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Darker Than Dark - Part Two

"Jesus Christ!" Ben shouted as he stumbled backwards. "That scared the shit out of me!" Goose bumps broke out on Ben's arms and a chill ran up his spine...

Carl and Dan had both jumped away from the windows. "What the hell was that Benedict?" Carl's voice cracked a bit when he spoke. The flickering yellow light from the candle seemed increasingly inadequate. The three men looked back and forth between themselves, their heavy breathing was all that disturbed the pressing silence.

"I duno," said Ben sheepishly. "Probably just a branch from the pine tree brushing up against the side of the..."

"That wasn't the damn pine tree!" Dan roared. "And it wasn't anything 'brushing' up against the trailer either, the wind quit blowing, remember? It was a fucking thump damn it! Someone's out there..."

"Oh for Christ sake Dan, you've been reading to many horror stories. It's a tree branch, or maybe it was a bird that flew into the door. Probably got lost in the black fog that Carl imagined is floating around out there."

Thump... Thump...

All three of them jumped again. "Damn it Ben! Shit! If you're somehow doing this, you had better quit right now." Dan had backed up into the middle of the room as far away from the outside walls as he could get within the confines of the small house trailer. "I've had enough of this shit! I don't like it, you've gone to far this time."

"Damn skippy! Me either," Carl added, "nope, not one bit Ben." Carl started his chant again. "Ben's a..."

"I didn't set up this shit guys," Shouted Ben. "I have no idea what's going on! WHO'S OUT THERE??" Ben yelled as he turned back to the door.

Thump... Thump... Thump...

All their attention was riveted on the door. Ben backed up away from it, suddenly loosing his nerve. "To hell with it. I don't have to go out, you guys have to go out? I don't have to go out... Something's out there."

"Aw, come on! This is a crock of shit. What do you mean something's out there? First it was just a tree branch, then it was some blind ass bird that came knocking. Now it's something's out there, not someone, but something? Give me a break Ben. You been reading my books?"

Dan seemed to have mustered a bit of courage and approached the door. "Your done fucking with my head Ben. I'm calling your bluff. I have to see..." Dan reached for the door knob.

Ben rushed to his side and grabbed Dan's arm, pulling it away from the handle. "You dumb ass! Don't open that door! What the fuck happens when they open the doors in them stupid books you're always reading. I'll tell you what happens, they get their fucking, dumb ass heads ripped off, or get sucked into a god damned eternal nightmare filled with flesh eating, bone breaking hideous creatures, that's what!"

He pushed Dan back and ran to the kitchen, grabbed a chair and shoved it up under the door knob, jamming the door so it couldn't be opened. Dan and Carl stared in disbelief at Ben's frenzy of activity. "No one has to go out, no one IS going out, you hear me?" Ben said.

Dan looked at Carl, then stepped over next to Ben, putting his arm around his friends shoulder. "Ok, ok man. No one has to go out. I know I don't have to go out, do you Carl?"

"No, no, I'm fine right where I am, thank you."

"Come on Ben, let's just sit back down and relax." He tried to guide Ben back to the couch, but Ben broke loose from his hold.

"Sit down and relax?" Yelled Ben. "You sit your ass down and relax, I'm going to be standing when what ever it is that's out there comes through that door and rips our screaming throats out!"

"That's ridiculous Ben. This isn't a damn horror story! It's probably like you said, the wind knocked the power out, that's all. Sometimes you can be such a dick Ben." Carl sat back down in the chair he had previously occupied.

"Ben," Dan said as he shook his friend, "Ben! Get a grip buddy! Chill out. Sit down, I'll grab you a fresh beer."

Ben finally sat back down on the couch and Dan brought him a beer. They sat there in the quiet room, watching the candles life burn away and collect in a pool of melting wax.

"My books aren't stupid you know." Dan finally broke the silence. "Their entertaining, unlike the stupid ass pranks you torture us with. You're the one with a twisted fucked up sense of humor. It's no wonder your imagination is getting the best of you."

"Yeah," added Carl, "Like that time out on route 10. You rigged your car to quit out in the middle of nowhere. We started walking back to town, and you had your buddies hide out in the woods and start making moaning noises like someone was dying or something. And then this shit we thought was human flesh came flying out of the trees at us... turns out it was raw chicken... Got us good that time, I pissed my pants!"

Ben continued staring at the candle.

"You can't blame us for thinking you set us up for another scare you know." Explained Dan. "This is right up your alley."

Ben snapped his head around and glared at Dan. "I'm telling you guys for the last time, this isn't me! I'm not doing any of this! Hey! Where you think your going Carl?"

Carl had gotten out of his seat and walked back to the window. "Aw shit Ben, this is stupid! You've lost it man! I think I'm... Hey, what's that?" Carl bent down enough so he could stick his head out the window to get a clearer look.

Suddenly, Carl's body stiffened, crashing against the window frame. He let out a chilling scream and started struggling with some unseen force. Then his body was jerked violently out of the trailer. A few more terrifying screams issued from the open window, and then nothing. All that remained of Carl was his empty shoes ...

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The following comments are for "Darker Than Dark - Part Two"
by The Hal

Pulp Horror
I wish I were old enough for this to bring back memories of old pulp horror comics.

As it is, I keep thinking of Creepshow.

Good fun, Hal!

( Posted by: Beckett Grey [Member] On: January 17, 2002 )

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