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Third Era of Zunal
October 1, 1348
Jayzon Smithonian: Chapter 1-Betrayal and Specter sighting

Jayzon was at the age of 18. Young and energetic, black hair brown eyes, trimed body, and athletic.
Jayzon lived with his father and mother in a 2 bed room house outside of Canster. Regal, his father, was scuffy and rough looking, with a built body, with gray hair and brown eyes . He was old, but refused to tell his age to his wife or son. Salla, his mother, had long straight hair blue eyes, slender body, and at the age of thirty-four.

Jayzon grew up an only child on his farm. He was born in Canster, but was raised on the outskirts of Canster. As time passed he was able to fish. Jayzon usually ate fish that he would catch out of King's Sea. He started plowing the field when he reached the age of eighteen. Jayzon father, Regal, was getting old and couldn't run around like he used to do. From time to time Regal would plow the field, but most of the time Jayzon did it out of his own good will. Jayzon grew to dislike his mother for he knew she was not very loyal to his father.

At times Jayzon would here creaking sounds outside his door. He thought it was just the house settling down. Then on October 1, 1348, Jayzon heard more clamors outside his door. This time around he decided to investigate the uproar of sounds. Jayzon gradually opened the door to view the living room of his home. Upon contemplating the area Jayzon noticed a slick shadow exiting the house through the door. Jayzon, being his normal self. Slipped on some of his work boots to follow. Jayzon picked up his small sword for protection, then headed out the door. Jayzon stopped suddenly when he saw the figure once again. He knew not whether it was his father or mother. Jayzon slowly walked to the corner of the house, also, being careful not to step on anything that would emit noise into the area. The shadow turned around to view the vicinity but didn't care for anything at the moment.

Jayzon peeked his head around the corner of the house only to see the shadowy figure riding off on their one and only horse. The horse pick up speed then rode off in the distance. Jayzon waited twenty seconds then followed. It was a good run to Canster; however, Jayzon knew he could make it, he was in good shape.

After a 15 minute run Jayzon entered Canster. Jayzon immediately saw his horse tied around a tree in front of Jerek Greenwald's house. Jayzon crept to the side of the house to the first window he saw, hoping to see his mother inside a room. Jayzon couldn't see anything through the window. This room appeared to be the bedroom, considering that it had a two-person bed. The room was pitch dark except for one light that hung on the wall. Jayzon heard a faint sound in the room beyond the door. It was his mother talking to Jerek Greenwald. His mother was giggling and laughing along with Jerek. Jayzon moved the window a little hoping it would open. To his surprise it slide open. He phlegmatically moved himself to the floor. The floor bent and creaked under his weight. He hoped he hadn't made any sound that would disrupt the other two in the room.

Jayzon stealthily made his way to the door. Jayzon touched the door, and put his left ear to it. On the other side he heard: "Jerek, can I trust you to get the job done?"
"Yes. You can trust me. I'll kill Regal, and make it look like an accident. It can't go wrong."
"Regal, is very old. I'm still very young. I have a lot of life left in me. I want him dead before tonight is over. Am I clear?"
"Yes Salla. It will be done. But first..."

Jayzon heard footsteps coming close to the door. He knew he had only seconds to hide. Jayzon put his back to the wall and took the classic hiding spot, behind the door. The door flew opened and walked in Jerek first. Salla walked in next. The door swung back and hit Jayzon's nose, busting it. The blood poured from his nose. His shirt soaked up most of the blood, but some dripped on the floor. Jayzon looked on the floor to see his blood on it. There was nothing he could do. Jayzon slid out from behind the door and made his way to the door leading back outside. Jayzon noticed Jerek and his mother kissing on his bed. He didn't care. Being outside again Jayzon sprinted back home knowing that in a couple of hours Jerek would be coming to kill his father whom he loved.

In 15 minutes Jayzon was home again. Jayzon rushed to his father and told him of the ordeal.
"My son, why would Salla want me dead, I have done nothing to deserve this?"
"You ask a question that I know not the answer to. But I do know that she wants you dead. Go hide in the barn and I'll take care of Jerek and mother."
"Jayzon, my son, do not kill your mother. Hate her not. I know you do for she has betrayed our trust. But I beg of you don't kill her for she is my wife."
"I honor your request father. I do this only because you ask me so. Now come father let me help you to the barn."

Jayzon and Regal went to the barn. Jayzon hid his father in the far back in the darkness. Jayzon still had his short sword yet it didn't seem long enough for the job. Jayzon grabbed his homemade claymore Maramav, meaning slayer. Jayzon quickly went to his father's bedside and covered himself.

An hour passed, then walked in Jerek and Salla. Jerek opened the door to the bedroom. The light from the fireplace came into the room like the sun coming over the horizon in the morning. Jerek walked around the bed at a slow steady pace, making sure not to make any sound. Salla was standing in the doorway waiting for Jerek to strike Regal. Jayzon moved Maramav to the side waiting to stick Jerek. Perspiration was building on Jayzon forehead as he waited to kill. Jerek unsheathed his sword readying himself. Jerek raised the sword getting ready to kill the supposed Regal through the heart. Jayzon quickly rose from the bed and stabbed Jerek through the stomach. Jayzon pushed the claymore deeper into his body. The claymore stuck out on the oppisite side of his body. Jerek froze from the shock. He spit up blood from his mouth. He reached out for Salla then fell back on the wall dead. A pool of blood formed around Jerek as his lifeless body lay there. Jayzon pulled Maramav from Jerek's body then turned to his dishonorable mother who was stumbling backwards to the door outside.

Jayzon swiftly seized his mother arm. Disgusted with her, Jayzon threw on the floor. Jayzon paced the floor trying to control the rage which burned within him. Jayzon stabbed Maramav in the floor, which made Salla jump. Jayzon looked at his mother eye to eye:
"Why are you frightened so?"
"I.... I...Jerek..."
"I should slay you where you sit. But I honor father’s request not to kill you. I should slit your throat cause you certainly didn't honor my father and your husband you shameful dog," screamed Jayzon with anger. “Why would you do such a thing. Father has done so much for you and me. But you...betray our trust and go behind our back with your own devious plans. Why did you want father dead?"
"He...he...beat me," said the lying Salla.

Jayzon punched the wall next to Salla's head with anger fueling him. Salla lowered her head in shame.
Leaves crackled outside the door, then it opened, it was Regal. "Jayzon, I beg of you, do not kill your mother. I'll handle it from here. For whatever reasons there is, she does not deserve to die, not yet any way. “Let me decide that for now."
"But father-"
"No buts. I'll handle it. You go outside and let your anger reside. You need not be in here."
"Yes father."
"Is Jerek dead?"
"Yes," said Jayzon walking out the door.

Inside Jayzon heard his father talking to Salla softly. Jayzon went to the door and cracked it open hoping to here what was going on inside. Jayzon couldn't make anything out what was being said. Jayzon gave up on listening then went to the barn to check on the horse. Before he got to the barn he heard the horse neighing and jumping. Jayzon turned around to make sure nothing was behind him. In the distance he saw something moving in the darkness. It was a tall black figure. Jayzon moved in closer thinking it was a person moving about or was lost. Jayzon noticed something different about the figure. Instead of hands there were eagle claws. In place of their feet were grotesque lion feet. His face was of a human, but skin parts were gone from its face. Skin was missing from his face. Gooey hair covered his neck and the back of his head. His eyes glowed red in the dark of the night. The armor that covered his body was black. The armor was red from what look-liked blood. Jayzon saw various pins sticking from the armor that had purple liquid dripping from it. The curious part of Jayzon took over, he moved in closer to the creature. Jayzon stopped when the piercing eyes of the creature stared straight at him. Jayzon froze with fear. He hoped the red eyes hadn't seen him. It looked at him and roared like a high-pitched lion roar. The roar left Jayzon ears stinging. It lasted for five seconds straight. The creature turned around and made a fast sprint toward the moon. Then it fell on all four legs like a dog or cat running. It disappeared into the darkness. Jayzon still frozen with fear stood staring at the moon. The red glowing eyes flashed across his mind. Jayzon ran on back to the house and burst through the door looking like he had seen a ghost.
"Father, mother. I just so a horrific creature. “

Jayzon explained what the creature looked like and how it ran. Regal turned pale for he knew what it was.
"Father, father, you something. What was that thing?"
"Regal, tell us what you know," said Salla shaking Regal with fear.
"I have read about these being in old history books and was told of them by my father. They’re made of pure evil.
They have neither heart nor soul. Their bred from the evil place in Scara known as Morga Ma'nana. It’s a massive stronghold that Mordrid dwells. No human being has even penetrated the fortress. The being you saw is called Specters or Children of Darkness, most commonly known as Specters. If these things are roaming the lands then this means that Mordrid has awoken again, the King of Darkness, the Evil One. If the Specters are running across the land then the head of the Specters Rickmogmonen is here somewhere running with them. Jayzon, Salla, we must leave this place now. It is not safe anymore. We must leave."

Hour later...

October 2, 1348

"Do we have everything that will be essential to us?"

Regal checked Jayzon bag making sure that he had hunting tools, herbs for healing, fire starters, and other tools for the journey across Kilster Island. Jayzon volunteered to carry all the weight for his mother and father.
"Father, we have a horse. Can't we use him to carry some of the weight?"
"Yes; yet, I'll need the horse to ride for I am weak. I'll walk on foot some, but not much. When I'm walking Salla will be riding. I'll load the horse down with the tent and what little food we have. I'm sorry you have to carry such a load on your back my son."
"I understand father. I'll bear the weight with honor and hold my head high."
"Now Jayzon," said Regal anxiously,"do you have Maramave for protection in case we get separtrated?"
"Yes father," said Jayzon putting the large leather bag on his back. Salla winced at the sound of the claymore dubbed Maramave for it had killed Jerek so violently by Jayzon hand.

Jayzon, Regal, Salla walked out the door slowly. Cool air refreshed all the Smithonian's for it was stuffy inside the old house from which they were departing from for now. Regal took the lantern to the barn to load down the horse with the tent and other food items. Regal led the horse outside on a reign. Salla walked over to the horse and pulled herself up. "Shall we go men," said Salla looking at Jayzon. Jayzon still had bitterness toward his mother. To him she didn't deserve to live. Whatever Regal said Salla must've made her come back to him.

Jayzon viewed his house that he had lived in for 18 years. He was now leaving it. Far as he knew never to come back. A flash of memories flooded his mind. All the times he played with his father as mother watch them. Now the house was nothing but a spot on the land. A tear fell from his face. Jayzon knelt on the ground and said a prayer over it:

I'm leaving now,
Never to return,
Oh please Arma,
Watcher over Zunal,
Don't let my house fall,
Keep you hand upon this place,
Please don't let it blow away,
Lend your ears to the sounds,
Of evil that may roam around,
Hold this house up with your mighty hand,
Oh don't let it fall on this land,
Don't let it fall.

Author Note: I've took care of most of the errors now. I'm working an older version of Microsoft Word. Its 97. Its suffice. I'll finish writing part 1 of chapter 2 and get it on here as soon as possible. Later.

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today. - James Dean


The following comments are for "The Life of Zunal: Part 1-Chapter 1 Revised"
by Witness95

This seems like a cool story. I like your use of old english style writing and the variety of words suc as "emit" and "phlegmatically". 0ne thing I saw that I think could have improved the story was more use of pronouns instead of saying Jayzon over and over. Also the two main parts of the section: Jerek trying to kill regal and Jayzon seeing the monster, seem irrelevant to eachother so I supose Ill have to finish the story for it all to make sense. I look forward to reading the rest of the story. Keep in mind however you probally shouldnt take my word for this because I'm only a junior in highschool

( Posted by: bowman365 [Member] On: June 24, 2004 )

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