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Democracy is it's own worst enemy, sometimes... it thrives on compromise and power.

In response to the questions raised by the editorial “The Privy Circle of Power” I offer an insight to the cause and course of correction of the near fatal state of American Education today. As for teachers: the good ones are God-given gifts for the wellbeing of all mankind, and I laud their work and perseverance. God bless them each and every one!

Our entire society has suffered from a tragic “dumbing-down syndrome.” The current stumbling blocks placed in schools, as to quotas of racial mixes, and social stratas in public schools had its roots in the “Welfare” and “de-segregation” laws of the 1900’s. It is a case of “Democracy being it's own worst enemy”: the tipification of The Peter Principle at work in government.

American is a "REPUBLIC" (as opposed to a democracy) we need not forget that. And it is one which I love it dearly, and wouldn't trade it as a government for anything!

Individual Teachers in general education are not part of this commentary except to say: The good teachers are God-given gifts for the wellbeing of all mankind, and I laud their work and perseverance.

The stumbling block placed in schools had its roots in the “Welfare” and “de-segregation” laws.

As a Christian I have learned two true things about those two facts of American life: "Evil companions do, indeed, corrupt good morals" and “Have no associate not equal to yourself in wisdom.”

Public education policies violate both those standards. I’m not talking about different races, here; I’m talking of two vastly different ideologies! The grifters suddenly became equal with the working class, and in essence said, “You work for the money, and I take it!”

(I want to emphasize, I am NOT anti-black or any other race: I am anti-welfare for it breeds stupidity, and anti-racism as racism holds back some progressive souls just because of their color. But by the same token, I am anti-nitwit! of any race.)

Our educational problems began in the early 1900's. From the "welfare movement" of the 1930’s, to the cry “power to the people!" of the 1960’s.” That cry wasn't for all the people. Just black people! It didn’t come from the ghetto’s like it shows in the movies. It came from colleges... and it came through congress!

It came from Senators who promoted giving money to all the poor regardless of their work ethic, and it came from the Supreme Court Justices that legalized welfare for illegitimate children, born one after another to parents who didn’t want and couldn’t care for them. It was sanctioned by uneducated preaching from Hell-bound “pulpeteers” under the guise of “Love Thyself” and “Love thy neighbor!” I heard it! I saw it in action! And I hate it!

Welfare created generations of dead-heads who fathered thousands of welfare-sucking babies, by millions of illiterate ne’re-do-dwells, just to promote the proliferation of racial votes in the coming decades!

Many preachers who grew up under that diabolical lie of “freedom to do your own thing” think God Almighty gave them that right! Poor souls will free-will themselves right straight to Hell with that foolishness.

Nobody liked the welfare but the welfare recipients! One generation of welfare takers bred twenty generations who knew that looking like a dumb-dumb meant money in the bank. They had no reason to want an education. They still have no reason to want an education.

Their attitudes permeate the schools.

I recently sat at a restaurant table next to an extended table of well-dressed persons of color whose entire conversation dealt exclusively with “How to work the governmental system to get free money to get wealthy!” They told how to get every pre-teen in the family knocked-up and then put up a mail-box just for them so they could have individual addresses to collect their checks in! That one family must have collected ten thousand dollars a month! That’s wrong, but it’s being done in thousands of “families.”

We won’t change the education of America until we change the legislation that corrupted it in the first place! All that governmental interference (accumulated from generations past) is killing America’s freedom to progress, one breath at a time! Free thinkers are not hurt by poor beginnings as much as by poor lifestyles. And government subsidies for wrongdoing never made it right.

Change corrupt laws and stop welfare. Stop bussing mandates. Then you can change education in America! That way, those who want an education can get one, and they won’t have to support those who are lazy, shiftless, vile or stupid... of any race.



The following comments are for "The Diseducation of America"
by MaxiiJ

Jessicanm - Right on!
Jessica, you are right. I was only criticizing one portion of the welfare system, and that portion I would like to see voided. And you are right in saying that those who learn to milk the system to bilk it of millions of dollars a year in ways it was never meant to provide aren't exactly "stupic." I didn't mean to give that impression. What I meant was that those who milk the system by employing "illegal and immoral practices, just to access the system" should forever be barred from using it! They teach others that it is better sucking cream from the bottom of the barrel than to milk the cow for the perpetual good of society.

"The Welfare Mentality" that prevails at some levels of our society is a corrupting devistation to the work ethic of America. Who wants to work for minimum wage, when welfare pays more? No one, thereby comes the "dumbing-down" of America!

God bless those who use it wisely and then get off! But God's curse is automatically on those who abuse it! I didn't curse them, God does. He said, "Thou shalt not steal!"

And in chapters Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 in the bible it says clearly that IF one does one set of things they are blessed... but IF the do another set of things they are CURSED.

Unfortunately, that curse, put on one generation by GOD Himself through the "law of sowing and reaping" by the actions of the doer, filters down through the generations... That's a natural law, just like the "law of gravity," where things fall to their lowest level!

Hope this helps you understand where I am coming from.


( Posted by: MaxiiJ [Member] On: June 26, 2004 )

Jessicanm - Right on again!
The difference, as I understand it, between an "Article" and an "Editorial," is to state one side of a situation and try to do it convincingly: hence, My one-sided" point of view.

Possibly, my "editorial" should have been posted under RANT, instead. But then, because I was attributing the decline of education in North America to a specific link in North American Society (which I see primarily as a blight on our country rather than a help), it might have appeared as less significant as a RANT.

It seems for the one-in-a-thousand persons welfare actually helps gain their freedom from dependence upon charity, that it is doing more harm than good... by aiding and abetting the promotion of the least capable to a position of major importance. I believe the reason Jesus said "the poor will always be with us" is because poverty, in its purest form is total lack of will to succeed at anything. Who, in God's name, wants to promote that? I think we need to promote Job Training, work ethics, and responsibility for one's own actions rather than welfare in this country. "Welfare" in any form (food stamps, money, etc.) should be given on a maximum six month allotment, and by the end of that six month period, that person should know they are on their own, sink or swim.

If they have children they can't afford to keep, those children should be taken away and raised in constructive institutional care, and repeat offenders who brood repeated illegitimate children should be sterilized.

( Posted by: MaxiiJ [Member] On: June 28, 2004 )

There are certainly pieces of this that I agree with, and some that I do not. I am not familiar enough with the welfare system to know whether it is run on a State by State basis, or whether the Welfare rules, etc. are made an enforced on a National level. I do know, however, that it is required that Welfare recipients do take job training, go to seminars on “work ethics,” and account for progress in getting off welfare. I do not know if this is the case in every State.

That being said, where I live, a minimum wage job in a family with one wage earner, will not pay for rent at all, let alone additional food. The families that I have seen, who are on welfare, have used it in the fashion that I would call ideal. Using the money as a stepping stone, having a minimum wage job, getting some Welfare assistance, and going to school so that they can have a better than minimum wage job to support their families. In my opinion, a person doing this, working full time, going to school full time, doing everything they can to better themselves, deserves more than a 6 month shot at it. Considering the minimum wage is by no means sufficient to support a family, I am willing to help this person become self-sufficient, hopefully leading to keeping her children self-sufficient, by pitching in an extra 2 years worth of Welfare.

There is no disagreement about whether or not the system is abused, as it certainly is, but I do not feel that at this juncture there is a remedy to stop mistreatment of the system, while still allowing the honest, hard-working people to get enough help from it. To me, it is not worth losing the people who will become productive members of our society, over those who abuse it. In every system we have, there is abuse. Financial aid for example, is abused terribly, yet I do not feel it is worth taking away from those who truly deserve it, just to deter others from abusing it.

One thing I thought I would add, just because I found it mildly amusing, or what have you, was a comment I heard on the radio show Love Line (which used to also be an MTV show) one evening. Dr. Drew and Adam Corolla said that they thought Welfare recipients should have to get a shot of Depo Provera (birth control) to pick up their Welfare check. Meaning while they are receiving Welfare, they cannot have more children. While this is obviously a violation of civil rights, I did see the point in what they were saying.

Thanks for the excellent topic.

( Posted by: Everybodyelsesgirl [Member] On: June 28, 2004 )

Everybodyelsesgirl's Thinking Right
I know there are a lot of deserving people on welfare, and they are being helped.

However, there is NO guarantee in any civil law that I've ever heard of, that guarantees anyone the right to receive money from the government! All funds from which the government works are received from taxpayers who work. No one has a right to my dollars but me.

I also want to help those who are just going through a "rough spot." But "spots" eventually end. 9/10s of people on welfare in Florida are 5th to 7th generation welfare recipients!

I worked for a lawyer who had the state contract for bringing fathers to court who are behind in their welfare payback payments. One man has 108 children that he has been designated by DNA as fathering! He makes minimum wage. I offered to castrate him, personally! He obviously thinks he’s God’s gift to the world! He needs neutering! He is one of tens of thousands who are overburdening North America! He needs to go to prison, but instead, he’s flipping burgers and meeting his next honey! Where are the tax payer’s rights?

My feeling is that WE THE PEOPLE need to set parameters that if a person on welfare crosses, they become ineligible for any more funds! Let castration and sterilization become court alternatives to jail time. If a person can’t pay the rent, let them live with someone who can share the cost with them. No one guaranteed anybody the right to have a home of their own! That’s a privilege. But welfare recipients THINK it’s their right. You have rights, but you also have limitations. I think welfare beyond six months is a cop-out!

I became a mother at 14, and a single mother at 17, and I have never spent a day on welfare. I worked two jobs by sharing the childcare work with other working mothers who weren’t on welfare. I went to high school during the day and worked nights and later went to college at night while working during the day. I kept children in my home on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights, and took classes on Tuesday and Thursday while someone else kept my child. Saturdays my son and I spent together at the library, and he could read by the time he was four!

I typed for others from home at night after classes, and still managed a home’s chores. And I did it on minimum wage for four years, by studying in the bathroom, in bed, while riding my bicycle to work and school, and at the dinner table. I shared what I was learning with my son, who recently turned 44, and with whom I have never had a fight!

He’s now a business owner because he knew what I knew because I taught it to him over supper. I didn’t read bed-time stories. I told him how others succeeded by reading biographies of great personalities to him. Welfare never induced anyone to greatness, but poverty did!

Sorry, for the few people Welfare helps, legitimately, it’s still not worth the devastation it causes through others, who repercussively undermine the educational system in these United States!

( Posted by: MaxiiJ [Member] On: June 29, 2004 )

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