your authority-defying resume in Beating the Kid, the character is again represented in the persona of the bearded Cmdr. William Thomas Riker: he is the realist deputy to a substantially rigid captain, and the avatar itself captures him in the moment when he is cool and awaiting a meaningful answer, either from a figure of authority, or from a shockingly misshapen alien. Grotesque outerworlds inconsequential, you do come through a s a rational, laid-back, accomplished fisherman (fishing his own lake), on his own, paid-up boat, while
chugging a beer
they know as Black Steer

( Posted by: teflon [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

Profiling Londongrey
The first flash is a flashback to the kids in Absolute Beginners. I didn’t pay attention to the characters, but having watched it for the visual and the musical effect, I find that the avatar projects the same here-I am-and-I-am-doing-good frame of mind.

The care taken to have a tidy hair cut, distinct from the pop-culture brandings of London’s pierced, wiggeresque youth, indicates loyalty, of uncertain magnitude, to the good old England, to the tea parties and her social etiquette, which shines through in Londongrey’s politeness to his fellow correspondents on this site. This loyalty to grace is found in his imagery: “she was stylish elegant, first sighted control humility…”

The second flash is to the basketball court.
It’s due to the background yellows, vigorous, golden, on-the-move yellows. Their liveliness gives them a pleasing hue, unlike other yellows which are usually associated with all things foul. These yellows imply a venue of youth, which is also suggested by the strap of the athletic wear that Londongrey appears to be wearing. It may be proposed that the open, upward-aimed face is the type that is usually meant for a friend, as in looking from a basketball court up into the bleachers.

And so it is, basketball or not, the friendliness with yellow is a symbol of familiarity with Far East, which is true, and the depth of the familiarity is attested by his haiku poetry, which is rooted in his first-hand knowledge of the Japanese mindset.

But I want to know, who is she, the stylish elegant, first sighted control humility? Last time anything like her was written about, it was the Lady Barry Lyndon, sad and shaken and confined in a rickety carriage while fanning away the acrid smoke of her husband’s pipe.

( Posted by: teflon [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

Quick profiles
Well said, now I will speak out:
Fairplay look like a 70's criminal hero, londongrey is like a 80's disco hero, and teflon look like 30's Tintin.

( Posted by: DrKilldare [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

Profiling DrKilldare
Flash, smash, end–a-crash. Dr. Kildare provides an avatar that symbolizes the ultimate – ideas that flash.

This flashing is meant to obscure its source, just like a flare dropped to confuse heat-seeking missiles. Regardless of the origin – whether the avatar is a fragment of an animated GIF picture, or created from scratch – the strobe is intentionally there to obscure.

To obscure what? A much prized aspect of his personality? Or, maybe to perplex a fellow reader, to do the impossible – to hide AND show the motive that drives him to write, both at the same time – just like someone streaking an object past a person waiting to see it. Maybe the clue in the avatar itself is in Doctor’s Blank Balcony:

“we're waiting with patience … of the wonderful secret”

The background in the avatar is slanted, like a mountain. A slope leading down to a seashore. It could be both, and a strong giveaway of a hobby: mountain climbing? Up the wall of a steep fjord?

The mysterious figure can be understood to be the Doctor himself wearing a funky hat. The strongest impression I am left with is that it is a statue on Easter Island. Except the statue is wearing a distorted fedora courtesy of Christo, the artist that wraps islands in fabric. Why? Because Doctor bespeaks of the medium in the title of his work: Fantasy Fabric!

Here’s the mysterious figure motif: “Mystical contour on shadow leans.” (Dying Demon), or another one: a trace of fear on morningsun shadows (form the same Fantasy Fabric)

If the figure is a man, then there appears to be a knuckle obscured by a glaring feature in the foreground. Is the hand holding a camera? He does mention “scrambled cameras screens we've seen” (Dying Demon)

Behold the following hypothesis: the situation captured in the avatar relates to a major moment worthy of a picture, like reaching the apex, achieving a goal. A strong possibility that Doctor has had a major event in his life: “Buildings falling on balcony been” (ibid)

Maybe it is a picture engineered to portray a fantasy, like a flash of an asteroid? Or even that of a nuclear explosion? Again, just like with the mountain climbing, we hear the notes of the fascination with things apocalyptical. His 2020 does forewarn:

The air will heat up
The ocean rise
The sun will
set and set

Flash, smash, end–a-crash. See how scary profiling can get?

( Posted by: teflon [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

Profiling Teflon
teflon's avatar is a simple drawing, found somewhere on the web, probably. This tells us that Teflon doesn't know who he is.

( Posted by: shapeshifter [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

Trick or treat?
Impressed by how long you've written(or was that planned?).. You should have been a journalist or detective. Now you got everyone to believe what I wanted them to...har...
Anyway, I am impressed by you analyzing all the current avatars, thx mr Tintin, now drain the captain and keep him dry.

( Posted by: DrKilldare [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

I am who you think I am
I am what I am when I am who you think I am.

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

Me Tintin. OK.
read that and did an engine search on rintintin by mistake. made sense. Then discovered what Tintin was. Cool comics. Saw them on newsstands, but never cared to browse. My avatar is still quite different from the aura of these phenomena.

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

thought everyone had heard of him. It's a childrens comic, perfect if you're nine. Anyway, Tintin's a journalist from a strict catholic magazine in Belgium. Your avatar does not match his picture, but it's the same style. And style is important?

( Posted by: DrKilldare [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

The K-Fee Troll Avatar
Scoured the net for it, found only the ad videos. You know the ones like the Meditation Garden, the Golf Game, with the scary troll popping in? He'd be the avatar to have.

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

Fairplay's method is simple fer sure.
Simple, except it'd take a day or so of checking it all out.

My formula extremely summarized is
focus on the background of the image, discuss focus on the colors,
focus on the central feature(s)
discuss the symbolism of the central feature,
wherein the above steps applied using specific psychological profiling concepts,
and to support good hunches, pore through the writing.

You want to take a long distance course in it?

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

I Think...
You are spot on with Tina...

I'm totally unsure about Viper9...

Your better than half right with Fairplay...

Your Damn close to dead on about Londongrey...

The Jury is still out for me on your profile of Dr. Kildare...

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

As For Yours...
You are nearly always laughing on the inside...

Occasionally laughing on the outside...

You are probably a Teacher or Pofessor, my guess in in the sciences or math...

From your deductions you are very analytical and methodical hence the above guess...

And Yes ones writings can paint a picture of the persons mind... SOMEWHAT... But I don't believe their writings to be more than half of their true selves...

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

O you dapper you
do you see yourself in this line?
and others

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

I am dapper too
but am not a teacher nor a prof.
I have head lots of science in college and afterwards. But I am a writer. I've written for a living, and it was an analytical writing, including as I said up on the very top --psychological profiling.
Also have written opinions, feasibility studies, technology matter, web site gobbledygook.
See, I am a dapper type a-rapper!!!

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: August 26, 2004 )

Profiling Daprdan

A hitchhiker. A drifter. A flat Nebraska wheatscape. Let’s assume it’s the part of western-central Nebraska along the I-80 where the fields start giving way to a prairie. The Nebraska-I-80 assumption proposes that the origin of the hitchhiker is a Midwestern city along the swath of I-80, and his destination lies over the mountains, if not in Tinsel Town, then it is a nice job at an auto dealership in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Judging the cloud formation, it’s very likely altocumulous udulatus, altocumulous translucidus, or a combination thereof with cirrocumulous, or even cirrus, at any rate – this is late morning. Not that Dapper Dan had a choice of different cloud types for the picture, however, even if he had settled on the picture, the clouds notwithstanding, the background says: another day, another beginning, a chance at something new. While keeping a substantial anonymity towards the past, as he had turned his back on the curious. But still, his poetry confirms the not-so-subconscious handshake between a drifter and clouds—

“But I'm so lonely, and sad without you,
Remember when you see, the clouds in the skies”
--Drifting Clouds (!)

The clouds also foretell rains, though it’s been dry – the windbreaker is not in his duffle bag, but slung masterfully over his shoulder. The hitchhiker is in his 20s, very independent, and is one of the drifters who are still in charge of their lives, the free souls, the ones that do not accommodate a bothersome diner manager and, tapping into the white Anglo-Saxon Protestant instincts of rustic individualism, undiluted despite the common intermarriage with the Hessian and French stocks of the American Midwest, calmly inform the boor that it is the time to part ways. Self-control.

The avatar bespeaks of self-control, savvy, and the Mediterranean romantic traits, guarded, resulting in pent-up drives that are unleashed through numerous writings.

The man is alone, there is not a critter, or a family member, or a hanger-on in sight. This may be the symbol of Dapper Dan’s dream, or his innermost aspiration – to do it himself, and then share it with others. Just as he would do in a new town, walking into a life of a waitress at a roadside diner, the waitress he so artfully paints in The Waitress of his own.

However, to the relief of the profiler, the personality projected by this avatar is smilingly opposite to the themes of unresolved horror in The Hitchhiker stories found on television. I think we can safely pick up this hitchhiker ;-)

( Posted by: teflon [Member] On: August 27, 2004 )

I love this page Teflon! Now I am risking my avatar's presence here for whatever you have to say. But beware, I saw your pic in Claire's album LOL! As for your avatar here, I think you don't really enjoy National Geographic anymore, but before, yeah...! And that you enjoy wine poetry! How about that, can I already pass as an avatar profiler?

Thanks is advance if you should be kind to profile my looking-down avatar.

( Posted by: peterpaulino [Member] On: August 27, 2004 )

be happy to oblige
I am gald to be a general entertainer and an annoying analyst.
One assessment of Peter coming up.

( Posted by: teflon [Member] On: August 27, 2004 )

See, I knew you would have to refer to my comments and poetry other than my avatar, LOL!!! :-)

Your spot on about my hair cut, I had an old fashioned up bringing on a principle level, one of those principles was to always be smartly presented to make a good impression, some people say that it is shallow, but if you work in corporate London it is very important. Unfortunately though all of that comes from the French side of my family rather than me being English, they were all aristocrats and my Grandfather is an old British-Colonial type who was based in Ceylon and India. My dad was born in Ceylon and grew up there while being flwon to school in Scotland, how I wish I could have traded my State education for that!!!!!

It's funny you mention the colour, my house is quite dark, I hate bright light in my home for most of the time, I like it dim and peaceful, bit like me!! :-)

But I'm afraid on the sports side you have me wrong, I am competitive sailor in the 'laser' and '49er' classes, happier on the water than anywhere else.

The oriental thing though is spot on, my dad lived in Yokohama when he was 17 and I have been influenced by the Orient all my life, in fact the Orient Express passes by my house on it's way through into London.

Teflon to me, you speak in a frame of mind that younger generations do not possess. I mean there is a certain breadth to your writing that says you had more than a modern education can offer today. Perhaps you are well travelled? Or perhaps you are a keen observer that has a twist of satyrical humour??

I would be interested to hear more about you, as you seem to hide it quite well behind wit and literary extravagency. :-)

Thank you for the profile.

Alex :-)

( Posted by: londongrey [Member] On: August 27, 2004 )

Gosh Am I sacred!
Thanks thanks thanks and now I am trembling with fear! LOL!

( Posted by: PETERPAULINO [Member] On: August 27, 2004 )

I couldn't agree any less with londongrey, I mean with everything he said.

Now I should just be off the computer but I'll be coming back tomorrow and look for your assessment of my avatar. Thank you in advance!

( Posted by: peterpaulino [Member] On: August 27, 2004 )

Profiling Peterpaulino
From the land of the Tagalog, the Cebuano, the Ilocan, the Hiligaynon, the Bicol, the Waray, the Pampango and the Pangasinense, here we are served with the cameo-like pensiveness and the mystery of the Peterpaulino avatar.

And served we are, with the central character dominating the miniscule space, exempting us from any musings on the topic of a background.

The most important feature other than the eloquently bowed face, is the bright-yellow aberration in the upper left corner. It could have been examined, magnified by a good photo-editing application, but that urge aside, it might as well be assumed to be a marigold. Marigold, the flower used in exotic ceremonies of the Orient.

The marigold and the sliver of darkness which is, nevertheless, the tiny background in the avatar, both evoke the thoughts of humid nights, marigold wreaths, pig roasts and tiki parties on the beach by the gentle lapping of the placid ocean. This ambiance is mirrored in his Beachcomber Beat(!):

“Turning round and round, different colors and faces./ The music crushes and breaks the barriers, winning people's languages
with every step of the feet.”

Again, the yellows, the celebration:

“Bougainvillea wreaths in yellow and pink,
Bent broomstick bows and girl cousins
Walking in parade appear when I blink.” --Reverberation

And the bowed head, eyes closed, maybe? in an apparent introspection. Into what? Into his world, into the cornucopia of images, sounds, shapes, shadows, figures, notes, thoughts, all as numerous and inviting as the sautéed clams at the Manila fish market. The examples are inexhaustible:

“Closing my eyes,
recalling the minute parts of your image.” -- My Records Of You

What is at work here is the Oriental sentimentalism, the sensuality, the realm of senses that is decidedly unknowable by a Western mind – and as abruptly unfathomable as the consonantal Tagalog words ng, mga . More on the unfathomable sentiments:

“the finish line of my sentiments
over misplacing you to the opaque atmosphere” /Ching Kiang

This Oriental sentimentality however, is not to be mistaken for absolute slavishness.
With the unpredictability of the language, where the English stems waltz dressed in Spanish and twirl around the riddles like “kupulungan”, he does reveal contrasting thoughts (My Little Game Turned Death) and it should not come as a surprise,

for the avatar-broadcast shyness jives with the striking literary postures, reminding one of the menacing sleekness of a Golok knife, whose handle, a carving of a grotesque pig head, is replaced (in his Your Mouth and Navel 2) with the welcome softness of a lover’s navel.

( Posted by: teflon [Member] On: August 27, 2004 )

Londongrey on the move
I mentioned basketball as an indication of you being an on-the-move of youth. And what is more “on the move” than sailing?

Is it you in the song of your fellow countryman?:

“Red sails take me, make me sail along…
Red sails, and a mast so tall…
Action boy seen living under neon
Struggle with a foreign tongue
Red sails make him strong
Action make him sail along
Life stands still and stares…"


( Posted by: teflon [Member] On: August 27, 2004 )

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