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“With Loving Hands About Our Hips” or, A Psalm and Anthem ...
by Apple (Poetry) on Jun. 26
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by poeteye (Short stories) on Jun. 21
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by Apple (Haiku) on Jun. 21
Wander Land ...
by poeteye (Haiku) on Jun. 20
Lit dot org dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot ...
by poeteye (Announcements) on Jun. 19
Painted On ...
by PoeticallyObsessed (Poetry) on Jun. 18
In Tribute to Dona S— the Grinning Harlot ...
by Apple (Poetry) on Jun. 16
A Sonnet to the Beloved Beauty Still Unseen ...
by Apple (Poetry) on Jun. 15
The Gift of the Heart ...
by R.K.Singh (Book Reviews) on Jun. 13
"A Lyric on Lolita" (enhanced) ...
by Apple (Poetry) on Jun. 12

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