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He was getting some water from the lake when she suddenly showed up behind him. She just looked at him and said nothing. He was very surprised when he saw her. She was very pretty. She wore a long, light-blue dress. In her hand, she was holding an amulet. Suddenly, the amulet began to glow and a strange world slowly appeared before his eyes. The hills, the lake behind him, even his bucket filled with water... It was all gone. He saw a strange landscape. And he saw the strange woman.
"Don't worry. You are in my homeworld. All the others are gone, I will try to find them... You have to help me with that."
"Who are you?" he asked.
"Relax. After we've found my friends, I will bring you back home." she promised. "Trust me."
Why would he trust her?
"We better work together. It's best for everyone." she said.
"Bring me back." he demanded.
"Can't do that."
"But you have no right." he said.
"I had no choice!"
She was angry now and he wisely kept his mouth shut.
"Follow me." she ordered.
He followed her through the strange landscape.
"Where are we going?" he asked her.
"We're going to see the demons." she answered.
Suddenly, he stopped walking.
"Don't be afraid. I will protect you."
But that were only words. He feared the worst and there was nothing she could do about that.
"I know that this is difficult, but like I said: I have no choice. Soon, those demons will come for me too. I am only trying to survive."
"But I have nothing to do with this."
"You can help me. I can't do it alone."
Suddenly, he heard a noise behind him. A strange creature was heading their way. He had never seen such a creature before. The woman said something he didn't understand and suddenly, the creature was gone.
"This one was very weak. My spell worked very well." she said. "Other demons are much stronger. They will come..."
This didn't sound good.
"Get me out of here." he asked her.
"I will protect you." she assured him.
But he really had enough of this. It was too scary. He wanted to feel safe again, but what could he do? He had no magical powers. Suddenly, the woman grabbed his arm. They kept walking and walking. Suddenly, a big castle showed up in the distance.
"We're almost there." she said.
They headed for the castle. The gate was open, so they could just walk in. There were no guards. They climbed the stairs.
"Where are we going?" he asked.
"You'll see."
She pushed him and he had no other choice but climbing the stairs. A few moments later, they entered a big hall. A man was waiting for them.
"Here he is. I've got the human."
"Nice." the stranger smiled. "Did you see any demons?"
"Just one... a weak one."
Suddenly, an amulet appeared in his hand.
"This will protect you, even against the strongest demons. But..."
For a few moments, he looked the woman in the eye.
"Don't forget our agreement. I can take the amulet back."
"I won't forget."
"Good." the stranger smiled.
He gave the woman the amulet and then, they left the castle and headed for the wood. Suddenly, two men appeared from behind the trees. They were carrying spears and wearing uniforms.
"Come with us." one of them ordered.
They were taken to a strange place where a stranger was waiting for them. For a while, he just stared at the boy and said nothing.
"A human..." he finally said.
What was this man up to? He was wearing a long coat. Was he a wizard or something? Suddenly, he smiled.
"Don't worry. We're not like the demons. We won't harm you."
Then, he looked at the woman.
"Do you have the amulet?"
"Yes." she answered.
"Don't be afraid, boy. The demons won't harm you. The amulet will protect you."
Suddenly, a strange light appeared and the next moment, he saw some kind of strange, dark hall. It was very strange. Suddenly, he heard terrible screams. He looked around and saw that the wood was gone! He had to be dreaming. This couldn't be real! Suddenly, a demon showed up. It was very tall, big and ugly and had very big teeth. Suddenly, it lifted one of its arms. It had very big claws as well!
"Help!" he screamed. "Help! Someone..."
The demon began to scream louder. Two other demons appeared behind him. They all looked at him with their green eyes.
"Please! Help me!" he screamed once again.
But no-one came. He was on his own. The first demon grabbed his shoulder. The two others behind him came closer. Suddenly, a strange light appeared in the dark hall. The next moment, the first demon was gone. Now, the two other demons both grabbed his arms. The strange light appeared again and they vanished as well. He was alone now. All was silent. Where was the wood? Where were the woman and the stranger?
"Hello?!" he screamed.
He was still very afraid. Suddenly, a whole group of demons appeared. They grabbed his shoulders, arms, touched his head with their claws and pushed him. Suddenly, the strange light appeared once again. Every demon who touched him kept vanishing. But they kept coming and coming and oddly enough, they all touched him.

Suddenly, he was in a strange hall. The demons had stopped touching him. It was strange, he needed to get used to it. A strange creature was looking at him.
"What's your name?" she asked.
She began to walk around him and had another close look at him.
"You will be my guest." she said.
She clapped in her hands and two demons entered the room. Oddly enough, they didn't attack him. They were totally calm.
"Bring our guest to his room." the woman ordered.
The two demons grabbed his hand and took him to a long hall. After a long walk, they opened one of the doors and show him his new room. They still didn't attack him. The room was big and had a big window. The bed was very soft and wide. Suddenly, the strange creature was standing behind him.
"Do you like it?" she asked.
"Yes!" he nodded.
She could see that he was impressed and smiled. He had another look at the demons. They just stood there, waiting for new orders.
"You have an amulet." the strange creature said.
"I have nothing to do with it. I just want to go home." he said.
The creature didn't understand.
"I miss my family and my friends."
"You can make new friends here."
Was she going to keep him here?!
"I know nothing about this amulet." he said.
"Oh, I believe you. Don't be afraid. I won't harm you."
Then, she vanished, together with the demons. He was alone in the big strange room now. He headed for the door. It was open. The room was nice, but boring, so he went to have a look around. He found many big rooms. Most of them were empty. Suddenly, the strange creature appeared behind him.
"Do you like it?" she asked.
He startled.
"Yes..." he said.
"Don't worry. You are free to enter all the rooms. I have nothing to hide."
That was a relief and again, the creature smiled.
"What do you want from me?" he asked.
"You have an important amulet."
"I never wanted it."
"I know, but... It's important." she smiled.
Suddenly, the look in her eyes changed.
"You see... Some people don't understand what I am planning to do. They are afraid... but they don't need to be afraid. I don't harm anyone."
"I have nothing to do with this."
"Yes, you do. You have the amulet and the amulet is ruining my plans."
"What... are you going to do?"
The strange creature laughed.
"You still don't trust me, do you?"
For a few moments, she just kept laughing. Then, she suddenly looked serious again.
"Take it easy, alright?" she said. "I'm not a monster."
For a few moments, she had a close look at him.
"Would you like something to eat?" she asked.
He nodded slowly and the next moment, there was a big table filled with food in the room. It all tasted very good.
"If there's anything else you would like... Just tell me."
"I would like to go home."
"I'm afraid that's impossible."

Several days went by. This place was very calm. There were only a few servants to talk to. They did the cleaning and cooking. The strange creature didn't show up anymore and the demons were gone too.
"She will come back." the servants assured.
"Why did she bring me here?"
"We know nothing about that. We only do our work."
"Let's try to find out."
"She has strong magical powers. Besides, it's none of our business."
"But I want to go home!"
He checked all the rooms, but there was nothing that gave him the answer to his question. He kept looking, but there was nothing. He didn't even find any personal things, as if that strange creature didn't live here. He didn't even find her clothes. Many rooms were empty. There was also a garden. For days, he kept looking, hoping to find a secret passage or something. Suddenly, the strange creature showed up behind him.
"How are you?" she asked.
He startled.
"Fine, thanks." he said.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you. What were you doing?"
"Nothing really... There isn't much I càn do, is there?"
The strange creature smiled. For a few moments, she looked at him without saying a word.
"If there's anything I can do for you..."
"You have strong magical powers." he said.
Now, she laughed.
"My servants told you that, but they know nothing about magic! They're lucky, they don't even know about the evil wizards. They just do what I tell them to do."
The strange creature was surprised. She stopped laughing.
"It's just the way they are."
"Who are they? Are they humans?"
Now, she laughed again.
"No. Don't worry. I'm not going to do that to you! I won't harm you. Don't be afraid."
He didn't say anything.
"Well, I'm hungry." she said.
The next moment, she was gone. He could look for that secret passage again, but after dinner, she went to see him again.
"What are you up to? You're not going to find anything here." she said.
For a few moments, she looked him in the eye. Then, she put her hand on his shoulder.
"Come on... Let's do something nice, shall we?"
She smiled at him, but he didn't smile back.
"Don't let my magical powers scare you." she said.
The next few days, she came up with music, dancers and games. Then, she had to leave again.
"I'll be back as soon as possible." she promised before she left. A few days later, the woman in the light-blue dress appeared.
"Finally I got here!" she said.
He was surprised to see her. What was she doing here?
"You are in great danger." she warned. "The demons are getting help. Come with me."
Again, he saw that amulet in her hand. The next moment, they were in a wood.
"Are we safe here?" he asked.
"Yes we are, but we must stop her."
"I don't understand."
"We might loose the amulet." she said.
Suddenly, a green demon showed up. He was very tall, with long arms and big teeth.
"Don't worry. We still have the amulet." the woman said quietly.
For a few moments, the demon looked at them. Then, he held out his long, green arm, but before he could grab them, he vanished. Ridley was relieved, but the next moment, another demon showed up. This one looked black and he was even taller than the first one. He had very big hands and feet. He grabbed Ridley. The amulet didn't seem to be working anymore. Suddenly, all turned black before his eyes. When he woke up again, he was still in that wood. What had happened? Where was the demon? He had a look around, but he was alone. The woman was gone too. He got up and started to run, away from the demons. He just kept running and running. He got tired, but he just kept running. Suddenly, the woman in the light-blue dress stopped him.
"Where are you going?" she asked.
"I don't know..." he said.
She put her arms around him.
"Don't be afraid." she said softly.
She held him in her arms for a few moments.
"Take me home." he asked.
"I'm sorry, but I can't do that."
"You must! I've had enough!"
"Sst. Calm down."
"No! I won't calm down! Not until you bring me back!"
"But I can't. I really can't."
Now, he didn't know what to say anymore.
"The demons won't come back for now." she said.
She took his hand and together, they walked through the wood. She brought him to the river, where he could drink. He was very thirsty. After he had quenched his thirst, they got some rest on the riverbank. This place was very lovely and peaceful.
"For how long will the demons stay away?"
"I don't know..." she said.
"You got me into this, now you have to bring me back." he said.
"I told you, I am only trying to survive."
Then, she looked him in the eye.
"Only you can protect us."
That was all she said. He really had enough of this. She could be anyone and he didn't belong here. Maybe she was telling him the truth, maybe she was lying and evil. All he knew was that she had nothing to do with him. But what could he do? He felt so defenceless!

The demons just stood there and didn't say a word.
"The human is gone." their mistress said.
This was very bad news and the demons were afraid.
"We must get him back, together with the amulet." their mistress continued.
But how would they do that? She had been thinking about that for hours and she still didn't have a plan. Yes, she had many spells, but it seemed that none of them could help her with this. But if she didn't do anything, the demons would be destroyed. And she needed the demons. She said one of her spells and a male servant of hers appeared in the room. He looked human, but he was taller than Ridley and he looked like a warrior. He was wearing a dark green shirt and light green trousers.
"How can I help you?"
"Ah... I don't know... We lost the human and the amulet, Tom. I'm worried."
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear this." Tom said.
"Yeah..." his mistress sighed.
Then she smiled faintly and took his hand.
"Hold me, Tom. I need it."
Tom put his arms around her.
"You know, I would do anything to help you. You can count on me." he said.
"Yes, I certainly know."
"You are very strong." Tom continued.
"Not strong enough, it seems."
"No. That's not true."
"Let's go to the garden."
She knew that she had to act fast. Maybe she would get an idea if she relaxed. And Tom certainly helped her to relax. Tom was wonderful. But he had no magical powers. He knew nothing about spells, but she liked him very much. He was always there for her when she needed him... or when she just wanted to have fun. The garden was a very nice place and she felt how her plan was working. But she still didn't have a solution. Perhaps it was best not to think about it anymore, but could she take that risk? Maybe she just had to be creative. A good idea can compensate for weak magical powers. She wasn't defenceless!

Ridley was still in that wood. He was alone with the woman in the light-blue dress.
"Are we going to stay here forever?" he asked.
The woman laughed.
"No. Soon, you will be taken to the castle."
"Yes. I think you will like it there."
"I don't think so."
The woman smiled. They stopped talking and Ridley had a look around. This place was very boring. Maybe that castle would be more gripping than this. Suddenly, he heard something. A small, hairy creature was heading for them. Its big eyes were focused on Ridley.
"Are you human?" it asked.
"Yes." Ridley nodded.
Then, it just kept staring at him.
"Don't be rude." the woman said.
Suddenly, it looked down.
"I'm sorry..."
"He has never seen a human before." the woman explained.
"But you look human." Ridley said.
"I know..." the woman smiled.
"Who are you?" Ridley asked.
"I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself properly. I'm Melissa." She pointed to the hairy creature. "And he's Bobby."
Bobby was staring at Ridley again. He just couldn't help it. It was too amazing.
"Bobby lives at the castle." Melissa explained.
Then, she suddenly smiled.
"He just couldn't wait to see you."
Now, Bobby suddenly looked down again. He felt uncomfortable. For a few moments, Melissa looked at him and smiled. Then, she continued walking. The next few days, they kept walking through the wood. The castle had to wait. Ridley missed home and he didn‘t want to know where they were going. He didn‘t belong here. He was walking behind Melissa as usual, when she suddenly stood still. For a few moments, she just stood there and looked up.
Ridley didn‘t understand. Melissa raised her hands and a strange ray of light appeared. It was amazing. Ridley wasn‘t interested in magic, but he stared at the ray of light anyway. He just couldn‘t help it. Suddenly, he heard a strange voice.
“You have finally come.”
“Yes. I‘m asking you for help.” Melissa answered.
“What do you want?”
“I want you to stop the demons. They‘re destroying my people.”
A stronger light appeared and a strange noise rang out. Suddenly, the ground began to shake. The sound got louder and then, all was quiet. The light was gone, all was normal. Ridley needed to get used to the silence. He looked at Melissa. She seemed to be alright. She slowly turned round and smiled at him. That was a reassurance.
“Let‘s go to the castle.” Melissa said.
They teleported to a strange castle.
“Come on.” Melissa said.
They left the empty room and headed for a big hall. A big group of people were waiting for them.
“It worked!” Melissa screamed.
The strange people nodded and one of them came to see Ridley, a young girl short hair and she was wearing trousers.
“You‘re human.” she said.
“Yes.” he nodded.
“Thanks for helping us.”
“I had no choice.”
Now, the girl laughed.
“I‘m . The demons will be defeated soon.”
“The real work is about to start.” Melissa said.

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