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Chapter 1:

“Congratulations!” Barbara exclaimed. David smiled on the other line.

“Thank you. We’re just…so happy! You know that Hannah has been trying to conceive for the last half a year,” David told her as he looked backwards to his left, checking for other cars. “We’re hoping it’s a girl.”

“Wouldn’t that be wonderful?” Barbara asked. “Then as soon as I grab myself a husband, I can have one also and they can play together!”

“You plan on getting married soon enough for them to be able to play?” he asked, surprised. Barbara shrugged, though it was invisible to anyone but herself.

“I don’t know. As soon as I meet Mr. Right, though, I’ll let you know,” she replied. David smiled again.

“Ok, well I really need to go. I’m taking Hannah out to celebrate,” David told her.

“Where are you going?” Barbara asked in interest.

“I’ve booked some reservations at Tello’s. But maybe tomorrow night we can all go out together and have a second celebration,” David suggested as he made a left onto his street.

“Sure,” Barbara replied. “Well then, you get going, and I will talk to you tomorrow. Congratulations again!”

“Thank you,” David replied. He pushed the ‘End’ button on his cell phone which was plugged into the cigarette lighter. Pulling into the driveway, David put the car into park, pulled up the emergency brake and quickly took out his keys. After he had taken the tuxedo he had rented from the back seat, he walked up the porch steps and flipped through until he found the house key.

After he walked in and closed and locked the door behind him, David walked into the kitchen, plopping the keys down on the wooden table. When he walked over to the stairs, his breath caught in his throat.

Hannah was standing at the top of the staircase, and David didn’t have a choice other than to smile in awe. She was beautiful. Her shiny brown hair stopped and seemed to rest on her shoulders. A red dress, the neckline lined with tiny, clear beads that also swirled in designs down the front, flowed elegantly down her body. The bottom, which was lined with exquisite, thin, red lace, stopped about two inches or so above her ankles.

David almost immediately noticed that Hannah was also wearing the earrings that he had gotten her for their six month anniversary. Six tiny diamonds formed a string down from the miniscule part she clipped into her ear to the end where there was a diamond that was a tad larger, lined with red beads that were about the same size as the smaller diamonds.

“Hannah, you look…amazing,” David breathed. Hannah took the stairs slowly so she wouldn’t trip with her heals.

“Thank you,” she replied with a smile. As soon as she reached the bottom of the staircase, David took her in his arms and kissed her, a long, passionate kiss. Then he drew away to just look at her for a moment.

“I love you,” he said. She smiled again.

“I love you too,” she replied. Since David wasn’t yet dressed, he tilted his head toward the tuxedo he was holding and she nodded. Quickly walking around her, David went up the stairs to get dressed as fast as he could so she wouldn’t have to wait long.

Hannah walked gradually up the stairs after him, over to the guest room, and just…looked at it, a tiny smile surfacing. She could almost picture how it would look; the crib would go over here, the changing table would go over there, and so on. Her face softened as she imagined the tiny, helpless human being that she was going to bring into the world. She knew it happened every day, but it even so, it felt like a miracle. That’s it. A tiny miracle is growing inside me.


Chapter 2:

“Patricia? Hello? Earth to Patricia,” Livvy said, waving her hand, clearly irritated, in front of her best friend’s face. Patricia whipped her head to face Livvy.

“Uh…22?” Patricia asked, randomly. Livvy grinned, shaking her head.

“I really think that you should take that picture of him down, just for now, so you can concentrate. It’s enough that I think you should throw that thing out, but staring at it until you completely tune out is just going to irritate me. You know that,” Livvy said, adjusting her legs so they wouldn’t get numb from sitting Indian-style.

“Ugh, fine,” Patricia said. “Brad Pitt is the cutest guy ever though. I will never get over him, no matter what you say.” The her messy brown hair fell over her shoulders as Patricia stood up and took the 2 tacks off of Brad Pitt’s poster, putting the poster face down on her bed and the tacks on her desk. “There, are you happy?”

“Ecstatic,” Livvy said, dryly. She moved a few strands of her short brown hair out of her face. “Now, anyway, here’s a small, easy question. If a=b and b=c than a equals…” Livvy let her voice trail off and motioned in the air for Patricia to answer.

“Um…a for annoying?” Patricia asked. Livvy sighed and let herself flop onto her back and extended her legs.

“You are hopeless!” Livvy exclaimed.

“What? You said in Algebra letters stand for things,” Patricia pointed out.

“Pu-leeze try to concentrate,” Livvy said. “These are easy questions. Here, let me put it this way.” Livvy lay down on her stomach and propped herself up on her elbows. “If you’re Brad Pitt, you have blonde hair and if you have blonde hair you are cute. That means that if you are Brad Pitt you are…”

“Cute?” Patricia said, staring blankly into space.

“Right!” Livvy said. “There you go!”

“Wow. You never told me that math could be so interesting,” Patricia said. Livvy followed her friend’s gaze to the poster sitting upside down on her bed. Livvy groaned letting her head fall into her hands.

“How about we just do our science homework?” Livvy asked, mumbling into her palms.

After the two girls finished their homework they played a game of Monopoly for about an hour then set up Livvy’s bed to sleep over at Patricia’s house. The girls stayed up until 10:00, but then turned out the light and just talked for half an hour so they would get a decent amount of sleep for school the next day.

Immediately when Livvy woke up, she knew where she was. She had slept over Patricia’s house so many times that it was like a second home to her. She actually kept a spare pair of pajamas and some clothes at Patricia’s house.

When Patricia’s alarm clock rang, the two girls moaned and Patricia slapped her hand at the off button about 5 times until it finally stopped. The two girls opened their eyes, took one look at each other and raced for the bathroom. It was a thing that they had, to get to the bathroom first, like they were sisters, because neither of them had any siblings.

“Got it!” Livvy yelled as she slapped the door. Patricia groaned as Livvy ran into the bathroom and closed the door behind her to take a shower.

After they had gotten dressed and eaten breakfast, the two girls tore out the door to catch the bus and got there a whole 10 seconds before it came.

She was more beautiful than ever. And she looked remarkably like her mother, also. Except for the fact that her hair was cut very short, about two inches above her shoulders. The man stared at the girl as she caught the bus with her best friend. He was so glad that she was happy. He was glad that, despite that she had been lied to so often, she’d had a good life.

Then, looking through the window of her house, he saw her. The woman took a bag full of newspapers and lugged them out to the curb. His heart twirled around in confusion, trying to sort out his emotions. He despised her, but he loved her too.

The man took one last look at the girl before she boarded her school bus and the bus drove away. He stared at the bus until it turned the corner and disappeared. He had been elated when he saw her leaving her school the other day. And now she was on that very bus. He had been looking for her for what seemed like an eternity and she had been so close that he could have ran over before she got on the bus and told her everything.

That wouldn’t have worked though. And he knew it. She would never listen to him, even if he brought her the proof, if she could go run back into her house or onto the bus. He would probably have to wait one day longer.


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