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There is only one thing on the mind of the werewolf this night; Food. Still fuzzy from the change the wolf stands erect and accidentially bangs its head off the low cave ceiling. The pain snaps it fully awake and it looks momentarily around the cave. It approves of the choice. One entrance into and out of the cave, it makes an excellent lair.

The wind howls slightly over the cave mouth bringing with it a rush of scents that only the wolf and a select handful of others can smell. Satisfied with the cave the wolf leaps from the mouth of the cave some seventy feet down to the bottom of the escarpment. It lands with an almost silent thud on a large boulder near where the tree line start to thicken and turn into forest. The wolf sniffs the air to get the scent and distance from the most tantalizing prey. It sniffs and smells. Its instinct tells it that some twenty miles due south there are sheep and pigs in the village. It would go there, but there is also the scent of man and fire. While the wolf doesnít fear man or fire separately, together they are a formidable force. To the north there is a herd of deer that have settled in for the night. A nice sized buck would make a good start to this evenings feast. Maybe after that it will go into the village looking for sheep and pigs.

The wolf starts to track the herd north, its mouth watering at the thought of all that deer flesh. There is a scent that is carried by a wind blown from the northeast that makes him stop in his tracks. It is a scent that lingers in his memory, but he canít place what it belongs to. It is strong and somehow familiar. The wolf stops and sniffs again its mind moving from thoughts of the deer to trying to place this new scent. Slowly he moves in the direction of the wind. He stops again sniffing trying to get a handle on why it seems so familiar, but so elusive. He moves again to get a better hold of the faint scent. His mind works feverishly as he takes in the air and analyzes the scent.

Suddenly the wolfís eyes snap open wide. A female!! The brain recognizes the scent of a female. Not just any female, but a female werewolf. The wolf bounds frantically in all directions before deciding on a bearing to follow . To the west the scent seems to get stronger. To the west the forest thins out into a glade. It used to be farming land and though the forest encroaches on the land it hasnít completely swallowed the acreage. Above the overgrown fields an old condemned castle lingers; a ghost from a braver time. Its remnants still hold entire rooms of fine articles, but the villages stay away from this place. Superstition as well as some mysterious disappearances keep the villagers well away from the walls of this castle regardless of the rewards to be had.

For the wolf though there are is no fear or conscience. It hadnít wanted to feed on humans when it came across the shepardís herd during the first full moon a month ago, but it saw the man as food and since he was larger than the sheep the wolf attacked and killed him. Since food was good in this area he managed to kill quite a few farm hands that had seen fit to work the land late into the evening. The village, however, didnít see it simply as a wolf hunting. They knew what they had on their hands and as such it didnít take them long when Henry appeared to figure out who and more importantly what he was. It was by mere luck that he escaped with is life.

The wolf doesnít remember that now though. Its only thought is the female. Its only concern is finding her now. Food forgotten it moves with blinding speed through the forest then the brush and finally the tall grass of the glade towards the increasing musk of the femaleís scent.

A series of grunts and slobbering tell the wolf that she is near. Silently he sinks beneath the top of the tall grass. In a decreasing circle he approaches keeping his head below the tops of the grass. Finally, he reaches the minimum distance between himself, the female and the ability of the grass to hide his form. She must be lost in her feeding frenzy on a large cow that she has slaughtered since she neither smelled or heard the male.

He has watched her long enough. A low guttural growl alerts the female to his presence. She swallows the last chunk of meat from her kill and sniffs the air for sign of the male. Quickly her eyes pierce the darkness looking for heat and movement. Werewolf eyes can see better in the dark than in light, but even they have limits. The male senses her apprehension. Slowly he approaches her.

Licking her chops her eyes dart around until she sees the male approaching in the darkness. He is not aggressive, but nonetheless she growls her displeasure at being disturbed in her meal. Immediately the male stops in his tracks. He slowly growls his response. He isnít being territorial, heís expressing interest in the female. She on the other hand doesnít share his interest. She growls again bearing her teeth and issuing a sharp bark to let him know to back off. The male isnít taking no for an answer. Heís done being polite as he raises himself up to his full height. In the backlight of the moon he is quite the formidable presence. Henry while not the largest man in his hometown, was the smithyís apprentice and as such had quite a bit of muscle on his six-foot frame. This muscle is only enhanced by curse of the werewolf.

As he rears himself up the female sees that he is nearly seven foot tall. The wolf moves closer to the female who is now frothing her growls, teeth baring and barks. The male merely walks over to where the kill is lying. He looks over her fine gray coat, which is in contrast to his dark black. Slowly he bends down on his haunches to share her kill. The female has had enough. As the male bends to tear a piece of the cow off the female lunges claws bared and fangs following. The male has just enough time to leap up and back. She covers the distance between them in a short leap after the carcass. The male leans down only to be caught by the claws of the female. She rakes him sharply across the face taking his left eye out. Blood spurts out of the wound and the male roars in pain and backs away at the same time. Sensing that her foe has presented her with another opportunity, she attacks the back of the maleís neck when its back is turned. She leaps and lands on his back digging her hind claws deep onto his sides. Her teeth find the nape of the neck and she sinks in her fangs deeply.

In pain and enraged the male reaches for her head. He instead finds her ears and pulling hard he yanks her off his back, in the process ripping one of her ears off. She lands on the ground on her legs, but the pain in her head makes her reel backwards. As she recovers from being thrown to the ground the male pounds her in the side of the head. Whimpering she staggers back over the cow carcass falling on her back. The male is standing there growling as the wounds close and the eye re-grows. Turning, the male growls at the female and lunges towards her. She back peddles trying to make it into the brush to escape. Seeing this the male grabs one leg and starts to pull her back. Instinctually, she lashes out with the other leg catching the other side of his neck. New wounds issue blood and the male lets go. Quickly, she makes her way into the brush.

His wounds closed and fully enraged he turns to pursue her. She makes her way to the middle of the glade, where she stops and turns. The male is bounding quickly after her. He is too enraged to wonder why the female has stopped in the middle of the glade. He also doesnít see the other male standing off into the distance. As he closes he leaps onto the female. It midair she backs down and pushes him over her. The male as a result overshoots her, he doesnít see the large pit with spikes on the bottom of the floor until itís too late. Down he goes onto the spikes. Piercing flesh and organs he lets out a whelp and moan. The spikes wonít kill him for they are not made of silver, but they will slow him down long enough for the other two to get on top of the cage.

The two move quickly, but the male is a quick healer. He has just about healed completely when the top of the cage slams shut. The two only have moments. The sharp exhale of a blowgun and some pain in his flanks and the male turns to see two small darts sticking out of his skin.

ďHold on!Ē A voice from above says, ďHe isnít out yet and heís leaping.Ē

He jumps at the grate holding him prisoner. He smashes against the grate, but the weight of the two werewolves keep the grate in place. He makes three more attempts, but the drugged darts are taking affect. Another sharp exhale and his other flank hurts a little. This time he doesnít even bother to take the dart out. Leaning against a corner of the pit the wolf leans panting as voices from above speak muffled against his hearing. The last thing it remembers is the moon being overhead.

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The following comments are for "The Cure - Part 2"
by wrath186

Part 2
Ve-ry interesting. I'm interested to find out how the other werewolves had the presence of mind to do that. The fight scene was graphic. You really wrote it to make me want a bunch of questions answered, so I'm looking forward to the next part.

My only advice is to put in some more commas to break up some of your sentences. Also, I caught an 'it's' that should have been 'its', and 'back peddles' should be 'backpedals'.


( Posted by: Elphaba [Member] On: May 22, 2004 )

Werewolves and vampires
Are my favorite scarey things...good job....I'll be waiting for #3

( Posted by: Nitz Kitty [Member] On: May 22, 2004 )

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