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I want to start out by saying that I'm really, really stoned but I have this really positive feeling. I just realize that I love myself. I really do. I'm just happy to be alive. Even with all that I've suffered, my life's been incredible. I've hit it up so much. I'm so bling bling. I am charismatic and above all, I'm just a freaking genius. I've got skills. I have such precise judgement. I can do anything. I can spit religious rhyme and make a holy book. Anything I do, even if it's just scribble on paper; it's more brilliant than pretty much anybody can do. Because I've got magic in my touch. I'm inspired. I've read so much and my brain's so fast. My body's fast, too. I'm a mean dart and tennis player. I would love to be a warrior. Heck, I'd enjoy going to war just for the fun of it. I'm that kind of bloody fellow. But I don't war because I'm too noble. I want peace for the world. I want order; I want wealth. I just want to do things right; I'm so sick of all this mediocrity. I've come to understand who "Howard Roark" is, you kow the character from "The Fountainhead." We humans can do things right; it's in our power. We can create absolute beauty. If we all start operating in an orderly and intelligent manner, we can make utopia in ten years flat. Our technology is so powerful; we don't feed to slave after scraps like a bunch of dogs(i.e. capitalism). What's the problem G's? Everybody can live comfortably on what our technology produces. People don't have to be fighting just to survive in this economy? People don't have to be plugged into these freakin televisions like they're batteries in the matrix. They don't have to be frying their brains and ruining their health with drugs(a few in moderation might be beneficial.) We don't have to be making explosions in Afghanistan and Iraq? Who are we kidding? Are we a bunch of monkey tribes here? What's wrong with the authorities? Can't they see that we need peace, order and sanity? Can't they see that humanity has to have a united strategy in order to expand past this planet and survive our own technology? Bombs aren't toys, kids. Let's stop squabbling among cultures. Do we have to hate blacks, then chinese and now whites? Can't you see that we're the same species and that our tribal bickering is interfering with the progress of civilization? You see, that's the thing, I used to be able to write fiction and read fiction and read anything... and care about it. But no, enough of this. I've gotten past the point where I should be reading. I've emerging as a genius, here. I need to be producing for humanity. I need to gather as much power to myself as I can because our society needs me as a leader. I don't want to fight for survival or play these games any more. The authorities might as well just recognize that I'm one of the smartest people alive and put me to work serving humanity. Give me the reins of one state and in a year, I'll give it back to you, with ten productive moon colonies. I'll be as effective as Napoleon and as benevolent as Ghandi. I'll settle this government problem. Give me a round table and I'll choose nine knights to represent the world, let's see, Jay-Z, Clinton, Schroder, Richard Dawkins, Larry Ellison, or some similar choices, obviously incorporating international diversity. Just get the ten most on it people out there and give them the reins. Create some other kind of balanced system for the rest of government. A council of 100, 200 hustlers could just get together and settle these issues like some sensible tribes instead of like some kind of ape with a destruction complex. Are we bunch a yahoos? Swift was seeing straight. So many humans are just deformed animals, a highly inferior species, unlikely to achieve intelligence. But then there are those among humanity who demonstrate our potential. There are those who develop such a level of advancement that you see that we could be a great species, a great empire. We just need some method, some flow, some sense of community responsibility. And just so you know, I'm not mad, I realize my true abilities and inabilities. I know that I should probably just be some radical kid on the council of one thousand or something. I'm good but I'm not that good. I've got some brilliance but I'm Shakespeare, Churchhill or even Clinton. I'm a second-rate genius but a genius nonetheless.

We can expand way past this star. The galaxy seems right for it? Let's just hit it. But slowly, methodically. Let's organize and meditate for two hundred years. Let's perfect our technology and save our environment. This pollution is just a clumsy stage. Are we gonna let this stop us? Are we slobs? Come on, let's clean up our planet. We don't need a car and a half acre lawn for every American macho man and his retarded goose wife. And that applies for the other countries, too. No, Israel, you can't commit genocide. Just because the Nazis tried to exterminate you, doesn't give you the right to enslave and enstrict another ethnic group. I'm not saying this in a spirit of anger. I love Israel and the Israelis. They have a beautiful culture; they provided us with an incredible tradition that's played a large role in the creation of our civilization. This is the tradition that gave us Christianity, which has proven to be such a beautiful religion, despite its warts. And no, Bush, you can't make America a monarchy. Obviously you've got some smart kids on your team, some superior blood in your tribe, but America's a big country with a huge economy. We've got all kinds of ideas floating out there. It's a big world out there. You corporate kids haven't thought this through. You can't run it. You don't have the inspiration. You haven't gotten the "vision" thing down yet. You fools haven't thought past your accounting sheets; you can't run a planet. You'll go down in infamy; I mean you will. You already will. All I'm saying is that you kids need to consult Fischer on what his views might be. Dude's crazy as a loon but at least he's got some strategy, some flow. The people running our society have no skills. It's time to step aside and let in some young guns. Let's get some people with craniums. We need order, meditation, thoughtfulness. This chaos won't work for a highly technological society. We need to develop a noble and orderly society. There have to be rules and parameters. Humanity has to operate somewhat as a team, as a single organism. We can't have people starving, eating junk food, and indulging in terrible vices, pop, smoking, television, crank, mindlesness, machoness, hubris, it's all foolishness. Let's do things as a team. Let's design a reasonable range of diet and make sure that everybody's eating it. Let's make sure everybody's getting enough of the right kind of food. If people shouldn't be eating corn dogs, popsicles and Pepsi, then try not letting them. Society is run by leaders, people who make calls, and the ones we have right now are making the wrong calls. We can say a lot. But that's the bottom line. Obviously there's a cultural norm here that's not working. We're too conformist. We've got too much of the violent foolishness of primitive times left in us. Let's get back some wonder, some inspiration, some spiritual or philosophical awe. I mean this stuff is really simple: earth should have a certain population. Each person should exercise regularly, eat well and do some kind of productive work. We don't need to be killing people in the mines anymore; they don't have to be slaving in sweat shops so silly American women can wear the flashiest colors. We can get back some humility as a species. We're just a species of animals, kids. Things don't have to be perfect. Get some toughness. Think about Crazy Horse. I'll bet he didn't have to shower everyday, wear the freshest clothes and use facial lotion. And why should people go to church? I'm not dissing religion here, I'm just saying that it's apparent that religion should be mixed throughout life rather than concentrated on one particular day. People should pray or meditate throughout the day, kind of like they do in Islam although obviously incorporating more religious or individualist preference. And why do most women shave their body hair and dress some up like some kind of dolls? Can't we be real here? We're animals, bipedal omnivores, not that much different from a freakin panda bear in the scheme of things. And why does every man think he's King Kong? I live in America; I don't know about other cultures but here, the machismo is just obnoxious. People are so egostical; I swear.
And no, I'm not egotistical. I'm just smart. I have game. I have some sense of nobility here. If I had a chance to lay down my life to be of great service to humanity, I would do it. I'm a team player and I know we're all a team. I'm related to those sea turtles and to those weird fish on the bottom of the ocean and so much more to you, any homo-sapien. Let's get along. Let's start meditating together.

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The following comments are for "The somewhat disjointed manifesto of a THC-altered homo sapien with the characteristic of second rate genius"
by Seanspacey

You are a one-man Think Tank. The first step to getting any job...including one where "authorities" put you to work serving filling out the application. "They" can't just come to your dorm room, wave the smoke away, pull you out of bed and put you to work creating moon colonies. You've got to put on your blue suit, comb your hair and make a few calls. Keep up these stream of consciousness rants. I really enjoy them.

( Posted by: arc [Member] On: August 5, 2004 )

Isn't it ironic?
Well, is it? A high-in-the-sky pothead who's figured out the world. Kind of a backhand to what liberalism has become. Whether or not that's what you intended, to me that's what it is.

( Posted by: eleutheromaniac [Member] On: August 5, 2004 )

It hasn't always been fashionable to be smart has it!!!

( Posted by: londongrey [Member] On: August 5, 2004 )

here for the purple heart
Jesus said: "I tell you the truth, if you have faith and do not doubtnot only can you do what was done for the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, 'Go throw yourself into the sea, and it will be done.'"

Jay-Z said, "My ass get stoned everyday like Jesus did."

He also said, "I'm here for the purple heart, if I can't take one for my team, what's my service, what's my reason for living?"

P.S. Kofi Annan definitely belongs at that round table.

( Posted by: seanspacey [Member] On: August 5, 2004 )

oh yeah
I meant to say that I was "not" on par with "Shakespeare, Churchill or even Clinton." That was a typo and would be arrogance. For the rest of the rant, I said it because I meant it. Obviously, I appreciate the feedback- otherwise, why would I post?

( Posted by: Seanspacey [Member] On: August 5, 2004 )

it's Hovi, baby
"Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me. Nonetheless, not my will, but thine, be done."- Jesus, Luke 22, 42

"Y'all don't see clear cause the reign ain't gone, no not Ming, but Sean."- Jay-Z

( Posted by: seanspacey [Member] On: August 5, 2004 )


I've been reading your rants and...

I impolitely consider you to be an ass, but this being America, you have a right to your assiness.

I'll say one thing for you, you are good at what you are.

Good luck. You're going to need it.


( Posted by: Serenem [Member] On: August 5, 2004 )

Youth... I knew it well, All the answers to all the problems... and the world would not listen to me... Sad, they would certainly feel bad now that I have eaten the worms (big fat juicy worms)...

When you evolve from your drug induced stupor, please hang on to the something sturdy, then go to the internet and read BOTH renditions of the group you mention "Jay-Z, Clinton, Schroder, Richard Dawkins, Larry Ellison, or some similar choices" for both sides are right, and both sides are wrong... Watch the news on Fox and then BBC (the truth lies somewhere in the middle...)

Well written (at least the education paid off)...

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: August 5, 2004 )

There Everywhere. My God, there everywhere.
At first I took this to be parody, or perhaps a piece written with a sarcastic bent. It wasn't clever and it certainly was not humorous (God knows it takes a good writer to be either, and you, my friend, are far from that.) The horrible truth dawned on me somewhere in the second paragraph.You were serious. You aren't just an ass, you're an ass with a grandiose sense of purpose. No amount of ingested THC can possibly excuse this purile drivel and nothing can possibly bring the the five minutes I spent reading this back. focus less energy on growing Pot and more on growing a brain or at least a fifth grade set of writing skills.

( Posted by: CheGuevara [Member] On: August 5, 2004 )

"Sorry I'm not your cup of tea; at least I know you're talkin' about me."-The Newsboys, some cheesy Christian Rock group with a few good melodies

( Posted by: seanspacey [Member] On: August 5, 2004 )

De ja vu...
All over again... Yogi Bera...

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: August 5, 2004 )

I was amused by your rant, but if all the things you mentioned were possible, they would have been done by now.
So take your experiment to the next level. I want you to smoke until you can't get any more stoned, then take 5 more bong hits. Next, drink the bongwater. Then, log on and go to it.

( Posted by: quantum [Member] On: August 6, 2004 )

oh, jeez
you aren't a bad writer, but you are deluded. it seems to me that you've missed the whole point of Christianity, in that God gave people free will.

"If people shouldn't be eating corn dogs, popsicles and Pepsi, then try not letting them. "

Just one example of the ways you would alter free will.
I'm grateful that you're one of those that are so wrapped up in "frying their brains and ruining their health with drugs" that you don't have the motivation to get out and try to rule this world.
I do think you're a good writer, but considering that i'm hardly a genius and uneducated past high school, i question my own qualification to fairly judge anyone's writing. At any rate, keep on, as if genius such as yours could be stopped.

( Posted by: mzjen1 [Member] On: August 7, 2004 )

i'm da seanspacey i'm da real seanspacey
hey boss, here's all you need to know. if a fucking genius like me (right?) thinks that you're a fucking genius (with me here?), then you're a fucking genius. simple as that. unless you're a duck. anyway, shake it like a polaroid picture, you know what to do. peace be upon you. i mean yous guys.

(parenthetically [of course, that would be redundant]) i mean, claire, are you all over the place at once like the weather, or what? jeez. you're like my mom over here


( Posted by: mercer102 [Member] On: August 9, 2004 )

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