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The Little 'I-Can-Do!' Spark

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it. – Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist.

Humans are really small. Not only in terms of stature, but their thoughts as well. They are some eclectic bunch of Homo sapiens supposedly with Big Thoughts. Yes, it is us against a vast universe of endless possibilities.

Let us have a little run through. Pretend that for one minute you are the person you want to be. Easy does it, right?

Now, say exactly to yourself – this very second – that I AM going to _____________. (Fill in the blank your wonderful dream!)

Very easy.

But why fail to do it? For how many years now?

To achieve our dreams in life is to break away from the shackles of indecision. The greatest delay to any possibilities is our fear of the unknown and our outright decision to stay negative!

Let us put someone, a favorite childhood Biblical character, on the hot seat now. The staff wielding bearded man and ex-prince of Egypt who saw the fire-that-never-consumes-the-shrub...

Moses argued with God, convincingly, in His Mountain, Mount Sinai, that he was nobody. God, however, was not convinced with Moses’ smoke screen. In fact, he assigned his brother, Aaron, to do the speaking part for him. God was burning with anger at the not-so eloquent Moses. For even a little wonder called “burning bush” (for Moses to go, Oooooh!) just went up in smoke for a few seconds. In other words, Moses was blinded, for a while, with his negative thoughts. More negative thoughts means only confusion. That simple.

Aside from staying in tents, he dwelled on failure first without making an attempt to see his ultimate goal, or a Personal Legend as Paulo Coelho dramatizes in his über-beautiful book, The Alchemist. For one thing, Moses was contented with the usual life: A life of monotony and guilt... and had no previous Coelho encounters before in his readings.

Moses bloated things up because this future liberator had a mouthful of Big Stutters. There, that is it! He gave new meaning to negative things remarkably because fear was his pseudo-ally. A major catastrophe as stunning and lethal as the parting of the Red Sea!

Fear speaks. It has a blabbering mouth that tells you something you would not personally believe. However, it is part of your system, you allow and accept fear to be as it is: a broken chair that you insist using on comfortably, eventually making you a sitting duck!

So you desire, huh! Let me tell you about these capricious desires. They come mostly from the heart, beautiful and mind-bending. Soon, the mind filters them (like a QA) and rationalizes also (like lawyers, I guess). Then... watch this very closely: YOUR MOUTH! It is an overflowing lip of lies. To tell you, I have now come to full realization why there is such thing as:

“The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.” -- Luke 6:45, [italics mine].

I think it is wise to say that there is evil in our negative thoughts. This thick-lipped evil, struts vanity like a megalomaniac ramp model, destroys lives along its hideous paths, shatters dreams in our wonder clouds, and locks us to the pits of nothingness!

Fear is all made up. Do not get involved.

From then on, Moses became God's mouthpiece, had a radiant face, and admonished stiff-necked people in search of the land flowing with milk and honey. Like Moses, most Biblical heroes were little bunch of wannabes and had Big Fears. They were nobodies. Just like you and me. We are like that, most of the times. We fail to see the Beyond-of-Things. We hesitate on the apparent risks; however, what we do not see – for fear of failure – is the effect of complacency and lack of foresight. Because we are just simply a Nobody we make our being a Nobody a Big Issue. Spread all throughout on the daily papers of our lives are news about failures like headlines extraordinaire!

We thrive in that cold habitation of lackluster imagination. God didn’t create you as bacteria! (Yet He is still creative, after all, for those “unseen forces” that predates men, wars, and histories intermingling the whole gamut called humanity and experience). To digress, talking about creativity, Carole Guevin asserts that it is "the sheer and pure manifestation of intelligence mixed with a high dose of imagination."

God must be juicy then. His works are all concentrated.

While we like to see ourselves very successful, it is man’s innate quality to balk at the seeming insurmountable. Surprisingly, it is, also, man’s innate quality to win. So choose one!

God allowed the imperfect Moses to win His people from bondage! He used a negative vessel (that is, Moses) so with His power, He can manifest the greatest power to transform lives and events extraordinarily. In effect, in all His greatest powers, Man can understand in their simple, hapless, and worldly minds that He exists over those treacherous deluges of waters wiping off men's wickedness and their evil thoughts.

Either we love to hide in the shadows of fear or fear loves to threaten our frail souls – and, sadly, we let it be, we do not have enough motivations. Fear brings us closer each day to burying our dreams in those wasted sands of smugness and disappointments (all washed up and drowned by a whirlpool of helplessness). If you fail to achieve your burning passions within, you will be, without doubt, wasting away those bright, prolific years.

I should have done that, you say. Like, say, ten years from now.

Ten years from now? Everything will be too late! Tomorrow will always be too late.

Why not act now. We all know we can win and we will! That core of achievement rests in our very soul; a heavenly, magical spark embedded in our lives called I-CAN-DO-ALL-THINGS!

No amount of suffering is tantamount to the hardships that mold the victor in his last leap to his Big Dream from a nightmarish chasm. He knows, he desires, and he needs it boldly. Achieving your hope is a brave act against the dastard threat of “I’m-a-nobody-big-failure-chicken.” (On the lighter side, I find it funny on whoever placed it into writing these very words: Why did the chicken cross the road? Like, it wants to go boldly where no chicken has gone before!) Aww! A slap and affront to the entire human population.

Change your pace. You know you can do it. Never dash your hopes to the rocks below simply because you fear to dare or because you are nothing – or because you have nothing in this world. Or because of million impossible reasons! Every human being in this world desires and KNOWS that he is SOMEONE and there is SOMETHING Big for him waiting out there. Living is what makes sense to this personal quest!

Remember, it takes a little spark to light a fire burning, as the familiar song goes. Remember this, too: It takes a little spark to burn you out until your dreams come true. Before that happens, listen to what your heart says.

So do not rot in the rusty crusts of self-loathing. Dream, shine, and break free, you little Creature of Flight! Things are never too late to unravel themselves if you are prompt with the belief that you can and will WIN!

This time, no pretense; be YOU since you are created to win. So dream and dream some more. And heck, why not thrive your entire thoughts as wonderful bacteria do just to win your day out. Chickens have bacteria. Do not worry; we are all in this. So thank God for today!

I can vividly remember Penelope Cruz (as a vapid Sofia in Vanilla Sky) whispering in thick, raspy yet beautiful Hispanic accent, “Open your eyes!” So in thick, cat-like animated voice, I say, “Go bacteria, warrior or whatever you want to call yourself!”

There is a fire burning within you. No battle will be won without, first, the warrior that is in you now. The entire universe will always be there waiting and conspiring with you all the way through!

Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary. -- Sir Cecil Beaton (1904-1980) English photographer


The following comments are for "The Little 'I-Can-Do!' Spark"
by Idomis

the new age
This certainly reminds me of a lot of new age material. Of course, the divine spark idea has been around for some time. I like the way you used Moses as a metaphor for getting your point across.

In all, the writing was fairly tight and concise, and extremely easy to read. It was a little bit repetitious, but even this worked well for the tone, since you are delivering a meditation on optimism. I don't agree entirely, however, with the position. I believe there is a balance between the negative and positive; that you can't have one without the other. Of course, this is only a difference of opinion. You have explored a way to accentuate the positive quite well. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

( Posted by: brickhouse [Member] On: May 23, 2004 )

Sir Idomis! Say More!
Your words fall upon listening ears as flames takes to gas! It is written well for those of all walks to understand. Repetitious enough to remind us what to meditate upon, and eloquent enough to beguile even those who do not believe as you.

You do well if you listen to your own words for they will not let you falter. Hear only that which aligns with your words here: all else is misdirection for you! Please read my article on the psycho-galvic response. It is also written for minds like yours and will tell you why you must listen to your own words.

You... go far, as an arrow in the Master's hands, Whose eye is on the distant target: straight and true to your Destiny.

( Posted by: MaxiiJ [Member] On: May 23, 2004 )

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