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Don’t you think it just a little odd,
How science wants to prove there is no god?

It says it’s methods are the best
By which to examine every test.

But the more I learn, the more I know
It just ain’t necessarily so!

You see, my studies tell me this:
Science can’t measure the heat in a kiss!

It hasn’t a clue why grass is green
And it can not behold Memorys’ Screen!

But we all know the screen is there!
And we all use it, without a care.

No one knows what “electricity” is
But it’s use is a multi-billion dollar “buiz!”

So I think when all is said and done
Science will know that God has won.

When all the facts are plain and clear
They’ll find that He was always here

Life confirms His methods told...
Just like He’s said, from days of old.

And if you just can not, for looking, believe...
He will never force or coerce you to receive

The truth of how and when and why
And I pity your distrust on the day you die.


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The following comments are for "Proof of Life"
by MaxiiJ

Proof of Life
Maxii, this is excellent. I loved every word..My best ..Lorraine

( Posted by: Lorraine [Member] On: May 27, 2004 )

Science and God

Another excellent poem, grabs you from the fist lines. I thinkt the theme is superb and I enjoyed reading it.

I personally feel that science proves theere is a God and people working in this field are always amazed, and most cannot put the 'wonders they behold' down to pure random chance!

This is only an observation and not a critism of your poem, I wrote one saying I believed the world was flat!

The last line is powerful and leaves me wondering what the authoresse meant by it, is it a veiled threat or do I have to start learning all over again?

I love poetry that leaves you having to evaluate your own purpose and actions and this is such a piece,

Thank you,


( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: May 27, 2004 )

if i may

play devil's advocate.

~ the "heat of a kiss", literally, is simply a transfer of heat from one mouth to another. If the mouth you are kissing is warmer than yours, you will feel the heat transferring to your own while the lips try to reach thermal equilibrium. Emotionally, it could be described as the release of dopamine in your brain as a reaction to psychological excitement.

~ the grass is green because it contains chlorophyll which is used in the process of photosynthesis to synthesize carbohydrates from water, carbon dioxide, and the sun.

~ I'm not sure what you mean by "Memory's screen", exactly, but I'll assume you're talking about the ability to reproduce visual images that have occured in your mind after their actual occurance. While it's true that little is known about human memory, many things have been determined regarding paths of thought that are either reinforced or fade away depending on how many times you think of them (electricity travels across that particular synapse). So, while you may be able to recall some images that have made an emotional impact on you, others have drifted away that you are no longer even aware of.

~ much is known about electricity. The fact that it can be created and used to our advantage alone implies a wealth of knowlege. Although it would take much too much space here to go into full detail about the physical phenomenon, it is caused, in elementary terms, by the attraction of differently charged particles and the attraction of like charged particles. In fact, were it not for knowlege of electricity and the assurance in an ever-increasing body of knowlege of physics, you would not have this internet forum to share your views with others.

Just a little food for thought, although I don't necessarily disagree with some of your points.

John Shade

( Posted by: John Shade [Member] On: May 27, 2004 )

It served it's purpose, I see...
Thanks, Lorraine and Ivor, for your kind sentiments. And thank you John for reminding me of what I already knew. It's true that science can often tell us how something works, even while being still be devoid of understanding WHAT it is, precisely.

I know that many of us see science as "uncovering" the reality of God. In the majority of ways, it does, I think. Everything reveals Him to me! But there are scientists who call themselves, "pure science" people, who do not share that view. Those are the people of whom I was speaking. It is those persons I feel sorry for when they at last meet their Maker (and I am not speaking of parents here.) Poems can but scratch the surface of detail, and when it moves any person to comment, either to themselves, or others, it has done it's job. All I hoped to do was make some one think a little by stating my opinion.

( Posted by: MaxiiJ [Member] On: May 27, 2004 )

for shizzle
the intention of science isn't to prove god doesn't exist. science is an amalgam of ideas.

yeah, i disagree with the poem. but other than the fact that it's riddled with absurdities, the actual poem flowed well and communicated it's message rather effortlessly. not a fan of the simplistic rhyme scheme, but it gets teh j0b donz0rz.

( Posted by: die_daily [Member] On: May 27, 2004 )

Bog in His Haven
So John already adressed one of the issues I had planned to take with this - to wit the outright falsehood that science doesn't know shit. Good, no need to recover paved ground.

Your rhymes are still flat. Your lines are still often contrived and the whole piece seems forced.

Keep reading, keep trying and keep WORKING at it and your technical problems will start to sort themselves out - unless it is God's will that the flaws in your writing remain.

May you never thirst


( Posted by: Enforced Bliss [Member] On: May 28, 2004 )

To die daily and Enforced Bliss...
You seem to have misinterpreted my message, which only applied to the staunch "science only" mentality in the first place. I never said that science didn't know "anything." I said it doesn't know everything when it challenges God, and those things not yet proven should be taken by faith until they are proved.

Most things which can not be seen in one way or another will NEVER be proven: for God will see to that, just to keep proud and haughty scorners off balance!

I grew up in a family that spoke applied calculus and electrical and aerospace engineering at every supper event, and often in between. I grew up around the University of Florida and graduated from their satellite school.

All my life I heard people boasting about "education" and scoffing at "faith." Most of them were jerks who were so education-minded they were no earthly good! When their education didn't turn out the way they wanted, hoped or anticipated, they turned into druggies or career students because their choices were so limited.

True education I embrace, just as I embrace true religion. My religion has helped me find answers to eternal questions that science keeps putting off and putting off: You see, science told me, at 29, that I had terminal cancer and would be dead in less than a year! God told me I’m healed. I’m still here at 57. Who would you believe under those circumstances? If you chose science, you’d be dead now.

Oh, about the rhyme and rhythm, I'll keep working on it. Thanks for the critiques.

( Posted by: MaxiiJ [Member] On: May 28, 2004 )

That's Entertainment
Madam, I would like to write something like this and get as much criticism! Hahaha! I like the part about the memory screen.

( Posted by: PETERPAULINO [Member] On: June 18, 2004 )

I enjoyed this. I too see God in all things. Thank you for the beautiful write. I loved the way it flowed!


( Posted by: nae411 [Member] On: June 19, 2004 )

God has just spoken from each and every one of us here...
I thought it was right on in "the heat in a kiss" or "what “electricity” is" ...
And while Science (et al) has an ability (albeit limited)to explain the PHYSICS of something that exists in time and space... there is much more yet to explain... (ie: Emotion, Human Memory, Thought, just to list a few)...
Unfortunately, when they can't explain it, they discredit it...
I liked it very much...

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: June 19, 2004 )

another wowsers for the audience :)
I think that the message is within the eye of the beholder... or you know what I'm saying.. I really liked your poem. Don't worry about trying to explain your point to the other people.. because the message will be different for every reader and that's something we can't change. The point is that they got a message and the fact that you got a message across shows skill. I like your poem and thought it was actually quite cute. I guess it could use some work.. but I think it's life's imperfections that make it all more worth the living.. so why try so hard to strive for perfection? Your poem is fine.. don't change it for anyone ;)

( Posted by: SuGapLuM1107 [Member] On: June 19, 2004 )

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