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Chapter One

“I tell you lad, I’ve never seen so many slaves in my entire life!”

“Me neither John. They have hard lives, glad I’m not one of them and born free!” said the young man named Ben.


“You know, I’m thinking of buying one for myself,” John said seriously.

“You mean it?”

“Yes, I need a strong man to work in the fields, and of course a having a woman
around for personal needs, wouldn’t be so bad either. If you know what I mean boy?”

“I sure do, it’s cheaper than caring for a mistress. You are a pretty clever guy. It's normal and natural for a guy to take a mistress.”

“You know John, I’m glad I work for you. You are the best governor in this city.”

“I know I sure am. I did a lot of people in this state of Virginia and I’m mighty proud of it.”

“You should be.”

“You know, like it or not, I’ve heard there’s talk of war, of the slaves rebelling.”

“I don’t take much stalk in talk son, and you should be working. If the blacks
revolt, we can handle them.

“I’m coming this evening to purchase some slaves for myself.”

“I’ll be waiting. Better come early, so you can have your best pick.”

“All right. See you later son.”

Young Benjamin waved goodbye to his friend Governor John Moller. Ben twenty-six years old.

He had the job of in helping to sell slaves and thought nothing about

The scenes kept replaying in her mind. She couldn’t stop them. It had haunted
her dreams. This rough and cruel man Lord Charles Benjamin
Jamison was the first man Marnie ever worked for. How he looked her over.

She knew right away that he lusted after her.

Marnie was cleaning in the den on her second day of work there, when Lord Jamison came in.

“Come here Miss. I noticed you have been avoiding me, since you came here. I
will not let you avoid me forever!”

Marnie swallowed her and came to stand before him. She could see his eyes
travel up and down her body, taking her all in. Marnie couldn’t help but blush.

“Now that’s better. I told you before when you first came here, that you are a
very beautiful woman.

You should, ah, let your beauty show more. Charles quickly took off her maids
cap, and unpinned her elegant brown hair.

It fell way past her shoulders, and Charles sighed with pleasure.

“Ah, my dear, you are beautiful! It’s been a real crime that you try to hide it
behind this ugly maid’s uniform.”

“But sir, that’s what I do for my job.”

Charles grinned. He was a roguishly handsome man, but very short, as a matter
of fact he wasn’t too much taller then Marnie.

“Do you find me handsome,” Lord Jamison asked.

When Marnie didn’t answer he pulled her hungrily in his embrace. Marnie

“No please sir, don’t!”

“You forget you are a servant here!”

“Let me go please!”

“I understood that my duties were to work as a maid here.”

“I never said that it is all that your duties entail, you little wench.”

Charles then kissed her very passionately on the lips. His kiss devoured her, and
burned her.

Marnie pounded her fists on his shoulders, trying to pull away. She finally
managed to escape his embrace.

Tears started flow and she looked away from him.

“You fool, I wasn’t going to hurt you. I see you don’t know anything about love! If you’d agree

to become my mistress here, you wouldn’t have to have such a hard life, as a maid.

“Did you ever think of that?”

“I would never agree to it sir,” Marnie said still crying.

“You ‘d rather work like a dog, like the other slaves do. Oh what a fool you are
turning down a chance like this.”

“Listen young women, I know that your naïve and have a lot to learn about love,

but I could teach you.

And so naïve that you think I brought you here just to be a servant! You must know I

want you.”

All right attend to your cleaning. But remember Marnie, I don’t give up that easily,
my sweet.

Marnie stood trembling, and went straight into the kitchen to finish her duties in
so very weak, so she had to sit down. Sure she was a worker, but it was not fair for employer to take advantage of her, she thought to herself.

Chapter 2

Nellie a colored lady, who was also a servant there, came into the kitchen and sa

Marnie sitting on a stool by the fireplace crying.

“What’s the matter little one?”

Marnie didn’t answer the question, but continued to star down into the fire.

“Come on honey, you can tell me, I’m your true friend. Is it Mr. Jamison?”

Marnie didn’t say a word, but Nellie knew.

“Yes, I know it is him. He’s been after a lot of the other servant girls working
here as well. I’ll pray he leaves you alone.

. Though I’m starting to loose my own faith in the Lord these days. I don’t
have much to worry about, as I’m a black women and he’s a white man, he don’t
want any thing to do with me with me. I am as dirt to him I’m sure. But you are a
white women, you got plenty to fear.

Marnie looked away and Nellie took her in her embrace. Now don’t you despair

little one, just pray you’ll be delivered fromthis place. It may just help.

You know I ain’t been praying much lately, but it’s worth a try.

“I will. I’ll try Nellie to have more faith in the Lord. I drifted away to I admit.”

“Slavery sure does try one’s faith child. You stand up to Mrs. Jamison, and don’t
let him touch you.”

You got a lot of fight in you girl.”

“But Nellie, I really don’t have any.”

“In your position honey you got too, or you’ll be taken advantage of by any
family that buys ya.”

“My husband Ben and I would love to help and defend you, but you can see from
yesterday that does no good. My husband Ben told Mr. Jamison to leave you alone.”

“I know,’ said Marnie. You all try so hard. Our poor husband got whipped for

defending me.”

“He’s a good man. “

“Well, I guess I’d better continue my duties. I have the entire upstairs to clean. “

Nellie patted her arm and continued with her work.

“You may not be a slave Marnie but your treated liked one.”

“I know,” said Marnie with a sigh. “No matter if were slave or free in this workd, it seems we haveto work and work so hard. How come people judge you my your color Nellie. it makes no sense.”

“Lots of things in the world don’t make sense child. I just pray to the good Lord one day things wont be this way my people.”

“I hope so too,” said Marnie gently patting Nellie’s hand.

The day went by swiftly. Marnie could not help but think about Lord Jamison and how he had treated her. She noticed at diner when she served him, he was more reserved, but she knew very well, it did not mean a thing.

Marnie went to bed to retire and she heard a knock on her door. Marnie aas almost certain that it was Nellie, as she said she might stop by later.

To Marnie’s surprise Charles showed up at her door.

“Come on Marnie please say you’ll be mine. Just let me back love to you. Charles undid her robe, and before she knew it, it was off.

Marnie backed away. You leave me alone sir. This is ridiculous. You know very

Well that I did not come here for this!”

“Take it easy young woman, you know I want and desire you. Why do you

torture me like this!”

“It’s not my fault! Marnie said.

“But your beauty drives me mad! Surely you must know that you are much too

beautiful to be a maid.”

“I now wish I were not pretty at all.”

“Come on honey,” he said.

Charles took her in his arms, and she fought off and resisted all of his kisses.

“You fool,” Charles yelled as he flung her on the bed.

“I don’t take women by force, but other men do sometimes.

“ I’m selling you tomorrow. I wanted a woman, not a little girl. You bring me

no pleasure, so off you go tomorrow. I don’t want you around filling me

with passion and desire. I want a woman of my own. You aren’t the best worker either.

You know I’ve given you a chance her to make good. Is it my fault you haven’t tried hard enough.

You’re a poor girl that came form an even poorer family. The only way to improve yourself is my marrying and upstanding man like me.”

“Oh Please sir,” I can’t marry you unless I love you.”

“Well, you can’t have everything. Silly girl I was even willing to marry you. I admit I lost control for a moment,” though no one is perfect lass, are they?”

“I guess not sir, I mean no one is sir,” said Marnie curtly.

“I’d like you to say yes,” he insisted.

“My answers still no sir.”

“Well so be it then, child,” but I did speak out of turn firing you so easily, you may stay if you wish.”

“I’m sorry, circumstances, the way they are, I think it were better that I leave.”

“But where would you go?”

“Maybe to a convent,” Marnie,” said more to herself then Charles.

“Come child just because I got a little out of line, doesn’t mean you have to hate all men and stow away toa convent, now does it?”

“Perhaps not , anyway I plan to leave. It’s best.”

“All right, but I’ll give you a good reference, my dear, my conduct, I admit was deplorable, forgive me?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Then I’ll wish you a goodnight and good wishes getting a new position.”

Sir Charles bidded her a goodnight.

The commotion had awakened Nellie, and she knocked on the door. Marnie

fearing that it was Mr. Jamison, didn’t answer.

“It’s me Nellie, may I come in?”

“Yes, please Nellie, come in,” Marnie said in a shaky voice.

“What happened honey, I heard Mr. Jamison, are you all right?”

“I’m so sorry Marnie,” Nellie said holding her.

“You’d better go Nellie, if Mr. Jamison finds you here, you’ll be beaten.”

“I’ll take that chance Marnie, for you. I’m sick of being a coward. Me and Ben,

should have stuck up and defended you, no matter what. That’s what love is. We

haven’t done the Christian thing.”

“I admit shamefully, that I have really turned against the Lord, recently because of me being a slave.”

I ain’t had much peace at all since I turned against Him. Before this whole slavery thing started I was so mighty close to him. I know you’re a Christian Marnie.

“Yes, I am Nellie, mamma always taught me to trust God, but I must admit I’ve drifted away too, because of the pain in my life,” Marnie said .

“You see when my mamma passed away I was only eight, and I was put in a workhouse right after that, and then, made a bond slave.”

“I see child very sad indeed. What about your father?”

“I never knew my father Nellie, he left my Mamma as soon as he found out she was expecting me.”

“Well, I “ll pray for you my child.”

“Oh come on Nellie, a lot of good that would do, God doesn’t hear, he doesn’t
listen. He doesn’t care what happens to us. I guess I was just making him up to
have something to believe in.”

“Oh honey, you must not think such things. He loved and cares for you very

“Then, why do such bad things about to me, and you, look at your husband Ben.

You’ll be slaves all of your lives, doesn’t that make you angry?!”

“Now, we don’t know that for sure. I believe our day of deliverance will one day

soon be at hand. Life can’t go, on the way it’s going. Something’s about to happen,

you can feel it in the air.”

You know Marnie, there talk of war.”

“War,” said Marnie in a frightened voice.”

“Sadly maybe that’s the only way things will be made right again. Please try to
pray honey, will you for me?”

“No Nellie, I’m not speaking to God. Where was he when I lost my Mamma and

was sent to the workhouse. It was torture.”

“I still pray you will be changing your mind one day.”

“Drop the subject will you Nellie, it only makes me angry!”

“O.k., my dear I will.”

“I must get some sleep. It was nice knowing you Nellie. This is good-bye. We h

have not known each other for very long, but it seems like years.”

Marnie gave Nellie a kiss on the check.

“It’s not good-bye Marnie. Christians never say good-bye. They never need too.”

Marnie turned away.

Nellie gave the young girl a big hug, God bless you, my dear. Me and my

husband Ben,”

“We’ll be praying for you.”

Marnie smiled up at Nellie as she quickly closed the door. She then got into bed, but could not sleep.

She thought of Nellie. How kind a woman she was. Marnie wandered how People could be so narrow as to judge people by the color of there skin. Marnie
would never forget Nellie, she vowed, she was her friend.


Marnie got up early and was sent out with only the clothes on her back A cart

came to fetch her and take her to the market, where the bond slaves would be sold
later that evening.

Marnie’s dress was so old and torn. She wished she could have at least kept her
maids uniform. She cried on the way to town and hurt so much inside.

She denied that the pain was from drawing away from her God.

She cried and vowed that she hated all men. Her father had abandoned her mother
and Mr. Jamison was no gentleman. She thought they all must be that way, she was
soon to find out very differently.

Reverend Robert Clemmons arose from his bed, in his simplistic, but neat home.

He wanted to go over his sermon, before mass that morning. He reached for the
Bible that was the dresser beside his bed. He always kept it there. Robert had
always been a praying man close to God. His parents Anna and Joseph had instilled
religion in him since he was a small boy. He fondly remembered how his
Mother use to read the Bible to him. He use to sit on her knew and listen for hours.
Anna was small woman, with blond hair and bright blue eyes. She loved her
husband and son dearly.

Robert’s father James, was also a minister. They lived in the next town nearby.

Robert himself was a very imposing man,very tall with broad shoulders. His height
sometimes intimidated some people, which he didn’t mean it too nor desire it too.
He was six foot eight, had black hair, blue eyes and a well kept beard. Robert loved
to preach and couldn’t imagine doing anything else with his life.

He was a man, so very close to God and loved working with the poor and
Helpless. His mother always said, if he couldn’t be a preacher, he would probably b
farming. He was a man who did not mind getting his hands dirty. He loved nature.

Beside being strong, he was kind of handsome as well. For a man so tall, he was
very quiet, and gentle. He would often take care of the birds, fix a broken wing, and
Feed them. He had a small garden at the back of his house.

Yes, Robert was a very kind and compassionate man. He knew what real Love
Was and knew one day the Lord would lead him to the woman that he would love
and cherish forever. Whoever and wherever she was, he loved her. He prayed each
night for her the Lord to protect and comfort her.

Robert was not liked by everyone in town, or everyone in his parish for that
matter. He spoke the truth, and did not believe in slavery, which angered a lot of
citizens in town. He didn’t care and feared no man. He knew that there was nothing
really to fear, if one had God on their side. He passionately hated slavery and
preached strongly against it in Church. People warned him to keep it quiet. He
Was thrown in jail for a few days, so he’s stop talking. But, that didn’t stop him.
He wouldn’t give up.
He was not to be a man to be stopped from doing good and the will of God.

Robert believed and gave comfort to the down trodden and the hopeless. He told them no
matter how they suffered now that it most certainly would not go on forever.
, that every tear would be wiped away from their face in heaven.

Robert read over his sermon, but was stooped by the local lad Johnny.“So rev, you think your going to free the slaves do ya?.”

“With God, all things are possible.”

“You sure are a fool,” the lad said in a mock tone.

“Why don’t you come today to mass, it might do you some good,” Robert said


“Oh, that’s sissy stuff, for kids.”

Johnny laughed and walked away. Robert said a silent prayer that he would one
day soon change his mind. Robert hurried off to Church. He knew young William
would be there, asking for a handout, and he knew he’s give it too him. It was true,
he did not wish to work, but Robert saw that no reason to abandon the lad.

“Hi Robert,” said Daniel, as he met him at the Church door.

“Hello Daniel, God bless you and love you. I’ve been praying for you,”

“ Thanks Reverend, you’ve been so kind to me. Don’t think I’ don’t appreciate

all you’ve done.”

“I know Daniel and I do it freely.”

“You mean, you don’t want any pay back”

“No, you owe be nothing.”

“I must admit I love listening to your sermons. They give me hope. You know I

changed my mind I want to work now, is there any way you could find me a job?”

“I’d be glad to lad, I have some connections. You stay here, and I’ll find you one soon.”

“Thanks so much Robert, I won’t let you down.”

“I know you won’t Daniel, you’re a good lad,” Robert said with a smile.

Robert had to hurry to change for mass. It was packed as always. Everyone just loved Robert’s sermons. They held so much meaning. Robert did not preach hell and damnation, but instead preached loving kindness and forgiveness. He so wanted to reflect the life of Christ in his life and he sure did. Robert was a man slow to anger and very understanding. He was strength for the weak in his parish.

Robert spent the afternoon visiting the poor and shut in, and in the evening he
would visit the slave market and preach and protest like he always. It never seemed
to work and he often ended up in jail, but nothing would stop him from trying to

Chapter 4

Robert arrived to the market around six o’clock, that evening. It was chilly, so he
wore a long black cloak. It was very chilly for a May day. The wind was very
chilly indeed. He watched with compassion as man was being sold into slavery. A
man came behind Robert.

“Here again Mr. Clemmons. Well, it will do you know good, sneered the man. I

saw you preach here last time. If you ask me, you are a fool Mr. Clemmons. You

will only get thrown into jail, maybe even killed,” leered the man.

Robert seemed unfazed by this.

“No greater love is there than this, than to lay your life down for a friend,” Robert

softly quoted.

The man growled and left Robert by himself.

Robert smiled and drew his cloak more closely, as the evening air, was very

chilly. He took his cloak off and walked up to put it on the slave. Young Ben

pushed Robert back stay away you fool he’s half naked to the waste, up, and that’s

how he will stay till his owner clothe him. Robert looked at himwith anger, and

went back to his place. Hey next sold a black women in her mid- forties. Robert felt

sick at heart how his fellow man bought and sold people like cattle.

Marnie sat in the little hut where the slaves were waiting to be sold. She tried
very hard to hold back her tears and the hurt in her little hurt. She kept repeating to
herself how she hated men. They were no good he kept saying to herself. Her
daddy had abandoned her mother. She would never forget nor forgive that. Finally
it was her turn. She wandered why they were auctioning off the bond slaves and the

black slaves together they had never done it before. A woman was to go before her.

“Don’t look do sad deary, you may become the mistress of a rich man, if your

lucky deary.”

Marnie turned away in disgust.

Robert watched as the one lady went willingly to the highest bidder. He seemed

not to care.

“Had her poor little heart gotten so hardened,” Robert sadly thought to himself.

He prayed for her with all of his heart and soul.

Marnie was next. She had numbed herself as much as she could, and thought that

maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all to be the mistress of a rich and

handsome man. Perhaps the Lord would understand and forgive her and see that it

was the only way for her.

Marnie was handles roughly and put on the platform. Her old torn dress, did not

protect her at all from the chill of the night. It was very cold. He shivered from the
cold and fear. She tried all she could to hold back her tears. It was next to
impossible now. Robert saw them fling the girls on stage, and as he looked upon
her, Robert was overcome by the most over whelming sense of compassion and love
that he had ever felt for anyone. He saw theyoung woman’s dress was torn and
tattered. She looked very frail and pail, and oh so very weary. He noticed shehad
green eyes and long brown hair, which was very tangles, but she was simply
beautiful to him. Somehow in that moment he knew that she was his beloved, the
one that God had chosen to be his in this man’s presence.

Marnie so wandered why. He was so very tall and powerful looking.

“Oh my, he must be about seven feet tall,” she thought to herself in fear. She

shook in spites of herself.

She tried so to control her small body from shaking, but could not. His eyes were so

kind. Never had she seen such kind eyes with such warmth and feeling. Robert saw

her fear and was moved by it, and prayed to God that she would trust him.

“Any more bids?” asked Ben.

No one else bid any higher.

“I don’t think, she’s worth it,” John said to the man next to him.

Marnie looked around at the crowd of people standing around some rich and pompous young men stood in the front leering at her. She heard one whisper.

“This one I want for myself. If she’s a shrew, I’d love to tame her,” said John he
laughed with the man next to him. They looked very rich She prayed they would

not buy her, as she knew very well that he would be just like Mr. Jamison.

John started with a pretty bid and another man doubled it.

Marnie was astonished when she heard a voice from the back of a crowd bid the
highest she’s heard ever. Her eyes searched back in the crowd to see, where the

voice came from.

“Sure, you sure you want to bid this high young ma?.”

I’m certain,” Robert said passionately.

Marnie finally found the source of the powerful and stirring voice that she heard.
Her eyes met Robert’s, and Robert looked upon this young women, whom he
wanted to be his wife one day. With all the love and adoration that he could show.
something in Robert’s eyes moved Marnie beyond words. They were so loving, in a
shade of blue that was like the sky. She felt no fear somehow

“Then sold,” shouted Ben.

“Wait your Mr. Clemmons.”

Marnie looked upon the man, and Robert looked upon her tenderly. She had never
heard the man’s name, but his identity was slowly being revealed to her it seemed.

“Yes,” said Robert with much strength in his voice. I see you want her for

yourself, ok, if you really do, you’ll pay the price. You’ve caused trouble here

enough. Are you willing to be beaten to have this woman.”

“Yes, do what you will,” Robert said with conviction.

Ben came up to Robert.

“As long as your going through all of this trouble, do you want a preview, before

you but her,” Ben laughed.

Robert looked at him reproachfully and with anger. “I do not, I am not like you

and other men.”

“All right, Mr. Clemmons. Get the whip Charlie.

Marnie watched in horror as they stripped Robert of his cloak and bared his chest.

noticed that he had big broad shoulders, and looked so very strong. She feared him

more then ever now.

“Who is Mr. Clemmons,” she thought to herself. Must be someone so rich and

maybe he even knows Mr. Jamison and he recommended me. Oh I hate him,” she

thought to herself.

“But why would he willingly get whipped for me? I can’t be that pleasing or

pretty. The lady before me, why didn’t he bid on her. She was so confused and tied
to push all the thoughts and feeling from her mind. Robert hardly flinched when he
was whipped about a dozen times. He looked so proud and brave and seemed to fear
nothing or no one. He made such an imposing figure, and was the tallest and
biggest man in the crowd, he made Ben look like a weakling. He was so small,

Robert could have broken him into. After he was beaten Robert smiled upon her
with all the love that he could show.
Marnie felt such a strong connection to him and she wandered why. She did not
know him. He was bleeding and against her will she felt bad for him. She wandered
how she could feel anything for her owner. Hadn’t he just bought her?

“Now, claim your slave,” said Ben mockingly.

Chapter 5

Robert walked towards his love, slowly and gently. He knew he would be very
gentle with her and longed to comfort her. Marnie did not dare look at him, she
could not bare too, to face someone like him. He was such a man, so tall and
imposing, he made her feel like a little bird, helpless. Robert was
right in front of her and touched her for- head gently, and she looked up at him.

Robert’s smile was warm and radiant.

“Do not fear me, my love. I would never harm you, trust me, my beloved,” he

said in a very gentle tone. These words went directly to her heart and touched her

deeply. She didn’t want to feel that way. She wanted to hate him to flee him.

Robert knelt down and undid her bonds from her hands and feet. He than took
his cloak from himself and put it about her to keep her warm. It angered Robert very
much that these cruel men would let her shiver in the cold. At that moment he found
it so hard to love the enemies against his love. He looked upon her kindly and
caressed her for head and check tenderly.

The spectators were stunned that this man was treating this woman with so much
respect and tenderness. They couldn’t believe it and didn’t want to believe it.

Robert gently helped Marnie to her free of her bonds and took her up unto his strong
arms. He looked down upon her lovely face and told her to have no fear. Somehow
he believed her even against his own will. He was so very loving. How could he be
evil, she thought to herself. Robert slowly carried her through the crowd
amongst the protests. Robert knew, where he was taking her, he was taking her to
his home.

Marnie so much wanted to flee, from his grasp. She tried too, but it was no use,

Robert’s grasp was much too strong for her.

“Please don’t resist me my dear one, I have no intention of harming you. I assure

you my love. You never have anything to fear. I’ll protect you always my love.”

She was so tired of struggling and rested against his broad shoulders.

Robert smiled at this. He thrilled at the feeling of her head resting upon his
shoulders. She felt so very right in his arms, like she belonged there. The journey to
his house was a pretty long one.

“Sir, don’t you think you should put me down, I’m much to heavy for you, I’m


“No you are not, my dear. You are as light as a feather, little one,” he said

smiling upon her.

Marnie smiled back in spite of herself.

“Where are you taking me sir,” she asked with fear.

“To my home, little one. You need some nourishment and sleep, love.”

Robert saw the fear and question in her eyes.

“Don’t worry dear, I’m not like the other men in the crowd. I have no intention

of hurting you,” Robert said with tenderness.

I have much respect and adoration for you and would never touch you.”

Marnie felt relieved somehow at his words. She still wandered who he was. They

soon came to a little house. It must be his she thought to herself. But it looked so

poor, surely it couldn’t be.

She thought he was a rich man, how’s he afford to buy her. It must be some joke

she thought to herself.

He carried her over the threshold his small living room, and gazed upon her

tenderly. She looked so frightened to him, so small.

“Please let me down sir.”

“No, you are in my arms now, and that is where you will always belong my


“Please sir, please.”

Robet relented and let her down.

“I could hold you this way forever,” Robert said as he gently sit her on his sofa.

Marnie looked around at the little home. It was indeed small, and a lot of the
furniture was made out of wood. She saw that there was a small kitchen and one
bedroom in the back. She shivered.

Robert looked down at her with a tenderness and true compassion and tenderness.

“Now, Miss, and I mean that with the utmost respect. You must know that you
have nothing to fear from me. I have a very tender heart young woman, especially
when it come to you.”

“What is your name dear,” asked Robert sincerely.

“Marnie, Marnie Sulliven, she said quietly.

“A beautiful name sweetheart. My name is Robert Clemmons and I am a minister.”

Marnie sat there shocked.

“A minister! He can’t be,” she thought to herself. Then maybe I should trust
him. She would have never had guessed. She knew when he first laid eyes upon her
that there was something very kind and angelic about him, but a minister. Of all
people to run into, she had turned from God, a now this minister had bought he!”

“Yes, and I have compassion for you. I don’t think like other men Miss


“She couldn’t believe a man was actually addressing her as Miss, no man had

ever, ever addressed her with such respect. It made her happy and feel elevated

somehow. Somehow this man, everything that he did made her feel elevated and

respected. She felt not like a man’s plaything, but a prized treasure.

“I bought you only so I could help you and free you my dear. You are no man’s

slave,” he said softly. Firstly. Lets get you some food in you Miss Sullivan

“Thank you sir.”

“Please call me Robert, “ he said sincerely.

“Robert,” Marnie said with a smile.

She was responding to his kindness against her will.

“Please my dear, freshen up in my room. I’ll find you a better dress. He led her

into his bedroom.

“Please, come in, you have nothing to fear from me. I have so much respect for

you. Trust me.”

“I don’t know how to trust Robert,” Marnie said sadly.

“Well, I’ll teach you darling. I’ll teach you how to trust again, you’ll see.”

Marnie looked around at the man’s bedroom. It was the first time in her entire

life that she had ever been in a man’s bedroom, and she blushed at the thought. It

was done in mostly blue and green, and was very simple. Marnie noticed a Bible

sitting next to his bed and turned away in anger. Robert caught this

and smiled, knowing that how she must feel about God, and hoping to change her

mind. He would not say anything now, as she was too tired to be preached at.

“All right Miss Sullivan, here’s a dress for you to wear.”

Marnie watched as Robert ttok out a beautiful blue dress from his closest.

Marnie couldn’t help but wonder why This minister had a woman’s dress in his


Robert saw the questioning look in her eyes.

“Don’t worry my love, it’s my mother’s, “ Robert said with a kind smile.

Marnie smiled.

“Oh, I see.”

“She will love you, I know,” Robert said with a grin. As a matter of fact, she

already does.

Marnie looked upon him with question in her eyes.

“I see I confused you. You see my mother said that she would already love the

woman who God chose for me, even when I was a lad at fifteen.

Marnie couldn’t help but smile in wander of it all.

“Now, Miss Sullivan, I shall leave you alone here to change and freshen up. I’ll

start a fire and get dinner ready,” Robert said kindly.

“Thanks,” Marnie said shyly.

Robert was about to close the door so Marnie could change, but a though came to


“Now, please promise you won’t try to run away darling. You know very well

that I will not harm you. I’ve proven that.”

“I know, I trust you, and I will not run away,” Marnie said with a smile. You’ve

been very kind sir.

“Robert,” he gently corrected her.

“Robert,” she said with a smile.

He was about to leave but Marnie stopped him.

“Robert, “

Robert turned around and looked upon his love kindly.

“Yes, dear.”

“Thank you for rescuing me, freeing me.”

“You’re very welcome, my dear, so very welcome. Some day you’ll know just

how much I care about you.”

“You are bleeding, please let me tend to your wounds, sir.”

“No, my dear, I’ll be all right. It doesn’t really hurt. Having you near

me makes me feel no pain,’ said Robert with a smile.

Marnie smiled back. Knowing this man must really vare to be whipped for her.

What a kind minister he was she though to herself. She owed him so much.

Rober smiled upon her.

Robert slowly closed the door behind to let her change. Marnie just stood there

looking at the door that Robert had just closed.

“Oh, he is so kind, so very kind,” she thought to herself. I can actually see the

love and light of Christ shine through his eyes.”

Marnie felt a strange warmth and peacefulness that she had never, ever felt before

in her life. Like somehow she was home. Her anger towards God was even cooling,

but she was smart enough to know that she had a lot of healing to do. Marnie was

thoughtful as she started to change into the blue dress that had been Roberts

mother’s. She wandered if she had passed on.

Chapter 6

Robert went straight into the kitchen to prepare a nice meal for Marnie. He

couldn’t get her off his mind a moment, and had no desire too. Is this what love is?

He asked himself. He never expected it to be so very sweet and peaceful. Robert

knew God was in this and that He had brought them together. Every day of his life,

God had amazed him more and more. He started to cook some pork and potatoes.

As he was doing so, he said a little prayer, thanking God that he allowed him to

work though Him. He also prayed that God would give him the strength and

wisdom to heal Marnie’s wounds and help her draw closer to God as well. Robert

noticed it was a little cold, so he started to draw a fire. Robert was a great

outdoorsman and cook. He was the kind of man who could do or fix anything. He

sat the table for the too of them, and looked forward to sharing a meal with her. It

gave him great pleasure to know she was so near, right in the next room..

Marnie shyly came out of his room. Robert saw her standing in the doorway, she

looked shyly down at the floor, unable to meet Robert’s manly gaze. He was

unprepared for how beautiful she would look in the blue dress.

“You look lovely, my dear, truly beautiful, as much on the outside as the inside.”

“Oh I’m so sorry,” Robert said as he noticed her hair was still tangled.

Robert took his comb from his pocket and handed to Marnie, and she manage to

untangle it as much as she could.

“I’ll get you a brush soon,” said Robert kindly.

“Thanks,” said Marnie softly.

“Won’t you sit down Miss Sulliven,” Robert said as he pulled her chair out for


Marnie was deeply touched and was never treated so like a lady. It took getting

use too, but Oh how she loved it. Somehow her heart told her that this is the way

God meant it to be between a man and a woman. She felt so valued and respected.

Robert pushed her chair in for her after she was seated. She looked around the room

again, so surprised at it’s smallness, but marveled at the excellent taste this young

minister had. It was a room, though small, that was very warm and welcoming. It

somehow felt like home to her. Marnie looked down at the table and her mouth

watered. Oh, how very hungry she was. It was so long since she’s eaten.. Her

mouth watered at the site of the roasted pork and mashed potatoes.

“So, this minister could cook too,” Marnie thought to herself.

Marnie then gazed into the fire.

“It was kind of chilly out tonight, so I thought I’d fix a nice warm fire.

“Thanks Robert, it was very thoughtful of you,” Marnie said sincerely.

“You are so very welcome. Anything for you my dear,” Robert said as he gently

touched her hand.

Marnie wasn’t prepared for how she would react to his touch. She felt such

warmth.. Robert invited her to eat. She ate slowly at first, but then she was so

hungry, she ate more greedily. Robert smiled kindly at the young woman with

appreciation. Of course she was hungry, those slave owners treated those poor

people like dogs. Marnie saw Robert looking upon her and suddenly stooped,

All of the sudden embarrassed to be eating in front of this man.

Robert looked upon her compassionately, and could understand how she felt.

“Don’t be embarrassed, I will help you to feel free with me in time,” Robert said

with a kindly smile.

Marnie continued eating and Robert ate a little himself.

“Thank you for the lovely dinner Robert. You’re such a kind man. I never knew

such men existed.”

Robert gave her an answer she didn’t expect.

“Yes, indeed, with the through the love of God, kind men are possible. There’s

no limit to what a man will do for a woman when he loves her.

Marnie blushed at this.

“You look very tired sweetheart, and I know you need some rest, but first may I

ask you some questions.

“Yes, indeed you may,” Marnie said in a sincere tone.

“I know your life so far has been far from easy, and oh I feel for you. Has any

man ever hurt you or took liberties with you in the past my dear?”

“Well, actually no, almost once, but I resisted.”

“Oh, I’m so glad my dear,” I was so afraid some man hurt you I that way. I

couldn’t bare the thought of anyone hurting you that way. The man who tried too,

angers me greatly. In the future I hope you will be able to unburden yourself an tell


Marnie smiled. “I do too Robert.”

“Now, you must get some rest and we will talk in the morning. You will sleep in

my room and I will sleep in the living room,” he said reassuringly.

“We will talk more in the morning. I have a nightgown for you, I’ll get it. I care

so, please always remember that Miss Sullivan.”

“I’ll let you change. Miss Sullivan, I know this is the big request. But will you

please let be come in and say goodnight to you.”

“Yes sir, I trust you now. There’s no one that I trust like you. “

Robert gave her a nightgown and robe and she went into change.

She told Robert when she was ready for him to come inside.

“Here, please let me tuck you in. “

“All right,” thank you. It’s been so long since someone has showed me so much


Robert smiled at this. He gently helped her into bed and tucked her in.

“There you comfortable now?”

“Yes, very Robert, thank you. I appreciate your care.”

“You are very welcome, my dear. You always will be.”

“I must tell you my dear something, I know it may be to soon, but before you fall

asleep tonight you must know it.”

“Yes, please Robert, tell me.”

“You see Miss Sullivan, I’m very much in love with you. I loved you the first

moment I looked into your beautiful green eyes. I knew right away that you’re the

woman that God has chosen for me, among all others in this world. When I love, I

Love. I don’t expect you to feel the same way about me, but I

hope you will in time.”

“Thanks , I am so deeply touched that you love me Robert. But I don’t think I

could ever love a man.”

“Just give me a chance sweet one.”

“I will, but you must know I am not a believer anymore.”

“Robert looked down upon the young woman in his bed and smiled.

“I know , I can understand how you feel, believe me, I hope to make you trust and believe in Him again.”

“Well see,” Marnie sad softly.

“It will be, have no fear. God loves you and believes in you even if you don’t

return his love, the same way I feel,” Robert said with a gleam in his eyes.”

Marnie looked up at him startled by what this man said, but as the same time


“Now my dear, you must get some sleep, angel. We shall talk more in the

morning. I want to get to know you better.”

“But where will I go, what will become of me.”

“I honor and respect you, so I wont have you living here, with me, I know it’s not

right. You shall move in at my sister’s place for the time being. She will be very

glad to have you. You see she is married and has a daughter, and a big home.”

“But how will I earn my keep? “

“You needn’t worry about that so soon, they don’t expect you too. But I can tell

you feel you want too, so I’m sure you can watch her daughter sometimes, and help

the house, when you’re feeling better. You see Lisa, my sister is expecting a bay,

and though she has a maid, I’m sure she could use some female company during that


“Oh, thank you Robert, I’d be glad too.”

“ You are very welcome.”

“Mind, they shall never treat you like a worker, bulike a member of the family. I

know my sister will just love you. She’s around your age as well.”

“Now get some rest my dear, and sweet dreams,” Robert said kindly as he looked

down upon his love. He gave her a paternal kiss on the for head as he smiled upon

the woman he loved and hoped to one day marry.

Marnie smiled as he gently closed the door. She felt like she was in heaven.

Chapter Seven

Marnie tried very hard to sleep, but sleep did not meet her. She tossed and

Turned. Marnie’s eyes caught a glimpse of Robert’s bible, that was sitting on

The edge of his night stand. Marnie had not really prayed for awhile and was

Angrey with God. She couldn’t resisit turning to the bible for comfort. Marnie

Reached for it, sat, up in bed, and opened it. It happened to land at the book’

Of Ruth. Marnie started to read it, in spite of herself. It was a passage she had

Never read before. It was about a man named Boaz, whom fell in love with

A servant woman named Ruth. She read on in fascination, unable to put it down.

This man Boaz loved and redeemed her. Marnie sat there, thoughtful for a moment,

As she read. Robert seemed so much like this man in the bible named Boez.

Had he not rescued Marnie from a terrible fate of being a slave and yes, he loved

Her. He had just told her that a few minutes ago. She couldn’t believe that she

Was so loved by a man, such a man as Robert.

“He loves me,” Marnie whispered to herself in wonder. He really and truly

loves me. I can’t believe it. I can see it in his eyes. But do I love him? Of course

no, that’s ridiculous. I vowed never to love a man. All men are bad, and after only

one thing, at least that’s what I’ve learned through the years. Or could I have

been wrong? Marnie asked herself softly. This minister who has delivered me

from bondage, seems so unlike other men. He’s treated me with so much kindness

and respect. Marnie then continued the story, and then she started to read other

parts in the Bible.

She turned the lights out and settled down to sleep again, but it still did not come.

Marnie felt sad, and she could not figure out why she did. She was safe now, or

was she, she thought. Maybe this man had no sister and he didn’t intend to let her

go. Marnie pushed the thoughts aside. It was hard to not believe him. He
Seemed an honorable man. But a minister, of all people. Hadn’t she had enough of religion for life. Marnie felt to angry all of the sudden. She didn’t want to

owe anything, let alone this stranger, who claimed to love her. Oh why did he love

Her how. Certainly he could do better than her she thought.

Marnie couldn’t but help feel grateful that Robert gave up his bed for her.

She hoped he was sleeping well. Marnie looked around his bedroom. It was

very masculine indeed, but lovely, in blue, green, and brown. She saw a cross

hanging above his mirror. Marnie then gazed at the bookshelf and saw that

he had a lot of literature and spiritual books, along with some prayer books.

She noticed that he kept a very neat and tidy place, for a man. She didn’t feel to

comfortable in a mans room, she had never been in one before. It somehow

frightened her. She didn’t understand why. She wanted to stay awake and tried

so hard too. She soon fell asleep, as it started to rain a little bit. She felt so warm in

the bed. It felt so good, to be in a nice warm home for a change.

Robert could not sleep at all, instead he lay awake thinking of the young woman

in the next room. He could not get her off his mind, and had no desire to. He had

Never met someone like her in his entire life. She was so different then the other

women that he had met. She was shy and very vulnerable, he knew that very well.

He also knew sadly, that she was really hurting and needed love. Robert so

Wanted to wipe all her troubles away. He knew that meeting his sister and working

with her, would do her a world of good. Robert was determined to help her

and love her as well. How she needed love, he knew that very well. He somehow

knew that it was God’s love she needed. Somehow he would help her to

believe and trust again. To embrace God’s love again, and his as well Robert

was a very patient man, and would give her all the time that she needed.

He thought on about how pretty she was, but he knew it was her beauty within, that

had made him fall in love with her. He would help her, to live a life that he knew

she had found too hard living. He would make her hope again. He didn’t give

up on his parish and he wasn’t about to give up on the woman that he loved. She

meant far too much to her. He wanted to be her hero. Robert hoped she was

warm enough in there, and put another log on the fire. A curious desire to see what

she looked like asleep came over him, but he quickly pushed it from

his mind.

Yes, he loved her and as he lay there on the sofa that night, he knew he

always would. He hoped to win her heart and love.

“But, first,” Robert thought to himself, I must woo her, and I very


Robert knew that he would never stop trying to woo this young woman and

that he’d do so his entire married life. He could tell that she loved romance and

was more than willing to romance her. He soon fell asleep with thoughts of her

on his mind.

Chapter 8

Morning soon came, and Marnie roused from her sleep. She could see the sun

peeping through the windows, and already felt so hungry again. She looked at

the clock and noticed that she had slept in late. She realized that Robert

must have wanted her too. She noticed the smell of crisp bacon and eggs

cooking, so she got up and got dressed back in to her blue dress, that Robert

had given her. Robert came and gently knocked oon her door.

“May I come in my dear”

“Yes,” Marnie replied softly.

Robert came in and brought Marnie in her breakfast tray.

“Please my dear, let me serve you breakfast in bed,” Robert said kindly.

“All right, thanks you, I appreciate it. I’ve never been served before.”

“Well, it’s time you were,” Robert said with a twinkle in his eyes.”

Robert served her, her breakfast and said he’d be back in awhile, as he had some

things to show her, and wanted to talk with her after breakfast. Robert came in

when Marnie was done.

“Please my dear, come in to the living room, I’d so like to talk to you and

get to know you much better. Please dear,” Robert said tenderly.

Robert beckoned Marnie to sit on the sofa, which she gladly did.

Robert waited till she was seated, like a gentleman, and than sat down beside


“Thanks so much for the breakfast Robert. You are a very good cook.”

“Thank you, my dear, “Robert said sincerely. I was glad to do it, anything

for you my dear one.”

Robert began gently…

“Miss Sullivan, I know I told you my feelings for you last night, and it

might have been to sudden for you. I want you to know I am a very patient man

and I would like to have permission to court you.”

“Marnie felt her heart flutter at this. Even more did it flutter when Robert

reached for her hand, and took her small hand in his. She had never held

hands with a man before, and it brought her sheer joy. It felt so blissful. Robert

looked steadily and gently into her eyes.

“Oh, I don’t know, what to say. You have been such a kind man to me.”

Yes, I do. I’m not sure, that I can feel the way you do about me…”

“Like I said before, I’m a very patient man. Please just give me a

chance to show you, what’s in my heart,” Robert said with a passion

rising in his voice. A sound that Marnie had not heard in it before.

“Yes, Robert, I will.”

Robert smiled down upon his love and took her hand to his lips, and before

she knew it, he had gently kissed her little hand. Marnie had never

felt the sensations, that she got when she was near him. It was all so

very new to her. Mr. Jamison never made her feel that way.

“Now, my sweetheart, I want to know of any of your fears or doubts. I want to

know so much about you. Your likes and dislikes. Please tell me about your past,

your fears.”

“Well, it’s been very hard, you see, I worked in a workhouse, and was

sold into slavery. The man who I was a servant of wanted me to…”

“Please go on honey, you need to release yourself, and tell me of your

hurts, I want to help heal you.”

“You see, he asked me to sleep with him, so I he sold me, as I refused.”

“I’m so sorry my dear. I’m so glad no man got the chance to hurt you,

that God protected you when I couldn’t.”

Marnie looked down, when he mentioned God Robert knew why.

Robert squeezed her hand.

“It’s all over Marnie, that will never happen to you again. Nt all

men are like that. Your safe now, your with me now.”

Marnie looked up at him with hope and what else did he see in her

eyes, longing, that’s what it was.

‘I’m so sorry that you suffered so in the past, I know your future is going to

be bright and hopeful my dear one. I can promise you that you will always be in all

my thoughts and prayers.”

Marnie looked at Robert, with a look of gratitude in her eyes.

“I know you have a hard time trusting man and God because of your

experiences, but I’m going to help you to trust again my dear. One step at

a time.”

“I’m afraid it’s too late Robert.”

“It’s never too late. Don’t ever worry, it will all be all right.”

Marnie, despite, her hardened feelings, over the years, felt hopeful at this.

“Now my dear, I’m going to take you to my sisters so you tend to

your personal needs. There is nothing to fear, my sister will be glad to have you.

You both have a lot in common,” Robert said with a smile.

“It’s only a half a mile away to her house. Please come with me.”

“Thanks Robert, I’d be glad to.”

Robert took her arm, as e walked with her to his younger sister Lisa’s home.

He showed her parts of the small town, and made her feel at ease with his smile.

“we are almost there, my dear, Here it is,” Robert said as they walked up the

porch of a large, beautiful white house. His sister saw them and came out

of the kitchen to greet them.”

Lisa was thrilled to see, Robert with a young lady, why it had been what she

was praying for a long time.

“I dear,” said Lisa giving Marnie a hug, I’m so happy to meet you.

Marnie was stunned. Not that she expected Robert’s sister to throw

stones, at her, but Marnie never dreamed she’s get such a warm welcome from

a perfect stranger.

“Hello,” is all Marnie could manage to say, very softly.

“Oh, hello, Robert,” Lisa said giving him a hug, almost forgot you

were here,” Lisa said merrily.

“Please, won’t you both come in, I have a nice pot of tea all ready.

Lisa led them into the kitchen. It was very big, and very clean. All done

in white and bright yellow. It was a very cheery room. Marnie took in

Lisa’s profile. She was a very stunning and beautiful woman. She was

kind of tall and had lovely blond hair, and sky blue eyes like Robert. She

Was very slender and was dressed in a yellow house dress. It looked so

bright and spring like. She could tell that she must be pretty wealthy. Marnie

began to wonder why Robert, lived more poorly when his sister was so


As Lisa beckoned them to sit down at the kitchen table, Robert introduced

Marnie to his sister.

“Lisa, this is Miss Marie Sulliven,” Robert said gently, not wanting to go

into any details of how they met, so he wouldn’t embarrass Marnie. He planned to

tell his sister later, when they were alone.

“Well, I’m so glad to meet, you Marnie,” Lisa said shaking her hand


Marnie, guessed that Lisa, must be around her age, twenty-three at the most.

“You are very welcome,” here Lisa,” said kindly.

Lisa, guessed that marnie had been through some hard times, and knowing that her

brother was a minister, wandered if she really was his sweetheart, or just a lost

lamb that he was helping. She knew from experience, that her brother, often

brought people to her home, so they could have a place to stay, and Lisa

always welcomed it and was so glad to do it. She was so grateful to be blessed with,

such a fine loving husband, a healthy, adorable daughter, and wealth. It

was her way of showing God how grateful she was to him and helping her

fellow man. Lisa took a liking to Marnie right away and felt a very

strong connection with her.

Oh, how Lisa looked up to her big brother Robert, he had helped so

many people in his life. He had helped a lot of alcoholics and kept them in

his home till he could get help for them. He also helped a lot of un- wed

mother’s find happiness and a place in society. Robert seemed to never stop caring

for people and was never weary of helping those in need. Lisa smiled

and thanked God that she had such a brother. She fondly remembered

that he was always such a kind brother, and always stood up for her and

protected her. She was the kind of brother any girl would want. Strong,

sensitive, and loving.

“here, I’ll take you upstairs, where you can freshen up,” Lisa said

kindly, and then we can all have lunch together and get to know each other.

Robert smiled at Marnie reassuringly, as Lisa winked at her

brother and led Marnie to the living room, and up a very large and elegant

staircase. Marnie spyed, a lovely elegant chandelier, in the room, and oh how

elegant it all was.

“This way, my dear,” Lisa said as she led Marnie upstairs, and the second door to

the left.

“Please, some inside,” Lisa said as she opened the door to reveal alovely

room, done up in blue and white. It was very feminine and simply beautiful.

“You can stay here and are very welcome here,” Lisa said kindly.

“Thank you,” Marnie managed to say.

She could hardly believe that this lady was giving a perfect stranger, such an

elegant and beautiful room. Marnie spied a little writing desk, right by the

window, where the light could peep through the windows in the morning. She also

spied a Bible by the bed.

“Religion must run in the family,” Marnie thought to herself.

“I’ll find you some clothes, and other things. There’s a brush in here

for you to use, and Betty will, fill your bath for you.”

“Oh, how can I begin to thank you, you’ve been so very kind,” Marnie

said gratefully.

“You are so very welcome, I am glad to do it. And you know something, Lisa

said,” as she gently squeezed Marnie’s hand. I feel that we know each other

already, my dear,” said the young blond haired woman smiling down upon

her. Yes, I know we are going to get on very well together, I feel as I know you

already. It will be nice having another woman around the house, to talk with .

Now, I’ll let you alone to wash up and relax, and will let you know when

lunch is ready Marnie.”

“Thanks, Lisa,” Marnie said softly. You have been very nice,”

“My pleasure,” said Lisa, with a smile. “I’ll go get Betty to help you

see to your needs.”

Lisa, gently closed the door and went to ask Betty the maid to help Marnie.

Lisa went back downstairs to the kitchen to talk with her brother and find about

about this sweet girl, she had brought there. She was so curious about her.

She already could tell Marnie was very shy and leery of strangers, but she hoped

to draw her out, and become good friends with her. It was strange to some, but

Marnie already seemed like the sister, that Lisa never had. Lisa guessed

That they were around the same age.

Lisa met with her brother in the kitchen, she saw him sitting there, thinking,

Sitting in the kitchen chair by the window. She could guess whom he

was thinking about. Lisa hoped that this was true. Robert awoke fro his

thoughts and saw his sister smiling in the kitchen smiling at him. It was

a sunny May morning, and the light beamed through the window. Lisa

sat down on the kitchen chair next to her brother.

“Oh Robert she is indeed such a lovely girl. I can tell tell that’ she has

suffered a lot recently, poor dear. Oh, she’s a sweetheart, I can tell Robert, but what

I’m dying to know my dear brother, is she your sweetheart?”

Robert looked at his sister with a big smile upon his countenance, but

before he could answer, his sister who always loved to talk went on.

“Oh, I do hope she is, please don’t disappoint me, It’s about time you

found someone, and she’s a dear. I feel already she’s like a sister to me!”

Robert smiled at his sister. He knew she was a romantic at heart and always

hoped love was in bloom everywhere. He was glad he had a sister like her.

Ever since Lisa got married, she hoped her brother would too.

“You are very right, my dear sister, she is my sweetheart.”

“Oh, I just knew it Lisa,” said merrily pushing back a strand of blond hair

out of place. Lisa wore her hair up, but when she took it was curly

and long.

Yes, indeed I am in love with her Lisa, and I know it’s real and I

will love her always,” Robert said with a smile. I have never loved before.

Oh from the moment I saw her Lisa, I knew, just knew that she was the woman that

God has chosen to be my wife.”

Lisa smiled at this, knowing that when her brother loved, he love. No woman

could hope to meet a more honorable man, that when he loved it was for what was

on the inside and not for her looks.

“Oh, I believe you, I can tell by the way you look upon her, that you love her,”

Lisa said happily.

“Here, I’ll pour us some tea, and you can tell me how you too, met Robert.”

Robert grinned.

“I’d be glad to,” Robert said as he smiled upon his sister. It’s a rather

different, way of meeting the women that you hope to make your forever

wife. “

“I’m all ears, my dear brother, go on, I can hardly wait to hear. You know I

like all the details, all women do”

“I know, Robert said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Well, you see, I went the square wher ethey market the slaves,”

Lisa’s eyes, showed interest.

“”And I was going to preach as I always to in front of everyone, against

slavery, I saw some poor slaves being bought and sold, and then,” Robert paused

remembered that first sweet moment when he saw Marnie, and then I saw her.

Oh, how can I describe the powerful, sweet love, I felt the moment I laid eyes

On that young woman. It was beyond words.

Lisa was so surprised to hear that Marnie had been a slave, and she couldn’t keep

that surprise from showing.

“I never, loved a woman before, till I saw her. All of the sudden I wanted
to protect her and help her all that I could. I bought her, to free her last
night and I let her have my room, I brought her here, as I knew you would welcome her.”

Lisa smiled in agreement.

“I thought she could help keep you company and help you around the house, like a good friend. I know you need help, especially with the baby coming Lisa.

Lisa patted her already round tummy, in acknowledgment. Lisa, loved the baby already, and could hardly wait for him or her to be born. She had sadly miscarried after she had little Sarah and prayed to God that this baby would
be born and be healthy. Deep down Lisa, never got other the child she lost. There
would always be an emptiness in her hear for the child.

“Oh yes Robert, I am so glad to have her here. She’s so nice and will be
a great comfort and friend to me. I’m so happy to hear that you love her Robert.
I never saw anyone care so for someone like you care for her, I can see it in
your eyes and every gesture. I can see there is nothing you would not
do for her. That’s the way real true love is and should be.”

Robert nodded in agreement with his sister.

“Oh too see such love, and too love so well is heave,” Lisa said happily.

“Tell me Robert, Lisa said softly, does Marnie love you as well.

“No, not yet, b u t I believe that she will in time. I have hope that she

will . I’m very patient with her and will give her all the time she needs”

“Oh me too Robert, I can tell she’s beginning too. I can only imagine the

hard life, she’s had poor, dear. Oh but when she sees what’s in your

heart my dear brother, she will. She couldn’t ask for a more patient man. Look how

patient you were with me all through the years,” Lisa said with a smile.

“Thanks Lisa, it’s the way I am, the way I live. I deeply care about her, and

want to reach out and help her.

“Does she know you’re a minister Robert?”

“Yes, Lisa, as a matter of fact she does, and to be honest I think

it made her more afraid of me, as she has drifted away from God.

Lisa looked surprised to hear this.

“I see, poor dear. I can see why, what she went through would try

anyone’s faith. But, I’m sure, you’ll bring her close to the God who love sher


“I know I can I must make her see that He hasn’t drifted away from her,”

Robert said with true sincerity in his voice. I plan to take her to Church

, if she’s willing to hear my sermon this Sunday.”

“That’s a good idea Robert. Oh, I’m so glad Robert,” Lisa said

squeezing her brother hand.

“I think I’ll start preparing lunch for us all now and we can talk more.”

“I’ll help you.”

“Please, let me serve you, this is women’s work my dear brother.”

“But I think men should help out, especially now, that your expecting sis.”

“Well, if you insist, my dear brother,” Lisa said teasingly.

“Where’s Sarah,” Robert asked his sister.

“Oh, she’s over visiting, the old woman down the street Mrs. Harrington. She

so enjoys little Sarah’s company.

“That’s great.”

As Robert was helping his sister prepare lunch, the young woman upstairs

stayed in his thoughts.

Chapter 9

Marnie was upstairs and just finished bathing. She felt so refreshed and clean.

She really got on well with Betty, the maid, and was glad to see, that she was

Not a slave. Betty was around thirty-five. She found out that her husband

Bill, was the gardener. Who worked in many people’s garden’s in town.

Betty helped her own with a pretty pink morning sress that Lisa, had

given her from her wardrobe.

“Here you, go Miss you look lovely,” Betty said as she brushed the girls hair.

She fixed it back in a bun very elegantly, and told Marnie to look at herself in the

mirror. Marnie, couldn’t believe the difference.

“Now, lets see what are you missing? I know some make up. Betty gave Marnie some light- pink lip rouge to use.

“There, you look lovely.”

“Thanks,” said Marnie trying to conceal a blush.

Marnie gazed at herself in the morning. She looked and felt so completely
different. The dress, though very decent, gave a hint of her figure, that no dress
she wore had down before. Marnie looked away from the mirror, all of the sudden
embarrassed,. Deep down, she knew why. It was Robert. Somehow, she
couldn’t bare the thought of him seeing her this way, as a woman. It made
her blush unwillingly, and want to run away. But go down to the kitchen
and face him and his sister she must. He had been way to kind to her to just run
away like that. No, she must push all thought s aside.

She didn’t know why she felt so shy around him. Yes, she thought to herself. Maybe she did know. He was so manly and tall, that she felt completely undone in his presence, She hoped he hadn’t noticed her shyness and awkwardness around him. He seemed
bigger than life and was so tall. She had never seen a man so tall in her life. He
made Mr. Jamison and all the men she knew at the workhouse look like midgets.

She took one more look in the glance, braced herself and drew in a deep breath.

face him, she must, there was no hiding.

Lisa came up to tell Marnie that lunch was ready. She was surprised and

delighted to see, how lovely Marnie looked, how ladylike. That dress made

her look like a princess, and with her hair up, she looked so feminine and


“Oh, Marnie how pretty you look,” wait till Robert sees you, Lisa said


Lisa, noticed that this made Marnie blush, and she could understand

why. Lisa smiled.

“Lets, go down my dear,” Lisa said taking her by the hand like an old

school chum. Lisa opened the door to the kitchen and Marnie walked in, as

Robert looked up. When he saw her he amazed at how beautiful his beloved

looked. His eyes showed his surprise and pleasure at seeing her so beautiful

and ladylike before him, and Marnie could not help but look down, anywhere,

but into those bright blue, adoring eyes. She knew her cheeks must be flaming

red. She knew he was gazing at her intensely, but she could not bring herself

to look at him. She wandered why. She had no trouble looking upon him yesterday.

Why was she afraid all of the sudden.

Robert arose from his chair as Marnie came into the room.

Robert came over to Marnie, and she wished she could hide somewhere.

“Oh, Miss Sullivan, you are so very beautiful, like a rose, my dear,”

Robert said with warmth showing in his voice.

Marnie finally gathered up the courage to meet his eyes. She gazed

up at this over six foot eight man, she had never saw, so much love and adoration,

as she did in this man’s eyes. She returned his smile, and he gently kissed her

hand. Lisa smiled at them both. Robert beckoned Marne to sit down and pushed

her chair in, and did the same for his sister Lisa.

“Lisa smiled over at Marnie.

“Isn’t it great to be treated so tenderly,” Lisa said with a smile.

“It is indeed,” Marnie said sincerely.

Marnie suddenly noticed that Lisa, was pregnant. She wandered why she had

not noticed it before. She wandered when the baby was to be born.

Robert served them both, and they thanked him kindly. Robert sat across From Marnie, so he could look at her, and she didn’t want him to at all. She Was too nervous.

“You truly look lovely Marnie,” Robert said as he looked across the table at his love.

Marnie managed to meet his gaze, and smiled.

“I can see that you two are getting a long so well together, like sister.”

“O yes, very well,” said Marnie happily.

“You’re the sister I never had Marnie,” Lisa said sincerely.

They all ate together, and talked. Robert could tell that her and Lisa had

so much in common. He knew Lisa had always been shy like Marnie was, that is until she got married, and she had since became more extraverted. After lunch

Robert and his sister showed her the garden. The were interrupted by one Daniel, whom Robert, had became friends with, and found a job.

Daniel saw Lisa and Marnie and Lisa, and tipped his hat, as he said

Good afternoon to them.

He took Robert aside.

“Sorry, to interrupt, Mr. Clemons, but there’s trouble in town. They are

badly mistreating, Jacob, Mr. Hilton’s slave for running away from the farm. He

was trying to escape and was caught.:

Robert had a compassionate and concerned looked on his face.

“Thanks, for telling me, my friend, Robert said to Daniel as he patted his

shoulder. “I’ll go right away!”

“I’m sorry my dear, I have to go to town, to see what I can do about

a slave being beaten. I’ll be back as soon as I can,” Robert said with a low bow

Lisa and Marnie.

Robert hated to leave Marnie, to be out of her sight, but he new that this

Was important.

Marnie watched him leave.

“Why, that Robert, never gives up, I tell you Marnie, he’s been thrown in
jail, so many times, for intervening for the Negro slaves here, but I so admire his
courage. He really care,” said Lisa with a smile.

“He sure does,” Marnie said.

“Yes, that’s a real man, he fears no one. How safe he could make you feel Marnie my dear.”

“I pray he doesn’t get into any trouble.”
‘me too, but I have a feeling he will. No one takes kindly to him in town
when he starts preaching against slavery. Now my dear, lets go inside and talk.
I do so want to show you the house. I’ll give you a grand tour.

Marnie smiled, she wandered why Lisa seemed not concerned, but figured that she was use to her brother trying to help people, even if he
got hurt in the process. Hadn’t he saved her, and rescued her from an
awful fate. She knew in her heart that she would always be grateful to Robert.

She felt she owed him so much, and never wanted to owe anyone anything.
He had done so much for her and so wanted to do more. Lisa showed Marnie
the living room first and then, the library. She was amazed it was done in green and
gold and had so many books. Lisa then showed Marnie the rest of the upstairs. It
had many bedrooms and was very beautiful. She was thrilled. Marnie had
never seen such a lovely house. Lisa then showed Marnie, her daughter Sarah’s
room. It was an adorable room, that any little girl would love. It was all down in
pink and white. Marnie spied a big dolls house off to the side. She saw dolls

“Sarah will just love you, I just know it.”

“I’m sure I’ll love her too, Marnie said happily.

Lisa led Marnie into the downstairs sitting room.

“Now lets sit down, shall we, “Lisa said pleasantly.

Marnie sat down on the sofa next to Lisa, and felt much more

at ease.

“As you probably guessed, I’m going to have a baby,” said Lisa with

a smile.

“Oh, yes, I bet you are very happy.”

“Oh, indeed, I am, now little Sarah will have a little brother or sister

to play with.”

Marnie smiled.

“Oh Ii can’t wait to here about you. What are some of your interests Marnie?”

“Oh, well, I like books, though I never got to read much.”

“Oh, I do too, maybe we could read aloud sometime,” Lisa suggested with

a smile.

“That would be very nice,’ said Marnie. “I feel so at ease with you Lisa, I

never had many friend.”

“Well, I’m going to be a true one, and good one dear. I bet we are around

the same age too. I’m twenty- three.”

“I’m twenty-two,’ said Marnie.

“Gee, we do have so much in common. My husband will be very glad to meet

you Marnie. His name is Gregory Allington. He’s such a nice man, and was

blessed with wealth. He spoils me and little Sarah rotten, but that’s what husbands

should do,” Lisa said with a smile.

“Oh, I’m so glad. I’m sure you make a lovely couple.”

“Would you like to now how we met?”

“Oh, I’d love to Lisa”

“Well, it was really very romantic. When I was living at home with my

parents, I was invited to a dance. It was really fancy dress, and he asked

me for the first dance. I liked him the moment I saw him, and he wrote

me some beautiful love letter. I was eighteen, and my heart was all into

romance. Not that it’s changed any Marnie, my dear. It still is. I saved

every one of his letters and shall treasure them always. He is such a romantic, my

Gregory is.”

“Oh, how sweet.”

“I hope I’m not being to forward Marnie, but since we are friends, I just

want to say, I’ve never seen anyone love as much, as my brother loves you,

Lisa said gently. He really cares for you. There are not too many men like

him around, except Gregory of course,’ she said with a smile.

“I know, he is so kind.”

“He will woo, you like crazy, if I know him. I can honestly say, that he never

courted a woman before. You are the first one,” Lisa said kindly.

“I think so too, he makes me so happy, and feel so treasured.”

“Yes, and I believe he will surprise and amaze you with his love.”

“Could you please tell me about him,” asked Marnie.

“I ‘d be more then glad too Marnie. You see Robert has always cared very

deeply about people. Even when I was a little girl she stuck up for me and

defended me. He does it for all people,” Lisa said proudly.

Marnie wandered if Lisa new how Robert had found her. Lisa guessing

Marnie’s thought decided to mention it.

“Yes, Marnie, I do know how you met, Robert told me. But you

needed feel bad about it, Robert was glad to do it. I’m so sorry you had such a

painful past, and was sold into slavery. I sincerely am. Well, it feels as

if my own sister was sold, as I feel so very close to you Marnie. “

“Marnie looked stunned and shy, since Lisa new.

“If any one can make you heal from the past and give you hope for the

future, Robert can. I know, I was shy just like you Marnie, but after I married

Gregory, he brought me out of my shell, and gave me such joy and took

away the fear. Give Robert a chance, he want disappoint you. He loves

you and I believe in time he will win your affection too. He’s a good man. And

I can honestly say, that he has lived the life of a decent man.”

Marnie smiled. “I will give him a chance. I must admit, that I do feel a

little shy around him.”

“I can see why, he is very tall and muscular, but don’t let that put you off

Marnie. He’s really as gentle as lamb, especially to women. It is true he

did get rough with a man who was beating a slave once, but he’s never

been rough with a woman.”

“That’s good, I can tell.”

Lisa and Marnie went on talking for over an hour.

Chapter 10

Sarah came skipping up the front porch steps. With her blond curly hair and

bright blue eyes, she looked just like her mother. She ran in the house, and asked

Betty where her mother was. She told her the parlor, and Sarah, seeing a stranger

In, she lingered before she came inside.

“Come in Sarah, Lisa said happily, at the sight of her little 4 year old.

Sarah skipped to her mother’s side, and gave her a big hug.

“This is Manre,” Lisa said, turning her daughter to face Marnie.

Sarah ran over to Marnie.

“Hi! Marnie, she gave her a hug.

“Glad to see you and meet you little Sarah,” Marnie said sincerely as she returned

Sarah’s hug.

Marnie bestowed a sincere, sweet smile upon the child.

Sarah returned the smile.

“You become my friend,” said Sarah happily.

“I’d love too,” said Marnie.

They chatted on merrily, until Robert came back. Marnie had been feeling so

at ease, but when Robert came back, all of that disappeared. She could feel her heart

Racing, at the meer sight of this man, she prayed he had not noticed it, or the flush

That came to her cheeks.

The truth of the matter was, that Robert had noticed it, as he noticed everything

else about Marnie. He was the man who deeply loved and cared about her and

he wanted her to know it. He wanted to help her get over her shyness in

front of him. He could understand why as she had probably never really

been close to a man before, besides being violated by one, and Robert

knew his height, didn’t help. She probably felt overwhelmed and intimidated

by him. He didn’t mean to make her feel that way. He had been praying to

God that he would not frighten her by his love and planned to go slowly

in this courtship.

He was glad to see Sarah had met her. He said Hello to the ladies and hugged

his niece Sarah. He apologized again for having to leave so abruptly He

found himself unable to take his eyes of Marnie. At the very sight of her,

he felt such an overwhelming sense of love for this woman. He knew he
was embarrassing her by gazing so intently at her, but he just couldn’t help


How did it go Robert,” Lisa asked with interest.

“Well, they were beating this poor slave who ran away, and they

captured him sadly, before he could get very far, so I put a stop to that. I had

to get a little violent with the slave owner, as he was doing such wrong. “

Marnie felt her stomach sink, she couldn’t imagine Robert getting

violent. But knew that he was so tall and strong, that he could take a man

apart. Marnie remembered in the workhouse, that there was a man

who was about as tall and big as Robert, and he use to beat the workers when she

was little. Maybe that’s why, she felt fear, in his presence, she thought to herself.

“How did you escape jail, this time, “Lisa asked her brother with interest.

“I must admit, I think the men were to afraid of me,” to do anything. They

were both very out short and skinny you know.”

Marnie felt herself grow week at this. Robert looked directly at his love.

He so wanted to take her in his arms and hold her. He wanted to express his love

and show her just how much he loved her. He could understand very well

why she feared him, she had been treated unkindly by men, and Robert knew

he was tall and broad shouldered, and must be a little intimidated by him. He asked her

if all her needs had been attended to and if she liked her room. She gave him a

short reply and turned away from him. He knew she was distancing herself

away from him, and he wanted her close in his arms.

It was soon time for dinner, and Robert escorted manrie into the dining room’

And pulled out her chair for her. Her heart skipped a beat, when she found out that

Robert took the chair across the table for her. She would not be able to avoid

Him now and she knew it. She would have to bare it. He behaved so like a

gentleman, pouring her water, and being very gentle. She noticed he was

Acting extra gentle, and knew he was trying to help her to let him get close.

Marnie was introduced to Lisa’s husband Gregory, during dinner. He

treated Marnie with such kindness and respect too. He welcomed her

warmly. He was a true gentleman too, she found out. He hardly took his eyes

off of her. Lisa sat right next to her and was in a very talkative mood. Marnie

noticed how happy and full of anticipation she seemed, and new it was because the

baby was on the way. Marnie was so happy for her. She knew if she were in

her place she would be a little frightened. Lisa looked as though she had no fear at


Gregory asked her if she was comfortable and started to talk to his wife

, and little Sarah was talking to the maid, so Marnie had no choice but to

be put in a circumstance, were Robert would be talking to her. He paid her endless

attentions. They all went into the parlor for coffee and cake. Robert sat next

to Marnie on purpose. She could tell. He tried hard to talk to her and draw her out

of herself. He then asked Marnie to come to the garden with him. He gently

held her hand. Marnie felt much more comfortable with him The garden looked

so lovely by moonlight. Robert looked into her eyes kindly. He asked her to please

sit down beside him. It somehow felt so right to her to be so close to this man.

She had it in her head that he brought her there only to kiss her and make love to

Her. She thought that’s all men wanted. She was soon to learn Robert was

different. Robert held her hand and she thrilled at the feeling.

“You are a very lovely girl, my dear, and you need told. I also wanted to

ask you if you would come to hear me preach this Sunday?”

Marnie was stunned, this was not the question that she had expected Robert

To ask. She didn’t want to go, but felt like she had too.

“Well, yes I guess so. I will.”

Robert looked pleased.

“Just give it a chance my dear, that’s all I ask.”

“I will.”

“This is the most beautiful time in the garden, at night , with the one you love, “

Robert said smiling down upon Marnie.

“Thank you sir,” Marnie said shyly.

“Robert,” he corrected her gently. He still held onto her hand and they

talked softly for awhile longer. Robert saw that Marnie was still afraid to say too

much or get too close. She looked very tired as well, so he suggested that she

get some sleep. He gave her a paternal kiss on the for-head and wished her

a good-night and pleasant dreams. He watched her go up the staircase and wished

somehow he could go with her as her husband. He loved her so, he wished he

could get to know her more and that she would open up more to him.

“Oh my dear brother, you are in love,” Lisa said gently.

“I know, I never thought it would be like this, that I could love someone so.”

Lisa smiled.

“Good Robert, I hope she returns your love. You’ve been alone for a long

while, and I can tell she has too. You need each other and would be awfully good

for each other. Well I’ll definitely be praying Robert about the two of you,

and that she comes to God again too.”

Lisa smiled and gave her brother a hug, which he returned and bid

Him good-night.

Meanwhile Marnie went to her room to get ready for bed, she was so tired

and in a way glad to be away from Robert. He confused her. She knew she

felt something for him, but wasn’t sure if it was love. She didn’t want to

fall in love and get married. If she did, how did she know that he wouldn’t

abandon her like her mother. She told herself she could not trust this man or

any. She was starting to trust him in spite of herself. She hated herself for doing so.

meanwhile, Marnie’s thoughts were interrupted as Lisa bid Marnie good-night

and brought Sarah in to see her. Sarah begged Marnie to read her a story, which she

gladly did. Sarah came up into her lap and cuddled. Sarah was so engrossed with

the story, but fell asleep, towards the end. Marnie carried the sleeping child to

her bedroom, and smiled upon her as she tucked her in. She slept so peacefully and

looked like an angel. Her sleep was so untroubled. Marnie envied her

serenity. It had been so long since Marnie had slept peacefully. Marnie crawled

into her bed, but sleep did not meet her. She kept thinking about Robert. She

couldn’t get him out of her mind, or heart for that matter. He was so tender and

kind. He seemed to know what real love is. She found herself trusting him

in spite of herself. She then though to hear him preach and she secretly dreaded it.

It had been so long since she went to Church. She soon fell asleep with these


Chapter 11

Sleep did not meet Robert quite so easily. He couldn’t get his little love off

of his mind. She was so frightened and hurt. He could tell that she was

very lonely as well. He knew she needed him. He would help her, he so wanted

to make her happy. He knew he could make her very happy. He longed to kiss

her, like any man, and make love to her as his wife. It could be so beautiful between

them. He prayed that she would let God into her life again. Robert was twenty-

seven and had longed for a wife for years. A wife whom he could love and

protect, and cherish. He did not believe in divorce and would never abandon her.

He knew that she must fear him not always loving her as she had been abandoned do

much in her life, as her mother was abandoned by her father. He was so saddened

to think that she grew up without any parents. He decided he would tell her

and show her in more ways that he loved her. She needed to know what was inside

his heart.

Marnie awakened with the bright sunshine. She spent the morning with

Sarah, playing with her and helping her to learn to read. Lisa told her Robert

would be over later in the day for supper. Robert was working at the homeless

shelter and preaching during the day. She was glad to have more time to

prepare herself to meet him again. But also she longed to see him, she suddenly

felt an emptiness and lonliness when he wasn’t there. She tried to push it

out of her mind as a silly fancy.

Robert had finished his morning sermon for Saturday. He was so

Looking forward to have Marnie there the next day. One his way to the shelter

For the poor, that he helped run, he ran into Daniel.

“How’s the job going Daniel,” Robert asked kindly.

“Oh, very well, I’ll always be grateful that you helped me get it,” Daniel said


“My pleasure, you are so very welcome my friend.”

“Did you here the news that war, may being coming.”

“Yes, I have Daniel, I believe it will, slavery can’t go on forever. It’s the

only way to set things strait I think. I heard about President Lincoln, is all

behind it a hundred percent. “

“What do you think of Mr. Lincoln, Robert”

“He’s a fine man, and stands for the principle a man should stand for,

I believe he was sent by God to help right some of the greatest wrongs of


“Oh, I do too Robert, the man fears nothing. He is so noble and brave. We

will just have to wait and see if there is a war.”

Robert and Daniel went to the shelter together. Robert wondered if

there would be one, and knew if it came he would go.

Marnie was at home playing with little Sarah as Robert came in. She

Noticed, that he had brought her some lovely pink roses. Marnie accepted them


“Thank you so much Robert,”

“Your very welcome Miss Sulliven.”

“Please call me Marnie, Robert,” she said softly.

“I will, thank you.”

Marnie all of the sudden felt much more at ease with Robert. It had

touched her so that he had brought her flowers. No man had ever

given her flowers before. As soon as Robert saw, how happy they made

her, he decided to bring them more often and do things to make her feel loved. He

remembered his mother telling him, that the little things matter the most to

a woman. She needs to be thought of and told she is loved. He decided to

do it more from now one. He knew he wasn’t perfect, but he would learn to

understand her and please her more. He was a romantic, but wasn’t the

most romantic out there. He knew that romance meant everything to this young

woman. He decided to be more for her. A sudden thought cam to him.

“Letters, why haven’t I thought of that before. Every woman loves a

letter from her lover, even if he’s in the next room. That would really

touch her heart and warm her. He remembered all the letters Gregory had

sent Lisa during their courtship, and remembered how happy they made his sister.

He watched as Marnie finished reading to Sarah, and could not take his eyes.

off of her.

“What a wonderful mother, she would make, “ he thought to himself.

It was soon time for dinner. He got to talk a little more to marnie

In the evening, but Sarah soon came in and interrupted.

She sat on Marnie’s lap, and asked her to read one more story, before

Bed time. Robert watched her read to Sarah. After the story her mother

took her to go up to bed. She gave both Robert and Marnie a kiss and


“She’s so adorable, Robert, she really is.”

“Yes she is, but not as adorable as you,” Robert said with a smile.

Marnie couldn’t help but blush. They talked for awhile longer and

said their goodnights. Robert kissed her hand and watched her walk up to her

room as he always did.

It was soon time for Church and Marnie couldn’t help but dread it. Little

did she know how hard it had been for Robert to restrain himself from

kissing her the night before.

He let her set, near the back of the chapel, as she requested it. She looked

Around and saw many people eager to hear, Robert’s sermon. As soon as

She started she was enraptured. She had never heard anyone speak so

eloquently and with love. He didn’t preach hell and damnation, but love.

It was so moving. She felt herself drawing closer to God. She thought to

herself, that she should give God a chance. To get close to Him and let Him

help heal her. It dawned on her as she sat there, listening to Robert,, in the

Church pew, that through Robert, God had already began to heal her. She

may have turned away from God, but she know knew He hadn’t abandoned her.

She couldn’t wait to tell Robert. Robert introduced her to some other

members of his Parish that took kindly too her. He then invited her to the park.

They walked hand in hand and sat on a bench near a tree.

“You know Robert, I must tell you. I was so moved by your sermon, that I

feel close to God again. I know I’m not as close as I should be, but am

so much then before, thanks to you.”

“Oh, my dear, I’m so glad! My prayers are answered sweetheart. And your’s


“I’m so glad my sermon moved you.”

“It did Robert, really did. I feel so much better.”

“I’m glad my dear,” Robert said sincerely.

They talked for awhile longer.

“You are very good with children,” Robert mentioned.

“Oh yes, I do love children.,” said Marnie sincerely.

“Me too, my dear.”

They walked awhile in the park and returned in time for lunch.

The next few days went by happily. Robert got too know Marnie much

better. He took a carriage ride with her and they saw some of the country side

together. They walked hand in hand. He brought her some fresh roses one day

this time, they were yellow.

They spent one day, having a picnic.

Robert spread the blanket by the tree and helped her to sit down. They

had a lovely picnic lunch.

“Do you like me a little, my dear one,” Robert said softly.

“Oh yes Robert! I feel so much more freer and happy when I’m

near you.”

“I’m glad honey. We have so much in common, really dear, we do.

We both love books and taking walks.”

“Oh yes, we do have much in common.”

“And romance my dear. I know how much it means to you my lady, and I

am not my nature a poetic man, but I’ll be romantic and poetic for you. Love makes

me that way. They chatted merrily the rest of the afternoon. Everything was going

so well. Marnie was only afraid it would end. She prayed it never would. As

Marnie went to change for dinner, Robert left the first love letter under her


“How romantic this is,” Marnie thought to herself. Just like in books.”

“He has been so kind to me. She decided to read it before she changed for

dinner. She took it out of the envelope and eagerly read it. Robert had such

fine handwriting. She saw a lovely necklace in the envelope as well. It was

beautiful. She put it on right away and couldn’t wait to thank him.

“Dearest Love,

There are so many ways for a man to show a woman that he loves

and deeply cares for her. From the first moment I saw you I fell so deeply

in love with you. You mean so much to me honey. My love is for always. I could

and would never stop loving you. You mean so much and I do care. I live to show

it more each day. Maybe someday you will love me too. I was so touched

that I helped you draw close to God again. You ate a very lovely woman and

I feel in my heart that God made you for me, that you are my Eve. I count the

minutes till I will see you again, my darling.

Forever Yours,

Robert was more poetic then he gave himself credit for,” Marnie thought to

Herself. He was so deeply touched by his letter and moved beyond words.

She knew she was following in love with this poor, but gentle and loving man.

She found herself trusting him completely in spite of herself. She looked forward

To meeting him in the rose garden that evening. It had been their secret meeting

Place for the past few days. She came down to dinner unable to hide the

Smile from her face. Her heart was so happy and she felt so loved. Robert

Sat across from her, as he always did. He was so glad the letter had made her so

Happy. He knew he was going about courting her the right way. He

Enjoyed writing her letters. Marnie did not feel she could thank him there

At the table with the entire family there, so she planned to do so later in the garden.

They both exchanged smiles and ardent gazes all through dinner. Lisa could

Not help but smile upon them both. She was so glad to see that Marnie was

as smitten with her brother as he was with her. She could hear wedding bells

ringing. She asked Sarah for help after dinner, so Robert and her could be alone.

they sat in the parlor together.

“Oh Robert, I’ve been longing to tell you how much your letter meant to me.”

“Thank you Robert, you are so kind. A real poet to me.”

“You are very welcome my dear, you’ll receive more. Words could

never say how much I really love you dear.”

He smiled upon her and held her hand. She meant so much to him. She

looked just like an angel. There was nothing he would not do for her and protect

her from. She was his all and everything. He would pull her through it all. Help

to heal her completely. He knew he could. He was not a man out for himself, like

most men, he cared far more for him then he ever did for himself. He cared

For her emotional health as well as physical.

They read aloud together some classic novel, and they so enjoyed each

other’s company. He helped her find some books she would

really enjoy in his sister’s library. He loved to hear her beautiful reading voice.

He would never let her come to harm. As they read her longed to kiss Marnie, but

would not before they were engaged. He had his principles. That evening they

again talking quietly in the rose garden.

The next day Marnie received another letter from her lover. Robert was a

true lover in every sense of the word. This letter was much more ardent

and full of declarations of love. She read it over and over to hand on to every


Dearest Love,

I’ve treasure every moment that I spend with you. My love for you knows

No end. It is not selfish, but giving. I care more for you than I ever do for

Myself. I would gladly take all of your pain if I could. I would rather suffer

than you. I can feel us growing nearer every day. I am so in love with you

And want you to consider me your ardent and devoted lover. I’d love to give you

Heaven and Earth that’s how much I love you. You are always my darling one.

With all my love and devotion,


Marnie sighed in sweet contenment, as she read it. She knew now she loved this

man. He had wooed her and she long to be wedded to him. She knew what

her answer would be when he asked for her hand in marriage. It would

be a sincere and passionate yes!

She received more letters from him each day. Lisa could tell

very was such a difference in her and that she loved Robert. Sarah was very aware

of it too. One night as Marnie was reading one of Robert’s letter’s little Sarah

came into the room.

“You look so happy Marnie. I can tell Robert loves you. If you marry

someday, may I be the flower girl.”

“Of course, sweetheart, I’d have no one else, but my favorite little girl,

Marnie said giving Sarah a great big hug.

Sarah asked to be read too. Marnie did so willingly. Sarah fell asleep as

Usual, and Marnie carried her to bed.

The next day Robert and Marnie went to Church. Marnie loved

being there now. She found Robert’s sermons so meaningful. She

felt closer to God, the closer that she got to Robert. While at Church marnie

got to meat Robert’s mother Anna and his father John. They loved marnie.

“Now dear, I must say you and my son make such a lovely couple,” said Anna


As Robert and his father talked Anna got Marnie alone to talk to her.

“It seems I’ve known you for years dear. You and Robert are good for each

other, and don’t worry my dear. He told me how you met. I am so

sorry for what you suffered in your past, but I know Robert will help

make your future happy and bright. “

“Thanks so much Mrs. Clemmons,”

“Your welcome, your like a daughter to me already,” she said giving

Marnie a hug. If you ever have any questions or want someone to talk to

And confide in you can too me. I know I can never replace your real

Mother, whom I’m sure is in heaven, but I’ll be there for you like a


“Thank you Anna, you are so kind and I will. I feel so good

talking to you. You’ve been a real comfort.”

Marnie gave a Anna a great big hug, and they laughed and hugged like

School girls.

“What have you two ladies been talking about,” Robert asked with

a twinkle in his eyes. Your not telling her all my faults,” Robert teased

his mother.

“Know dear, I’m telling her good things, even though I have to lie a bit,” Anna

said kidding him back.

Marnie had lunch with his parents, and sadly they had to soon go back home

as his father James had a sermon early the next morning.

Marnie and Anna hugged and gave each over a knowing and warm smile.

Marnie had gotten to talk with her a lot, and they had so much in common. She

found out Anna had been about as shy as she was when she was young. They

also both loved to read. They promised to visit again soon.

Chapter 12

That evening Marnie found another love letter from Robert under her door. She

opened it as fast as she could.

Dearest Darling.

I love you so much! You never leave my thoughts. I’m happy

when you are happy and sad when you are sad. I

always keep you in my prayers, love and always will. My parents

so love you. But they could never love you like I do. I love

you with all the Love there is. I want to tell you every minute what

is in my heart and how I love you. It is an ardent love, a fire for you, that

burns, deep, so very deep, within me. It is also a passion my love. Please,

don’t let it bring you fear darling. I long to take you in my arms and kiss

your sweet mouth. You look like an angel lover. You are such a

beautiful lady, on the inside as well as the outside. God bless you and keep

you my darling, until my eyes behold you again.

Lovingly Yours,


Marnie smiled and re read the letter as much as she could before dinner.

The weeks went by happily like a dream. More letter came. Marnie treasured

And saved every single one. She even had a special box for them. Little

Did she know that Robert was about to propose to her. He picked a lovely night

In the garden to do so. Marnie somehow knew he would that night.

“It’s a lovely evening, “ Marnie said nervously.

“Yes lovely my dear, because of you. Oh my pretty one,” Robert said

as he gently took marnie’s hand and beckoned her to sit down.

It was a beautiful moonlit night. Marnie looked up at the moon as

Robert continued.

Marnie watched in wonder as Robert got down on one knee before her.

“Beloved, you know my feelings for you. I’m glad my letters have

touched you. I so hoped that they would. Oh Marnie, I love you so! You

could never have a more ardent lover then me,” Robert said gently kissing her

hand. “You are so very pretty my love, so beautiful. My love for you is

so great. Maybe one day you will know just how much I care. Will you do

be the honor of becoming my forever wife, my dear. I’ll love you always.”

Robert awaited her reply. She would say yes, but was afraid at the same time.

She wanted to become his wife, but was very shy. Her desire to be loved by

him overcame her shyness.

“Oh, yes dear, Robert. I love you too. I accept,” said Marnie gently

squeezing his hand.

“Oh my beloved, “ he said helping her to her feet. Tonight you have made

me the happiest of men.”

Robert suddenly reached for Marnie and took her in his arms, and the

moment Marnie had feared and anticipated for years was about to happen.

Robert brought her into his loving embrace, and brought his lips slowly to

hears. Marnie’s heart skipped a beat. Robert’s lips passionately, but

gently claimed hers.

Marnie found heaven in Robert’s arms and kiss. She could sense some

of the passion and desire that he had been hiding, because he thought it

would frighten her if he revealed it too soon. She savored it but it frightened her.

The kiss was long and ardent.

Finally Robert released her and looked upon his love with a passionate gaze.

“Oh, how I love you!

He took her into his arms again, and kissed her with more intensity and

passion. He then looked into her eyes, and could see that Marnie was

standing there breathless. He hoped he hadn’t frightened her.

“I ‘m sorry if I kissed you with so much ardor, I don’t mean to frighten you

my dear. It’s just that I love you so very much.”

“Oh no Robert, it’s just I never knew a kiss could do that.”

“did it bring you joy, my beloved?”

“Oh, yes. I have never been kissed before with such love.

Robert smiled upon her.

:I’m so glad and I plan to give you so much joy. And you shall soon

be my wife,” Robert said with joy in his voice.

“Yes,’ marnie repeated softly. She suddenly felt very confused and

frightened by the prospect. What did she know about being a wife. She

wandered if she would be a good one.

Before Marnie could continue with her thoughts she felt Robert’s arm gently

slip around her waste, and he again held her close to himself and cradled her

in his arms. She felt so helpless to resist, but deeply loved. He once again

claimed her lips , and spoke sweet fulfilling words of love in her ears.

They talked for awhile longer.

“Oh, my dear, lets sit down. I’m going to be so good to you. I plan to buy

a bigger house for you and you can decorate, real feminine, just the

way you want it sweetheart, “ Robert said pulling her close to him. Your not

only my lover, but best friend. I’ll make you so happy darling, I know I can,

Robert said gently.

“Your so kind, I just know you will. I will make you a good wife too.”

Marnie had doubts in her mind when she said this.

Robert saw that she looked tired, so he gently kissed her, and walked her to the

bedroom door.

Robert told his sister the good news. Robert went to bed with joy in

his heart. He noticed Marnie seemed a little afraid. He knew it was of

his passion for her. He new he would help her to overcome her fear and show

her his love. He wrote her a letter and planned to give it to her the next day.

Marnie did not sleep well, she feared marriage in a way, she knew

Not what to expect. She wished there was someone she could ask. She

Decided that she knew so little of the ways between husband and wife. She

Did not sleep well that night.

Chapter Thirteen

The next morning she received another love letter from Robert.

My Dearest soon to be Wife,

Good Morning Sweetheart!

You can not imagine, how very happy you made me in accepting my proposal.

I will be a most loving and generous husband to you. I will never forsake nor

abandon you. I know you are without a mother and I sense you have some

fears and doubts, that I will soon clear up for you. I sensed your fear when

I revealed my passion for you in my kiss last night. I meant it and always will

With the utmost respect my darling. Do not fear my desire for you. It is good

and holy. I love with and only you. I count down the days till you are mine.

I love you so!

With Love Always,

your future husband

The letter brought Marnie great joy and comfort. She meet him for

Breakfast, and afterwards they got too talk.

“You see, darling,” Robert said on a nice April day, I love you, so

you have nothing to fear. Please don’t fear my passion my dear, everything I

do is out of love.”

“I understand know, I fear nothing while you are near and I love you, dear

Robert,” Marnie said with as much love as she could show,

Robert took her in his embrace and kissed her gently.

“I love you dearest, my desire for you is good. I long to express

my love to you.”

Marnie blushed, but found herself longing for him as well.

I’ll tell you about marriage, let no one kid you, it’s all about

Love, nothing else. It will be beautiful between us, I promise darling. Robert

Explained to her more about marriage and she understood. He answered all

Her questions lovingly.

“You see Robert, I’m using you to confide in instead of a mother, Marnie said’


“I’m so glad darling. Always feel free too,” Robert said kissing her

and holding her close.

They spent the rest of the afternoon in each other’s embrace. It was soon time

for dinner and they officially made their engagement announcement. Lisa

was so happy for them both.

Through the meal, Robert could not keep his eyes off his love. He longed for

her to be his wife and lie for her in his embrace each night. As they started their

dessert, Daniel broke in announced.

“I am so sorry to disturb you all with this terrible new, but war was just

declared. Marnie and Robert could not believe their ears. Neither could Lisa

or her husband They asked Sarah to leave the room for the moment. She did so.

Robert looked at Marnie, and his heart sank. He could not believe that war

Here, just when he had found his love and planned to marry her.

“Well, I knew it was coming,” said Gregory, softly, I just didn’t know so

soon. “

“I’ll tell you the details, the confederate forces under General Pierre G.T.

Beauregard, attacked Fort Sumter. This is war my friends, I’m so sorry to have to be

The one to bring you the news,” said Daniel sadly.

“Don’t be, we would have heard it sometime,” said Gregory.

“Now if you’ll exscuse me I have to get home, my family has to get out of here


Daniel quickly left.

We discussed it, Robert,” said looking at Marnie sadly.

“Yes, we did Robert,” Gregory said supporting his brother in law.

“As much as it breaks our hearts, we decided we will be drafted

to the army” Gregory said sadly.

Lisa stated to cry.

“Oh, honey, I’m so sorry, I dread leaving you and little Sarah, but we discussed

it honey that I must eventually go, they will eventually draft.

“Oh you are right dear

Robert looked upon Marnie with compassion.

“Oh Marnie, I’m so sorry this had to happen, but I must go, even though it

tears at my soul to leave you, my love!”

Marnie wanted to cry, but somehow couldn’t.

Gregory took his wife in his arms to comfort her, and Robert

Took Marnie in his. He had never felt so helpless.

“You know, we will have to move up North, this is a slave state, and with

us in the Union Army, the situation for you two ladies and little Sarah

will be unbearable,” said Gregory softly.

“Sadly, we must move, I know how hard it will be.”

“Yes, we must,” said Lisa through tears.

That day they made arrangement to move up to Pennsylvania. Later that

night Lisa tried to explain to Sarah the situation as best as she could. But the little

girl really did not understand. That evening Robert and Gregory were

sent their draft notices.

Later on Robert and Marnie sat in the parlor talking. She couldn’t believe

she might loose him. She didn’t want him to go away, but new she had to

let him. Oh how she hated the very thought of war.

“Oh my love, I hate to leave you, my darling. I must honey. Do you

understand darling?” asked Robert.

“Yes, I do, really I do, as much as it hurts,” Marnie said through tears.

Robert held her closely and kissed her. He wanted to kiss her fears


“When do you leave,” Manrie asked tearfully.

“In about a five days.”

“It will take about two to make the journey up north.”

“Oh too soon,” said Marnie with sadness.

“I don’t ask you to wait for me, if anything happens, I want you to find

someone else to that can make you happy.”

Marnie didn’t answer.

“Please saw you will.”

“I can’t, I could never forget you. I know I ‘ll always love

you and only you my dear Robert. There could never me anyone else. I know

it in my heart more than anything.”

“I feel the same way about you dearest love. I’ll come back. I love

you so ,that I know I will! I’ll make it through because I know you’ll be


“I will always Robert.

They tearfully embraced and Robert held her close in his embrace.

“I want to marry you before you go Robert,” Marnie said with

confidence coming out of her lovers embrace.

“I couldn’t do that to you, you would not be free, my love. I love you

too much for that.”

“Oh , but I love you and then we could always be united if we were man

and wife,” Marnie said sincerely.

“You are right. I love you so, I’ve longed for you to be my wife. Yes. I

want it too. Then nothing could separate us, not even death my love.”

They clung to each other closely, till it was time for bed. They made the

anoncment in the morning that they would wed.

“I think it is so wonderful dear Robert. She really loves you, and you

her. I know I would marry Gregory, even if he were going off too war the

next day.”

Robert gave his sister a hug. Lisa helped Marnie find a simple but

Lovely wedding dress. The ceremony took place in his church, only Robert’s

Father was the minister for the ceremony. The moment Robert placed the

Ring on Marnie’s finger, she was happy beyond words. She knew that their

Marriage would be forever.

They had a small reception afterwards. Despite the circumstances. They

found it a time for joy. Little Sarah was thrilled that Marnie was now

officially her Aunt. They talked for awhile together of things other ten the

war, but they fond it very hard to do.

Robert and Marnie and Robert spent their first night together, their

honey moon, which was beautiful. Marnie had never felt so loved and

cherished. She would treasure every last minute they had before he had

to go of to war. Robert treated her more sweetly and tenderly then ever.

In the morning they all had to start the journey to Pennyslvania. They had

Hired a coach for the journey.

Gregory had worried so about his wife making the trip because she was with

child, but Lisa insisted that she would be all right. It tore at Lisa’s heart to

leave the town and home she had come to love. Marnie sat next

to her husband in the coach.

“Husband, she couldn’t believe it was really true. She was now a married

woman. Marnie never thought she could be so happy yet so sad at the same

time. She couldn’t even imagine the pain Lisa was feeling, having her

husband leave her when she was with child. Her heart really went out to her.

She felt like a sister to her.

The journey was a little rough , but went quickly, too quickly. Marnie and

Robert tried to enjoy their last days together before his departure, as much

as they could. It all went too fast. Finally the sad day came.

“Marnie, remember you take care, my darling, and I’ll be back. I somehow

know I will,” Robert said trying to convince himself as much as his wife.”

“I know you will my darling,” Marnie said sincerely. You’ve got too.”

“I know, we haven’t gotten to spend much time together, but I want to

say, if we’d had more before this war, you would have found out soon enough that I

have my faults and am not a perfect man.”

“I know that darling, and I’m not perfect either. I’m sure when you come back

you’ll find out mine as well dear.”

Robert smiled down upon his lovely wife. Then we can be imperfect together,”

Robert said with a twinkle in his eyes.

Robert took his wife into his arms and kissed her with all the passion

and love he could show. Marnie clung to him for a long while.

Now my dearest love, I have to leave you, bodily, but my heart will

Always be here with you!”

“And mine with you love,” Marnie said squeezing his hand.

“Remember, dear, I’ll write as often as I can.”

“I know, and I’ll be waiting for them.”

“Robert, before you go I must say to you how grateful I am too you, for

freeing me from slavery, bringing me back to God, and you know the other,

loving me so much. I could never thank you enough Robert,” Marnie said

through tears.

“Oh my love, I’m so glad I could help you, and I did it freely.

They embraced and kissed one last time, the kiss seemed to linger forever.

“Now darling, I have to go now, You will be in my mind and heart”

“Till we meet again,” said Marnie in a whisper.

“Yes, till we meet again, love,” said Robert.

He slowly let go of her hand and walked out the door to meet Gregory. He

Looked back one more time and tried to express all of the love that he could show.

Marnie smiled and tried to keep a stiff upper lip, as she waved good-bye.

Just then, Lisa came back from sating good-bye to her husband. Little sarah

followed her, still crying.

“Oh mommy, I want daddy to stay.”

“Hush dear,” said Lisa taking her daughter in her arms. He will darling.

He will.

Sarah seemed to believe this. Later on when Sarah went to her room to play,

Lisa and marnie let their emotions out. The clung to each other and

cried together. The both had the same hope that their husband would come back.

Chapter 14

Marnie prayed for Robert every day and every day just like her sister-in-law

awaited word from her husband. The new house that they lived in was pretty

small, compared to what Lisa was use too. Lisa, was showing more, every day, and

she knew that her baby should be due in a couple of weeks. How she wished her

Gregory, could be there, to see their child being born. She knew that Gregory was

hoping for a son, but would be also happy if he had another girl.

In order to pass the long weary days, Lisa taught Marnie embroidery. It

helped her. She also taught her a little knitting. Marnie was so infused and

planned to knit Robert a scarf.

“Oh, you are doing so well Marnie,” Lisa said trying to sound cheerful.

the scarf for Robert is coming along very well. He’ll love the blue.

“What are you knitting,” Marnie asked curiously.

“Oh, it’s some booties, for the baby.”

“Oh, how sweet. How tiny babies feet are. I love babies. I can

tell Lisa how much you love children. I feel the same way.”

“I could tell you did, you get on so well with your niece Sarah.

“Yes, I hope Robert and I can have children one day.”

Lisa smiled.

“You will make a great mother,” Lisa said sincerely.

Marnie smiled at Lisa and continued with her knitting. It had been a

week since Robert had gone. She was so worried about him. She hoped to

to hear from her love soon Was he safe? She prayed to God he was.

Gregory had a friend, in Philadelphia, who had volunteered to

Look after the women. He lived in the guest house, next door. His

Name was, John Anderson.

“Well ladies I got some mail for you.

They both about jumped up.

“I know how anxious you must be to read, you letter. I’ll be back

in awhile to check on you.”

Marnie and Lisa read their letters. Robert’s as always deeply touched


Dearest Love,

I am safe and loving you every minute. I’m sorry I could not write sooner,

but the mail has been blocked for days. I hope you are doing well. I know

you worry about me and I do so about you. I pray for you every day sweetheart.

not much has happened so far my love. I am so glad to see, Mr. Lincoln is

so supportive of us all in the Union army. He seems such a noble and wonderful

man and I sincerely hope to meet him someday. I have no idea how long this war

will last. I pray not long. I love you honey and you are always in my heart and

mind. I pray to God that he will be your protector and comforter, when

I can’s. Again, I love you so Marnie.

God bless you my love and my life.

From your Loving Husband,

Marnie was deeply touched by his letter. She could see from Lisa’s smile

that she was touched deeply by Gregory’s as well.

How that day on April 12th would always stick out in her mind. It

seemed like her whole world had changed that day. The days passed slowly

for both Marnie and Lisa. Lisa was too have her baby any day now. She

had felt very sick lately, and Marnie kept praying for her friend. One hot

July day, it was announced that their was a Battle at Bull Run. Marnie feared for

Robert as he knew his troops were their near, The Shenandoah River Valley.

Many union officers were killed. Marnie prayed that Robert was not one of them.

She prayed to soon hear word from him, it had been over too weeks, since she

Heard from him. She prayed all that night. But the next day was to be a

Busy one.

Chapter Fifteen

“Marnie, please send for the doctor honey, it’s coming now, I;m

having my baby.”

“All right honey I’ll be right back. Stay calm dear Lisa, everything

will be fine.”

Marnie ran two blocks to get Doctor Ganon.

“I see the baby is earlier then I expected. I ‘m coming right away.”

Dr. Ganon followed small white home which they had recently called

home. He went strait up to Lisa’s room. Marnie made Sarah wait downstairs

with the neighbor Mrs. Sanders.

“Oh,” cried out Lisa in pain.

“It’s coming honey, just take slow deep breathes, easy now honey,” Doctor

Ganon told her.

Marnie was called upon to help with the birth. It had been a slow and hard

pregnancy for Lisa. Luckily she was dialating and the baby was coming


Marnie held Lisa’s hand tightly. She could not bare seeing her friend

in so much pain. Marnie had not been aware that having a baby could

be so painful and it scared her a little.

“Lisa, keep pushing dear, “ doctor Ganon encouraged her.

The baby was slowly but surely making it’s way into the world.

“One more Lisa, come on.”

With another big push, the baby came out. Marnie was amazed to

See it all covered in blood and helped to wipe it off.

Lisa heard the baby cry and smiled.

“Well Lisa you now have a healthy baby boy and pretty big too.”

“A boy,” Lisa exclaimed a cry of pleasure through the exhaustion and

fatigue that she felt.

Dr. Ganon gave Lisa her baby son to hold.

Marnie smiled as she saw Lisa looking upon her child with such love.

“Oh, Gregory, you have a son! Oh how he wanted one. I so wish he were here

to share in this moment.”

Marnie squeezed Lisa’s hand tightly.

“Well, Lisa have you decided on an name for the boy,” asked

Dr. Ganon with a sad smile, knowing that even though Lisa was happy she

was so sad at the same time knowing her husband wasn’t there to

behold his son.

Oh yes Dr. Ganon, Gregory and I decided if we ever had a son to name

him Mathew, we always loved that name. Biblical you know.”

“Well, that’s a fine name Lisa.

Marnie gave Lisa a great big hug and Dr. Ganon stuck around

awhile to tell Marnie how to help Lisa rest up from giving birth.

“Now you must rest Lisa, I’ll watch the baby till your well rested dear.”

“I can’t sleep Manrie, just let me hold him once more.”

Marnie gave her little Mathew to hold one last time.

“Isn’t he lovely,” asked Lisa.

“Oh, he is so adorable ,” Marnie smiled.

“May I ask you one question before you rest Lisa?”

“Yes, of course Marnie, what is it?”

“Was it very painful?”

Lisa smiled upon her friend.

“No not as painful as it looks, and e was worth it. It’s amazing

what strength a woman as when she is about to give birth. I know that

it is a strength that comes from God. Without him, I would have

fear. Believing in God helps everything, it takes away one’s fear.”

Marnie smiled at Lisa.

“Your right, my friend, when one pts their trust in him, there

is nothing to dread.”

“Now, please get some sleep Lisa, I’ll take good care of little Mathew, like

he were my own child.”

“I know you will honey.”

“Sleep well dear Lisa.”

Lisa soon fell asleep. She could see the happiness, yet weariness in her

friends face. She tucked her in and kissed her friend check.

“I love you Lisa dear, I hope Gregory come back to you soon and

to little Mathew. He had so much to come back too.

Marnie cradled little Mathew and put her in the cradle in the nursery.

“You are so cute. Daddy will be home soon. She looked upon the baby

for what seemed like hours and longed for one of her own. She remebred

when she had asked Robert about having children.

The scene replayed in her mind.

“Oh me too Robert, I so want children too,” said Marnie sincerly.

“But not till I get back.”

“Oh dear, I don’t want you to be alone and with child. I want to be there

for you when we have our baby. You have enough worries. Please

Marnie lets wait. I love you, and I don’t want you to have to rear a child

all by yourself.”

“I guess you are right, Robert,” marnie relented.

“You’ll see I am in time dearest. “

Robert gave his wife a big hug and ardent kiss.

Marnie stood their and fondly recalled the days of Robert

Rescuing her from the harsh life of slavery that she had come to know. He

Had been redeemer for her. He had given help and hope when no one

else seemed to care. Every thing he did, no matter how painful it seemed, was

For her own good. She finally understood. It. Robert had cared so for

Her, more than for himself. How could she blame him for leaving her to

Fight for freedom from slavery when he had saved her from the that fate.

If he wouldn’t have acted she’s still be one. If hadn’t loved enough to do

Something about it. That’s just what Robert was helping to do now,

Love enough to safe people from slavery.

Marnie and Lisa played with the baby and fretted every day for their

Husbands. Marnie finally got a letter from Robert, and Lisa, did from her

Husband as well. They found out both men had fought at the Battle

At Bull Run, but were not harmed.

Marnie read Robert’s letter over and over again.

Dearest Love,

I am all right my love. I just thought in a battle in bull run. It was

Really bloody. It was the first time, I had to kill a man. I have a hard

Time with this, but I know I must. I am in the Union army now and this

Is war. May God forgive me. The men in my unit are all surprised

When I tell them I am a minister. They, some of them ask for my

Prayers. Enough of that Love, now about us dear. Not a days go

By that I do not think of you love. I hope you are well. I miss you

So and pray to God this war soon ends. Oh why does there have to be

War? I ask myself, but I know to right the wrongs. I so wish there was

Another way to go about this, but I know there is not. I love you and

Always will. Remember it everyday. You’ll always be my sweet

Precious wife. You must know something else. There is nothing that I would

Not do for you. I would help you in any way that I could love. If ever

In need I will help you lover. I pray for you daily. I care for you so, I always

Will. I Love You Dearest, don’t forget it my dear wife. Your mine and I am

Yours sweetie.

God bless you honey,

Loving You Always,


Marnie smiled and thanked God Robert was safe. Lisa reported Gregory made it

Through the battle as well. The days went by slowly and little Mathew was

A joy in the house. Lisa wanted to get word to her husband about the birth

Of his son.

She asked Doctor Ganon.

“I have connections, Lisa honey, I think I can get word to him. I think I

know were them men were sent to went after Bull Run.

“Oh it would be a miracle if you could. Thanks Doctor Ganon!”

Chapter Fifteen

Doctor Ganon to get news to Gregory about the birth of his son.

“Oh Robert,” shouted Gregory coming out of his tent.

“What is it my friend.”

“I’m a father, I just had a son! I can’t believe it, praise the Lord!”

“Oh, I’m so happy for you Gregory. How’s Lisa?”

“She’s doing well. I’m so glad Doctor Ganon got this letter to me.”

“Me too Gregory. What’s your sons name?”

“Mathew,” Gregory said happily. “Just like we always planned Robert.

The friends talked together for awhile. Robert looked so manly and handsome

In his Union uniform. He still kept his beard, even though the guys at his

Camp tried to get him to shave. He knew Marnie loved it. Whenever asked

Why he kept it, he always gave them the same answer.

“My wife likes it and one of the men I admire most Mr. Lincoln has

one!,” he exclaimed.

The days and months went by so quickly, and Marnie heard new that

Union soldiers had captured Fort Henry. This was very posative. She

Wandered if her Robert had been there. It had been about eight months

Since she had seen him and those were eight months of agony, She received

Letters from him often. Mathew was growing like a weed and it so

Pained Lisa not to have her husband there. She had to keep reassuring

Her little daughter Sarah that her daddy would be back. Not too many

Days later, grant’s troops captured Fort Donelson.

Month after month passed. Every letter of Robert’s cheered her, but

Their were night when she would cry herself to sleep.

Dearest Love,

I hope all is well. I am safe. God must still have plans for me. I pray

Every day, I’ll come home to you. I still trust in God, I know he’s

With me, so I don’t fear. I need Him ore I could never make it a day

Here. I Love You Honey, I feel this war has got too end soon. It can’t

Go on forever. I have so much love stored up for you, that I when I

See you again I’ll want to hold you forever. I love you darling.

In My Heart Forever you are. This separation is torture. Only God

Keeps me sane and in my right mind. May He give you peace always.

Your Loving Husband,


Chapter Sixteen

Every letter Marnie got she treasured, but wandered if it would be the last.

The months went by and more letters came. Meanwhile, Gregory had been

Badly injured and had to be sent to the hospital. Sadly, they had to cut off his

Leg. He knew it had to be done, but hated it. He was declared unable to fight

And was to be sent home. This was too much for him. He wanted to fight and not

Too give up, but he had no choice. Lisa heard word of this and was over

Joyed. He worried how Lisa would respond. She waited at the door to welcome

Home for husband. She knew her husband lost his leg, but it made

No difference to him, he was home now. She saw Gregory come up the walk,

With the help of his friend and ran to her love and hugged

Him with all her might.

“Oh, my love, you are home, safe.”

“But my leg Lisa, it’s gone.”

“Oh darling, It’s you I love not your body. I’m just glad you’re here

with me. I feel so for you dear, but I’ll help you. Come in and see your

son,” Lisa cried,

Gregory smiled as he beheld his son and held him tightly.

Marnie also gave Gregory a hug. Even though she was saddened that

Robert was gone, she was glad for Lisa. She ached that Gregory lost his

Leg, but knew it made no difference to Lisa. Gregory told her all

He knew about Robert, and that they were separated. He ached for Marnie.

He knew the war must end soon. There was joy and sadness in the

House. The days went by quickly, and for weeks Marnie had heard no word form

Robert. She had heard about the crushing blow that the union troops have

Suffered at Fredricksburg and the next morning what she dreaded most

Happened, marnie received a letter, but not from Robert.

It went…

Dear Mrs. Clemmons, we are sorry to inform you that your husband was

Killed in action at the Battle of Fredrickburg…”

Marnie could not go on, but started crying so hard. Lisa read the letter

And cried.

“Oh no, not Robert.”

It hit Gregory just as hard, he couldn’t believe Robert was gone. It was

So hard to tell little sarah, but they knew they would have


Marnie could not bring herself to believe that her husband was gone. Lisa

Stayed with her that first night, as she cried all night,. Marnie went through the

Days in a daze, and wore black. She knew Robert was with God, but she

So wanted tohave more time with him.

Marnie thought back at their courtship how Robert had done her so

Much good. She remembered when she had tried to convince Robert she

Was no good for him. Her mind drifted back.

“But Robert, I’m not good for you. I don’t always agree with

you and we have our differences.”

“I know love, but love can make us so much the same, my darling one,”

Robert said clinging to her tightly. I love you so no matter what. If

You ever call, I’ll always answer you and do all I can. I love you Beloved!

Don’t resist me, my love. I care so dear. We are meant for each other. “

“I am not a perfect man, but I love you so much and so well, I

know we will have our differences but we can work things out sweetheart.

My love will never abandon you honey.,” Robert said sincerely.

“But, we I was so cruel, I fought with you yesterday. I know

we shall soon marry, but should we still?”

“Yes, my dear, the fights don’t matter, but love does. “

“I know Robert.

Robert took her into his arms gently and kissed her passionatlty. His

Kiss was warm and gentle. It left her breathless and wanting more.

“I will cling to you always, my dear.”

Robert cried as she thought back at the memories and soon feel asleep.

It had been so long, almost two years. She has missed him so, and waited, and now

She would not see him in this life again.

Marnie sat, in her room praying one day, when Dr. Ganon, rushed into her room.

“Mrs. Clemmons, I have good news for you. Robert is alive!”

“But, it can’t be,” Marnie exclaimed. “

“It is a swear it.!”

“I’ve seen him in the Union Army hospital.

“Oh, I’m so happy. It can’t be true, praise the Lord. Oh take me too him.”

“I will honey, it will take a days journey.”

“I’ll be ready right away! I must tell Lisa and Gregory.”

“Oh, how is he,” Marnie asked grabbing onto the Doctors arm.

“Too tell you the Truth Mrs. Clemmons, he’s very sick, but we tink and

hope he will come through. Maybe seeing you will help.

Marnie told Lisa and Gregory. Their hearts leapt for joy,

They could not believe that Robert was in a hospital not too far from there. They

Would let Marnie and Dr. Ganon go alone. They would pray from

Home. It was a wife’s place at her husband’s side/

They bid her a hopeful farwell.

“I got a carriage all prepared. We must be careful, there’s a war, on

I got the route planned out were we want run into any fighting. Marnie

Didn’t say much on the journey, but just prayed.

“Remember Marnie, this is a place of much sickness and death

you’ll see many dying men in this hospital”

“That doesn’t matter. I can take it. I just want to be near Robert again

,it’s been nearly two years. Too long.

The tedious journey finally ended and they arrived at the hospital.

Marnie felt sick at seeing all the poor men in such pain. She

Saw much suffering and pain in that ward. She so wished she could

Help the men. She was finally lead to her husbands bed. She couldn’t

Help, but let out a cry, he was loosing a lot of blood, because of wounds to the

Chest. He saw Marnie and gave out a moan of pleasure. Marnie held onto

Her husband’s hand.

“I’m here honey, don’t worry love. You’ll be all right.”

“I know I will know love,” Robert said trying to kiss his wife. She

watched as the doctor worked on her husband doing everything he could.

She prayed all night, as her husband drifted in and out of conciousness..

Finally, Dr. Ganon told him that he was doing better. He would get well.

After a few days she could take him home. He would need lots of care

And it would take him months to heal properly but he would recover.
“Bt I must tell you Mrs. Clemmons, he’s paralyzed.”

“No it can’t be,”

“I’m so sorry.”

Marnie’s heart sank and she cried.

Dr. Ganon tried to comfort her.

“No it can’t be,”

“Des he know it Doctor?”

“Yes, he does.”

“I love him no matter what”

Mrnie went over to Robert and hugged him with warmth. I know all

About it honey, and it makes not difference. I love you always!”

“I knew t wouldn’t honey.”

“He took her in his arms gently, and kissed her. We have so much to catch

up on love. If I didn’t have to leave, I never would have love. I’m so

glad we are together again. I missed you so. You are my only love.!

They both clung to each other. Robert took his love n his arms

Kissed her with all the pent up passion he had since he left.

Robert was slow to recover and new his health was still bad. Robert

Continued his work as a minister, even in a wheel-chair. He could work in

Ministry and do what he could for the war. Effort. Dr. Ganon gave Robert

Hope that he might one day walk. That it could be shock that paralyzed


One night they were talking together.

“I was so afraid I lost you Robert, that you dies.”

“No one ever really dies my dear, the heart and spirit, the real part of

a man never dies.”

“I know, you are so right Robert.”

“Death is but a journey to a new life dear, one to not be feared.”

“I a know dear.,” Marnie said hugging him.

“Are you sure this doesn’t bother you, having to care for me, as a helpless child.”

“Not at all , you are not helpless, you give people so much hope. You do

such good work Robert, giving people hope.

They both kissed and clung to each other.

One day Marnie found out she was pregnant.

“Oh Robert, we are going to have a bay.”

“I’m sohappy love! Come here, let me kiss your sweet mouth.

“I wonder if it will be a girl or boy.”

“It doesn’t matter love, as long as it’s healthy.

“That’s how I feel to Robert.”

Chapter 16

The days went by, and the war was still going on. Robert continued preaching

And didn’t feel useless. He knew he could help, and this was his way to do it.

He couldn’t help but pray to God that he would one day walk again.

Marnie’s baby was about to come and Lisa was eager to help. They had

Just heard word that General Lee and his troops were defeated at Gettysburg.

The Union Army seemed to be winning. Marnie had a baby a girl, whom they

Named Grace, because of the grace in their lives.

They loved her dearly, as did Gregory and Lisa. Gregory helped with

Robert’s ministry.

The war went on for more years. It seemed the Union troops were

Winning and the war was almost over. Marnie and Robert and little Gace

Enjoyed each day together, so did little Mathew. He really loved

Looked after his Grace and treated her like a sister. Even though , there was

War, they tried to enjoy their times together.

Then one day they received the sad news that Lincoln was shot. It

Was so said that April the 14th day. A day that they would never forget.

“I can’t believe, it so. He was such a good man. So like Christ. May

his reward be great in heaven.

Marnie clung to him so very said, as the entire household was. Lisa

Cried as well. The children did not understand.

The days went on, but that great man’s death left a void. Then finally

One day, on May 26th Lee and his army surrendered. The war was over

And the Union Army had won.

“Have you heard the good news? Asked Gregory, the war is over! “

“I can’t believe it,” Lisa said.

“Finally, the slaves are free, but after so much pain and loss,” said


They all celebrated as everyone else in town did. It was a war

No one would forget. Too many people lost their loved ones. They hoped

Such a war would never come again.

A few days after the war had ended marnie and Robert sat talking to

Each other.

“I love you dear/”

I think it’s lovely how you still write me love letters.”

“I always will dearest. I hope the day never comes when letters from

one ‘s lover goes out of fashion.”

Robert took her in his arms and kissed his wife passionately.

“Remember, I’m your ardent lover always. I’ll always come through for

you darling!”

“I know dear,” Marnie said kissing him back.

“Oh, I so love making love to you. It’s one way to express how much

I love you.”

“And I enjoy it too,” Marnie said with a smile.

The years went by and so much love took place between them. Marnie

Still kept all of the letter that Robert had written her through the years. One

Day around Grace’s eight birthday, Robert was able to walk. The whole

Family cried with joy, especially Marnie. Little Grace was overjoyed to

See her daddy walk.

As soon as Robert could he carried Marnie as much as he could and

Held her. He even was able to eventually walked and they

Tried to catch up on all the ball they had missed. They knew the war that

They had lived through would never be forgotten and prayed that

Their children would never know such pain and grief. They loved through the years and grew old together. There love never died and new it would last eternally!

They had a good life, not perfect, but good enough because they loved each other.

Marnie knew that Robert would care for her eternally. It did not matter that he was not the most handsome or poetic man. What did it matter? He would care for her and love her forever and never forsake her. He would always come through. Life wasn’t perfect, but their love was.

Definitely there to stay through it all.

The End

Rosella Ann Myles

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