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Do you really know who you are, I mean truly KNOW?
Remembering the day of birth, the pain of first breath?
Even the first year of your life, the first word you said?
Do you remember anything, the pain of first breath?

What is your first memory of, mother, dad, a toy?
Only hearsay, that is what you have, maybe a picture.
Clothes or shoes, a small lock of hair, all attached to you,
By hearsay, nothing more than that, maybe a picture.

At some point in your life you started remembering things,
Perhaps a small snippet in time, pleasant or scary.
A new toy or maybe a friend, the lightning at night,
Memories left an impression, pleasant or scary.

You made it through life, some sorrow, some plight,
Doubt and fear, trouble seemed near, now they're history.
Emotional, this life is, yet you have chosen all of it,
All the bad times barely remembered, now they're history.

There were many happy times too, the surprise at school,
Your friends party, your first kiss, memories you'll not forget.
The smell of flowers, the joy of giving, playing in the sand,
A picnic, your first movie, the puppy, memories you'll not forget.

Closing fast the end is clear and you my friend feel it near,
But, how you exit, no one knows, except through hearsay.
You know you must, everyone does, you see others go,
What awaits, no one knows, that is, except through hearsay.

But troubled one, do not fear, the other side is crystal clear,
All those gone you knew before, they're waiting at the exit door,
You enter there and feel replete that mortal life is now complete
Your life is done, the job done well, they're waiting at the exit door.


Is Memory Replete In Life Or Life Replete In Memory ?

Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

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The following comments are for "The Exit Door"
by daprdan

Very nice. The fact stands out that, in large part, we know ourselves through hearsay. It seems to me even after we have memory we best know ourselves through hearsay. Now, are you SuRe they are waiting at the exit door, and if so, is there an emergency exit i can sneak through ;)

( Posted by: mzjen1 [Member] On: August 18, 2004 )

The Exit Door

It's quite a time since I commented on one of your poems, but I still enjoy reading them. It is just that I do not often pass comment on love poetry as I feel it is personal.

I love the subject of this poem and again I would thank you for sharing the content.

I am amazed by the style, using the same two words to balance every stanza, I have not come across this before, and with your excellent rhythm it adds a sincere quality to this piece, which I feel would not have been possible in rhyme.

Not only are you helping teach me the important things about life, but also litery skills I find very, very good.

The poem reads with authority and knowledge, giving reasurance of a type seldom seen in poetry.

Thank You,


( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: August 18, 2004 )

The Exit Door
Dan, I can't begin to say what an affect this poem had on me. I love the assurance of loved ones waiting. You open this up with such insight and leave nothing out. Very original, very beautiful. Great work!


( Posted by: nae411 [Member] On: August 19, 2004 )

A "small note?" Thanks for the history lesson as part of your critique. Were you trying to show me up or something? Or just show off?

Yes, I know the Gods I mentioned were Greek. Did you think for a second that this was a piece of fiction, and not supposed to be historically correct? Heard of poetic license before?

Some of the best wines I have ever had the pleasure to consume, came from Italy... Though none that I can in particular remember being from the area around Vesuvius, Herculaneum or Pompeii.

However, a small note I must add, Pompeii was not consumed by lava flow... (and I quote)

"In time the dust, ashes, cinders, and rocks settle back to Earth. In areas near the eruption, the amount of these materials can be enormous. During the first eight hours of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD they fell on Pompeii to depths of 2 to 4 meters (8-10 feet). The heaps of small rocks that landed on the houses caused many roofs to collapse.

In the next stage of the eruption, a superhot cloud of steam and mud flowed down the side of Vesuvius and covered the town of Herculaneum. It took only about four minutes for the boiling mud to flow from Vesuvius to Herculaneum, a distance of about 7 kilometers (4 miles)."

Lava never got to Pompeii, and had it actually made it there, all the inhabitants and the city were already dead, and covered in dust, ashes, cinders and rock, let alone their own roofs...

Much like our own Mt St Helens did to us, only exponentially more significant...

The other small problem I had was, that Mt Vesuvius is in Italy, while all of your mythological deity are Greek and from a time long before Italy would rise to such prominence... Surely you don't expect them to be jealous of Italy for their wineries or winemaking... (The Greek wine "Retsina" is a vile concoction at best, though I have tasted very fine wines in the time I spent in Greece, they were not at the festivals in Piraeus the four years I attended that function...)

With corrections to the mythology or picking some disaster in Greece this may have more merit...

Or, perhaps I'm being picky...

The writing was very good and except for my having been to both places, I would have enjoyed the read very much... My choice would be to visit Italy, should you get the chance, simply watch your wallet and ANY thing of value take with you every where you go, and have it chained to your body, if you should ever venture south of Tuscany... But they are wonderfully warm and friendly people...
( Posted by: daprdan [Member]

( Posted by: odysseus [Member] On: August 31, 2004 )

My Cuz! Goodness, this piece has blown me away! I don't know what you should call this form, maybe you invented it, but for me it's entirely perfect! Each stanza bit me and at the same time gave me the shivers. How everything we knew only through hearsay until we encounter them for ourselves and not to be able to come back and tell, is just making me nod in agreement. I admire your perspective on things, and the warmth in your writing is always there.

Thank you for sharing to us this poem.

( Posted by: peterpaulino [Member] On: September 4, 2004 )

Sorry I'm So Late.,..
Jen, my dear, I can assure you they are waiting, and in your own time you will see... Do not rush off just yet you have much to do... They will keep, it is mere moments for them, the time you spend here, as time has relevance only while you are here...

Ivor, my dear friend, these things I share are things we all know but do not necessarily remember... They are there for us to find, if it is our goal to seek them... They may not even be necessary for our trip this time... For you and I they are...

I have tried a number of different things in my style to steer from the norm, by changing to patterns that can be repeated and still not loose integrity... This is my third attempt... Thank you for noticing the change...

Nae, I hope you can find comfort in it... I struggled with the thought of death many times in my life... but I came to grips with it while in the Army... I learned a lot... I only wish to share my thoughts in the hope that it would bring comfort to others...

Odysseus, I'm sorry you felt hurt by my comment to your work in the write off... If you happen to return here, I wish to apologize for any hurt I may have imposed on you, for that was not my intent... Your resultant actions were unnecessary and no one wished for you to leave, least of all me... I don't feel I was hurtful, but, you must have felt that way... Again I wish you would reconsider, and return to us...

Peter, My brother... You are so special in your understanding of the world... Few people take the time that you do, to search for answers in others writings... I too find the answers there... It is like a jig saw puzzle, with each written work I read, I find another piece or clue... One day we may have the whole picture and enjoy the great AHA day...

Too all, I thank you for commenting... and I hope you can take a little piece with you, for your picture...

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: September 4, 2004 )

Exit Door
I certainly enjoyed reading this piece...funny thing is I can remember things that happened twenty or thirty years ago easier than things that happened just last week...
Is Memory Replete In Life Or Life Replete In Memory ?
I think so...
Enjoyed reading your work

( Posted by: Doc [Member] On: September 17, 2004 )

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