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A/N- This is the first story I have written that I actually liked and my friends really liked it too. So I decided to open an account on a website and I heard about this one in the Time magazine and it sounded kewl. Please review my stories or at least read them. Thanks!
(Sorry for any mistakes)

The Hazel Eyes- Part 1

The alarm went off next to Nancy’s bed and she groggily reached over to turn it off. She never seemed to get enough sleep. Slowly she pulled herself out of bed and walked over to her closet to get ready for school. She pulled on a baggy black shirt and winced as it tugged on the earcuff she had just gotten just a few days earlier. Next she pulled on a pair of jeans that could’ve fit her skinny composure.
Beginning to wake up, Nancy went over to her mirror. She hated the way she looked. Her nose was small, and sharp, she had big ears and her dark, long straight hair fell limply on her back. She had died the ends neon pink and it went wonderfully with her hair. The only thing Nancy truly loved about herself and was envied by others was her bright, emerald green eyes. Her mother always said she had her father's eyes, but she wouldn’t know. Her father left them before Nancy was even born.
Slowly and carefully Nancy put on her black mascara, black eyeliner and gray eyeshadow. She grabbed her schoolbag and went downstairs to face her mother.
When Nancy first began acting, dressing and doing the things she does her mother would argue and try to get her to change. Nancy supposed her mother had given up because she had stopped arguing and only frowned upon it.
As usual her mother said nothing about what she was wearing but shook her head when she thought Nancy wasn’t looking.
With twenty minutes until the bus came Nancy busied herself with making her lunch. It was the usual bologna and mayo sandwich, chips and a diet Pepsi, which she threw away when she got to school anyway. Then she brushed her long hair while watching early morning cartoons.
At 7:00 Nancy left for the bus stop without eating breakfast. She hadn’t eaten breakfast since she was twelve years old, which was three years ago.
When Nancy climbed onto the bus she chose an empty seat in the back. She took great joy in watching the twelve to thirteen year old children cower away from her as she walked down the aisle.
As usual everyone her age and above were making fun of her, but all she had to do was make sure they saw the pocket knife she carried everywhere and sharpened every night and they’d shut up until at least tomorrow morning.
Nancy went straight up to her locker when they got to school because Elle was supposed to be there waiting for her. Elle was Nancy’s best friend and they looked almost exactly alike except for a few differences. Elle’s hair was the same length as Nancy’s but it was blonde with tips that were died neon blue. Her ears were considerably smaller and her eyes were a light hazel. Sometimes people thought they were sisters.
But today Elle looked different. Black mascara was running down her tear-streaked face. Before Nancy could even ask what was wrong Elle blurted out, “He broke up with me! Can you believe that little fucking bitch!? I can’t believe he did this to me! I didn’t do anything to him! He just broke it off!” In a fresh wave of tears Elle slid down against Nancy’s locker with her head tucked into her knees.
Speechless Nancy fell down to her knees and kneeled next to Elle until her crying subsided. Elle spilled everything. Starting with the date of their one-year anniversary and how they had a great time. Then right before he dropped her off he said it was over because things weren’t working out. Elle fell into a new batch of tears; her mascara was now even dripping down her neck. Nancy knew that soon the hallways would be flooded with people. She heaved Elle to her feet and started to lead the sobbing girl to the girls’ bathroom. “Elle, don’t do this to yourself over him. Henry never appreciated you like a boyfriend should. Trust me Elle, you’re much better off without him. You’ll find someone else,” said Nancy. She kept saying words of encouragement while she wiped away the running mascara and using the extra makeup in her bag, fixed Elle’s eyes and put some blush on to cover the redness from crying on her face. After a short silence Elle said, “I really liked his ride.”
Nancy and Elle both laughed. Nancy knew that with Elle being back to her sarcastic self she was on her way to recovery.
They left the bathroom in a hurry and walked briskly to Nancy’s locker.
As she slammed her locker shut they saw Henry Baltin walking towards them. Henry was very tall had bleached hair, a growing mustache and a big nose. He was extremely hot and obviously a part of Nancy’s crowd even though she didn’t like him. He didn’t give a glance at the two of them as he passed.
The bell rang and at the same time Elle whispered in her ear,” He’s going to pay for this.” Nancy knew Elle and when she said something she followed through with it. Turning to say something to her, all she saw was the back of Elle’s head walking away from her.
With a long sigh Nancy headed off in the other direction to by far her worst subject, math.
Over the next few days life went on as usual for Nancy. She noticed however that Elle was acting strangely. She always acted very cheerful and happy and was always smiling. This was totally unlike her normal self, to always be smiling. Nancy supposed this was all just an act and on the inside Elle’s intestines were being turned inside out. Occasionally Nancy would ask Elle how she was doing and if there was anything she wanted to talk about. Each time Elle insisted Nancy was right, without Henry her life was much happier and more enjoyable. Nancy didn’t fall for it as everyone else did. Elle’s words, “He’s going to pay for this,” were constantly ringing in her ears.
One night Nancy was awoken by a loud noise. Assuming it was her alarm clock and it was time to wake up for school she reached over to turn it off, but no matter how many times she pushed the button, the sound continued. Suddenly Nancy sat bolt upright and grabbed the telephone to say a rushed, “Hello.”
“Nancy it’s me.”
“Elle! What are you doing calling me in the middle of the night? I have a huge math test tomorrow.”
“I’m sorry Nancy but this is important.” Nancy could hear the note of panic and fear in her voice.
“Elle, what’s wrong?”
Elle burst into hysterical tears. I between sobs she said, “Nancy… I, I, I didn’t mean to do it. I… hurt him… I don’t know if he’s alive. Nancy what am I going to do?”
“Calm down Elle. What happened?”
“Ok, well… I was really mad at him for dumping me. I climbed through his bedroom window and saw that he was asleep. I grabbed a lamp and bashed it over his head. Then I, I…”
Nancy waited patiently.
“I, I… I took the knife out of my bag and stabbed him with it again and again. O God Nancy I don’t think he’s alive. He wasn’t breathing, there was blood everywhere. I don’t know what to do. Nancy, I don’t want to go to jail for the rest of my life, you’ve got to help me.”
“Elle, listen to me. Calm down. Take deep breaths. Where are you?”
“I’m at a payphone a couple streets from Henry’s house.”’
“”Throw you’re your bag, the knife and anything else that has blood on it into the nearest dumpster. After you do that you need to go home, try to get some sleep and at school tomorrow act shocked and surprised and like nothing happened last night. OK?”
“Yeah, yeah, I got it. Hey Nancy?”
“Do you think I’ll go to jail or at least get caught?”
“I don’t know Elle. Just hope for the best. I got to go. See you tomorrow at school.”
“Yeah, bye, see ya.”
Nancy lay back in her bed. She couldn’t believe Elle had actually killed him. It wasn’t a shock really, more of a surprise that she hadn’t done it sooner. Elle sure is going to need rehabilitation from this one, Nancy thought. Nancy lay awake for another hour thinking about what was going to happen tomorrow once everyone found out Henry was dead.
In the morning Elle and Nancy were very quiet which was no trouble because when they were around other people they were quiet anyway. Nancy suffered through one period after another just waiting for the announcement.
At 4th period (American Studies) the school’s principle, Mr. Santorase, interrupted the class because he had a “devastating” announcement. Nancy knew what was coming.
“Last night, one of our fellow students died,” said Mr. Santorase. “He was found this morning in his bed, with seven stab wounds to his chest and a heavy blow to his head. This young man, whose life was taken from him so violently, was Henry Baltin.”
Many people seemed surprised and looked sympathetic but Henry’s friends looked shocked. Nancy knew later they’d cry, she knew it took a little while for the fact to sink in. Nancy herself put on a sympathetic and concerned face as Henry’s best friend grabbed his things and left the room. No one tried to stop him.
“If anyone has any information on who might’ve killed Henry Baltin, please go to the police immediately.” And with that he left the room and was seen going to the classroom across the hall, the class Elle was in. Nancy hoped she would be ok.
A week went by and no one suspected Elle, at least, not at first. Elle called Nancy after school one day. Right away she knew something was wrong.
Elle’s voice had the same panic in it. Nancy hoped she hadn’t killed another person.
Elle sputtered out,” They think I did it, the police think I did it.”
“Well, you did, didn’t you?”
“Yeah but that’s not the point. The police came over to my house and questioned me. Someone must’ve told them that he broke up with me and I haven’t been acting like myself ever since, or something like that.”
“I wouldn’t worry about it. I watch this stuff on TV a lot. There’s never just one suspect. You’re probably one of the few.”
“I don’t care how many there are. I only care that I’m one of them. And probably the prime one because I had reason above all the other suspects, I don’t know who they are, but I probably did. The main part is if they suspect me, they’ll investigate, find out I did it and put me in jail for the rest of my life.”
“Elle, you have to stay calm. When they question you stay calm. Everything will hopefully be ok.”
“Nancy! You’re not supposed to be talking on the phone until you finish your homework!” yelled Nancy’s mother from downstairs.
“Elle, I got to go, I’ll call you when I’m done with my homework.”
“Elle, don’t do anything to hurt yourself. I don’t want the past to repeat it’s self.”
“I know, I know. But I’m not promising anything.” Elle hung up before she could say anything.
Nancy never finished her homework that night.
The next day Elle wasn’t in school. Nancy kept telling herself that Elle probably skipped so she could think things over and be by herself. Nancy knew Elle thought best when left to herself. In the back of her head her deepest fear and memory was gnawing at her mind. She tried to push it away but it held fast. She didn’t want that memory to repeat it’s self.
After school Nancy kept calling Elle’s house but every time no one answered. Finally Nancy surrendered to her language arts homework, hoping that tomorrow Elle would be in school.
At about 8:00 that night Nancy was watching a stupid old black and white movie her mom rented. In her own world she was strangling the annoying guy that kept singing corny songs. When the phone rang Nancy picked it up eagerly, hoping it was Elle. But instead it was a deep male voice.
“Hello. May I please speak to Miss. Nancy Minkten.”
“This is her.”
“Are you familiar with Miss. Elle Franktone?”
“Yes. She’s my best friend.”
A growing fear was slowly building in her chest.
“I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Elle’s body was found in her bathroom. Apparently she slit her wrists and overdosed on drugs. I’m sorry.”
Nancy dropped the phone and it smashed on the wood floors
Her mom walked in and said, “Nancy! You clumsy girl! Do you know how expensive good phones are?!” She looked up at Nancy’s face that was twisted into an unnatural position, a position that she’s seen only once before. “What’s wrong?”
Nancy collapsed and when she hit the floor, memories came flooding back to her.
Her mind went back to two years ago when she lived miles from here and her best friend was a girl named Carrie, who always getting beat on by her dad. The last time she had gotten a call like that was because Carrie had hung herself on her bathroom shower rod. Carrie couldn’t take it anymore so she ended it. Nancy slumped into depression and attempted to take her own life as well. She still had the scars on her wrists. To get away from the pain Nancy and her mother moved to where they are now.
Then Nancy thought about Elle before this whole thing had started. She was smiling and laughing, her hazel eyes with a cheerful twinkle in them. Nancy would never forget those hazel eyes.
Suddenly she became aware of a sharp pain on her head. She assumed she had hit it on the coffee table when she collapsed. She heard her mother yelling and felt herself being turned to lie flat on her back. With the image of Elle before her eyes Nancy slipped into unconsciousness.

The Hazel Eyes- Part 2

When Nancy woke up she was confused at first and couldn’t figure out where she was. Everything was white. The curtains, the sheets, her clothes, the walls. She was all alone. Then a woman also dressed in white walked in. She said, “Oh Nancy. You’ve woken up. I’ll tell your mother and she’ll be in just a minute.”
The woman turned to leave but Nancy called out, “Wait! Please, tell me where I am and what I’m doing here.”
The woman said calmly, “ You’re in the Wintamog Hospital and you’re here because you hurt your head.” Nancy reached up to feel her head and was surprised to find bandages. With a last worried glance the woman left the room. Nancy looked around and began to remember. This room looked exactly like the one she had been in after she tried to kill herself years ago. But, she thought, that was miles away but chances are all these rooms look pretty much the same anyway.
When Nancy’s mother came into the room Nancy was playing with the bed that went up and down by pushing buttons. It took a second for Nancy to realize her mother was standing in the doorway with tears running down her face. “Mom, I’m ok, really. I’ll be fine.”
“I know Nancy but I was so worried. Elle’s mother told me what happened. I’m so sorry. This nightmare just won’t leave us alone.”
“Mom, it just makes me cry more when people say they’re sorry.” Tears began to run down her face at the thought of Elle’s face. Her mother pulled her into a hug but Nancy pulled out just as quickly.
Suddenly, a man appeared in the doorway of Nancy’s room. Nancy saw him first and said, “Do you mind?”
The man continued to stand in the door and just smile.
“Hello! Go away! I think you have the wrong room.”
The man continued to stand there. Nancy’s mom finally turned and just smiled back at the man and said, “She’s all right, she’s going to be ok.”
Nancy’s mouth just hung open in absolute amazement until she finally managed to say, “Mom, you know this guy!”
“Of course honey.”
“What is he doing here and who is he?”
“I believe I can answer that question,” the strange man said.
Cautiously he began to walk into the room.
“Your mother called me to tell me what happened and of course I came right over to see what I could do.
I’ve been dying to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you.”
When he finished he was standing right next to Nancy’s mom who was sitting on the edge of Nancy’s bed.
“Who are you?”
“You don’t recognize me.”
“No. Why? Should I?”
“Take a good look at me and then you can decide.”
Nancy looked him over from head to foot. She didn’t think she had ever seen him before. When she turned away, she did a double take. She looked right into the stranger’s eyes and she knew who he was. He had bright emerald green eyes. Only one other person she’s ever seen had eyes like that, herself.
“That’s right honey, I’m your father.”
He looked happy. Happy was the total opposite from what Nancy was feeling. She felt a surge of anger, hate, and sadness all at once and wanted only revenge. Nancy couldn’t understand how he could leave her and her mom before she was even born, come back fifteen years later and expect a warm, loving welcome.
She let him know how she felt too. She screamed at him to go away, that she didn’t need a father, nor does she want one. After that she just kept screaming and lashing out at anyone that came near her. No one could understand what she was saying, even she didn’t know, words just kept coming.
In her mind she could see only images. She saw Elle’s smiling face, her mother’s scolding one, green eyes on a strange face. It was all too much.
The next thing she knew a lot of men and women in white coats came rushing into her room. They all held her down no matter how much she struggled. Soon she ran out of breath and was to exhausted to move. All she could hear was a distant voice saying, “Is she okay? Is she okay? Is my baby girl all right?”
Even though her eyes were closed she sensed her mom and “dad” had left. The last thing she remembered was a mask being slipped onto her face and instant relaxation came. Next came a deep, deep sleep.
Once again Nancy woke up surrounded by white. But this time she knew where she was. No one was around and she was glad about that. Nancy thought best when she was alone, just like.
For the two hours she was alone she thought about her dad, her mom, Elle, Henry, Carrie and what she was going to do about the horrible change her young and fragile life was taking. She knew what she had to do, to stop the pain and get to the only two people that she had ever loved. Nancy knew that to accomplish her task she had to first get out of this hospital. And to do that she needed to physically get better and fake the state of her mind.
Within a week Nancy’s wound healed and she pretended to be happy. She pretended she was happy to spend time with her mom and dad and to get to know her dad. But inside she was screaming and only wanted only revenge. She hid this well however.
Eventually Nancy got her wish. She was released form the hospital. A week felt like a month in a hospital. She’d still have to go to her psychiatrist two times a week however. But Nancy was not an ignorant girl. She knew to pull this off she’d have to play the role of a happy person a little longer. This plan was going well. But one day, she snapped.
It started as a normal day. She woke up, got dressed, put her makeup on, and went downstairs. Her “dad” was watching TV and drinking a cup of coffee. You see, when Nancy was released form the hospital, her “father” moved in with them. Her mom was reading the paper, also drinking a cup of coffee. She knew something was up by the way her “parents” kept glancing at each other. She chose to pretend she didn’t notice and poured herself a bowl of cold cereal. Nancy sat down at the kitchen table across from her mother and began to eat. Her mom kept her eyes on the newspaper but her eyes weren’t moving so Nancy knew she was thinking. She commenced to eat slowly, to give her mom more time to say whatever it was she wanted to say.
Finally, when she was on the last bite, her mother said, “Nancy, I think it’s time we talked about something.”
“Ok. What do you want to talk about?” replied Nancy in questioning tone.
In reply her mother turned to her “dad” and said, “Robyn, would you mind giving us some privacy for a few minutes?”
“Sure honey. I’ll be upstairs watching TV.”
“Lazy ass,” Nancy thought for the tenth morning in a row Nancy almost lost her breakfast at these words, but as she practiced, she managed to conceal the jolt in her stomach.
When he was safely upstairs, her mother turned to her; she looked as if she was about to cry. Slowly she began, “There’s something we didn’t tell you. When they found Elle, there was a note…” her mother paused on these words as if they were too painful to say, and it was. “It had your name on it. The police gave it to me while you were still unconscious. Your doctors said not to give it to you for a while, but I think you should have it now.” She reached into her pocket and pulled an envelope out of her back pocket that had Nancy written on the front in Elle’s neat handwriting. With a trembling hand Nancy took the envelope from her mother and stared at it. She put it down and got up. As if in a trance, she walked to the junk drawer and got a letter opener. Usually she just ripped open letters but she didn’t want to ruin the last thing her friend had given her. A few moments later Nancy sat across from her mother who was crying, tears filling her own eyes as she read.

Dear Nancy,
Henry was my love but he dumped me out the door like I was trash. So I got my revenge. The revenge I got was not what I wanted. For it was one side of me fighting against the other. The guilt was gnawing away at me, turning me into nothing. Every time you reached out to me, my only and best friend, I turned you away, but inside I was screaming with the things I wanted to tell, to share. When the police suspected me I knew the guilt could not go on forever. I had to tell you but you must understand that I did not want to spend the rest of my life in a prison surrounded by people worse then me, I’d go insane.
I regret to inform you that nothing anyone could say or do could stop me from what I am about to do. But I want you to remember, to carry the memory of me with you forever and never let go. Promise me, you will not do the same thing I am about to do. Many people that love you, would miss you. I know you do not think that your mother loves you but she does, she really does.

I have to go now Nancy. Do not make the same mistake I did. Move on, meet other people, live your life, but never let go of me.

Love Forever and Always,

P.S. I love you Nancy. I never meant to hurt you.

When Nancy had finished reading she looked up at her mom who was crying. She closed her eyes and saw Elle’s face and her beautiful hazel eyes. Nancy began to sob uncontrollably. Her tears splattered Elle’s latter and she screamed torn between grief and anger.
She sat there for what seemed like hours, days. She felt hands reaching out to her, to comfort her but she tore away and ran. Nancy didn’t stop until she was in her room, on her bed. She was blinded to everything except Elle’s words and face.
Nancy stayed in her room for a week. Every time someone knocked on her door she’d scream at them to go away or if she was crying she’d scream obscenities. Whenever Nancy’s tears subsided she’d read Elle’s letter and break down in fresh tears.
Every night Nancy was kept awake by the sound of her mother’s voice. She kept saying, “It’s my fault. The doctors told me not to give it to her but I did anyway.”
“It’s all right. She’ll come out when she’s ready,” replied her father’s soothing voice.
On the eighth day of being in her room, while she was lying on her back in the middle of her dark room, the door flung open. The sudden light temporarily blurred her vision. Her father had had enough. “Get off the floor, turn these lights on and come downstairs!”
“Go away,” replied Nancy weakly.
“I will not go away! I am your father and is I tell you to do something you will do it!”
“You’re no father of mine,” said Nancy in the same weak tone.
“Come on Nancy, get up! That girl Elle, is no use crying over.”
He had finally reached the height of Nancy’s patience and anger. She jumped off the floor in one leap. She was easily the same height as him.
“You have no right to talk about Elle like that. She was my best friend, the only person I loves!
Don’t you ever tell me what to do! I have no father! You may be my father by blood but a real father would not leave his wife and unborn child and then come back fifteen years later as if nothing ever happened!”
For a second that seemed like an eternity her father looked at her with pure hatred and disgust, He raised his hand and hit Nancy across the face. The force was so powerful it knocked her to the floor where her ribs slammed into the edge of a table. Her face felt like it was on fire.
“I expect you downstairs in ten minutes,” he calmly said.
When he left Nancy wanted to cry. The pain was beyond endurance. But no more tears were left in her emerald eyes.
As her father had told her, in ten minutes she was downstairs. She had some trouble breathing but it wouldn’t bother her for much longer. Her parents were watching TV.
“Hello Nancy,” her father said with a large grin.
“Nancy, I’m so glad you’ve finally left your room. What would you like, is there anything I can get you?” her mother asked eagerly.
“No thanks,” Nancy quickly answered, her eyes still on her father. She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t tell her mother what he did. A person can only take so much suffering.
To please her mother, Nancy reluctantly sat with her parents to watch a stupid educational program on sharks. Parents are so weird. You’ve just left you room after a week, have a history of depression, you’re best friend committed suicide, and you’ve tried to kill yourself before and they don’t even let you pick what you want to watch on TV.
At 9:00 Nancy told her mother she was tired and went back upstairs. Instead of going to bed she dashed around her room collecting a belt, two rubber bands and her pocketknife. Before going into the bathroom though she wrote a quick but heartfelt note to her mother and whoever wanted to read it
By tiptoeing to the other side of the hallway she made it to the bathroom undetected. The door automatically locked with a soft click. For a few minutes Nancy stared at herself in the mirror and thought. She thought about her mother, her father, Elle, Carrie and the pain of life, the pain of death.
She picked up the belt. It was plain enough. Leather, a buckle, five holes. Next she picked up the rubber bands and slipped one onto each of her upper arms. A dull throbbing could be felt where the rubber bands were cutting off the circulation. Her mind slipped into insanity as she picked up her sharp and gleaming pocketknife. Slowly she dug deep into her skin and cut all the way up her major vein. Red blood was soon on her arms, her shirt, her jeans and pouring as if a waterfall onto the white bathroom tiles. With a shaky hand she did the same to the other arm. The pain was horrible. Like ten dogs were ripping her arms off. Through the blinding pain she grabbed the belt off the sink and fumbling with her fingers slipped the buckle into the tightest hole. Now she couldn’t even breathe. She fell to the floor and could feel more pain where her head collided with the toilet.
Her last thought was Elle and Carrie. Then her brain shut off. It only shut off in a sense, she stopped thinking, stopped remembering.
Everything became red and hazy as she closed her eyes. Nancy Minkten’s lifeless body lay limply on the floor.

A few hours later Nancy’s mother was pounding on the bathroom door near hysterics. She knew Nancy was in there but no reply came and the door was locked fast. With Robyn’s help they pried, pulled and heaved the door right off it’s hinges.
“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!” screamed Mrs. Minkten in a very shrill and high voice right before she fainted. For she saw Nancy lying on the floor in a pool of red, almost black blood with a belt on her neck and the pale, revolting face of what used to be a bright, beautiful girl.
Robyn picked up his wife’s supple body and gently laid her on the ugly blue plaid couch and calmly called the authorities.
As if a zombie he went back upstairs to look at Nancy’s room. For the first time he noticed that it was blue right down to the last tack on the wall. The room showed no personality, nothing that would stand out as she something she liked or enjoyed. It also wasn’t like a normal teenager’s room though in the sense that it was not messy. Not a piece of paper was on the floor.
He walked over to Nancy’s desk and observed a picture. Two beautiful girls that looked remarkably alike were smiling and hugging each other. One he recognized as Nancy, the other he assumed must’ve been Elle. Next he picked up a note laying in plain sight. It read:

Dear Mom,
I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I know you’ll miss me but keep living. It’s not your fault. I hate life and was very unhappy. I missed Elle and Carrie and needed to be with them. I know a week ago I acted perfectly fine but I wasn’t. Every day I was driving myself closer to the edge. I might still be alive if my father hadn’t come back. It was he who was killing me. I wanted to kill him everyday for leaving and coming back now at the worst time. I’ll miss you MOM. Do me a favor. Please bury Elle’s suicide not and the picture of her and me on my desk with me.

Love your daughter,

Robyn out the note back in almost the same spot on the desk. He sat down on Nancy’s bed and began to cry.

The Hazel Eyes- Part 3

“Am I still alive?” Nancy asked herself out loud. White. The only color to be seen. Except Nancy’s clothing. She was wearing what looked like a gold prom dress. But unlike a prom dress it was extremely comfortable.
A door was open on the other side of the completely white room that was lit up though the source was a mystery.

Gingerly she walked across the crystal white, glowing floor and looked out the door. Outside the room was a hallway with the same characteristics as the room she had just left. All along the hallway were open doors. Nancy went right and entered the nearest room. There was a man sitting all alone staring at a blank white (what a surprise) wall. He seemed to be only around twenty.
“Excuse me. Do you know where we are?”
No reply.
“All right. Thanks for the help.”
Nancy walked to the next room across the hall. In this room was a little girl, about seven.
“Excuse me. Do you know where we are?” repeated Nancy.
The girl looked up and stared at Nancy.
“This is purgatory. We’re all dead and waiting for our turn to get into heaven or hell. The room you appeared in is yours.”
“What? We’re dead?”
“Of course we’re dead,” she sighed. “New comers always have trouble adjusting.”
“Oh well, do you know how I’d find someone that’s also dead?”
“Yeah but it’s impossible. If they hadn’t died this month, you’ll be wandering these hallways forever.”
“Well I’m in luck because she died this month.”
“You’ll have to walk around the corridor until you find her. Remember though, never, ever, leave this corridor. Never go up or down.”
“Thanks,” said a bewildered Nancy.
She left and continued to walk, checking in on rooms, searching for Elle.
Crying, Nancy heard crying. She followed it to a room where Elle was sitting on a beautiful white horse, her blond hair blowing back as if a gentle breeze was in the room. She hadn’t noticed Nancy standing in the doorway.
Elle jumped off the horse, a large grin on her face and pulled Nancy into a hug.
Laughing and smiling, Elle and Nancy had a happy reunion and decided that although life was hard, death would not be so bad as long as they’re together.
Everything is right in the world.

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The following comments are for "The Hazel Eyes"
by brightdark1

Good story
This was a good story. Very intense and dark. I enjoyed it though. I hope to see more stories from you!

( Posted by: SWHCgirl [Member] On: February 27, 2002 )

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