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Here’s the good version. Well better. By the way to understand it better you may wont to read the prolog that’s list as “Dragons Cry” which is the title to the story that you see before you. The prolog is a brief history on Jennica and Terrows life, which may be helpful to understand some things. There are more chapters to this story so if you like this one and are interested look for the up coming chapters that I will publish as soon as possible


The sun creped in through the widows of the small hut. Jennica sat in a rocking chair near the fireplace. The warmth of the dieing fire created the tiny bit of sweat on her brow. Jennica hadn’t been sleeping long when she began to stir.

“Wait mother. Please help me!” she screamed out. “What do I do.” she began thrashing back and forth screaming very loudly “no!” Jennica woke up as she fell to the floor. She looked around at the dim room with only the one window that pointed away from the sun. Terrow’s grandfather, who planed to innovate the world with his modern ideas of how homes should be built, he built the small hut that they lived in. Everyone wanted to change the small hut around, but on his deathbed Terrow’s grandfather made his father promise not to ever let what he built get changed. Terrow’s family always had strong respect for the dead, so the hut had to stay the same. To even talk negatively of the life’s work of a dead man was wrong in their eyes.

In the distance Jennica could hear hoof beats. It was most likely Terrow coming home from the market, but he wasn’t due back so soon. He normally took all-day and returned after dark. Jennica quickly ran outside, through the triangular door to see what was going on. It was indeed Terrow. He jumped off his horse and started for the hut.

“What are you doing home so soon?” Jennica ask stopping Terrow.

“I got to get supplies.” Terrow walked into the hut. Jennica followed somewhat irritated.

“Supplies for what?”

“When I was in town I heard some people talking about something and I’m going to check it out.

“What did you hear about in town?”

“You wouldn’t be interested.”

“Try me.”

“A dragon.”

“A what!?”

“A dragon.”

“You’re going to find a dragon?”

“Yeah, they said that it was in the woods near by.”

“What are you thinking?”

“I’ve never seen a dragon before.”

“You’ve never seen death before but you don’t seem to be in a rush for that.”

“You got to admit it’s pretty cool.”

“No it’s not. I had another vision today. It was a lot like the one I had all those years ago.”

“These visions are all in your head.”

“Yeah I know. And I’m trying to keep them there.”

“Don’t worry.”

“Everyone who came up against a dragon, died.”

“It’s not like I’m going to pet it. I‘m going to wait in my hunting tree and just watch it.”

“It scares me.”

Terrow got all his stuff and mounted his horse. Jennica ran to him.

“I beg you don’t go.”

“I’m sorry Jennica but I’ve decided to do this and will not listen to you this time.”

Jennica watched him ride off.

“But you never listen to me!” she yelled to him. Then said to her self. “And you probably never will.”

Terrow rode on for sometime. He got deep into the forest when the ground shook after a great thud was heard. It startled the horse and almost thrown Terrow from it. Great thuds don’t normally just happen. When a thud like this is herd almost always there is something causing it. And that something normally doesn’t only do it once. So Terrow thought it best if he got off the horse and walked the rest of the way.

The trees where a nice green and the flowers where all in full bloom. The world at this time of year was very nice. There was a cooling breeze that settled across the land every few moments making a delightful transition between hot and cold. He could now see his hunting tree; it’s the tree that Terrow sits in while he hunts. He tide the horse to a near by tree and walked on. There was a clearing that was near his tree that Terrow decided to cut through. As he did so he heard another great thud and the ground suck once more. Terrow stood at the edge of the clearing thinking whether or not proceeding was a good idea.

He decided to go forth, but as he took his first step a hug lizard like foot took a step right in front of him. The greatest thud he had heard so far happened, the ground shock, and a gust of wind hit Terrow almost knocking him over. This or a pair of these where most likely the reason for the thuds. Terrow looked up to see an enormous dragon. Must have been over a hundred feet tall Terrow thought. Of course he could be wrong, he was never a very good at judging that sort of thing, but never the less the dragon was quit big. Terrow a man of 6 feet and 1 inch wasn’t even as tall as the dragon’s foot. It stood on two feet that was odd to Terrow for most of the pictures he saw of dragons they where on four feet.

“Excuse me?” the dragon said to Terrow. He looked at Terrow for a moment still frozen. “When someone says that it’s polite to move out of the way.” Terrow slowly walked out of the dragon’s way. “Thank you.”

The dragon began to walk on then stopped and turned his head. “Did you hear me talk?” Terrow nodded his head. “Oh shit.” the dragon picked Terrow up. Then started to get ready to take off.

“Oh wait do you have anyone who’ll be looking for you. Loved one, friends, that sort of thing?” the dragon asked

Terrow nodded his head.

“Can’t let them think you’re still alive” the dragon blow some fire igniting surrounding trees. “That’ll do.” the dragon took off with Terrow in hand.

It grew late. The sun was falling into the earth and the two moons of the planet began to show. Jennica had a bad felling about Terrow. Trough the years she learned to trust her feelings even though Terrow hadn’t. She took her horse and went into the forest. She rode hard and fast reaching Terrows horse as the two moons where high in the ski. She heard crackling like embers from a fire. She ran to the noise and found the group of tree the dragon had roasted. One of them was Terrows hunting tree. Tears formed in Jennica’s eyes.

“Damn you Terrow damn you to hell.” she got on her horse and rode swiftly home where she cried a great cry. Even grater then the thud.

Remember to look for chapter 2 to find out what happens to Terrow.


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