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Rated: PG-13 for various reasons!! Read with caution!!

Summary: Ahhh...the glorious chatroom. All the war;
all the carnage. It's not easy when you and your
friends enter one and start chatting. It's sorta......weird.
Especially when you have a weird best friend,
a a guy-friend that's your best friends boyfriend
(not to mention kinda....perverted), and another guy-friend
that's totally in love with you--not that you noticed, of course.
Oh, and did I mention your online stalker; Randy? Oh yes, he's
perverted, too, but I won't say much....

*this story takes place in a CHATROOM!!*
Disclaimer: All of the RPG titles mentioned in here are not mine.

Kiyu*chan: 'log on'
Julina*chan: 'log on'
Kiyu*chan: Hi, Julina!
Julina*chan: Hi! What's up?
Kiyu*chan: Well....I have this big math test this Wed.
Julina*chan: Oh? I have a math test AND a science test.
Kiyu*chan: -_-;; Why, oh WHY must 11th grade always pile us
with tests', homework, and projects? Do they not know that youth
only comes once??
Julina*chan: Yes, WHY?? Can't they just let us enjoy our youth while
we still have it??
Kiyu*chan: *giggle* we're starting to sound boring....
REALLY boring.
Julina*chan: *gasp!* Well, EXCUSE me, Miss Kiyu Hosigama!!
I'm SO sorry that I have nothing exciting in my life to share with you!!
Kiyu*chan: Okay, okay!! Sheesh, you don't need to get that dramatic............
Julina*chan: Oh ho ho......I was born this way....
Kiyu*chan: a boyfriend yet?? ^_^
Julina*chan: WHAT?! (Gee, that was sudden...)
Kiyu*chan: Oh ho ho ho!!!
Julina*chan: Oh, VERY funny!! You and I know VERY well that no guy
could EVER like ME. I don't even look right... : P
Kiyu*chan: I understand....not everybody can be as glam as me...
^_~ Just kidding!!
Julina*chan: Oh, be quiet!! You're just saying that cuase you already HAVE a
Geron85: 'log on' Yo, peoples!
Kiyu*chan: It's people and hi! I was wondering how long it would take
you to get on....
Julina*chan: Hi Geren.....why so late? Too busy cleaning up a failed lab
experiment again...??
Geron85: Ha ha ha....very crack me up...
Cloud12: 'log on' Hey, hey, hey!!
Julina*chan: Hiya, Keith!
Kiyu*chan: Say Keith...still can't get through Final Fantasy VII,
VIII, and XI?
Geron85: Yo, my man! (And nice imitation of Irvine...)
Cloud12: VERY FUNNY, Kiyu. Just because I always get stuck, doesn't
mean that I'm not goin no where!!
Julina*chan: PUH-LEESE. You can't find your house with a map marking
the spot. And it would probably take you 10 more days *just* to find the bell
and ring it....
Geron85: Keith...welcome to my world filled with sarcastic girls.
Kiyu*chan: So.....where are you at Keith?
Cloud12: Well.....I got to that part where Riona, Squall, and Zell get to fight
Fuijin and Raijin in disc 3.
Geron85: I can't believe you're a RPG/videogame fanatic... :/
Cloud12: Least I don't blow up my room 3 times each day, science guy... :P
Julina*chan: Men, men...please.
Kiyu*chan: Keithie-poo, don't fight with Geren, okay?
Geron85: K-KEATHIE...-...P-POO??? O...O
Julina*chan: Keathie-poo.....AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Cloud12: ;_; Kiyuuuu!!! They're LAUGHIN at meeee..... ;_;
Kiyu*chan: can I not love that face? Here, Keathie-poo....let me give
you a hug and kiss....XOXX
Cloud12: ^0^
Geron85: Looks like somebody's happy....
Julina*chan: I think I'm gonna be sick......
Cloud12: Hmpth, you're just jealous!! I'm jus kiddin...
Julina*chan: AH-HEM......What kinda game are we playing again?
Geron85: Game? I don't like the sound of this..........
Cloud12: Oh oh oh!! Is it a RPG game?!
Kiyu*chan: Ummmm....nooo....
Geron85: Shot down again, huh Keith ol boy? (Oh ho ho ho...)
Cloud12: Be quiet, Bill Nye the Science Guy...........
Geron85: Big words for a guy who stares at the tv screen 10 hrs/5
days a week...
Cloud12: Ya Scienctist REJECT!
Geron85: Why you-you--YOU PLAY RHAPSODY: A MUSICAL
Kiyu*chan: *GASP* (I LOVE that RPG game!! GIRLS RULE!)
Julina*chan: *GASP* (OMG that is one of the most girliest games I've
ever played...)
Cloud12: YOU--YOU--
Kiyu*chan: Now, now, Keith-honey........let's start the game.....
Julina*chan: Keith-honey....*snickers* I still can't believe you guys
are together........
Kiyu*chan: Well, we are so start believin hon.
Julina*chan: Okay, okay.....
Geron85: So, what's the game?
Kiyu*cahn: Okay, somebody asks a question and then the person who is
being asked must tell the whole entire truth. EXACTLY AS IT HAPPENED.
Cloud12: Oh not that game.........
Geron85: Jus' kiddin....
Julina*chan: Kiyu....I'm not so sure about this.......
Kiyu*chan: I'll go first!!
Cloud12: As always.........
Kiyu*chan: AH-HEM, JULINA!!
Julina*chan: Hm? =)
Kiyu*chan: Name on of the most evilest things you did.
Julina*chan: Ummm...ok. It was back in 9th grade when Geren was goin
out with this girl...
Cloud12: Oh ho ho...I remember this one..........
Geron85: Please (glare at Cloud12) go on........
Julina*chan: know that girl you had a crush on? That
Leila Wallbeing?
Geron85: Yeah...(she was too mean...and got mad at me for no good reason... : P)
Julina*chan: Well.....I was the one that got her mad at you. >_<
Cloud12: Oh, this is gettin goood.... 0.0
Julina*chan: I'm so sorry!! ;_;
Geron85: YOU!! YOU!!! I--I--I--Thanks a lot.
Kiyu*chan: Well...that was sudden... ^^;;
Julina*chan: W-What? 0.0;
Cloud12: Shoot...and it was gettin to da good part too...-_-;;
Kiyu*chan: Keith!! Remember to use correct english language! No wonder you're
failing in Language Arts....
Geron85: Well...I saw how mean she was to you so I....I just said forget it.
Kiyu*chan: sweeeet!! ^0^ Julina!! Give him a huggie!! ^_^
Cloud12: Oh, NOW look at the one's who's usin da wrong language!! (Huggie?)
(FAILING?! I am PROUD to say that I have a B+!!)
Julina*chan: Ha ha ha....very funny Kiyu.
Geron85: Be quiet Kiyu!!
Cloud12; Hey, hey, hey Geren...why so dEfEnSiVe? Doncha like Julina? Hmmm??
Julina*chan: Keith, leave Geren alone!
Kiyu*chan: Aww...Geeerrrreeeen!! ^o^ Give Julina a big huggie-wuggie for that!!
Cloud12: Huggie.....wuggie? O.O;
Geron85: Keith, I'm betting you 10 bucks that your girlfriend has gone completely
insane AND that she's trying to get me and Julina together.
Cloud12: Cash or credit?...........
Julina*chan: KIYU!! BE QUIET!! Anyway, it's MY turn.
Kiyu*chan: was fun while it lasted....
Julina*chan: AH-HEM, KEITH!!!
Cloud12: What?
Julina*chan: WHY do you like Kiyu?
Geron85: It's time ta spill man....
Kiyu*chan: Yeah....why?
Cloud12: Awright, awright....I'll give....I FIRST liked her because she was good at helping
me beat RPGs....
Julina*chan: WHAT? ( romantic...)
Kiyu*chan: Oh...;_; Is that all?
Julina*chan: Let's just let Keith finish......
Geron85: Yes, please... ^^; (hahahahahhahaa!!)
Cloud12: SHUDDUP GEREN!! Yeah, so I liked her for that the FIRST time. When I got
to really know her....I really began to like her. She's so niccceee, cuddly....,
soooofffft......, preeeetttty....., I just luv her laugh, reminds me of Aeris (from FFVII)
....and really, really, really lovable.... ^0^
Julina*chan: One might say your kinda hentai-ed....but that's sooo sweeet....!!! It gives
me this warm and *fuzzy* feeling inside.....
Geron85: Hmmmm......So, does that mean you like Aeris too?
Julina*chan: Ugh.....>_< Please don't get me sick.....
Cloud12: ^0^ ........... Anyway, I's MY turn. I piiick.....GEREN!!
Geron85: Yeah?
Cloud85: So, what do YOU wanna be when you grow up?
Kiyu*chan: That's.....kind of lame.....
Julina*chan: Besides, me all know what HE wants to be....
Julina*chan: *snickers* Yeah, unless you don't kill yourself from your own lab explosions ....
Cloud12: Hehehoho....
Geron85: Hahaha...anyway, I choose Kiyu for the next question. Kiyu......who was the first
guy you dated and how does he look?
Julina*chan: Oh ho ho...
Cloud12: Yes.....(glares at Kiyu) please do tell......
Kiyu*chan: Aw own game back-stabbed me.
Geron85: Hey, it's a free country.....
Kiyu*chan: Anyway, the first guy was named.....Josh. He was sooo cool, strong, really
cute, handsome, interesting, smart, and sweet..... ^_^
Cloud12: .........
Julina*chan: Looks like somebody's jealous.....
Geron85: So, you like Josh over Keith then?
Kiyu*chan: HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?! I love Keith!!! KEITHIE-POO!!! No
one can replace him!! Not even Josh is half the guy Keith is!! >_<
Cloud12: .....Really?
Kiyu*chan: Really......I love you sooo much Keith.....
Geron85: Oh no....
Cloud12: I luv you too!!!
Geron85: Gee, I wonder where Julina went...
Kiyu*chan: Where's julina?
Cloud12; Huh? Julina?
Geron85: What happened?
Julina*chan: I got sick from those two love birds and took out some Tylenol.
Kiyu*chan: Hahaha...very funny Julina....
Cloud12: Okay, I've gotta new game!
Julina*chan: What?
Cloud12: ^_^ "What is Kiyu wearing?" Ooooohhhh yeeeaaah....
Geron85: That's it....I'm gettin outta here. See ya in school peoples. (Keith, you
are a sick man...)
Cloud12: Yeah, I need to go too, I need to got after Dagger...... (not as sick as you're
gonna be...)
Kiyu*chan: "Dagger?" Who is this "Dagger" person?
Julina*chan: Looks like somebody's jealous.... (again)
Cloud12: You know...Princess Garnet from Final Fantasy XI??
You don't need to get jealous're the only girl for me (at the real world)
Geron85: How sweet Keith. So, who else do you go out with when Kiyu's not lookin? Tifa?
Kiyu*chan: Well...I gotta go! (Who's this "Tifa"?)
Julina*chan: Me too...I gotta go study for my math test...
Geron85: Hmmm....I wonder what would happen if I add sodium peroxide with cloroxe?
Cloud12: Like I said...I gotta go save Dagger, so bye! (Geren....try NOT to blow yourself up again,
okay I live, like,
across the street from you and I wanna make sure I ACTUALLY WAKE UP ALIVE tomorrow.)
Geron85: 'log out'
Cloud12: 'log out'
Kiyu*chan: So, you like Geren?
Julina*chan: WHAT? He-He's just a friend!!
Kiyu*chan: Uh-huh....okay...I gotta go.
Julina*chan: Me too...bye!
Kiyu*chan: 'log out'
Julina*chan: 'log out'
Well....that was the first chapter!! ^_^ So, how'd you like it? Please send me praises, compliments,
flames, notes of confusion, letters on how to improve it, or (happily) death threats o^-^o ....
(hold up machine guns...) Bring it on. ^-^ Uh, this is my FIRST ATTEMPT at writing a novel so, do
kinda lay it gently on me when you're writing death threats, okay? Um, you can always e-mail me at: (unless you want to track me down...)!! Anyway, I'm already done with the second
chapter...but I'm waiting to to see how well (or how bad) this will turn out first. Uhh...bye!!


The following comments are for "Chatroom"
by k a m i k a z e

It's an interesting format, but I wouldn't use it for a whole story. It's too hard to follow. Instead, you my be better off focusing on one person and showing the differences between his real person and the chat room person he pretends to be. That would allow breaks from the "chat" stuff and probably make it more interesting.


( Posted by: Richard Dani [Member] On: March 5, 2002 )

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