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He drove madly across the winding road that lead to the peak of Windmire Mountian. It had been 4 years since he had set foot on the cliff's edge. It had passed slowly, like a thousand years...everyday the same agonizing torment. He had spent all these years antisipating just this...someone discovering the truth. He gripped the stearing wheel,and focused his eyes out the rain drenched windsheild and onto the road. Lightening ripped across the sky, and was followed by the loudest crash of thunder he had ever heard. It was as if the higher he went the more realistic things felt. He yelled loudly, denying the feeling. What the hell was he talking about? He had no feelings. He pressed the accelerator and felt the car slide.No! He held tight, keeping the car under control. He couldn't give up now. For all he knew, Cathleen was still where he had left her; buried 10 feet from the cliffs edge...Where she belonged.

months earlier:
James sat across from Cathleen. They sat in a small office space, silent. Cathleen was pleading with her eyes. James looked to her side where Robert, her new "friend" sat. Robert was setting with his hand on her leg, enjoying James's anger.
"Don't make this any harder than it has to be, James" Cathleen was saying.
He looked at her and frowned.
"Of course you would say that, you have him," he gestured towards Robert,"but who do I have, Cathleen?"
"Robert, please just sign the papers. You know I didn't want this to happen, either, but theres nothing we can do now." she slid the papers across the lawyers desk. James stared at them. He loved Cathleen, and no matter what she would always be matter what happened. He pulled a Bic pen from his shirt pocket and signed the was final. Cathleen forced a smile, and pulled the form back towards herself. She also signed the paper. James smiled this time, but he didn't have to force it. She wasn't signing divorce papers, not to him at least, she was signing her death certificate...

James slammed on his brakes, just under the weeping willow tree. He stepped out of his '86 Toyota truck and reached in its bed. He pulled out a shovel and pick. He had come to be sure that Cathleen was still in her grave. The grave he had dug for her...especially for her. He stopped and looked at the large weeping willow tree, and remembered the times they had shared together...and then the last moments they had shared together...

Cathleen stepped out onto the porch of her home. She stood taking long breaths. She had gotten sick once again, which at her 7th month of pregnancy, was far from unusual. She admired the fresh breeze blowing in from the north. She looked out onto the manicured lawn. It was drizzling rain, but seemed to be threatening worse. She hadn't lived her long, in fact it had been 3 months that day. Robert had hired a contractor to help with the layout of the house. Within a few months it was done. And that was wonderful, considering that she would be having the baby in only 2 months. She felt she had done good for herself, as opposed to the other half of the female population, who were pregnant and had no idea who the father even was. Of course, she wasn't perfect. Her and Robert hadn't even married yet. The divorce papers had been signed over 6 months ago, but Robert wanted a winter wedding, so she had agreed to wait. Cathleen forced herself back to reality, and turned to enter the house where she had been cooking steaks. As she reached the door she could hear footsteps behind her, and then before she could even respond, there was a hand at her mouth, and a rag. The strong smell of chemicals filled her lungs...and then everything faded black...

James stood over the grave, but was shocked to see that the ground hadn't been disturbed. He was suddenly confused...what was going on? That morning the forensic's lab had called to comfirm that the skeleton found in Mainstate Park the week before had been identified as Cathleens. Of course they had done a bone marrow DNA test, since she was only skeleton after the grusome time she spent buried. He had expected to see a hole here, where she had been. He had expected that someone had found her and only wanted to do the right thing;put her to rest. He figured they wanted no part of the media, and had simply dumped her body in the park to be found. Or so he'd thought. He debated for a moment that maybe he should dig the hole just to be sure. Maybe the police were wrong, and it was some other person. Maybe. He lifted the pick and dropped it onto the hard earth's surface as lightening cracked in the distance...

He pulled her from the trunk, and looked at her longingly. It was too bad that she hadn't just stayed with him. Now her and her baby would be punished. He drug her over the dirt admiring the way her hair flowed behind her. She was beginnig to come back to consiousness, but there was no hope...she would die nevertheless. He dropped her by the hole that he had dug earlier that day and bent down to her side.
"Cathleen?" he waited, and then when there was no reaction, gave her face a little pat. She opened her eyes slowly. She had no idea where she was.
"Whats going on?" she focused on James."Robert?"
James laughed.
"Hardly." he looked at her and smiled. She still couldn't tell what was going on. He bent and gave her a kiss on the lips.
"It's me, James. Look around, guess where we're at. Here's a hint, it was our favorite place to go. Oh wait, that was before you started screwing Robert behind my back!" he slapped her in the face. She began to cry.
"James...Oh God, please don't hurt me. My baby...please, don't hurt me..."

He shoveled the last pile of dirt from the hole. She was here. He looked upon the skeleton of Cathleen, his one true love. Another small skeleton sat at her stomach. He wiped away a tear. It was her baby, he believed she was going to name it Ally. He had never wanted to hurt the baby. Only her. James was pulled from his thoughts by a noise from behind him. He turned but saw nothing. Then he heard it agian. It was the sound of leaves...someone was here.

He dropped the knife into the bucket. It was done. He stood up and screamed. She was dead. In her arms was the fetus, which he had removed from her stomach, before he killed her... He pushed her body into the hole and smiled from insanity. She would always be his from this moment on. Along with little Ally, who should have been his. He picked up the shovel and began to cover the two with dirt...

"Who's there?" he called into the wooded area behind the weeping willow. He waited but there was no answer. He walked towards the tree, looking past it and into the forest. At the trunk of the willow was a rope that he and Cathleen had placed there the 2nd time they came up here. They tied it around the tree, claiming it as theirs. On the rope in marker was written there names. He moved his eyes back to the forest,searching. The sound of rustling leaves could still be heard.
"James." the voice came from behind him, and he turned quickly to see Cathleen standing before him. She was wearing a dress, it was the dress she wore on their wedding day.
"Do you think it makes me look to fat?" she was frowning. James fought to find his voice, but couldn't produce a sound. She looked so irratated.
"James? Whats wrong? James?" he closed his eyes feeling the world spin around him... he was hallucinating. Cathleen wasn't here, it was only his imagination.
"James!" she was sceaming, and he opened his eyes to see her even closer this time. She still wore the dress,but it was covered in blood, and in her arms was the dead fetus...Ally.
"James do I look alright? Or should I change? James! Don't you love me? James, you killed me! James I'm sorry!" He stubbled backwards and fell. He hit the ground at full force, hitting his head on the trunk of the tree. She stood over him smiling. Tears of blood rolled from her ducts.
"James," she whispered, "don't you love me?"
Everything faded to black...

The very next day two teenagers stummbled upon the willow tree on Windmire mountian and the body of James Gatesail hanging from a branch that could barely be seen for the long strands that hung. On the rope that he hung by was written: James and Cathleen forever and always...
Near the tree two more skeletons were found, Cathleen's and Alley's. To this day it is uncertain whether James was murdered just like Cathleen. Of Course the town knows otherwise, they know of Cathleen's spirt that had wondered Windmire mountian, until then.They know that James had recieved a call that morning telling him that the police had found the body of Cathleen, and they knew that there had been no phone call. He had imagined it all, or worse, Cathleen had taken her revenge.It didn't matter anymore. She was at rest now. The weeping willow, whose branches hadn't showed green since Cathleen's dissappearance, turned the most beautiful shade of green that summer. They are constantly blowing in the wind, even when there is no wind to blow them, and some say you can even hear the voice of Cathleen as the strands blow. She's whispering..."hush little baby don't say a word..."


The following comments are for "Her weeping willow"
by insanewriter2000

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