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Which road are you going to pick? The road that everybody knows, or the road that nobody knows? Its safe to pick the road that everyone knows. You know were every little curve is going to be. You know where it will take you and what you can expect from it. How boring. I would pick the road that nobody knows. The road that can turn in any direction at any time. Have you ever thought about where such a road would lead? Oh sure the road everyone knows will take you exactly to the spot you are heading for, but how exciting is that? Choosing the road that nobody knows will take you into unexpected experiences. Perhaps the thrill of a lifetime or the beginning of a new adventure you would of missed by playing it safe and going on the road that everybody knows.

Do we really understand our roads? Do we know how they affect our lives? Do we really want to know? When do you travel on your road? Do you play it safe and go on your road after sunrise and leave it before sunset? I have a story to share with you that will give you new thoughts the next time you are traveling on the roads that you pick.

I would like to introduce you to Sam, the road, which nobody knows. Now this is not a road I would recommend for you to travel on but everyone likes to hear about the bad apple in every bunch. Oh yes; Sam appears to be like every other road that you have seen. Nothing seems unusual to you as you turn to head on this road of Hell. See! I have your attention. The road that everyone knows would have just put you to sleep.

Sam is like the snake that lies in the grass waiting for its helpless victim to come along. Are you a helpless victim or are you going to be prepared to deal with Sam and ride him like a roller coaster? Scream and shouting but having the time of your life! Sorry I am getting ahead of myself but he is so very delightful.

Itís a nice calm sunny day with a slight breeze in the air. Your wondering why your in your car heading down this road when you could be in your yard like a slug, lying around and taking it easy. You just had to get into the car and head for the city for some supplies and there just was no way to get around it. When you saw Sam you could not help but want to check him out. You could tell he would be different and you were so tired of the same old road all the time. Today you felt brave and wanted to do something different and besides you had a feeling Sam had been waiting for you to try him out. Your right he was waiting! The little devil is very patient and will wait as long as he has too to entice you to travel upon him.

You have only been on this road a short time and while glancing around you have noticed the usual pavement and two lanes that cars can use from either direction. It seems really simple doesnít it? Maybe this is the shortcut that you were hoping for that would get you to the city faster so that you could get back faster. Your feeling pretty good right now. Ya; your pretty proud of yourself because of this good find.

Its been about 15 minutes of driving and now Sam is not looking quite so calm anymore, but at least the skies are still calm even though the breeze has been picking up. Why does it feel like someone is grinning? Maybe this is not going to be as quick as you thought, but it is a nice drive and there has been a lot of beautiful scenery along the way. Itís hard to believe that you witnessed a small pond of water that was so still that the reflections on it were a perfect mirror to the trees nearby. Come to think of it the air has had a very nice sweet smell about it, but you only become aware of this because the smell is now changing and it does not seem to be as pleasant. You feel an uneasy feeling beginning in your gut. Something is wrong, but what?

Why have you not seen one single sign? This really is quite annoying because itís hard to tell how far away the city is. Hopefully not to far because the road has now become a dirt road and it appears that going to get worst. Oh there goes that feeling in your gut again. No donít pay attention to it. Your imagination is really getting carried away donít you think? Roads canít have evil grins now can they?

Wow! Look at those hills up ahead. This you were not expecting. Perhaps you should turn around and go back and go back on the road you do know. No; you have been on this road to long and besides the city has to be close doesnít it? Strange you cannot remember any hills near the city. What was that noise? Kind of sounds like a low grumble. You look into the skies and notice that the sky is no longer calm and has become pitch black. Now that is weird. Isnít it early in the day? Guess some bad weather is coming. If only it was that simple!

Now lighting is hitting all around your car and winds are blowing and your having trouble keeping the car on the road. You would pull over but your concerned youíll get stuck in the mud. Rain is hitting the windows so hard that you can barely see where the road is. What a time to try a new road! Thunder is roaring and your imagination is going wild. You would have sworn you heard the road laughing and itís so strange the way the road seems to be lifting and coming to life. You know that is not possible. Right?

What? What is that in front of you? Oh this is it you just have to stop! As you make this decision a large piece of road comes crushing down on you and your car and the last thing that you see is the road laughing and you hear it sayÖÖÖ.Another one bits the dust!!!!!

Opps. Sorry, I guess I forgot to mention that sometimes when people take a chance and ride on the roller coaster, they crash and die!

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The following comments are for "THE ROAD THAT NOBODY KNOWS"
by Kat

This is why I never take short cuts! One short cut took me an hour longer to get there than it normally would. Pretty good story. You used the word "your" instead of "you're" many times though, a common enough, small error. I do that a lot, but usually pick it up in the proof reading...

( Posted by: The Hal [Member] On: February 27, 2002 )

thanks for pointing out the your instead of you're grammar mistake but could you write to me in email to explain it to me further? I am rusty on grammar but getting better :-)

( Posted by: kat [Member] On: March 4, 2002 )

Your story relies heavily on forshadowing, and that's fine; its a magnificient story. What I would ay might help is if you could provide a stronger forshadowing between your calling the road a rollercoaster and ending with your comment on the occasional lapse in safety of rollercoasters. I think that the biggest thing that you could do to accomplish that would be to alter the way that you state the ending. As it is now, it is simply an afterthought mentioned in passing; it really wrecks the tone of the peice. Try stating it more ominously; you have created a huge amount of calm forshadowing, so you need something more than a passing thought for proper resolution. That is my only problem with the story itself. You have a minor grammar issue not mentioned above: the road gets "worse," not "worst." All in all, you have a publishably great peice after some editing. 7 of 10.

( Posted by: The Recycled Avatar [Member] On: February 1, 2003 )

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