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language. opinionated.

fuck grammer/puncuation...this is gonna come out the way it wants to.

all i have to say is i'm sick and tired of this city. i'm tired of jerry falwell's mi$leading influence$ for hi$ own $ake (take a clue...i'm tired of being robbed). for those who don't who jerry falwell is, he is the epitamy of satan. he's hypocritical, money-starved, and a piece of fabricated donkey shit posing as a religious figure (Baptist Christian Fundamentalist).

i'm tired of looking at the kids in this town and seeing no hope for the future. there is absolutely no hope in the future for them because their oxygen is slowly being shut off.

i'm tired of my friends parents not liking me because i'm going to "break down all the morals of their child (that took 1/4 of their life to instill) in 1 second".

i'm tired of being arrested for doing something that i should be free to do. i'm tired of being told i will amount to absolutely fucking nothing because of that.

i'm tired of being told "the ultimate anarchist has to give in some time to society". bullshit. the more i get told no, the more i wanna do it. the more i get told i have to do something, the more the chances become that i'll never do it.

i'm tired of doing as good in school as the other honor students, but getting no credit.

i'm tired of being able to get no other job than music-related occupations (i don't think i can be in a band for the rest of my life).

nevermind...this is becoming endless. lets just fuck it. i love lynchburg fuckin virginia (yes...that is the REAL name of my ironic).

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The following comments are for "This Is For the Poo-faces"
by Veruca Salt


yeah. lynchburg sucks. been here 17 years and can't wait to get out.

( Posted by: direb0y [Member] On: January 20, 2002 )

Blackness of youth
I feel your pain, even if self inflicted. You should look at the hippies of the sixties. Many of them will now freely admit that they were just yanking their own chain. There was no real point to what they were doing any more than you kids today. Sure they had Peace Signs in lieu of Piercings and Pete Townsend in lieu of Punk Rock, but it was the same.

It's a part of life that you must go through. A time when everything is black...the worlds against you and all is hopeless. You will no doubt look back on it fondly years from now when you're married and pregnant with your second child working in some job in suburbia to "pay the bills", and you will smile. Don't bother telling me "It won't happen to me", or "I'll never own a minivan!",'s the's life.

( Posted by: Jeff [Member] On: January 21, 2002 )

i have ups and downs
i'm only human. what i posted was basically me venting anger. i don't feel that way all the time (minus the ill-feelings toward jerry falwell), because most the time i'm trying to make the best out of a bad situation. i dunno. couldn't be my brother's DC derived Positive Force influence (it's a punk code similar to straight edge).

growing up on a punk code, it's hard to change. i can surely tell you i will never keep an average job (i go out of my way to make lives miserable). it's who i am. i love the punk code and there's no way i can betray it...

yeah, i know it sounds like i'm in a cult now.

( Posted by: Veruca Salt [Member] On: January 21, 2002 )

re: Blackness of Youth

I will never own a minivan. I will never have offspring. I will never marry.

Don't believe me? You should.

Listen to me, keed. Not all- nor, I think, even most- of the sixties and early seventies anger was without reason. Some of the most bullheaded, hamfisted, moron-inspired censorship, blacklisting, and RealPolitiking was done during that time period. Don't believe me? Go out and buy Harlan Ellison's book The Glass Teat.

( Posted by: Beckett Grey [Member] On: January 21, 2002 )

re: jeff
Blackness of youth? Hardly. I think I'd fall under the same category of thought as veruca, and I'm by no means unhappy, and I do not think the whole world is against me. Sounds to me like you missed her point. I think there are young people who are naive and brainless, and they are considered the healthy ones. Then there are those of us who see things that are wrong, and aren't afraid of the darker side of the psyche. we get tagged as punks or druggies or whatever else by self-righteous adults who seem to have forgotten the point of our frustration.

Yes there *are* young people who are whining just to whine. There are also some of us who are simply aware of the problems that *do* exist. That doesn't make it black youth, and that DOES NOT make it self inflicted.

ok, i sort of went off on my own rant there...:-P

( Posted by: Neelia [Member] On: January 21, 2002 )

couldn't of said it better, neelia :o)

( Posted by: Veruca Salt [Member] On: January 21, 2002 )

i'm a stupid head
it should have been couldn't have said it better. doi...*smacks head*. maybe i am illiterate.

( Posted by: Veruca Salt [Member] On: January 21, 2002 )

Beauty of Youth
I think it is all of you who may have ME wrong. I was not trying to make youth something evil or something to feel shame over. The "Self Inflicted" part was only over Veruca's statement about not being able to get other types of jobs (due to appearance). If you make yourself appear a certain way (different/unusual) it's tough to feel sorry for you when you then can't find employment in places other than music stores and such. You may think it's wrong to judge a book by it's cover, but it's the reality of the world we live in. Most business's can't afford to dismiss this. If customers feel uncomfortable...bottom line they won't come and if they don't business fails.

As for whether or not you will all have minivan's/children/homes in the suburb's, that is to be seen, but I can tell you this, I was young not so long ago. We laughed at the people my age as you are laughing at me now, but it will happen to you. Things will change, slowly, a little at a time, you won't even see it coming, then Bam, one day you are dropping your kid off at soccer practice and you pull your diaper bag out of the minivan and wonder what went wrong?

The thing that will change is that maturity will creep in. Now hear me out...I know you are already getting mad about the maturity thing, but it's true. Are you not more mature now than when you were, say, 10 years old? Then will you not be more mature 10-15 years from now? The beauty of youth is how much meaning and passion everything has (good or bad) and how much you feel. It may never be so intense again. I just caution you, don't take everything to heart, most of what is so important now will seem of little importance years from now when you're stuck in the drivethrough and the kids are screaming. I know nothing I say will convince you...and I know you'll never get married, and blah blah blah...just do me one favor (not that you owe me) just remember this silly old man (age 36) on the day you sign the contract for your first minivan.

( Posted by: Jeff [Member] On: January 21, 2002 )

straightening composure
i wasn't looking for pity when i said i was pissed about not being able to get a job. i was just angry at the fact (like you said) society is based on looks. when i bitch (rant), i realize things i never saw before. that's why i do it. i realized after re-reading my rant a day later that i'd rather puke through my nose than work a normal job, i hate jerry falwell more than ever, i'm getting out of the town as soon as possible, and music/punk/sxe (sxe=straight egde=helping kids with a positive outlook) is my job. if it involves working quadruple jobs to make the money add up, i'll do it. i'm mature enough to know i have to find some way to make ends meet.

i can agree on the fact that we don't know what will happen later on in life. i know maturity will change, marital status will change, car preference will change...we're talking about the MAJORITY though (that can not be applicated to every single person out there, so why should it be applicated to me?). yeah, maturity, marital status and car preferences will change, but ideals and obligations won't. I WILL NOT BE A MAJORITY! what happened to diversity? THAT is why i can't get a job, because i refuse to give in to a commonly accepted system of graduate high school, graduate college, get married, have 3 kids, own a minivan, cook dinner for my husband, etc. etc. add my personality in with my feminism and we have ourself a first...


( Posted by: Veruca Salt [Member] On: January 21, 2002 )

take another look at line 14 on my rant. thanks.

( Posted by: Veruca Salt [Member] On: January 22, 2002 )

Viva la revolution
You guys are funny. Listen...I hear what you are saying. I know it's important to be an "individual", that is what we all want. Yet, it is part of the human condition to want to be an individual as long as we're individuals within a group. Veruca, you seem to go the Punk route. So let me start there...the group that you are a part of is perhaps now the minority...slowly that will change. Not to say that the future holds a world filled with "Punks"...just that you will be pushed out of it (that group)whether you change or not.

I'm 36 (as I've mentioned) I still listen to fairly modern music, avoid the pop charts with a passion, but I'm no more a part of the younger generation than my Grandpa. What's changed? Not so much me, but as I've grown, the kids that come after me are different, you are different. As you age, the same will happen to you.

As I stated previously, you are different (smarter, more mature, more worldly) than when you were 10. Your view of the world is different, that will continue to change as you age.

I admire young people who want to change the world, the world needs changing and it's a worthwhile goal. I just think to do so as an outsider is useless. If you really want to make changes you have to do it from the inside. Standing on the corner and yelling to the sky isn't gonna do shit but make people think you are crazy. But, if you are a part of a mainstream group, then fight to change the peoples mind within that group and get it going in the right direction, that can affect some real change.

I see our country much like one of those big cruise ships with 5,000 or so staterooms. When trying to change the course of those ships coming into the harbor the little tug boats can't just stop them on a dime and turn them left or right. They have to nudge them slowly to the left or right and with enough effort and persistance, the boat turns. Such is the attitudes of a country with 290 million people. It's not a bunch of defiance and show that will change people's minds/attitudes but a slow and steady tug boat, working with the ship to slowly change its directions.

Whichever route you choose...I wish you good luck.


( Posted by: Jeff [Member] On: January 22, 2002 )

i can agree with most of that. my future is unknown, but my main goal is to stay with the sxe group all the way. that's all that matters to me. thanks.

( Posted by: Veruca Salt [Member] On: January 22, 2002 )

I must admit that i'm just the slightest bit curious exactly what you got arrested for. Perhaps you don't feel you should get in trouble for doing it, but others might feel differently. However, i do agree with what you have to say regarding how one should not be judged by image. I wqas once almost a part of a band, and i had 20 times the talent of the other guitarist, but he said i couldn't join because i didn't have the right "look." People are unaware of the opportunities they pass up because they judge people simply on image. Anyway, continue the editorials, i find them interesting. And thank you for your kind words on my song, "Angelic." Any chance i could get your e-mail address to chat a little more. My girlfriend is kinda curious about you. (She loves the band Veruca Salt.) My address is

( Posted by: E.G. Evans [Member] On: January 28, 2002 )

I know at times I've been angry, but I don't ever remember venting like that. I don't think i't right to be judged on how a person looks. People should take the time out to get to know you. I'm always judged the minute I say hello. Someone has already made up their mind about what type of person I am. Whether I'm mean, stuck-up, untamed and evil. Those that know me find these characteristics false. It happens to me all the time. I hope you find peace of mind within yourself and whatever road you choose, make the best of it. I think it's cool you're in a band.

( Posted by: mrs foxyL [Member] On: March 7, 2002 )

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