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Three or four hundred people heckled and screamed at George W. Bush yesterday at Kutztown, PA. as he gave a speech at Kutztown University.

Roads were closed for twenty miles around in order to keep security for Bush. Local residents and passers-through could not get through the larger area simply because State Troopers had been instructed by the Secret Service to cut off all road access for a twenty-mile radius.

Yet, the media showed only a couple dozen supporters on television and stated that Bush received generally nothing but accolades.

This is similar to other major media whitewash wherein Bush has given speeches before imported crowds – which was the case in Kutztown. Supporters at Washington, DC events stood standing in front of him in areas designated by the Secret Service. Yet, all protestors, numbering at times in the tens of thousands, were forced to assemble in ‘free speech areas’ up to two miles away from the President, who never hears them nor hears of them.
At Kutztown, a small community with a state-owned University, he had the rare occasion to actually hear their protests. As a policy, he is isolated from protest, even in other countries such as Britain, where whole blocks are shut down for hours until Bush leaves a particular building while visiting people like his counterpart Tony Blair.

Also, police deliberately use intimidation tactics such as arresting and charging clearly peaceful protestors, sometimes even elderly adults, with extremely violent crimes in hopes of deterring other dissidents by word-of-mouth.

Thus, different tactics are used by law enforcement in order to protect and isolate Bush from public protest.

This could not possibly be necessary if Bush were truly popular throughout the nation. It is well known that he has attracted unprecedented ire abroad, but the media have done an excellent job of deceiving the American public about Bush’s actual popularity and his reception by the general public wherever he goes. This has been true since he was brought into office, at which time his limousine was relentlessly pelted and crowds booed him loudly and angrily, although the media also did not allow the national public to see this. It can however be seen in Michael Moore’s film ‘Fahrenheit 9-11’.

Bush also recently refused to speak at the NAACP convention, the first American President to make such a refusal since Herbert Hoover in the days of the Great Depression.

Fox Network has been identified as one of the major participants in ‘media spin’ in favor of Bush, often completely blanketing out facts about events in which Bush has been shown great displeasure and anger by thousands and tens of thousands of dissident citizens. They broadcast, instead, false images of outpouring of public support at rallies, speeches and other public outings. They also conceal, by censorious editorial omission, the fact that the general public is inundated with massive road-closings, shutdowns of entire segments of major cities and unlawful relocation or unjustifiable, violent dispersal by police.
The major networks and newspapers of course have in general followed these policies, but Fox is the main culprit, with Bush cousin John Ellis running Fox coverage of the contested election. He helped Bush to gain last-minute votes by falsely broadcasting a Bush victory while Gore still held the majority of ballots. It is believed this was done to cause as many last-minute voters as possible to change their votes to Bush in order to cast a winning vote.

Big Media has done so much damage to the American Peoples’ ability to correctly perceive circumstances surrounding the Presidency by obscuring or baldfacedly changing news of events and personalities around the President that it cannot be trusted to credibly inform the Nation.

The effect has been to create the illusion that the President has vastly greater support than he indeed commands, and to quell serious scandals in his election bid and in his term as President, which would surely cause him to be impeached.

It was easy for the right-wing press, which is apparently the vast majority of major press, to justify massive overload coverage of Clinton’s scandal and impeachment over the Lewinsky affair. Yet, treasonous acts by Bush, his family and friends do not rate the attention of the American People in the view of the editors and owners of these information venues.

These of course are Bush’s fellow billionaires, who operate their means of information transmission at a great disadvantage to the American People and to their horrific detriment. This is especially true in the cases of American soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen coming home dead and mutilated for a war already long shown to be unjust, illegal and unnecessary.

The Alienist

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The following comments are for "Bush Heckled at Kutztown at Heart of 20-Mile State Shutdown"
by The Alienist

I am surprised you didn't mention the fact that Colin Powell's son happens to head the FCC, for what it is worth. Perhaps you assume it is common knowledge. Of course, with the Homeland Defense Bill where it now stands, it is perfectly legal to herd us into so-called free speech zones, and to censor what we hear and say. With these guys in office, it can only get worse.

( Posted by: brickhouse [Member] On: July 12, 2004 )

He's of Jamaican origin and has one Jewish paternal ancestor, fairly recent. He also grew up in a Jewish neighborhood in NYC and speaks Yiddish. He's also a big part of the pro-Israeli lobby.

It seems like the Israeli Lobby is the real force behind a lot of this, if not all of it. With stuff I'm finding out, it's very possible bin Laden may not be the culprit.

( Posted by: the alienist [Member] On: July 12, 2004 )

Bush and Blair
This adds up, it is a bit if a running joke in European politics about the whitewash on Bush and the US media, Bush is creating a landmine field of no turning back for the US government. Whoever takes over next is going to have a hell of a job undoing all this damage in international circles, Bush has left no room for any movement. Hard times are still ahead.

As to Blair in the recent local elections Labour lost more seats than in any other local election in history!!! I think we have made our point very clear.


P.S. We don't shut down whole blocks when Bush comes here, there was a huge public row between our police and the US secret service who were told to bugger off!

( Posted by: londongrey [Member] On: July 13, 2004 )

I'm glad they didn't put up with that in the UK - but it's been done elsewhere, according to media here. Does anyone else know anything about this phenomenon?

The Secret Service was founded in the mid 1800's to protect the President and other US Government figures at need, and later was assigned the task of fighting currency counterfeiting. They have never been guards at foreign embassies in the US,
until now. In Moore's new film, it is shown large as life that four SS agents guard the Saudi Arabian embassy at all times. This is unprecedented.

( Posted by: the alienist [Member] On: July 13, 2004 )

Thank you for that.....
What you've written so eloquently is exactly what I've tried to explain to people.....that it is impossible not to "notice" the absense of press reports of this LOSER when they attacked Clinton and went on and on ad nauseaum. Unfortunately my frustration gets the better of me and gets me disgusted when the points I make and questions I ask of others are denied, maligned and/or ignored. Bush recently came to my town, Marquette, Michigan and they shut down streets, there were secret service guys all over town, and we had to have 56+ more cops than our regular duty cops to "monitor" things. There were massive protesters and the other thing that I think the National News SHOULD have been privy to was the fact that the Bush Administration kicked two females out for wearing Kerry buttons. Like ...hello?...can you say sensorship...can you say dictatorship?? Where does this LOSER administration get off with the holier than thou attitude??? I'd really like to know. Nobody believes me when I tell them that it is only too obvious that the majority of the press is bought and paid for by the could anyone fail to make this connection? I don't know maybe it's me...maybe I'm the only who's crazy...YOU tell me!

( Posted by: LilMystic [Member] On: August 20, 2004 )

It's not you.
Think of Linda Ronstadt nearly getting lynched by an entire crowd of people who luckily decided instead to nearly destroy the performance center in a Las Vegas casino because she criticized Bush. She was immediately escorted out and can't go back there.

Think of Elton John pointing out that pro-war songs get tons of airplay, and anti-war songs get virtually none if any at all. People criticize me when I point out who owns the media outlets - friends of Bush - BILLIONAIRES. It's a club, and they help each other, and we're all down here with strings on us.

By the way, my previous two points were zapped by one of the local Republifundanazis. The excuse was that I was reprinting an article (quoting from it actually).

My point in that censured piece is that Amerikkka doesn't need the Orwellian Big Brother. Other Amerikkkans will do it to you, and to themselves.

The Republican Party has become a cult, and these people are incapable of doing any introspection nor making realizations of themselves regarding their indoctrinated acceptance of everything these manipulators and parasites and murderers say.

Jesus Christ could come down here and make a movie about these bastards that makes Fahrenheit 9-11 look like 'Birth of a Nation' and these people would still not believe it.

Can we save them? I fear not. We could be at the bosom of Abraham, begging God to save them, and He will say, "They have the prophets. They have the Scriptures. They have Michael Moore."

I pray for Apocalypse, just to get it over with. Somehow we're all on a forced march to the tune of marching morons, while a feeble-minded drummer boy bangs on his drum with oversized rubber mallets.

( Posted by: the alienist [Member] On: August 20, 2004 )

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