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Flame Sisters
68,522 words
175 pages

Part 1:

Chapter 1: Tolinka

“If you ever want to see him again then you stay away from my diary. Got it?” Tolinka said, glaring at her brothers.

“Geez, just give him back, Tolinka!” Tom yelled angrily. Tolinka was holding their new G.I. Joe toy hostage, forcing them to agree to keep out of her diary. Tom and his brother Henry had just gotten it days before so they had not gotten bored of him yet.

“Promise,” Tolinka ordered. “Promise you’ll-”

“Ok, ok, we promise,” Henry interrupted, clearly impatient. “Where is he?”

“Fine. He’s in the fruit drawer in the fridge,” Tolinka said. The twins bolted for the kitchen and Tolinka rolled her eyes. “Have an apple while you’re in there!” she called after them, smiling. Tolinka went over to the living room where her mom was sitting tallying up birthday presents.

“Hi, honey. Now, I just finished the list, so I want you to start on the ‘Thank You’ cards as soon as you can,” her mom said, handing her the piece of loose-leaf. “And I’m sorry about your brothers. No sleepover is complete without little monsters, right?” Tolinka grinned. Her mom was always so organized and keeping everything in order. It was a trait that failed to pass itself down to her or her little brothers.

“Thanks mom. Don’t worry, its ok,” Tolinka assured her as she looked at the presents sitting on the floor. “I’m just going to make my bed and stuff so I will come back from vacation to a decently clean bedroom and start packing, ok?” Tolinka’s mom nodded.

“Sure,” she replied, cleaning up the wrapping paper. Tolinka picked up her presents and brought them upstairs to her room. She wanted to make sure her diary was in a new hiding spot. She didn’t trust her brothers for a second, even if they had promised.

Tolinka loved her brothers of course, deep, deep down, but they just got on her nerves so much that blackmail was the only thing that she could resort to. She knew that they would keep their new toy in a hiding place though so the next time they peeked into her diary, most likely in a couple of days, she would have to take something else.

Looking around her room, Tolinka debated whether to put her diary under her mattress in her closet or somewhere else. Her room was always a complete mess; her clothes seldom went straight into the laundry basket. Usually, they sat around her room on the floor or flung carelessly onto her desk before they were given the privilege.

Finally, after deciding to put it in the Monopoly game box on her shelf, she nodded once, satisfied with her creativity. Noticing that she had forgotten to put on her bandana once she had woken up from her sleepover, she walked over and got a light blue one to match her outfit. Avid at collecting bandanas and quite the tomboy, Tolinka wore one every day possible. It did a number on her hair, but it wasn’t exactly her first concern.

Tolinka plopped into her purple rolling desk chair and twirled around a couple times for fun. Then she got to work cleaning up the desk that she hardly used for schoolwork because it was so messy. It was more of a, ‘dump stuff on me’ desk than a, ‘do your schoolwork on me’ desk.

Since she had sworn to clean her room in order to be able to watch the 2 hour season premiere of her favorite show, Tolinka cleaned up her desk first and then moved on to the many clothes covering the floor.

“Where do you think that she’ll hide it next?” Tolinka sighed as she listened to her brothers talking quietly downstairs in the kitchen.

“I don’t know. Maybe she’ll just put it somewhere she’s put it before,” Henry suggested.

“Yea, we’ll check tomorrow,” Tom said.

“Yea,” Henry echoed. Henry and Tom had both just turned ten, but Henry was the younger twin by only two minutes. For some reason, though, the way that he admired his brother it was as if Tom was a year older than him.

Tolinka’s exceptional hearing came in handy, but it didn’t make her little brothers any less annoying. She wasn’t sure why she had such good hearing; it was just kind of there. The first time she’d been able to hear so well was on her 13th birthday. Tolinka had never told anyone because she was sure that they would flip if they knew she could butt into even their quietest whispered conversations. Just then, Tolinka heard a soft voice, almost as if it was inside her head.

The five shall make a circle,” the voice said. Tolinka looked around, confused, and shook her head. Every once in a while, she would catch bits and pieces from someone else’s conversations, so she just brushed it off. Tolinka rubbed her eyes and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Chapter 2: Reselda

“Reselda? We’re leaving, so we’ll see you later birthday girl!” Reselda got up and went to her bedroom door.

“Ok, have a good time! And don’t forget to bring me home some chocolate cheese cake!” Reselda called back to her parents.

“I won’t, promise! Bye!” her mom called from the living room.

Reselda sat back down at her desk and continued through the book she was currently reading, The Red Pony by John Steinbeck. It was quite a descriptive book, and gruesome at times, but she liked it all the same.

Feeling a soft warm body against her leg, Reselda reached down and pet her cat Princess, who purred affectionately, thanking her. She then went out of Reselda’s bedroom door and through the small plastic flap in a kitchen window that lead to the outdoors. As Reselda turned the page, the paper slid quickly across her finger and Reselda drew back her hand on instinct.

“Ow,” she murmured. Reselda waited a few seconds until the bleeding stopped, the cut healed into a miniscule scar and the scar disappeared. Her finger was as it was moments before.

The first time that Reselda realized that she could heal herself had been on her 13th birthday. She didn’t know how she could heal herself or others, but she didn’t really care about finding out. All Reselda cared about was that nobody found out about her secret. The only other people that knew were her parents, whom she had only told because she knew they would find out eventually anyway.

The ability to heal was amazing, and she wanted to be able to use it to help people, but she also knew that people would get chaotic because she couldn’t heal them. She had watched too many movies to not know that scientists would come to find out what was different about her. And she knew the fact that she could heal could make an amazing movie about the soap opera of her how her life would be if anyone discovered her secret.

Going from hospital to hospital was a wish of Reselda’s because she wanted to give health to the whole world and she knew that she could help a lot. But she also knew that life would get pretty complicated for her if she did expose herself.

A few months after her 13th birthday when she’d had to get a shot, Reselda had gone with her mom to the hospital prepared with a red marker, but when the doctor gave her the shot she hadn’t had to use it. He had put a cotton ball on the wound immediately after taking the needle away and just put a band-aid over it, so he wasn’t aware that it had healed itself.

When she was 14, she had been riding her bike and skidded, falling and scraping both elbows and knees, and chipping a tooth. Of course, everything healed within seconds, including her tooth, but that wasn’t what she had been worried about. What she had been worried about was being seen falling and healing. Luckily, nobody had been around.

Reselda had immediately went back home and told her mom, who told her from then on she would need to wear knee and elbow pads so she wouldn’t get scrapes in the first place, and only ride when she could wear long sleeved shirts and pants. They couldn’t do anything about the natural accidents that she would have, only be careful.

Her parents were adamant about her ability remaining a secret from anyone else and being extremely careful using it. As soon as Reselda discovered it and told them, her parents, and her dad especially, had almost completely kept her from the outside world just so her secret wouldn’t be exposed. Her dad had brought it up again with the bike incident.

It took a little bit of work, but her mom convinced her dad that it would be completely ridiculous to never leave the house just because she had a secret and that it would be completely depriving her of life. She knew it would be like never leaving the house because someone would find out that she was bad at science. Except a little more serious.

After about 20 minutes, she put down her book. She remembered that she needed to pack her cell phone charger to bring on vacation so she wrote it down on her list, leaving it on her desk. Reselda walked down to the kitchen and got out the chicken, potato, and green beans her mom had left for her for dinner.

Reselda was glad that her parents had finally gotten a day off that coincided with the other’s. They didn’t spend enough time with just each other, in her opinion. Reselda had insisted that they have a birthday lunch so her parents would be able to go out to dinner.

The microwave made a gentle humming sound as Reselda walked over to the cabinet to get some soda. Suddenly, she heard a whisper.

The five shall make a circle.” Reselda looked around.

“Hello? Anyone there?” Reselda asked. She was quiet but the only sound she heard was the microwave and the boiler in the basement. “Hm. That’s weird.” Just then, she heard a faint meowing sound and Princess walked in slowly. Reselda realized that she was bleeding from her foot.

“Oh, sweetie,” Reselda said, worriedly. She rushed over a couple steps and kneeled down. “What happened?” Reselda saw that her paw had been cut on something, most likely glass. Putting her hand over Princess’ paw, the wound quickly healed and the extra blood disappeared.


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The following comments are for "Flame Sisters- Chapters 1-2"
by clownka

an interesting beginning
First two chapters are quite interesting and you have developed the character of Reselda quite well. She is immediately likable and the consequences of her gift are explained well. Easy to read and the dialogue was appropriate for each character. Enjoyed these two and will read your other chapters when time is available. Good pace and flow.


( Posted by: smithy [Member] On: May 1, 2004 )

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