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"In a recent interview with Ahmed Mohamed, author of "An Islamic Conspiracy" I learned of his vast knowledge of the Mid-East, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and an in-depth understanding of Islam itself."
White: "With WMD as top agenda for most Western nations, what can you tell me about them?"

Mohamed: “They have actually found most of the ones from Iraq already without knowing it. Most of the WMD were trucked out of Iraq to Syria prior to the invasion. They were then flown to Libya, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The ones in Egypt and Libya have already been accounted for internationally. While what is truly going on in those two countries still needs to be divulged and exposed because there is a bigger picture than what is being shown to the World.”

White: "Can your statements be collaborated?"

Mohamed: “I would be willing to speak out and give evidence to what I am saying but in doing so my life would be placed in jeopardy as well as those of others. Without proper protection afforded to me and the others it would be difficult for me to tell all I know.”
White: “What would you cite as the failures of the Coalition?”
Mohamed: “Easy, Western intelligence in the Mid-East lacks the correct knowledge base. They believe they have a handle on everything without understanding the Arabs. Arab ideology doesn’t care about what the West thinks.”

White: “What do you see in the future?”

Mohamed: "Muslims will strike the US very hard repeatedly where portable nuclear, chemical and biological weapons will be used in massive suicide attacks carried out by sleeper cells in the US. Whether these attacks will begin before the presidential election depends on various factors. The outcome of Mubarak's upcoming visit to Washington in April and that of the G8 summit in June will determine whether America will be struck before the election. If the West is not dissuaded from implementing the Greater Middle-East Reform Initiative (GME) which would result in removing the existing Arab regimes, then America will be hit before the election, possibly in September and October. The immediate aim of the strike is to intimidate Bush causing a failure at the poll and to set Kerry up to win.

Mubarak, on behalf of Arab rulers who resist GME, visited Italy, France and the UK in the beginning of March to try to dissuade them from joining the US in the GME and in the war against terror. Before he went, the authorities in France and the UK were directed to several decoy bombs and threat notes placed in remote spots along their railway tracks. The French and British were not impressed enough and Mubarak went back home empty-handed on March 9. A couple of days later, however, Madrid train bombings took place, Aznar was wasted and the new government is pulling out of Iraq and deserting the war against terror. Europe is now so impressed and intimidated that it is reconsidering its position regarding GME."

White: “That is an ominous prediction. Would you care to expand?”

Mohamed: “Certainly. What you saw happen on the Madrid trains is a preview to what is to come in the US after the elections are over. Everyone feels the Americans will not be able to handle what is coming when the bomb blast are a weekly event and become a common occurrence with no one's neighborhood being exempt from attacks.

When it gets as bad as it can get over there the speculation will be wide ranging from nothing to total capitulation. With a liberal government seated in power what are they going to do? There will never be a clear cut enemy to place a finger on. The terrorist cells are there, in the U.S., waiting for the signal to begin, not only Al-Qaeda and Hamas but also Islamic Jihad and a wide assortment of sub-groups.
The rest of the world will be mired down deep in this Jihad; Paris and Berlin are not going to be exempt from this coming terror. They have only been spared from the holocaust because of their lack of participation in the Coalition. Once the Coalition is defeated and out of Iraq it will be their turn. Think about it; France has one of the highest Muslim populations of any nation in Europe.”

White: “How does the world stop this impending doom?”

Mohamed: “I am not sure it can be stopped but there are notable persons capable of revealing facts that the US is a pawn and does not know it. These persons are willing to give testimony and give evidence of facts concerning WMD and Chemical Weaponry, both storage and manufacturing provided these persons are given proper protection and asylum. The world has to open its eyes and see the real danger of Islamic rule.

White: "Could we have prevented 9/11 with the knowledge and intelligence now available?"

Mohamed: “There is no way to stop all the impending attacks. Just like there was no way to stop 9/11. I don’t care what Bush or his predecessor did or didn’t do, 9/11 was inevitable.

If the Arab radicals concluded today that the Coalition was going to remain steadfast and not disintegrate in six months the attacks would start tomorrow. All evidence is that the Coalition is going to fall apart. Once it becomes a clear victory for the Islamic Forces the Jihad will begin that will change human history forever."

White: "How do you see the upcoming US election?"

Mohammed: "Even if America rallies behind Bush there are going to be numerous incidences for many committees to discuss in the future. The one on 9/11 that has concluded didn’t do anything but to spur fundamentalist attitude that they have already won.

I see American politics as a kaleidoscope; adjust the ring a little and it intermittently takes on a whole new picture. The greatest change will come in November, 2005 after the U.S. has cleared out of Iraq but by then the world will see the mistakes and will be unsure of how to change it."

White: “You have any last thoughts to pass on?”

Mohamed: “The Mid-East is the focal point of human history as well as its future. The future for the world is indeed bleak and we may be facing Armageddon or Judgment Day should we not stop the Islamic Jihad."

White: “Thank you for the interview and the opportunity to forewarn the world."

You may purchase the book at

Warren A. White is the renowned discoverer of "La Vizcaina," a shipwreck from Columbus' 4th Voyage of Discovery. He is also artist, writer/journalist, and active historical shipwreck researcher. More information may be found at or on Google search by typing Warren White Vizcaina. Mr. White's most recent book, "All Knights of the Apocalypse," a novel about terrorism worldwide is available at

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The following comments are for "Muslim Expert: there was no way to stop 9/11. I don’t care what Bush or his predecessor did or didn’t do, 9/11 was inevitable."
by freeegy

Standing Fast After 9/11
Surely after Madrid, the US will be expecting a similar tactic during its own elections and will revise its strategies accordingly? George W. Bush seems very much a pro-active man. I for one can't see his becoming intimidated by such an attack, only more desperate to wipe out the inhuman and unprofessional political method that is terrorism. You have to remember that America is the dominant member of Nato, and, eager to control, her judgement is forced upon other countries until their will is swayed her way. Be it brute ego, solid confidence or reactionary pride, America will not be daunted by such attacks. They are the ones who invented the term "collateral damage," after all.

I worry about Britain, personally. It might be the gateway country for Latin American cocaine entering the European, but it is also my home, the a place that has received immunity in return for giving refuge to known terrorists in exile. We also invented the Carry-On films, so beat that. But despite the efforts of Sid James and Kenneth Williams and the rest of the gang, terrorists have threatened an attack here soon. Maybe the terror they inspire is satisfaction enough, but maybe not. Maybe the destruction of lives and property, and the subsequent erosion of resources transferrred to deal with the aftermath, is their ultimate aim, but maybe not. Very deep, and very scary. I don't fear political collapse, or even terrorism. I fear the careless madman who gets hold of some Uranium-235 and the right batch of apparatus to make it active. This is the kind of guy who might laugh at a nuclear exposion during Wimbledon's tennis extravaganza, much as a kid will laugh at a firework that blows up a rubbish bin on a street corner.

I studied the subject of political fighting recently, and I think I agree. As it becomes easier to acquire the technology and as the Internet redefines communication, the threat of attack deepens. If an attack wasn't forthcoming, all the intrigue and wonder of late has certainly forced a few hands... And then the same questions begin to circulate: was this a first-strike, or a retaliation?

( Posted by: jbicko [Member] On: April 1, 2004 )

Re: form and function
Thank you for this informative and timely piece. I'll refrain from addressing this subject, as it's entirely too subjective for me. It is hard for anyone NOT steeped in Islamic tradition and values to make any remotely logical, or rational argument on that matter.

As to the form of this posting: I’d like to offer several suggestions:

1) because more and more young readers throughout the world are taking note of political news, and many of their elders don't keep up with current events, it is always helpful for writers, upon the FIRST USE of any abbreviated designation (WMD ), to place the entire words of the term next to it set apart in parentheses. News writers, and anchor persons are notoriously bad out this. Another reason for doing this is because many organizations are using those same letters to represent different entities. I am sure WMD does not refer to Web Medical Directory, but it could! It can be confusing and may make your real message carry quite a different meaning from the one intended by the writer.

2) siting sources by using endnotes can help readers find substantiating background to justify the claims presented in a document, especially with weighty historic value, as this one certainly is: A bibliography reference or an online address.

3) because the entire first paragraph is completely encircled with quotation marks, it sounds like you are quoting someone other than your own self, and your interviewee, but you fail to say who said those words. Either tell that information, or eliminate the first and last quotation marks. It’s a minor situation but it could cause some vital fallout.

It’s much easier to read when it is submitted with a blank line delineating paragraphs, speakers, etc., and I’m bad about forgetting that detail, too, but I think we need to try to help the reader where we can.

( Posted by: MaxiiJ [Member] On: May 16, 2004 )

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