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When the twain Meet
A Short Story by GSVK.

"Son, don't you think it's high time you got married~ ?" asked Aryan's father. "For I'm getting old and I wanted to see you married before I pass away."
"Yes, I also should get a suitable bride for that, right?" said Aryan.
"What kind of girl you have in your mind, son~ ?" He asked.
"Well, she should be nice, pretty, intelligent, understanding, caring..."He said.
"That's not a problem!" He said, smiling at him.
"Not just that! She should be blind as well!" He added.
"Blind, son~?" He asked surprised.
"Yes, father.I would love to marry a blind girl!" he replied.
"Now, where can I find a nice, pretty, intelligent, understanding, caring, blind girl from~?" He asked, scratching his head."Alright, I'll try my best to find one for you."
"Thanks, father." He said.
Aryan's father contacted a marriage broker and told him to hunt for a girl with those qualities. A week passed by, then he returned back and told them that he had found a girl as per their requirement, whom none was willing to marry just because she was blind.
"Tell me, is she blind from birth or..~?" asked Aryan.
"No, she was normal like any other girl. She met with an accident in her childhood days and lost eye sight." he explained.
"I'll marry her!" said Aryan.
"Would you like to see her once before you make a final decision, son~?" asked his father.
"No need, father. I have decided and will marry her!" he said.
"Then shall we talk with her parents and fix a date for the wedding~?" asked the marriage broker, pleased.
"Sure, go ahead." said Aryan.
Aryan married Sanjanna, who was very pretty, but blind. He took good care of her. He even promised her that he would get back her eyesight someday. Aryan's father went on a pilgrimage. After two month's later, Sanjanna was operated and she got back her eyesight. She wanted to see 'Aryan' first, when the bandages were removed.
"Now, open your eyes slowly." said the doctor, removing the bandage around her head.
She opened her eyes, blinking and saw Aryan standing in front of her.
"Did you wanted to see whether you married a beast or something, is it~?" Aryan, asked her teasingly.
"No, I wanted to see the face of the person who had been so kind to me." She said, holding his hand."Aryan, can you do me a favour~?"
"Just ask me!" He said.
"I want to see the person who donated his eyes to me. Can you take me to him~?" She asked.
"Sure, come with me." He said, holding her hand and taking her with him.
They both reached a graveyard and soon stood before a grave. Then :-
"Whose grave is it~?" She asked, looking at him.
"He is the person who gave his eyes to you!" He said. "He is my father and your father-in-law!"
"You never told me that he had passed away and he was...?" She asked, shocked.
"Well, he didn't want his daughter-in-law blind for the rest of her life! Also he made me to promise not to tell you until the operation was over and you could see again." He explained.
"I'm at loss of words..." She said, hugging him.
"Sanjanna, I need to tell you something." said Aryan.
"Yes, tell me." She said.
"Well, I don't to 9 to 5 or 6 job like others. I write short stories, poems and do paintings and try my best sell them. I know I am not that rich either. But apart from this, I have taken another job which gives me immense pleasure, which no other job could possibly give, I think." Aryan said.
"What kind of job~?" She asked, curiously.
"Sanjanna, just think if everyone of us thinks about himself or herself and their family and children then world would become a selfish and mean place to live. Well, I do make enough money for the living. So I am there to be different from others. I help those in need. Here is the list of 25 orphan children whose education I am taking care of..." He said, handing her the list.
She glanced at it surprised.
"Well, the total expense comes to around Rupees Two Lakhs Fifty thousand per year. I get funds from some sources that want to help. They believe in me. These 25 young children need my help. They had told me that they would take care of me when they grow up. But I told them not to worry about me. But they have to help at least two more children like them when they grow up and stand on their feet." He said.
She listened to him silently.
"I know you would have married me with so many dreams. That we could live happily together...have our own kids
...bring them up...etc,etc. But here I am breaking all those dreams..I'm sorry...I'm really sorry." He said.
"Shhhh!" She said, keeping her finger on his lips." I knew my husband was good. But I didn't know that you were so good.Well, these 25 children are my children too. What you are doing is something which many people think of doing but they can't do.I'm really proud of you. I'm there to help you in every step you take here afterwards." She said, smiling at him.
"Really~?" he asked, surprised.
Aryan got a few people to help him do the job. He shared with them whatever he got. They too felt happy doing the good work by helping those in need. Like they rushed to the cyclone, floods hit areas, provided them with blankets, food packages,etc,etc. They built a house for the homeless people on the streets, let them do the things they liked to do. Like weaving sweaters, clothes, etc. Later selling them in the market and taking care of their needs.
Aryan and his group became famous in the town. Sanjanna's friend 'Preeti', a journalist, wrote an article on them in the newspaper. The BBC world interviewed Aryan and he told that he had a dream to built a big hospital for the poor people, for which he needed a lot of funds.
Surprisingly, the funds started pouring in from across the globe. He started building a big hospital for the poor and it had a big memorial kind of thing in front of it. Which had a huge marble slab, on which were inscribed all the names of the donors.
Also Aryan's short stories and poems got published across the glob. People soon started calling him as one of the best storytellers and poets of their time!
Even his paintings got sold like hot cakes and he earned a lot of money. He made sure that he only used what was required and the remaining he set aside for helping those in need. He set up 'Blood Banks', 'Eye Banks', and ‘Organs Bank'
across the country to help the needy.
Meantime, in another city, an old man lost his wife. He was very rich. But now he was all lone by himself. He lost his very purpose of living. One evening he at on a bench, in the railway platform, lost in thoughts, when someone tugged at his hand. He jerked and looked. He saw a young boy dressed in rags begging for alms.
"Sir, I haven't eaten for three days and I am starving. Please give me some money!"
He took out a hundred rupees note that handed it to him.
"Thank you, sir." cried the boy and his face lit up in joy. He ran away dancing. He watched him till he disappeared at the turning.
Next evening, he was back with more children of his age.
"I thought you were alone~?' said the old man.
"Well, they're my friends, sir." He said.
"Children don't you think that begging is not good~?" He asked, looking at them.
"We know. But then how do we feed ourselves~ ? We shall starve to death if we don't!" one of them said.
"I'll see that you have nice clothes to wear, food to eat and a new home to stay in, provided on one condition." said the old man.
"And what is it~?" they asked in chorus.
"You will have to go to school, study, grow up and stand on your feet. Also you should promise me that you will help at least two kids like yourselves when you grow up!" said the old man.
"We promise!" They cried in chorus.
"Then follow me!" He said, standing up and leading them to his home.
"What should we call you, sir?" asked one of them.
"You can call me grandpa." he said.
"Thank you, grandpa." They all cried in chorus.
Two months later, someone came to meet Aryan at his residence. Then :-
"You had been my inspiration, young man." He said. " I had lost my very purpose of living until I read about you in one of the magazines and I was really touched by all the good work you had done! I wanted to do something too. I adopted a group of orphan kids on the railway platform, took them home, feed them, gave them clothes to wear and send them to school too. I finally got the purpose for living, in spite of losing my dear wife." He explained.
"Thank you, sir. But frankly speaking I think I have not done anything great.." said Aryan.
"A candle doesn’t know how much brightness it is giving to others. It is lighting the entire room. Similarly you are the same, my son. Well, I had lost my son when he was 18 years old. If he were alive then he would have been of your age. Tell me about your parents, son~?"
"Well, I was born an orphan. A person found me in the dustbin and took me to his home and brought me up like his own son. He too was alone. Now, I am alone with my wife, Sanjanna." Aryan said.
"You're no more alone any more. I want to adopt you as my son. Please don't say No."
"Really? I am surprised!"
"Though it is for a selfish reason. There is no one to take care of the children after me neither to burn or burry my corpse when I pass away."
"Don't say so. I am there for you, father." said Aryan, holding and pressing his hand gently.
"Thank you, Son." He said. "So where is my daughter-in-law~?"
"There she comes!" He said."Sanjanna, he is..."
"I heard it!" She said, handing him a cup of coffee." We both are really lucky!"
"No, I am really lucky to get you both!" He said, smiling at them.

The End.


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The following comments are for "g.s.vasukumar"

Two questions
1. Is English your first language?
2. How old are you?

I could give my opinion on this piece, but judging by the nature of my questions I really don't think it's necessary.

( Posted by: Saratin [Member] On: July 27, 2004 )

Please elucidate
I was going to ask you very much the same thing . However Saratin seems to have preempted the point i was planning to make.Anyway here goes:

I get the distinct impression that your thinking is done in an entirely different language . What we eventually get to see of your work ,is the end product of a rather stilted translation from your native language into English .

May i hazard the opinion that all your work would sound more natural and less forced , and come across much better in your native language.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: September 7, 2004 )

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