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Bob looked up and saw Stormsinger sitting on a branch near by the campfire that he was sitting at. At first he could not believe what he saw. Stormsinger was one of the most beautiful fairies he had ever seen. Her hair sparkled with lights that reminded him of the stars in the sky. Storm’s wings where spreading as he watched her. As she opened and closed her wings it would give the appearance of a storm rolling in with the motion of lighting crossing the skies. The appearance of lighting continued into her dark blue dress that clung tightly to her body. It was as if she was the storm.

Stormy spotted Bob watching her and became aware of the fact that this human could see her. This was very exciting for her. It had been a long time since a human male had last seen her and what was truly amazing to her was that he was full grown and not a child. Usually only children could see her.

Bob was sitting on a log by a campfire that she had watched him make. It was amusing to her how these humans went to such great lengths to take care of such a simple task. Why did they not just create the fire with energy she wondered? He appeared to be in his fifties but had such a youthful feel about him it was hard for her to tell. He reminded her of a young teenage boy with the vibrations that moved around him. His dark brown eyes twinkled with amusement. His brown curly hair was of medium length. Even though he was sitting she could tell he was well built and she suspected he was a very active human.

Neither Stormy nor Bob made a move for the next few minutes. Each surprised by the other. Stormsinger could no longer hold back her curiosity and flew down to another log that was close to the campfire. She still kept her distance as she did not know much about this stranger yet, but the kindness in his eyes give her the courage to make the first contact.

“You can see me? Can’t you, “ She inquired.

Bob continued to stare for another few moments as disbelief turned into wonderment. He could barely believe that this creature has spoken to him and had even come closer to him. Finally his mind went into gear and he spoke.

“Yes I can. Who are you?”

“I am Stormsinger,” she said with pride.

“What are you?”

She laughed and said, “ A fairy but you already knew that didn’t you?”

“I was pretty sure you were but there are so many possibilities that I wanted to be sure”

“What other possibilities?” She inquired.

“Well you could be my imagination, or you could even be something else that I would not of thought of.” Bob said with a grin.”

Stormy laughed and said, “Funny I was just thinking the same thing! It isn’t often a full grown human can spot me and those that can first think they are seeing things.”

Bobs mind started to fill with a lot of questions and he asked Stormy if she minded if he asked her a few. She was delighted with his curiosity and was more then happy to oblige him on the condition that when he was through that she would be able to ask him questions because she was just as curious as he was.

“Why are you running around the woods naked?” he asked.

“Naked? I have clothes on!”
“Well I guess to human standards I am naked.”
“If we were to wear the clothes that mankind wears we would not be able to fly because of the weight that would hold us down.”

Stormy paused for a moment and then asked, “Why don’t human’s wear clothes like these? Don’t you want to fly?”

“I think our bodies might be too large for flying. Even if we did wear thinner clothing I don’t think we would fly.” Said Bob.

Stormy looked confused as she listened to Bob’s reply. “I don’t think it has anything to do with size. You are missing one very important part to your body for flying and that is the wings. I must say it looks strange to see someone without wings.”

“Why do you have stormy wings?” Bob asked.

“I have stormy wings because I am the storm within and around the Earth. Each Fairy has a job to do. My job is to handle the storms. If there were no fairy to contain the storms of the Earth, the land would flood and trees would fall from the winds. My job has become harder since mankind arrived on the earth because of his interference with nature.” She said with a slight irritation.

“What kind of power do you have?” Bob asked with growing interest.

“I have the power to work with the energies of lighting” “Have you not felt the hair on your arm rise as I work with these energies?”

“Yes of course I have but I did not realize it was connected with a fairy. Which brings me to my next question. What do fairies do anyway? And what are Fairies? All I know is what I have read and that is usually written by people that have had too much to drink.”

Stormsinger had never thought about what she was until this question was asked of her. She remained quiet for sometime before answering.

“I am not sure how to answer this question. Fairies just are! And always have been. We were here even before the dinosaurs and will be here long after mankind. We are the energy keepers. The intelligent ones. We are all that is needed. We are free to be. We have the innocence that mankind has lost. Those that can see us are open to all that is and the possibilities of what can be.

“I just have to ask this one question” Stormy said with amusement in her voice. “Why do you humans go to such lengths to create a campfire?”

“What other way is there?” Bob inquired.

Stormy hesitated, as it was not easy to explain what took place naturally for her. “I guess that best way to explain it is that a person gives thought to what they want and then with their minds and ability of working with the different natural energies that we are surrounded by you create it.”

Bob had so many other questions and so did Stormy but that my friends is another story……..

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