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The better Version Of this Serious As Of Now Corrected Revised Etc...

Struggling with hell Trilogy 1

By, Taylor Moseley

Part 1

Corruption begins

3 years had passed since the first of the invasion of demons. The world was going haywire. The sky dark red with hellish gleams and shines, its clouds, Oh its clouds black. The face of death was upon us. Earthquakes opened holes to hell. It's minions poured out of the holes. The countless army of hell and evil poured out. Humans try to hide from them but they are killed and eaten. So many people in such a short period of time. It seems to rain blood and gore. Now I bring you into the fire and out of the frying pan.

"No, No, Stay away - no! Ahhhhh--- help m…"

The young child yelled, its mother iced in panic and fear. There's nothing worse than watching someone get killed and eaten as their hearts are stored in the "black bag". Especially a relative. Make matters worse, your son. The life we live is like a never-ending nightmare, no exits to chance of living, just running from hell trying to survive. Having the thought that you could be killed any second of your frivolous life is terrifying enough until they freeze your leftovers to make a collection of kills. These beasts have no hearts no blood no feelings… They can't think for them selves ever since, Jastin came along.

A fiendish goblin corrupted Jastin Medfore 3 years ago. They re wired him into thinking he was a hell captain of their league soon until he realized what he was doing, they had to kill him then resurrect him in a way that no mortal could ever do, Only immortal demons such as, His minions. Until this day we still ask why go through all the trouble for just a powerless human, why did they choose him? We still ask that question to our selves.
Hell troops marched toward my group, every footstep like thunder. We were all aware of them now. The hate in their eyes was like a fire, a fire that never burned out. A beacon to let us know that death is soon to all. How could this evil be so true?

"RUN! RUN AWAY! THEY ARE COMING! Follow me! We can escape into my old shop hideout!" The old man yelled his, voice reminded me of my dad that was an officer in the military. My dad was a strong man until he gave in to the evilness of hell.

My group and I followed the old man into his pizza shop. It must have been 25 years old and looks like it hasn’t been entered for decades. The windows were smoked up and black. Webs went from chair to chair, top to bottom. Wood was curling up. The darkish red painted walls were pealing. Half the Green roof was gone. I noticed a picture of a little boy in the corner of the room, for some reason I thought I recognized his face. The old mans beard was leaving a trail is it dragged along the dusty floor. He opened up a wall behind the cashier. Before me lye a narrow hall with white walls and a black tiled floor. It was dark, so dark. We walked the hall down deeper, deeper, as it got colder and colder. So cold ice was on the walls. My jaws were shivering I felt like parts of my body parts were about to fall off it was so cold. I was chilled to the bone.

My hand stung and I couldn’t feel it nor see it. I wondered if the demons would find us down here. Rather that they wouldn’t be suited in such a cold place since they come from such a hot one. I sat down and began to cry. Even though I was 38 I still cried, I knew I was going to die and that was the worst stomach twirling feeling. I prayed that I would make it out alive as I did so many other times. I heard the window crash I peaked out of the hole and watched the demons smash the windows inwards with their vile combat weapons they held at their side. Skeletons marched into the shop I heard the burning bones cackle as there body shake with every step, searching the area for mortals once they punched through the closet walls I knew they would be sure to check here. All these different directions confused me as I ran helplessly into circles and then finally I ran straight. I reached a dead end. They broke through our passage and started searching. There cackling sound neared me as I panicked and wept silently under my breath.

" Asha mesto he yu ro a mephistaki" I heard there unknown language along with their horrible cackle. I was gone for sure. I pressed against the wall to the right of me and surprisingly fell through a trap door. I was led into an under ground cave. It was still so dark, I knew my leg was broken I dragged my half alive body under a couple of rocks for cover and started to wonder why God would let such a thing to happen to mother earth. I drifted to sleep and forgot about everything.

I got up the next morning grouchy as usual. My hair messed up, Blue jeans torn and my 123$ shirt torn half way down the back. I was glad I was alive though. I started wondering down the halls as I noticed my leg wasn’t broken it was perfectly fine. I tripped over a rock and fell. My head faced my hand, my half-eaten hand. Then it hurt. It hurt like blade stabbing me. It hurt like waves of furious bulls with nails on my feet stomping over me. I screamed as loud as I could, I screamed for help but I didn’t get help. I got something more terrifying than evil it self, I got the attention of troops. They raced after me. Threw blades at me, I was on fire the ground was shaking. The tunnel was caving in. I ran for shelter to hide but I couldn’t find any place to go. I was doomed.

One hour later, I was still running but nothing was behind me. I ran from my fear, I ran form my hate, I ran form everything. My world came into my head and I ran for the length of 500 football fields, I ran until I couldn’t run any more, then I ran some more until I fell to the ground and all the sudden something strange happened. Apocalypse appeared, His son, Diablo’s son. He wanted me to come with him but I refused. I started to levitate I was high in the air and I was going somewhere soon. Then I wasn’t in the cave I was out side. Far outside, almost dead. I Heard thunder collide…


"Sir, He is not a mortal he has the power to rejuvenate, look a his hand! It was gone yesterday and today it is half grown back this sir, he does not bleed he does Not breathe, he is one of us." Apocalypse explained.


I still did not have a clear view of him but I could see him. His red scaly body, His horns curled forward and his mouth had gigantic teeth. His tail lay silently on the ground motionless. His feet were huge too, his toenails stuck out like knives (super sized). I was knocked unconscious its over or is it?

Part II

A New Hope Enters

I Awoke to find my self in no different state. Only this time chained against a wall looking death in the eye. His eyes swarm with evil as his booming voice wrecked the ground. Anger in his eyes, His minions weren’t not doing as told actually thinking for themselves for once. A brainless demon could not think for them self, so this was an amazing break through. I shut down my heavy eyes and float to sleep a deadly sleep, the world couldn’t survive like this and I had not helped at all.

As hell was being raised, Earth was dieing and few people are living. Here comes a hero to slay the evil beasts and rest hell for the rest of the time.

Lord Thatchen Hellplague was our hero he was a one in a million. Everything and beyond could he do. Cast spells, and fight off beasts with his sword. Black with his shield, Teleport. Thatchen had destroyed evil before, but never again for the sky fell on him and he banished forever. People said wherever he walked light shone, but no one really saw him.

Unchained was becoming me, I was being escorted to the dungeon. Apocalypse was holding me with 1 hand. I was scared to death. Longer and longer we walked it got colder and colder, until apocalypse cast a spell and flame grew on the walls like vines, my skin was peeling off but as soon as I was transported into the dungeon. I couldn’t move. My bones grew together and feet sank into the ground. I was held by held tightly by restraints I tried to run but they were to strong. The night seemed to near, but no one could tell fore it was always dark the sky seemed to follow every one around because it was dark for endless times.

Everyone wished Thatchen would come and save the world like he did 279 years ago. Until one day he finally came, Goblins ran but not far before Thatchen gutted them with his blade. The world was saved but, could he
beat diablo?


Part III
Thatchen’s Path

Thatchen Hellplague could surely not beat diablo now, for he had minions to go out and steal hearts into their black bags. Once the minions have completed getting 100 hearts they would bring the bags back to diablo. The minions stole hearts from every moving thing. He would eat them bag by bag, for more strength and health. Every one hundred hearts (one bag) he ate would multiply his strength by two, and his health by three. The devilish beast was a cannibal, for only such would eat that of a human. He must have eaten millions of hearts by now, making Thatchen's sword obsolete to his strength. Meanwhile one shield lingered from his back; also his cracked armor was merely hanging by his shoulder, and would easily burn with the entering of Diablo’s lair.

Thatchen would need more people to fight the vile demon, diablo. Not only because of Diablo’s strength but also because of his size. Diablo was about 15 feet wide, and 20 feet tall. Gigantic Spikes sprung from his back and his horns curled out from his head. Sharper than a needle, a needle that punctures a bones. The obstacles you would have to pass to reach his lair are extreme. Hell rose from every corner and every wall. Diablo would stop at nothing to take control of this beautiful world and no one knew of his evil plan. Thatchen would need to recruit great warriors and spell casters of our time. This city was to advance to find any defenders such, so as his journey began to search for such warriors, we come. His journey began here, began now and no one was going to stop him. As he walked the trials he did 279 years ago. He came across long grasslands and deserts areas. He reached a rain forest. It was late, but he still went on, he had to get out of the rain forest. Finally after flies and spiders, wolves and raccoons he reached a small beach. By then his stomach began to get cranky, and he got weaker. Every step he took felt like an earthquake to him. He could eat anything by now. He dropped to his knees and began to cast a spell. Food appeared before him, as he stared at his delightful bread and fresh meat he got overwhelmed with ecstasy. He was astonished he could still remember that spell; his spell book was nearly completely faded so that would have been no use. He began to feast on his delight. By then night crept upon him, shadows of the clouds could still be seen, the sunset dropped slowly. It was time for him to rest his tired body. His stamina was drained. He set up camp along side of some rocks. He had trouble sleeping that night. The timberline looked down upon him. As they traded glances. Adrenaline reeked through his soul, Fear of diablo finding out about his quest. Diablo would be sure to send out an army of hells forces to seek him out and destroy his guts. Either that or cremate him. He pulled some giant leafs over him, the night got cold...

I woke up to find my self tired but wow, I slept from sunset to sunrise. What a strange result. Must of gotten to much of sleep...

I was ageing quickly, for I was 27 when I become addressed as Slayer Thatchen Hellplague. I had earned the title after banishing diablo for the first time. Who would of thought he would walk the earth 279 years later, stronger then ever. Not only had I been asleep in the heavens but also my age didn’t go down until I woke up, now. I raised my head up high with good confidence of finding the fantastic warriors and casters I need. My body and me walked proudly to the village of swordsman and warriors, necromancers, wizards, clerics and other forms of heroes, who have dedicated their lives and power to saving earth. The rust colored dirt path lead to those villages, the villages of Shakumo Stafa. I would look up proudly to the sky and wonder how long it takes for galaxies as beautiful as ours to form, and if there is another sphere containing life being driven the wrong way by hellish creatures. Making the Sphere of life perishing as well as our own. I could see stonewall gates by just on the horizon, for I had been walking for hours now. It must be Shakumo Stafa's strong hold to thwart demons. If that failed the fighters of our life sphere would be forced to fight, and waist magic power.

As I approached the stone gates I took one more glance at the sky, and notice it was turning grass green. Green was not good, of course it couldn't be good but what could cause such a change in the clouds over a minor period of time? The stone gates opened, A Priest stood high to greet me. He had no idea who I was...

"Hello fellow priest, I am Slayer Thatchen Hellplague. I am here to recruit some of your finest fighters to help me during the fierce struggle with hell. We shall venture to find Diablo’s lair, and once found we will do all our might to kill diablo and return peace to the sphere of life. I would greatly appreciate it if you would assist me." I explained eye to eye with the young man.

He stared blankly at me in disbelief, for most people know that I fled to the heavens to protect my life from he explosion that occurred when I cut his head off with my sword. Unfortunately I fell asleep on the clouds for an unforgettable 279 years and well God said it was time for me to wake up, here I am.

"Do you believe me sir?" I spoke in a quiet low voice.

"I...I, uh, Sorry sir, I'm not sure, w-why s-sshhould I believe you are th-the, great Thatchen Hellplague? C-could you proo-oove that you rea-ally are Thatchen?" He shivered as the words trembled through the creak of his lips.

"All right then, Stand back! I shall demonstrate calling for the heavens!" I explained to the man.

I drew out my sword, held it up high and began the demonstration. The green clouds would make it hard for me to call for the heavens but I continued through.

"Sta, mEkt, Skr-woe hufi!!! " I yelled out quiet loudly. My thundering voice brought bolts of lighting from the heaven down t my sword, my sword shined with power. The bolts strength was very strong, but I could with stand the pressure. So many bolts of strong force bolted through my sword. Yes, ahh... yes just what I wanted, I said the spell correctly. In seconds my sword was flaming. I swung it back and fourth a couple of times. It left a trial of blazing hot orangish reddish flame, in which the path it took. Every swing.

He was truly fascinated with the performance. I saw him stare at me like no other. He obviously spends a lot of time at the gates for that spell was nothing for what wizards and pure casters could do. It felt so good to unleash energy that had been kept inside me sleeping for 279 years.

"Well you certainly may pass sir, I respect you Sir Hellplague. I am very sorry and miss understanding I took in you. A great Paladin like you shouldn't be outside in the Hasj, I'laes path alone. It is dangerous! The Fighters will be very pleased to hear that Slayer Thatchen Hellplague has arrived." The young priest welcomed me warmly with great heart and confidence.

I walk through the gates; my ears turned beat red because of the crude armor I was wearing, and not to mention the cracked shield on my back... There Black Shiny armor, I could see my self in the armor. The Casters Crystal staffs and fine silk robes. The wizards and necromancers practiced their magic while he clerics practiced healing and increasing strength and health. Warriors fought each other with their blades, sparks flew at ever end. Each Warrior was highly trained. They looked like they knew everything they needed to know about warriors. I cracked a slight smile, as I knew I would need them for the quest.

"Sir Hellplague would you like to see the tournament of the best?" The priest his hand on my shoulder pad as he shot the words into my ear with great power. I felt my body start to regenerate. The young priest's magic was great indeed.

"Follow me, Sir Hellplague" He Treaded lightly as I followed him with great excitement. It looked like he was floating from the air. I follow him as I passed gardens and bushes. Pink flowers, yellow flowers sun bright. The concrete section I was walking on looked very old. I walked pass a small red brick house. With a green tiled roof. We came up to a large palace with white columns and a blood shot red glass roof.

"This is where the tournament shall take place. Under this glass roof, millions have competed and millions have been brought to there death. The champion of every battle gets a 1 way portal to sector A-1. Created by ancient fighters of chaos 1,000 years ago (yr 1200AD). On every spire that stood on sector A-1 there is a hieroglyphic. Each Hieroglyphic tells a story. The first story was written by Fika Stoneblade. Stoneblade brought upon a new race of fighters, which now refers to as Steelblade or Steelcast. If you were to look at all the spires you would notice that one third of all stories are inscribed with Steelblade into the rocky spires." Explained the priest.

For Sector A-1 wasn't only the final frontier, spirits remained there from time to time. Spirits that diablo plague's with evil. These, The finest spirits become minions to hell, to demons, to diablo...

"The fighters are about to began the tournament." Whispered the priest.

A loud voice boomed,

"THE TOURNAMENT IS ABOUT TO BEGAN, PLEASE EXIT THE ARENA!" it said, I looked up and saw a guy at a tower, and they must be the judges. 1 warrior and 1 necromancer entered the arena. I was sure this was going to be a very good fight. The warrior sprinted toward the necromancers, his swords out and his body bent forward, he moved so fast. Death in his eyes. Looks to kill. The blade pierced through the necromancers skin, blood gushed out of the hole. The large crowd cheered. The necromancer was too slow... But wait! No! His wound healed He’s back up! The warrior stomach began to ache! The fight was now questionable...

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