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Chapter 3:

As soon as Mhelika looked out the window, her eyes welled up with tears. What Mhelika saw when she looked out the window was pure catastrophe. She saw fires and heard the loud crashes of the bombs as they went off and destroyed her home. Tears flowed from her eyes as she prayed that her best friend, Jiphori, wasn’t hurt. Mhelika thought about all of her other friends that might not make it out of the war alive.

As soon as an addition to their car came out that allowed it to be able to penetrate the atmosphere, Nishant bought one. But other people weren’t that lucky. They were made illegal almost immediately because other planets might be able to get a hold of one and enter their atmosphere undetected. Mhelika’s family was one of the few that hadn’t handed theirs over to the government because, for some reason her father had a feeling that since there was a war going on and they might need to leave. Luckily, the government workers hadn’t come knocking at their door.

Almost all other people had counted on the government to have aircrafts ready to evacuate everyone. The aircraft stations were swamped with panicked people, trampling each other, determined to make it out alive. The government workers were not allowed to leave the planet until everyone had been evacuated. At that point everyone knew that it was not going to happen but they stayed anyway and attempted to get as many people as possible onto aircrafts.

Qutlon had always been a peaceful world, kind to and cooperative with fellow planets. It never had a war, it solved all of it matters in a nonviolent manner. When they did not want to trade with inhabitants from Stelan when they had a surplus on one of their items, Stelan citizens became angry and declared war. Qutlon was stubborn in solving the problem without war, so they did not fight back, and now it was too late.

Mhelika fidgeted with her four white fingers and she tried not to cry as she hoped for the best. She knew that her parents would never knowingly let anything happen to her, but she also knew that they might not have any say in what happened next. Mhelika saw several other aircrafts take off thousands of feet below them.

Nishant pushed several buttons and the vehicle spoke, ‘Preparing for atmospheric transition.’ Mhelika buried her head into her mother’s shoulder and cried. Her mother firmly held her close as if she could fly away at any second.

The flying automobile zoomed through the upper atmosphere of Qutlon and Nishant pushed it to go faster. Mhelika knew it was ridiculous to have brought her money from Qutlon because she most likely would not be using it again.

Just then, the vehicle slowed as if it were slipping through drying cement. Nishant pushed the vehicle to go faster but instead it went slower, although it inched slowly forward. The vehicle spoke, ‘Attempting WTS penetration.’ Mhelika tensed because she knew what a WTS was, a War Trapping Shield, which prevented anything from coming into the atmosphere of the planet it protected.

The War Trapping Shield also prevented anything from leaving, however. Mhelika assumed that the Stelanians, the enemies who were currently bombing her planet, had activated the shield so that the people would not be able to evacuate the planet.

The vehicle pushed harder and harder to break through the shield. Nishant pushed the accelerators to their maximum capacity; dangerous, but it was their only chance. Mhelika heard the sound before she felt it. The gigantic slam of sound was so loud that Mhelika wouldn’t have been surprised if she had gone deaf. The vehicle was heaved forward from the vibration and the mechanical voice from the vehicle said, ‘WTS penetrated.’

The vehicle tumbled forward many times at a fast speed for about 15 seconds before Nishant got it under control. Debris flew past the window and a rock crashed into an ‘unbreakable’ rearview mirror. Conalia held Mhelika tighter and after several minutes, she loosened her grip on her daughter.

Mhelika looked out the window once again but this time she saw something completely different from the picture that the window had given her before. Her face took on a new expression; she wasn’t scared, for a moment, she was just sad. The planet was gone, just like that. With one huge explosion, the planet itself had exploded and there was only tons of smoke and gas about twice the size of the planet in its place.

Remains of the planet, rocks, dirt, and other rubbish, were flying every which way. Tears slid down Mhelika’s face as she realized that she would never again see her best friends. She would never see her house again either, or her school. It was hard for Mhelika to comprehend that her entire home, her entire planet, was gone. It seemed so surreal, like a nightmare, and Mhelika didn’t stop wishing that it was.

The vehicle was quiet as Nishant let the vehicle drive on automatic as he read the map, looking for a place, any place, to go. In one solar system was a planet called Earth. It looked like a decent planet because there had only been several planet-wide wars, it was close, and easily supported life.

“Mhelika, have you studied about Earth?” Nishant asked, turning off the electronic map. Mhelika hesitated.

“I…Do we have to live there?” she asked shakily. Nishant sighed as he looked away.

“Mhelika, I love you. You know that. And I would give anything to make you happy. but right now…I can’t give you what you want.” Mhelika wiped tears from her eyes and nodded slowly.

“I understand,” she murmured. “I know a little about Earth. The ozone layer is fading, but slowly, so it is thought to be able to support life. The humans breathe oxygen, like Qutlonians.” Mhelika’s voice caught in her throat as she realized that she, her father and her mother were the only Qutlonians left.

Chapter 4:

Nishant pushed the vehicle into light speed and flew through the Milky Way. The vehicle flew on automatic past other galaxies and stars. From her window, Mhelika could see thousands of stars, bright, dull, big, and small.

Once Nishant had entered the Solar System of Earth, he directed the vehicle toward the planet on automatic. He rotated his chair 180 degrees so he could talk to Conalia and Mhelika.

“Mhelika, how would humans react to aliens?” Nishant asked. Mhelika hung her head.

“Not well,” she replied. “Jophinians visited Earth about 30 years ago and the humans became frightened,” Mhelika said, referring to a planet that was about .1 light years away from what had been Qutlon. “If they had done any more then expose their aircrafts, they predicted that the citizens of Earth would have attacked. Humans are very uneducated people. Their lives are almost led by fear.”

“Well then, we will have to change our form,” Nishant said. The vehicle’s computer spoke out, ‘Arrival estimated in 3.6 hours.’

“It takes Earth approximately 24 hours to make one rotation and 365 days for one revolution,” Mhelika recited from memory. “I would be 14, you would be 41, and mom would be 38. Humans speak many, many different languages, mostly in different countries. I think that it would be easiest to live in the United States of America because the government is one of the most confident and organized. An area by the name of New York would be best because the population is large and we would blend in easily.” Nishant nodded.

“Very good,” he replied, smiling proudly. “Thank you. Let me bring up pictures of how humans would look and we may change our forms.” Nishant turned to the computer and searched through it for a form for him first.

Mhelika leaned her seat back into a vertical position in order to sleep because she was very tired. Mhelika dreamt about home, about her friends, about her house, about her school, and woke up with tears streaming down her face. She wiped them away and looked at the clock which read 9:25 AM. She assumed that her father had converted it to Earth time because Qutlon did not use AM or PM, and when they left it had been a little after 34:00.

“Mhelika?” Nishant said, bringing up a window on the vehicle’s computer screen. “This is your human form.” Mhelika looked at the rotating human picture on the screen.

The girl had brown hair, black pupils, brown iris, and skin that was an odd, pale mix of orange, yellow, and peach. She was wearing something over her chest and shoulders and something from her waist down her feet that cut off at her ankles. On her feet were odd looking shoes, much different than what Mhelika was used to wearing.

All Qutlonians had a dark iris, white pupils, white hair and white skin. They wore tight outfits that were made of a thin material that was similar to rubber to prevent from disease and shoes made out of the same material.

“I’ve seen how these people look, and it’s really strange. Do I have to look like that?” Mhelika asked. “Can’t you change it so I look a little more like I do now?” Nishant shook his head.

“I’m sorry, but this is quite average for a human girl,” he said. “And we need to look average in order to blend in.” Mhelika sighed.

“Ok,” she replied. As she looked at the girl she was about to become, she wondered how other people on the planet would look.


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