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From the Author: I would like to point out that this is only a part of what I have written. I am wondering what will the people here say about this (in other places I got positive comments)

On the Dark Side

Chapter 1

Within hours the suburbs of LA changed into a war zone. Groups of "Defenders" held their positions, while the aliens crawled all over the place. The main HQ of the Defenders just received a message that a small elite group will land near by to fight off aliens. The commander claimed this to be a mistake. Only one small squad to fight these things off?
The LZ was prepared for the cavalry. Some of the Defenders thought that the Seals or Grom would come to help them. The LZ was a park not used for some time. Three groups of the Defenders defended the are. Then thy heard a strange noise in the air. They looked up to see some strange Plane landing horizontally. No flags, symbols, etc. The back started to open. Smoke going from within the transporter. The doors finally opened and one by one came "them". Possibly fourteen men in bulky armor, armed with some strange guns. The newcomers looked at the area around them, not saying a thing.
They started to move towards the town center. The only sounds that they made were their metallic footsteps. They moved through the streets as if nothing was happening. Suddenly a bright flash came towards the squad. It hit the armor of one of the marines leaving a small hole. The whole squad aimed at the window and fired. Fourteen shots came towards the "Guardian" (one of the so many types of aliens). Three shots hit the walls while the rest went inside the room. The impact was so great that the "Guardian" flew back and crashed the wall on the other side of the room. One of the marines took out a medi-kit and checked the hit marine. The shot penetrated the reinforced kevlar, but the alanium shielding stopped the shot, leaving only a small bump. The squad continued on...
The mission was a success. The Guardian OP was destroyed and now the Defenders took care of the disorganized aliens. Captain Brown looked at the street where he lost three of his men. Forty Guardians ambushed them with a small help of the Predators. Private Thomson, Musin, and Leutant Kowalski. He didn’t know them personally. "Sir. The transporter is ready for take off." said one of the other marines. The captain looked for the last time at the war zone and then headed for the LZ. On the way he looked at all the corpses and destroyed buildings, which were once full of life. He finally got to the LZ and without a longer thought entered the transporter.
The engines turned on and a blast of heat came from within them. The transporter slowly started to go up. The remains of squad "Extrema" rested inside it. All of them still had their armour on them. Some of them took of their helmets and now held them next to their laser rifles. Captain Brown started to write the report on their recent mission. He was actually wondering about an over normal activity of "Guardians" in that area. Then one of the crewmen entered the cargo area. "In one hour we will be home." and he went back to his previous job somewhere else. Brown opened his backpack and took out a coke. He then remembered the days when he and his family would go to the park, eat something or just take a walk. But now they were all dead. His son Arnold and wife Susan.

Chapter 2

The transporter slowly started to descent into the hangar. Yellow lights were flashing everywhere to warn the people below. When the plane landed the back opened and squad "Extrema" entered the hangar. Then the captain addressed his men. "Ok people. We have a 24-hour stand-down. Get some rest. Squad dismissed!" and the squad members went off to their barracks. Captain Brown headed towards a door on the other side of the hangar. He stood in front of it and could clearly read a sign written with spray "Armory". He went inside and saw the usual thing. One side of the room was covered with shelves on which lay weapons and ammo. While on the other side lay boxes full of new armor and misc. equipment. He came up to one of the workers and gave him his equipment. Laser rifle, laser pistol, smoke grenade, frag grenade, medi-kit, movement sensor, stun-rod, and adrenaline boosters. After that he took off his Power Armour. The armoury worker handed him a small document to sign, and Brown was free to go. He headed to his room.
On the way he went through the workshops. He stopped next to an odd guy with spiky hair, which was possibly made by v.large quantities of hair gel, and who obviously didnt respect the rules which were around his station. "Hi Psycho." The weird guy turned around to Brown "Hi Big Guy! Hey I have something new to show you. I guess youre gonna like it." Brown came closer. Psycho showed him something that looked like an ordinary smoke grenade. Brown held it for a second and then asked. "What is it?" Psycho grinned "This is an electro-shock grenade. This little fellow will stun a nice group of aliens for about 30 sec. The only problem is that it can stun you too." He gave it to Brown who held it for a sec. "Nice." "Yeah. But it's still tested. Two days and it will be ready for use." Brown smiled "Some good news."
He continued his to march to his chamber. He stopped in front of an other steel door with a pad to the right. He inserted his code and entered his own little world. The first thing he saw was a small desk where he wrote his reports, to the right his bed (naturally for one person), not comfy, above a small shelf with some books, "A long way to go.", "The War of the Worlds", etc. he layed down on his bed and looked at the ceiling above him. Then he took out a photo of him, Arnold and Susan. He put it back under the pillow and started to stare once more upon the ceiling.
Suddenly he heard a knock on the door. "Come in." The intruder was Captain Mc Cabe. An old friend, used to be in one squad when starting off in the organization. "May I join?" "Sure." he held a six-pack of beer. "You heard the news that the damn "Guardians" are up to something?" Brown nodded "Yeah. Wonder what they are up to." Mc Cabe thought for a sec. "What ever it is it's nothing good." Then they talked about their recent missions, events and how the world used to be. "**censored**, it's getting late. I'll be going." Brown looked at his wristwatch. "Yeah, sure is. See you later." Brown was left alone and because of lack of any activity he just closed his eyes and started to sleep.

The next morning Brown was abruptly woken up. "All officers are to report is the assembly hall ASAP!"

Chapter 3

Within minutes about 30 officers were waiting in the assembly hall. They all came there not knowing why. But it seemed as though something big is about to happen. Finally General Telrin entered the room. He wore his usual uniform. Black and Red leather clothes a black officer cap with a golden skull on it. He was obviously a veteran because he also had a scar on his face. Possibly from a "Ripper".
"Gentlemen. We have a critical situation." He then gave everyone packs of documents. "One of our recent missions discovered a new foe." The screen on one end of the room turned on. A creature has appeared. The only strange thing was that it was a mixture of different human parts with also a few strange bionics. "This is the "Mutant" After closer examination we discovered that these things are specially enchanted humans. We are positive that the "Guardians" are trying to create humans which will later get "toys". These things are mindless, they only obey some greater being. Thankfully we managed to discover the main and only production line of these things." A second screen was turned on showing strange buildings on what seemed to be a desert. "We received the order of eliminating this thing. All your specific orders and answers will be answered with the documents you have. Dismissed!" Brown looked at the pack of files. He opened it and he started to read through. His squad was supposed to guard the LZ with one more squad. Besides that he got specific charts of the equipment and transport they will receive.

Squad Extrema was waiting in hangar no.3 with squad Obvilion. Their transporter was by now ready and the embarkment was bound to start. Last insurance policies were signed, and last mission checks were made. Finally the squads went on the transporter. A D-34 "Avenger". Two double gattlings on the sides. One gattling on the back and front. Its capacity was 50 men or loads of equipment. Its engines were specially made to land Vertically even in the most difficult terrain. 3 entrances one on each side (one person at a time) and one back exit (3 people at a time). It also had a special camo. system which blocked radars. It could also have optional 2 napalm bombs to prepare the are around for an LZ.
Squads Obvilion and Extrema entered the transporter and when the entrances were closed the hangar was opened and within a minute the "Avenger" was on it's way.
Squads Obvilion and Extrema were the "cover" group. They were supposed to defend the LZ while the assault group would be inserted and then attach the alien base. Brown thought that their mission would be simple. Defending a few Avengers? Nothing easier! These things could take care of themselves! So why were they assigned to such a task?
His squad was equipped with Personal armour (reinforced kevlar with desert camo.) "Hell Fire" guns, medi-kits, frag grenades, Green smoke grenades, targeters and a days water supply. Squad Obvilion was the "mastermind" of the operation. It had the Radio equipment, tents and engineering equipment. Brown looked at the photo of the place where they were supposed to land. A small oasis with a few buildings. Nothing special.
After a few hours one of the crew member of the transporter went into the cargo area and talled everyone that they are arriving at their destination. "Prepare for an easy landing." How wrong was he.

Chapter 5

A few days after the whole incident Brown was back in action. He received new men, and he knew that in a few days he would go on one more mission. But suddenly he was called to General Telrin.
„You called me sir?” Brown asked the officer on the other side of the table.
„Yes, Now sit.” Brown sat down on the leather chair in front of the desk. „The Council decided that its time to get rid of those aliens once and for all. They want me to choose a squad of elite men, which will eliminate the „Mother”” Brown looked strangely at the officer. The Mother was the master of all the aliens. Or that’s what most people claimed.
„Does it really exist?” Brown asked.
„That’s what you are supposed to find out. We cannot loose time for nonsense, so listen. Our agents told us that the aliens created special sects where humans „worship” them. Your first mission will be to join the sect, which is called the „truth bringers”. Its base of operation is situated in Moscow. No questions? Good. Now go.” Telrin handed brown some pack of documents. Brown headed to his room. The file had „Top Secret” written on it and it was also sealed. After getting to his room he took out his commando knife, which he got from his father on his 18th birthday. He took out everything that was inside. One part of the papers concerned the sect, their leader, behaviour, etc. The second half had info about people who would join his squad. 3 more people. He also received a small card, which he was supposed to give in the armory to get some equipment. When he was just about to relax one of the marines entered his room and in a few simple words said what he had to. „In 2 hours in hangar no.5”
Brown didn’t loose time he went straight to the armory and gave the card. He received some strange things. Something similar to a kevlar vest but it had some mechanics inside it, Electro-stun grenade, communicator, a minimized version of a laser pistol and a radar of some sort. He put on the vest and headed his way. When he finally to to the hangar he noticed his squad already waiting for him. With them there was also one more guy. He joined the group. Suddenly the unknown guy gave out a command. „Get in line! All of you!” The whole group looked at him and one of them spoke. „Or else what? We are officers...” he couldn’t finish because he suddenly fell to the floor.
„I am the mayor for you. You don’t know me, and that’s better for you. I am your leader for now so you listen to my orders. Any questions? Good.” He then handed everyone civilian clothes. „This is your temporary suit. We will get into the colony by an „Avenger”. We will head to the sect and join it. Now lets go.”
The whole squad moved behind the mayor until they got into the Avenger. They entered it and waited for the departure. When they were finally in the air Brown suddenly realized that he is going to a colony. The last time he was in one of them was before he joined the organization, about 10 years. But he didn’t go there for pleasure, but for completing one more mission. That’s just life.

Finally after many hours the Avenger arrived at its destination. The Defenders HQ of Moscow. The whole squad entered the hangar. One of the senior officers of the Defenders came forward to meet them. „Welcome to Moscow! I hope your stay here will be pleasant.” The whole squad entered the street in front of the HQ. At first Brown felt quiet strangely. It was his first time when he was inside a colony and he didn’t fire at anyone, yet. The mayor led the whole squad through the colony to the possible place where the sect was situated. Strangely enough they got to a Bar called ‘The happy Wale” „Wait here.” The mayor commanded and this time no one objected. He went inside for a few minutes and then asked the rest of the squad in. At first it all looked like an ordinary Bar. But when the mayor led them below it the darkest possible things came to the mind. All over the hall symbols, and writing were made for the aliens. In some places Propaganda fliers against the Defenders anti-alien policy. The hall was full of followers. Mostly ordinary people. But there was something strange about them. They were shouting all the time the same phrase: „Long live the Saviors!” On one end of the hall was a small scene possibly for speeches. Suddenly a man with a black suit entered the scene and bursts of happiness came from the crowd. The mayor then told something to the squad. „Its time to pretend. If we don’t our covers will be blown and we will have a whole hoard of people after us.” With disgust Brown yelled what the others said. Suddenly the sounds died down and the man in the black suit started to speak.
„Friend! Today we have gathered not only to rejoice that the cleansing is near...” happiness came once more from the crowds. „But also to hear a speech of one of our saviors!” Then something in a hood entered the stage. It took off its hood and a Guardian appeared before them. The crowds shouted once more in rejoice. When the Guardian was bound to speak the crown became quiet.
„Welcome my followers! As you already know the cleansing of the impure will start in a very short time, and you will have the honor of helping us! A competition will be made to choose the strongest of you who will get the honor of becoming our helpers!” The crowd once again flooded the hall with loud sounds. „A fight to the end where only the best will survive!” he then showed everyone strange swords with which they would possibly fight. „Let the competition begin!”

Chapter 6

The whole crowd looked at the contesters. Blood was slowly spilling all over the floor, and occasional body bits lay on the floor. Brown was thinking now what influence do these aliens really have. Are they by now strong enough to conquer the earth? Is this why he was sent here? The mayor came up to the squad. „Lets get out of here.” On the way out the Guardian suddenly shouted. „Followers! We have spies in our ranks! Look there!” and he pointed at the squad. The whole crowd looked at them like a herd of wild animals. In one moment the squad was surrounded. Guns were out and the defense formation was ready. „Cover your eyes!” shouted the mayor. The squad obeyed and they covered their eyes. A flash bang went right in the middle of the crowd. Loud screams were sounded and the followers caught their faces, some of them fell to the floor. The squad quickly used the situation and ran for the exit. A plasma shot came their way, missing their targets and hitting one of the followers back. „Don’t let them escape!” Two larger men blocked the stairs. They held two earlier used swords and caused quiet a problem. The squad fired, and the men fell to the ground. They continued up the stairs. At the top of them stood a barman arming a 12 Gauge at them. He fired one shot which hit one of the squad members in the face. The corpse started to fall down. The mayor caught it and through it down on the crowd below. Brown fired at the barman, not killing him though but destroying his weapon. One of the other squad members knocked out the barman and continued on. Once they were out on the street they heard shots whizzing past them hitting things around them. The squad took cover and returned fire. Suddenly a police patrol car drove by. It stopped and the policeman inside called for backup. When the followers saw that they started to run in all directions to hide as quickly as possible. A few still fired at the squad, but those too started to run.

After 2 hours a few squads of the Defenders guarded the area in search for further clues, or anything else. Meanwhile the squad was in the Avenger on its way back to the base with one less member. The mayor was receiving a message from the HQ while the rest of the people talked about the recent mission. Brown thought about one thing he saw in that hall. He saw a strange symbol, which reminded him of something, but he wasn’t sure what. He quickly changed his thoughts to the events in the hall itself. He was sure that the „competition” was supposed to choose people for the „mutant” army. The mayor finished the transmission and came up to the squad members. „Listen now. This mission is absolutely secret. You are not allowed to talk, or mention anything about it. Understand? Good.” And then he sat once more.

Once the Avenger landed the squad dispersed and went off in their own directions. Brown headed once more for the armory, and later to the workshops. Psycho was still on his place. „Where I have left you.” He came up to him. He was bound to ask him something when suddenly everything started to shake. The ceiling started to crack above them. Sirens and alarms were sounded and red lights were flashing everywhere. Psycho turned around and noticed Brown. „Later.” And Psycho started to run in the direction of the armory. Brown claiming that to be a smart move also moved that direction. The armory personnel gave everyone Armour, weapons and equipment. Brown managed to grab only a hell fire gun and scout armor (a small layer of titanium and kevlar), and bag of ammo and grenades. He then quickly refreshed the instructions in case of an alarm. „Head for your squad barracks.” And that’s what he did. He ran through corridors where more men either half equipped or fully ran past him. He heard explosions above him, and large amount of movement. He then saw the writing on one of the steel doors „Squad Extrema”. He entered it to find his men ready. Fully equipped in full armor and all the weapons. „Okay men lets go.” But they didn’t move. He repeated the order but none of them dared to move. Then someone from behind answered. „I guess you will have to excuse me. This is my squad, go look for your own.” Brown turned around to find a medium sized woman wearing power armor. He could only see her head, her reddish hair, and small nose. „Captain Boylen. And who are you?” Brown looked funnily at the female. „This is my squad. And I think you are mistaken.” The woman looked at Brown. „No. I received orders, which clearly say that I am to command this squad, and if I guess right you are Brown? You are to be my Guru for the time being.” Brown was about to burst in fury. He only left for one day, he lost his squad and had to baby-sit some fresh officer. It was not a good day. After a few commands of the new captain the squad was on the move.
The whole squad received orders of guarding a corridor, which led to hangar no.5 They quickly prepared some type of fortification against the upcoming threat, what ever it was. The new captain of squad Extrema overlooked the situation. An unknown alien force attached the base, unknown numbers, and it wasn’t going to be easy. Brown remembered when he used to think like that. These large numbers are just numbers. He knows by now that it’s not the numbers but equipment and firepower. After the last preparations the squad stayed in total silence. An eerie silence filled the atmosphere. Brown checked his radar and no readings of movement were recorded. He looked at the other end of the corridor and he started to think that nothing big is bound to happen. Suddenly a beep came from the sensor. He looked upon it to find that something is bound to enter their corridor. The squad prepared their guns and already took aim. Brown looked at the sensor and then at the corridor. There was nothing there! Was the sensor damaged? Brown then looked more precisely at the corridor. Only then did he notice the strange phenomena. He noticed a shape something big. But he could only see it thanks to the fact that the things behind it were missing focused. He turned on his heat sensor (added to the scout armor) and noticed that there was something in the middle of the corridor and it was moving their way. He aimed his gun and fired. The whole squad looked first at Brown and then at the thing on the other side of the corridor. Blood was slowly appearing all over the place but they couldn’t see from what. Finally Brown stopped firing, and the creature fell to the ground. Brown reloaded his gun. „This is the Ghost. Carnivorous aliens with the strange ability of camouflage. My advice is to use your heat sensors.” Boylen went all white. Brown knew that if he wasn’t there with them in that moment the Ghost would go right in the middle of the squad and rip everyone to pieces. Then the sensor beeped once more. Not once though, but a few times. This time Brown knew that it’s no time for checking. He prepared his gun, the squad doing the same and waited for the first ugly head.
Bullets flew over to the hoard of Predators. The beasts hissed angrily when the next of its species fell under the merciless fire. But although the squad’s firepower was great the Predators moved slowly forward, their long talons ready to attach on first contact, its mouth opened revealing rows of sharp teeth. Once the Predators were half way through the corridor the squad decided to retreat to the next point of resistance. One of the squad members turned on a small charge once the Predators get to their old position. The he joined the rest and started to retreat.

Writes 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. As long as he gets his free can of Coke.

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The following comments are for "On the Dark Side (Chapters1-6)"
by WriterX

Good work
Hey, I am also a young writer, and I too am working on a longer novel. I like this writing so far, and I was wondering if 1) you could comment on my own piece, the prologue to a much longer stroy i am still working on, and 2) if you could also slide into that comment how far you have managed to get into this story "On the Dark Side". Nice work, keep it up, please comment on my work.

( Posted by: Fantasycrafter [Member] On: July 27, 2004 )

1) I will read them for sure, and comment.
2) Starting Chapter 11. I am planning to write a minimum of 40 chapters.

Waiting for more Comments!

( Posted by: WriterX [Member] On: July 28, 2004 )

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