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Vindictive: A Short Story
By: Patrick Zander

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.
- Voltaire

The year is 2020. The United States won World War 2. But, things changed
after that. We became much like the men we were fighting, even worse over time.
Soon the country was out of control. In the 1970ís we gathered up all the mentally challenged and did numerous experiments on them. Killing most of them. Using them as test subjects. We would infect them with diseases. Try and find ways to treat these diseases. Some of these treatments were incredibly radical. Sickening. It did not matter who these people were. If they had any type of mental defect they were off to the labs.

My Father was one of those scientists. He wanted me to become a scientist and do the same good that he did. I was lucky, they brought an end to all of the none sense in 1992, five years after I was born.

Now, in 1997 things started to get really bad. This country took a turn for the worse...again. They started attacking countries for no reason, terrorizing them. The military group, The Adjustment was told by our Government to attack the Vatican City. When the attack hit the city had no defense. No way of fighting back. The entire attack lasted only three hours; 700 people died that day, including The Pope. For no reason, just for America to prove a point.

The beginning of the end.

Things like this have been going on for over 20 years now. No other country is able to fight back. Any defense they had, has been diminished. America has struck real fear into everyone who is not apart of the U.S. Military. Even the American People are scared. I can not blame them. You speak out against The Government and you will end up like any other person not apart of America.

I hate this country. I hate all the things we have done for the past 70 years. The country is heartless. America no longer feels compassion, if it ever did.

This may be a surprise, but I am actually apart of the U.S. Military. I have been apart of 4 of the 49 attacks on the European countries. That doesnít even account for the number of attacks that have put forth on other countries. I took part of the destruction of the Eiffel Tower, Roman Colosseum and The Autobahn. Donít forget, just last New Years we attacked downtown London, right before the clock struck 12:00.

A grand total of 25,000 innocent people have died in these pointless acts, the acts that I, sadly took part in.

I am putting an end to that tonight. I am going to go destroy yet another important part of a nation. Except this time, it is my own nation. The Governmental House of Control. The GHC is the center of all the attacks that are put into execution by the United States. With the destruction of this building other countries will finally have their chance to fight back. The Military should be caught off guard. They will never see any of this coming. There will be no order in the Military without the GHC.

Finally, the United States will have itís back against the wall.

I have been planning this for over eight months. Setting the building up, scouting the area, and setting explosives through out the entire GHC. It is going to be quite the show. I wish I could see the look on The Leaderís face when it all goes down.

Never have I spoke a word of my plan to anyone. I have just been documenting the entire process. It is going to be finished tonight. I am finally making a real difference in the world. I can feel it.

I am at the GHC building and I just realize how beautiful it is. I wish there was another place I could ruin. The GHC can be seen from anywhere in New York City. The edifice stands 215 stories, in the center of downtown. The highest man made structure in the world. We of course ruined anything that was higher.

The sad irony is that today many people will die. That is exactly what I am trying to prevent. But, as the old saying goes, ďGot to break a few eggs to make an omelet.Ē

I knew that this was something I had to do ever since the mission I went on in Paris. I remember the look on the childrenís faces. It was horrifying. The screaming, crying and the blood. To much blood for any child to see.

One boy I saw was kneeling right next to his deceased father, who had lost his lower body to the explosion. The boy was quiet, holding his tears back. Then, out of no where a fellow soldier of mine, without hesitating, shot the boy in the back of his head. For no reason. No damn reason!

That was the day I decided, I despise this country. Never have I felt the need to destroy something more then I do now. All of this is going to be worth the devotion. I cannot wait any longer.

Thanks to my military status I am able to enter any part of The GHC I choose too. I have been setting up in the boiler room. The boiler room is where all of it happens.

I make my way past the security guards. No trouble from them. They see my identification and pat me down. All routine and I am past them easily. Little do they know, within the hour they will be dead.

The walk to the boiler room is endless. It is a continuous walk down a spiral stair case. Made entirely of metal, cold metal. Just like this country. The sound of my steps echo through out the entire downward tunnel. They are my only company for the next few minutes. The longest minutes of my life.

The GHC is planning a mission to Sydney, Australia. This time tomorrow night The Opera House will be no more. Not unless I do something about it. After tonight there will no longer be any attacks coming from The United States.

As I finally make my way to the boiler room I have a strange feeling come over me. It is...excitement? I havenít felt excited about anything since I was a child. It has been so long. The rush, I miss it. I cannot even remember the feeling. It is an amazing thing. I am finally able to realize that I am going to make a difference. Something that I have never felt. I am going to prove a point tonight. That America can be beat, that they can be brought down from their empire.

The explosives have all been set in the floors below the surface of the building. This way, there is no real chance of anyone getting out in time. The place will collapse from the bottom leaving nothing for the rest to stand on. The explosion will cause the entire place to go down, I made sure of that. The amount of C4 I have planted is enough to take out a building two times the size. The entire downtown area will feel the affects from tonight. Sadly, many people will die. They donít know it, but they are sacrificing themselves for a better cause.

I am now beginning to set up. I have everything I need already down here. All the equipment was hidden in a place no one would ever find. No one should be down here tonight. At this time shifts are being switched. I usually get an hour to myself. That is more than enough time to get everything ready. Just connect a few wires and punch a few buttons and I am all set.

I have been very proud of myself for the time I have been doing all the planning. I am impressed with myself. I am finally doing something right, unlike before. But, I still hate myself for doing the terrible things that I have done. I should have never aided in all those killings. I did not know better. Really, I didnít. Itís a sorry excuse, but with my father, how could I know any better. I was taught to hate every country other than America. Taught to fight no matter what.

Everything is set up now. Just a push of a button and I will complete everything. After that there will be no more. Things will finally be set right.

I plan on staying in the boiler room when I press the button. Really, I deserve to be here just as much as any other military official. I have done my fair share of killing. Unlike the rest of them I feel remorse, but I still did the killing.

If I do not kill myself tonight, I will feel even more guilt. I would never be any better then them. I am forcing innocent people to sacrifice themselves today, I have to sacrifice myself. I am more guilty then they will ever be.

After tonight nothing will be the same. It is time. From this moment on the world will never be the same. I have sent my journals the The Leader. I want him to know it was one of his own. I can only hope I am not the only one who thinks this way. I want everyone and anyone to fight back. Anything you can do will make a difference, one way or another.

My heart is incredibly loud. It is speaking to me, scaring me. I can feel the end coming closer.

I can touch it.

I am in control of it.

Tonight is the beginning of a new beginning.

The End


The following comments are for "Vindictive: A Short Story"
by PatrickZ

How did the narrator get the C4 into the building if he was patted down every time he entered?

How can we read this if the building and a everything within it was destroyed in the explosion?

( Posted by: amie [Member] On: May 29, 2004 )

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