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'Writer'>dont look at these one()just grab one and go forth<. Grtz and have a nice read.

This is the story of my past, my present, my future, my punishment, and about (how) (what) I (have) became, what I’m am now. It all began in the year 200 (years) before the birth of Christ the most holiest man of all man, and I am the most damned man of all (man). My true name is N’gourah from the land(s) where the druids live, and where the forest’s are like (a) (the) beautiful (green dress(es) that the woman’s have) (or)(the)(a) green emerald for that shall (is) be (only) 1 of the many names my land will have in the future, My Ireland. As I told you before my name is N’gourah but I did not (tell)(told) you my (last)(sure) name.. For that I shall tell you now, my full name and the name of the clan where I belong(d)(t). (I am) N´gourah Mac Namarra of the Namarra clan. As you might (k)now Ireland has many families who are fighting whit each other, while nobody(´s) (k)nows why the families (ever) went in to battle with each other. You can almost say it has become a tradition,(.) but every day I have feared that my father will/shall not come back from (the)(a) battle. Just like any other (kid)(boy) in the village I was traint to fight and to kill somebody without feeling any sorrow(,grief)or pain in the heart(or soul), but(to) like any other the first time doing so is horrible. Now I was twelve years old, I (loved)(like) the beast’s and the forest and it(’s) everlasting green, but there was one forest that had more everlasting green than any other forest’s in Ireland. But my father and mother sayt to me never ever go in to the Emerald forest because there are mean evil wizards live in there who has all a pack whit the devil, and whit that what my father and mother sayt to me, I wanted to see them because why should I believe them, well nobody ever saw them. So on a night(,) when ray’s of enchanted light came out of the forest I went in, and as further I went(in) the light faded and the smoking and rotting sight and smell of the dead came. And then the swamp’s (came) where the soul’s are in the waters. And when you fall in it they shall/will grab your soul(,) and do whit it whatever they want to do (with it)(,) and (then) they will/shall suck the energies out of (it)(your body) so that they can live on. And when the townsfolk will see/find the body’s(,) then it is(shall) sometimes dried up or they have cut the skin of and all the veins out of(it)(the body). I went so deep in to the forest that I was all(but)(and)(on) surrounded by the mists and the smell of the dead. The light’s that I whans saw, has all but faded (away). I looked (all)(but) around me with fear on my face(head)(eyes). I was so scared that I crawled in one and tears (of sorrow, grief and (my)foolishness(if) I threw tears out of my eyes) flow out of my eyes.(but that what I know now is that the human mind can all sort’s of things when thy are all alone surrounded(by)mists and deep in the forest) I just (sad)(sit) there for hours and hours, and all of a sudden rays of light fell(t) through the thick(nis) of the mist and it (just) looked like the mists where scared, and that (it)(he) was running away from the light’s of the god(’s)(and goddesses) that shined up on me. And (out) (in) the mists that (ran)(runt) away from the rays of light(that the gods (goddesses)shined down from the eternal heavens to the mortal earth(realm)(planet)a (figure)(man) came out(from the cold, long and dark mists) from the mists. He was surrounded with a light red as blood, or was it the light of the god(‘s)(goddess(’es)(that shined in me eyes)(up on me).the closer he came to me, the scarier (I)(it) became(I was so scared that I tried to fled but I stay’t on the very same place because it felt I new him somehow)( and it did, I ran away of him but then I saw the mists and I heard(the) screaming’s(beyond)(behind the) mists and I remembert the swamps) and the more dizzier I became. And (at a moment) he(came)(was) to close to me and I faded away(or that what the people(human’s)(of today call)(it)(a black out). As I laid there I saw visions (of)(from) the past, the present and the future,(.) I saw the world chancing(,)I saw metal birds flying, and people being killed with metal things flying in to them. (And I saw what the Netherlands (people)did to some strange black people). Vicious,(and) without mercy being killed,(.) and from the shadow’s of the visions I saw a man coming out(of it) who sayt(to me) on the(way he was walking toward me)(my sight) way: this and all will/may/shall not happen if you will come and set yourself free from everything and everyone you will become even greater than I(am), (for)(because) you are the Chosen One. And I sayt to me self Chosen for what and then He was no more,(and I,)I awakened in me own bed, in me own house. Me brother Jeremiah ask’t me if I wanted to come along to hunt the animals for meat and I sayt ill come along but the hole day I only thinked about the dream, and what did that person in my dream(s) meant with the Chosen One, and to be free of everyone and everything. (WHAT!!) did he meant that I shall/must leave me family, me friends and me village, and (what) then go back (in)to the Emerald forest. I was so thinking about(it)that(, that)I sayt to me brother that I will/shall stop(the)hunting and so to the rivers of Charniu(a)l (but that I did not sayt to me brother where I went) :why N’gourah why dos thy wont hunt we need the food and you know that :I am sorry but I’m (just)not in the mood, I…I’m going now(ill)see you in the house Jeremiah :N’gourah, N’gourah where are thy(thou)(you)going, N’gourah. The last time he (sayt)(spooked)(spooking) my name echo’t(behind me) over the land(s), and slowly faded away, as the winds carried it away to many lands(,and to lands that has not yet been discovered).and so I ran(runt)to the rivers of Charniu(a)l where the rivers are as bluer than the heavens(above us)(then)where the spirits dwell)above us)as they look up on us)does who have died honour), grief, sorrow and who has died in vain.). but(at)(by)(dark)(night) the waters of Charniu(a)l falls down as the fallen demons of Satan defeated by the holy lights of the angels, and as I (sat)(sit)there. I saw the wind(s) of the (god....(goddess...)(ran)(runt)(through)(over) on the green, shining leafs of the trees, (and)(on)(over)(through) the (wings)(leafs) of the beautiful colourful flowers, and as(they)(the winds) grab the (wings) (leafs) and the(seeds)(spirit(s) of the flowers over the waters, the(creatures)(animals)(and over the village and its people,)(and as I(sad)(sit)there)for hours and hours. And even after the Sun(went down)where all the holy light of the angels dwell went down)the most holiest of all lights went down.)I was still there while my father, mother and(my)(me)brother sayt to me never ever(be)(go)at night alone. (for)then the most ugliness(s)t) (of)all)demons will come at night(for)because)the most holiest of lights going under and night has come. And they will grab you,(torture you,)they will)let you scream)out) off pain, and then finally you will die,) and with you others. And they will go back (to)from)the fiery(tormented)prison of pain from(where it)when its)came. And there in the gruesome and disgusting (stink) (smell)sight)of)the heats of hell. And from there the fiery demons will show you the most horriedfeid(things)and darkest(secrets of the world)and(with)from) all does(worst)things they will let you feel the pain of it, and they will feed(from)themselves)with)from your screaming’s of pain and(your)from your)fears. And later when you cannot scream of pain anymore(nor)and your fear has all but faded away(from)thnx to)the torturing(s), they will revive the burning pain and the always screaming(,)and the everlasting fear by taking your skin of one by one. And the fiery screaming’s of pain (will)come)back)be revived). And then when you have no skin anymore.(and they will put you in front of a mirror and laugh while you cannot believe what you see, your own flesh, veins and organs. and then they will crack your (skull)head)open and then after many hours of fear, pain and despair you will finally die but your body and so to your soul is in hell and there your soul will remain until maybe a angel will free most of the soul’s bounded in hell.)(and then after so many hours of torture, pain, fear and despair you will finally lose the last of your freedom but you will/shall not die in peace for your soul will/shall still stay there as a puppet for the demons to play with.)and then when you finally think you will/shall die you shall not for the demons will take the last of your(freedom)humanity)(and the last thing you wished for is to become one of them the very same demons that has tortured you and to prove you worth to them you must go to the surface and take one of your family’s or to take your hole family down so even you just born child your wife and maybe when you have your so many year old sons or daughters and kill them or torture them on the same way you where tortured or even do worst to them then they did to you)and you will become one of them a vicious non stopping demon of pain, chaos and despair.)and then they will eat you, one by one(while despair is on your face)while you are screaming of pain, sorrow,(and grief),(and begging to stop)are like(laughter)joy)in there(the demons)ears. And(then)when your a all but a pile(s) of bones, they will go at night to your village, and throw all that(is)have)left of you and that what you had(wearied when you where captured)on the burial site. And sometimes with some demons, they will(set)(putt)you up(as)like) a scarecrow in the middle of the city or village. And when the demons are walking away with there bloodstained hands and the blood(still)(around) the mouth they might grab another one(if the city of angels has not yet come over the edge of(mother)earth to protect the creations of god to protect it against the demons from below from the king of the underworld Gwyn ap Nudd)(and the god of the underworld Fin Bheara.)and when they do, they are laughing an laughing, while they bring Chaos(and death)to the world and always trying to conquer the(always)shining and beautiful heavens where the angels dwell,(the most beautifulst of creations). But I my self never ever believed in the demons, for(ones)thus)again nobody has(never)ever seen them, they only talk about it(with fear on there faces). And while I(sad)sit)there along the river of Charniu(u)l and I looked at the stars, I saw a angel flying by, from me site far to the other site(of the heavens)his realm). But this I(do)did)believed(is)that when a angel is flying(by), and you will see(it)the holy light)s)with its long tail)you may do a wished(for I may tell it now, for the wish does not stand today(in)of)these(minutes)hours)day’s)weeks) month’s) years) century’s)of despair. For that what I wished for(wash)is)this that I will never/shall be separated from(my)me)friends and family and(my)me)home village. But(only)years later I found out that it wash not(an)a)flying angel, but a fallen demon of Satan(defeated by the always beautiful(and holy)angel of order)for my wish did not turned out to be good, but to be doomed one.(and with that last thinking, I fall)(t)(fell)(t)a sleep)(and as I fell(t)(fall)(t) a sleep, with that last thinking), the nightmares came back ones again. But this time it came faster, and everything I saw wash bloodstained and(corpses)(body’s covered in blood)without their heads, hands, legs where lying everywhere. And in these(new)nightmares, I saw the little children walking and screaming around with fear and bloodstained faces. And He the man in the long black robe. :you have the power, but it is sleeping(within you)awake it,(and)you know where to go, and what to do.(just)suddenly) He disappeared again, in smoke of(red)black)and(red)black) and a smell of rotting flesh came forth(ones)again, or(?)wash it the smell of burning flesh hanging over fire(asking to be eaten by a hungry stomach like that of mine.).:you may wake up now N’gourah, I know you are awake. I rushed out of(me)my) bed grabt(me)my)bow and arrows)sword) you do not need to aim that at me N’gourah, I come in peace, and I am not the man in the long black robe,: who, who are you, what are you doing,(here,) I do not wish to talk to you(whoever you are) (demon of old)if you will/shall not go away, my blade will/shall cut you into a(1000)thousand)pieces, and all of your dark blood shall/will flow put of you, and your horrible live amongst the living will/shall finally be ended(,)and your soul shall/will finally be greed. It might go to the heavens, where the holy lights will/shall always shine,(or it)or your(tortured)soul)will/shall go down, to the(fiery)firery)prison(‘s)of hate and despair where your master Satan (where he)will(likely)punish you for your failure(,).) :you are only saying that because you belief there is a god and a devil, a heaven and a hell. But there isn’t a heaven(and)nor)a hell, but however there are other realms, the fates of course and dead or such as you mortals say the grim reaper and of course the very heart of everything, The Shaol(a)o)th where chaos and order are batteling forever, but always in balance (thnx to our)(all because of our)guardian Fer’e’moth, :I do not belief you, you are just another demon or evil wizard in disguised send by...,: send by the lady of order in Shaol(a)o)th, for the fates said to her and she to me that if you will/shall take the right way in your live, the sky’s will not turn red from the blood of your victims, and the world will/shall not shake(from)of)the pain the people endure of your suffering, I put away my sword, but i still(held) (hold)it in my hand because i did not trust him, for how could he know that, while i haven’t yet bego(i)(a)ng whit does things, what am i saying i haven’t yet beg(o)(i)(a)ng(.)(,)i do not no what your saying i will/shall never do a think like that. Only a Demon will/shall say that who wants to trick(a young human like i am). I’am not a demon of old nor a seer(such)as i told you, it was the fates who(say’t)(told)it to my lady and she (told)it to me, that you must follow the light in the darkness(,)a light that shall never fade away(,)(.)but if i where you i would hurry now, family(’s)(is) (are)looking for you now, and if you are fast you can make it before the fire starts,’what(?)looking for me, and the fire must still(began)(start). I grabt all of me stuff and rushed to me home. ,’Run N’gourah run, soon very soon, the tides of darkness will/shall come(forth ones)again, and you N’gourah will/shall lead us to our destiny, and then when you are no longer needed, you will/shall die(in)(of)(with)shame and disgrace of your family and friends,(and)village and (hole of)(your)(country) (Ireland). As i(ran)(runt)(rushed)to me(home)village (he changed in to that what i feared the most(on)that moment, the man in the long black robe)I saw a great shadow overwhelming me and as i looked up, i saw darkness in sky(‘s). where the heavens lye and where the angels dwell, was it darkness at all,(or)(had)(has)the fire already started within me village, i stopped thinking and(ran)(runt)faster than i ever did before, and as i came closer to me(home)village, i saw the colour(s)of yellow and red. Yellow was a good thing, for it(is) (was)shining colour of the angels, who would surely(help) (aid)us(to undo this fiery fires of hell), but red was a bad thing, for it meant that hell(had)has) unleashed (it)there)the)fires up on me village. I was shocked when I (was)came)in me village, fires razing everywhere in(the) me) village. People falling in to ashes by the fire that grabt them. And(all)the children, mothers and other villages had to watch how(there)the)houses burnt to the ground, people still walk with the scars of the past, while there lives where ribt away from(them)him)by the fires of hell(themselves)that happened here,’N’gourah, N’gourah do not just stand there, grab a bucket of water now and help us. There was panic everywhere. the(domineer) (priest) pastor)askst god for help, and for forgiveness for(whatever)we have done, I saw a little(girl)boy)just standing there on one spot screaming(all)loud)over all the sound’s(his)her)father)and mother(‘s) name’s, as I looked to(her)him), I looked above her and I saw a little balcony, that could collapse every moment. I(ran)’t)run)’t)rushed)to (her)him), but I could not save(her)him), I had to go to(her)him)on the moment I saw(her)him) and that balcony. ,’this village cannot be saved anymore we must leave now, come N’gourah’,. And my father(grabt) (dragt). While my mind was on that man, and(especially)on that(girl) (boy), and that face of(him)her)when(he)she)noticed the balcony felt upon(him)her). And so(the)night fell(t)ones again, most of the villagers escaped the fire, there where a few grabt by the fire, but saved(of)by) it(‘s) devouring(arms of)flames)heat)(hungry)of)for)human flesh), however there whore the scars of the fire always with them some you could not see, but others where as clear as daylight. And the woman(’s) cry’t, because the man who where touched by the fire’s of hell that was unleashed. Those men were misshaped until the day they died. ,’N’gourah come to me Now!, I(wish to talk to you)(want to have a word with you),’, ,’yes, father I will/shall come right away. So I went to him, I do not know what he will/shall do, for he is/was a great warrior(with skills I did not)yet)uphold)posses). I was there where he to was my father…. I saw his face,(but)(I did not)I was to scared to) look(ed) into his eyes(for I already knew how)it looked)the eyes looked like),’,Jeremiah sayt to me that you didn’t want to hunt anymore and that you then left, and you know we need the food, for the inter is coming, and then the hunt for food is limited, and in(those)your)12 years must know that, and while you were gone,(your mother)(the wife of houses)was so worried about you, that she could not make a normal(dinner)supper), and then with the fire you were not there when it started, now I want a answer of where you were, what you did and why, I want a answer right now,’’,i….i…,’I I what!,’’,….. MacNamarra do not even dare to(hurt)touch)the child with a hear) (the child)son), for I know you very well(when you are angry)in anger) come my child your father(s) may have not(striked)you)hit you), but my anger and my feelings of losing you(are still fresh as the air is)are not yet gone)but let me be clear(about)of)1)one)thing young man(do not do so again)don’t you ever do that act again)(do you understand)Me), ,’yes mother’,, good and now you will/shall tell Me(!)what you did, where you was and why, ,’but…’, ,’(do not but me)no but’s)



The following comments are for "......? Still Must Make 1"
by Naijerana

Amazing read indeed..must read are a great writer

( Posted by: ammaji [Member] On: May 22, 2004 )

like ... not whoa
unedited garbage.

( Posted by: die_daily [Member] On: May 22, 2004 )

A Draft Version
this is still a draft version i am planning to go from the year 200 before christ to go to this time and dont look at these things()just grab one and go forth i know it is kinda irritated but i must still look for wich 1 i will use so sorry irritation. Grtz Naijerana

( Posted by: Naijerana [Member] On: May 23, 2004 )

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