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“Like hell you can.” Trevor said in a drunken slur.

“Can and have, can and have.” Replied Thomas in much the same manner.

“You have not summoned a demon.” Trevor turned to his friend, drink sloshing dangerously in hand.

“How would you know? How would you know that I can’t?” Thomas pointed at his accuser and went to jab him with it but missed by a good half foot.

“Prove it.”

“What?” Thomas attempted to look into Trevor’s eyes but failed.

“Prove that you can summon a demon. Summon one right now, right here.” Trevor pointed at the floor of their two bedroom apartment.

“Here? Here in the house, are you insane?” Thomas spread his hands in an all encompassing gesture losing half his drink in the action.


“Well I can’t do it now.” Thomas blinked once, and raised his hand to take a healthy swallow from his glass. “I’m drunk.”

“Do it or admit you’re a liar.” Trevor smiled a very self satisfied smile.

“I am no lair!” Thomas roared. “I am simply… cautious. You have no idea how dangerous it can be!”

“That’s a damn cop out. Such a cop out…” His voice trailing off as he lifted the drink to his lips.

“I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. We could get hurt.” Thomas’ looked away from his friend and began to turn the glass in his hand. “Or worse.”

His friend looked up a confused gesture nailed to his face. “Like die? Could we die?”

“Yes, but worse. Worse then even that!”

“What is worse then that?” Trevor leaned forward in anticipation.

Thomas took a deep breath, and if reciting from a book began: “The sudden loss of our immortal soul, and the endless unimaginable torture of countless lifetimes at the hands of the most retched and revolting creatures ever to grace the cosmos; SIR!” Thomas smiled the sort of smile one smiles at the end of accomplishing a deed that one thought they had forgotten how to perform.

Trevor leaned back, and blinked twice. “Sir? What the hell was the sir for?”

The smile left Thomas’s face, and he in return blinked twice. “My dad taught it to me. We had to recite it before practice each morning. He would start out asking what the punishment for failure is, and we would respond: The sudden loss of our immortal soul and the endless unimaginable torture of countless lifetimes at the hands of the most retched and revolting creatures ever to grace the cosmos. SIR!” Thomas smiled again.

“Your dad taught you how to summon demons?” Trevor’s voice was more then dubious.

“Yeah… well just the family demon. Never any others.” Thomas went to lift his glass to take a drink but found it empty. He stared at the bottom of the cup the lines for a while, then the lines on his head increased in length and depth. He got up from the couch and made his way towards the fridge.

While Thomas had been staring into his cup Trevor had been lost in the fuzzy thoughts of one who is drunk. “We need to do this.” He stated.

Thomas since had come back from the fridge, a look of agitation on his face. “We need more beer.”

“We need to do this now!” Trevor leapt up turning towards his dumbstruck friend. “Why didn’t you ever tell me you had a family demon!?” Trevor didn’t even attempt to mask the indignation in his voice.

“I… I… don’t know.” Thomas said eyes open wide.

“We need money; money for rent.” Trevor gasped and let out an excited squeal one wouldn’t associate with one so masculine. “Rent money forever, for free!”

“Yeah, or we could just get more beer.” Thomas sat back down on the couch.

“Screw the beer! What do you need to summon this demon?” Trevor had advanced towards his friend, and placed his face inches away from Thomas’s.

Thomas’s eyes squinted with the effort of drunken thought. “Chickens blood, salt, and a candle.” His head nodded in self satisfaction.

“Where are we going to get chickens blood?” Trevor stood up, and stomped his foot on the ground.

“There’s some chicken breast in the fridge, I’ve used that before.”

Trevor ran to the kitchen.

Thomas could hear the cupboard open and close quickly, and the fridge being slammed.

Trevor came out of the kitchen mumbling ‘candle’ over and over again.

It wasn’t until Thomas got bored of watching his friend waling around in a circle that he spoke up. “I have a couple of candles in my room, if you’d like.”

Trevor stopped, and looked at his friend. “Ass.”

Thomas giggled, and made his way to his room; after a time he came with one white, and one black candle.
“Are we ready?” Trevor’s face was a mask of greed.

Had Thomas been sober it would have disturbed him greatly. Since he wasn’t he merely nodded.

“Where at?” Trevor asked.

Thomas looked around the room. “Somewhere you don’t mind getting blood on the floor.

Trevor nodded and pointed towards the kitchen. “Linoleum.”

Thomas carried the candles in and Trevor followed with the salt and chicken breast.

“Set them down over in the corner.” Thomas pointed after setting his candles down on the kitchen table.

“Grab the other end.”

Trevor looked over, and saw his friend was lifting one edge of the kitchen table. He made his way over, and the pair moved the table out of the way.

“What do you need now?” Trevor rubbed his hands together in anticipation. He could feel the warmth of his buzz dying, but it was being replaced with an anxious energy that he didn’t mind at all.

“Silence, and to be less drunk… the first should be enough.” Thomas grabbed the salt from the corner of the kitchen, and opened the spout. After pouring two circles, and two pentagrams on the kitchen floor he set the candle in opposite sides of the pentagram. The white being at the bottom, and the black on the tip of the pentagram. “OK, we’re good to go.” Thomas stood up and looked at his friend.

“Great, what do you want me to do?” Trevor could hardly wait. Now that his mind was clearing he thought about all the things he could do with the extra money that would come from not having to worry about rent. If this worked he could even ask for more money, and eventually quit his job.

Thomas pointed to a spot within the innermost pentagram. “Stand there, and don’t move no matter what.” Trevor obediently moved to the area Thomas had indicated.

Thomas took his place in the center of the pentagram, and turned to his friend. He turned around and looked him dead in the eye, and despite the glazed look still present in his eyes, Trevor could tell he was dead serious. “Do not move no matter what, if you see things, if you hear things. Promises or threats do not move. We are about to open the gates of hell, and Anything will come through there. Anything is always hungry.”

Trevor gave a quick nod. His mouth was slack with a kind of stupefied sincerity. “K.”

Thomas turned away from his friend, and began to chant. It started off in a slow rhythmic whisper, but quickly built into an intense unintelligible screaming. Trevor had no idea what his friend was saying, and didn’t care. Deep in the back of his mind he thought that Thomas was just maybe pulling his chain, but from what he knew about things like this it seemed authentic enough.
After a sort time Thomas poked a hole in the package and flung some of the blood outside of the circle. His voice was reaching a pitch that was better suited to a heavy metal concert then their little apartment in the middle of the night. Then with the suddenness of an electric shock Thomas stopped.

It was about five minutes until Trevor decided to say something. “So… what now?”

Thomas didn’t turn around, but his voice conveyed the surprise well enough. “I don’t know; this has never happened before. Normally… Normally there are all sorts of screams, like babies being tortured or something like that, but there was nothing this time. Weird.”

Trevor felt his face glow red “Weird? Weird! Is that all you have to say? Shit man I thought that you where for real. I thought we wouldn’t have to work anymore! Should have known better, why would you be working if you had a family demon anyhow!?”

“Oh shut up, this has never happened to me before. I must have done something wrong. Let’s just go get some more beer and call it a night. We’ll try it when I’m sober.” Thomas turned around to face his angry friend.

“You shut up! We aren’t getting anymore beer you ass! You promised me a demon, and I want one. NOW!” Trevor couldn’t contain his rage, and pushed Thomas back.

“What the hell are you doing?! Don’t push me, that’s dangerous!” Thomas had caught himself from falling out of the circle, and he stood to face his friend.

”Fine, you want a demon? I’ll summon you a demon. Maybe all it needs is some real blood.” Thomas pointed towards the counter with his finger “Go get me a knife I’ll open up my hand.”

Trevor looked over to the counter where a knife lay. “Fine, as long as you are the one who gets cut. Asshole.”

The spray of blood was fantastic. It hit the ceiling and splashed across Thomas’s clothes. He could feel the warm stickiness saturate his clothes, and more then one chunk had to be whipped off his face. When he opened his eyes Anything was standing before him all hell-fire and flesh.

“I almost didn’t jump that time, you’re losing your touch.” Thomas’s face split into a grin. “My debt is paid for this year, one more year you are in my service.”

“Three hundred ninety eight more and your family debt will be paid in full.” The voice was charcoal.

“Yes, well I will be yours no matter what; you always remind me. At least I will have you to make this life comfortable. Until next year then Anything.” Thomas gave the demon a dismissive wave.

“Is the anything you currently require master.” The final word was mocking.

Thomas paused, and thought for a moment. “You know there is. I could really use some more beer.”

"It is considered rude to silence a fool, but cruel to let him go on."

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The following comments are for "Anything is always hungry"
by SoulShade

That was great
Now i might not be very good at seeing endings, but the way you wrote your ending was subtle enough so that i had to read the ending again, because the first time i wasnt able to figure out what had happened. Now i like that in a story, i really don't like it when the author just comes out and says what could have just as easily said, and anything feasted on Trevor's flesh, or something like that...but instead you made it subtle. Bravo SoulShade

P.S. I don't mean to be a nit picker, but there was a typo i noticed on your story.(i'm new here and i dont know if you are able to edit once you post but i assume you can) The typo was in the line " “I am no lair!” Thomas roared. "

( Posted by: Devilkan [Member] On: August 11, 2004 )

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