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..:: Market Log. 213th day of the 5th year of the most Exalted Emperor Amundios. Health and Glory to His name and the blessings of the four Gods shine on His Spirit, so be it.

This morning at nine there were just five monitors and a chain of thirty slaves slowly walking. As it is fitting of their class they were barefoot and clad in cheap white tunics, men, women and children; but for the youngest of these silent, eyes on the ground, hands manacled and chained to iron collars so tightly they could barely place them below their shoulders. The children, just two of them, rode on a furry Cadarul bound to its segmented body more as precaution against an accidental fall than to prevent a scape, were staring back with watered eyes; maybe mom was sold last night, maybe dad had to sell them.

Back into my papers I could barely concentrate myself on the new flow of item and prices that my random assortement of rumors seemed to indicate, probably for the better. Many fortunes had been lost on a false rumour and of these the most dear to me is certainly mine; not yet three years ago I bought with credit the whole load of ship filled to her deck with soulstock for what it was a not so horrendous a price considering the rest of yearly convoy from barbarian lands had been lost in a storm; only that they had only been delayed and before I could sell the lot to the auctioneers thousands of slaves arrived with the fleet, plummenting the prices and nearly my life; but I survived and still I will.

I had to sell my villa and all but one of my servants and moved to live in my office; not very comfortable, I concede, the poor Third has to sleep on the housetop as it would be distateful for me to share the room with him; I have worked since then almost to pay interests and expenses off but I have survived and I will.

..:: Market Log. 214th day of the 5th year of the most Exalted Emperor Amundios. Health and Glory to His name and the blessings of the four Gods.

The line of slaves is of the second type which I call brown. I have never dared to ask but there are two kind of slaves, the white, dressed in white linen and barefoot and the brown, shoed with sandals and clad in crude sack; trader preference I surmise. Beyond that, the despair remains the same. Not in all, I assume these are from the slave farms; not knowing other life are more used to it, yet they are never as bright as a free man. Today there was nobody remarkable just a female lovely singing a barbarian Saudecia, a miracle of the four Gods is that a sad song such as this can elevate us closer to them. I can almost picture her as the chieftain of a small tribe, defeated in battle by a colation of envious neighbours, though maybe she was just sold as her husband found him with a younger rival. None matters now, she is just a slave, a slave I can't buy.

Major capital adjustment. Slave named Third of 32 years of age, versed in algorythms and writing sold for 45000 lions to His Richness Daal.

These two last days have become major succeses in my career. However my lack of funds, coupled with the unfortunate distrut of my creditors, severly handicaped my ability to make a greater achievement, so I was forced to sell my slave which His Richness now rents to me.

Debt cancellation 250000 lions payed off to His Richness Canduai. 100000 still to pay, 978000 to other creditors.

On my evening walk I contacted His Richness Antuai to whom I spoke of my recent success; he has agreed to hire me another 120000 lions at a better interest than that of His Richness Canduai, a mere 15% so I rest assured I will be able to pay him off soon. The four Gods reward the succesful! Amen.

..:: Market Log. 215th day of the 5th year of the most Exalted Emperor Amundios. Health and Glory to His name and the blessings of the four Gods.

A new line of 'whites', children on the Caduruls most of them. If only my father had sold me, I would be like them. No, these are not even tied, slave farm children surely. I hope they are travelling to meet good masters like me as for the adults, they all seemed to bear my face, but I will survive.

Minor capital adjustment. I am now alone, my poor servant who I can no longer pay for him to His Richness, will now serve for a new master, I hope as kind and with better luck.

I have bought but I was unable to sell. A servant of His Richness Canduai has warned me for the second time of the already passed deadline of my debt, yet he was kind enough of understanding. Tomorrow I will sell for a good price and if the Gods are so pleased, I will be able to keep some.

..:: Market Log. 216th day of the 5th year of the most Exalted Emperor Amundios. Health and Glory to His name and the blessings of the four Gods.

Again a line of whites, though this time only adults. I am grateful they keep their sight on the ground, as they should; I am sure I will see my face as I am now in the sad situation of confusing dream and vigil or so I hope. The four God might be testing me, but they I will reward them if I am granted a good price for my lots with sacrifices of flowers and wine.

It has not been sold. The prices have only dropped and the rumours are they will be falling again for three days. Unfortunately the servant of His Richness has demanded immediate payment and has not accepted the certifacates of the lots.

..:: Market Log. 218th day of the 5th year of the most Exalted Emperor Amundios. Health and Glory to His name and the blessings of the four Gods.

I was unable but to stare at the long line of browns that quickly walked under my window but I will not tell a detail of them, as I can recall none. Most likely I was just dreading my present unfortunate circunstance.

When I was about to head for the market, walking this time, I met at the door His Richness Canduai himself and a retinue of servants. With sorrow and deep afection His Lordship asked for his rightful money to which I had to ashamedly told him that I have been unable to sell. Graciously he invited me to his home, while his servants made for the final arragements.

I must thank my Master for a lovely dinner, unfit for my poor self. After that I could instruct him of my business and transfer him duly in law the remining of my assests which he would have to share with the other creditors as soon as a fitting price is met, who he assures me it would not take more than three months or, at worst, six. Finally there was but one thing to be done, he dismissed me with love and asked me to go to one of the guest rooms which had been made ready for me.

The room was empty but for a bed on which I sat for an hour or maybe two. I must bear thankfulness on His Richness that I was not pressured in the least but left to organize my feelings. Finally, aware of my duties, I took my shoes off and stripped naked; then, maybe a quarter of an hour later, I clad myself with the white tunic. Shortly after, a fellow servant came who I begged for sandals - which I recognise I don't deserve and I can only thank the kindness of my master of not being punished. Instead I was manacled and drove to an underground cell in which, on a straw mat I slept.

The following day I was put in a white line; now I know its meaning: we were being conducted to the nearby harbour of Dorintia from where we would be sent to some foreign vendor. The brown would walk for thousands of miles to the farmlands, factories and mines of the Empire, thus the need for sandals an uneeded luxury for a slave in a ship. Again I thank His Richness as he deprives me of my deserving humbling before my competitors and clients. I also hope my monitors will have great amusement with these last lines as for their enterteiment they have ordered me to finish this log. May the four Gods who now despise me be glad, I thank them that they did not grant me a family; it truly was a manifest proof of their wisdom. May the weak God of the slaves receive me and help me to serve my masters all the days of my life.

As I walked by my office I noticed the new owner was staring at me but I smiled back: it would be the last he would see on a face in the lines.

..:: It was finished on the 225th day of the 5th year of the most Exalted Emperor Amundios. Health and Glory to His name and the blessings of the four Gods..

I am rightfuly a slave. So be it.

Playing is the most important thing life...

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