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Bob and I wanted to have a baby more than anything else. We used to date during college days. But had to part ways just because of a stupid argument over a cell phone. After two years of no communication, our paths crossed once more and we decided to go out again as a couple. And in less than half a year, we finally decided to get married looking forward to starting a family right away.

The problem was, we were having a difficult time having a baby, We’ve tried almost everything, but to no avail. After four years of disappointments. We both decided to go and see a fertility specialist. The exams performed were really expensive. But who cares? As long as we get to have a baby. The results showed that we’re both healthy. That was a year ago, but still we kept on urging each other to keep on trying. What used to be a passionate lovemaking turned out to be a science experiment. Sometimes I felt like we were that rabbit in the commercial for a battery. “Keeps going and going”. Each and every night we tried! Rain or shine. Our motto’s “ Go for the Gold” . And that gold, is a baby. I guess the pelican carrying our baby got caught in the traffic that’s why I still get my period every month.

Lately, we argue about almost everything. Even petty ones like leaving his shirt on the floor, or not putting down the toilet cover. I can’t blame him if he comes home late at night or get attracted to someone who’d be willing to go to bed with him, have sex for the sheer joy of just doing it. Who would ever want to go to bed with a woman who doesn’t seem to connect with her partner? I can’t say I’m a cold fish when it comes to pleasing my man. Yeah, I give in to his kisses but every time we do it, I always try to focus on getting pregnant. Hmmm… maybe that’s the reason why he’s saying he’s tired from work every time I run my hands lightly over his thigh, give him a sideway glance and display him my come-to-bed-with-me-hot-stuff smile. His line was so overused I wish he’d come up with something different like. “Sorry honey, li’l Pepito is sick today and not in the mood to get up. ” End of story.

In fairness to Bob, he is still nice and sweet. He still brings me something like a cheeseburger or those spicy buffalo wings from Don Henrico’s. I consider Bob not just my husband but as a friend as well. But there are times that I feel that what we have left is just friendship. Yeah, he kisses me sweetly- the type a brother gives a sister. It seems that my magic doesn’t work with him anymore. The little flirtations we used to share are long but gone. Help! I need my husband back. I’ve to think of something before I totally lose my husband. With or without a baby, I’ve decided to finally focus on my husband.

It’s six days before Christmas when I went to the mall to do my shopping. I was almost done when I decided to drop by at the bookstore. I was browsing at the books when my eyes caught a very interesting title “ Bring Out the Tiger in your Man “ by Penelope Brennan. Hmmmm… Could I? A bell suddenly seem to ring in my ear and a little voice seem to whisper “buy it, buy it, buy it” over and over again. I’ve never bought a book about sex education I just felt the need to purchase it. I grabbed the book and went to the counter with my head bent, like a child caught with her hand in a cookie jar.

When I got home, I eagerly opened the pages and started reading. I found myself smiling and grinning stupidly. Jeez! I need a lot of catching up to do. There’s one suggestion from the book to ambush and attack your man. It says in the book that’s the perfect way to surprise him happily. Ambush and attack? What if I greet him with a whiplash? That would definitely make him jump. But the book was suggesting about wearing those latex clothes that are trendy especially for those women with slim bodies. I’m not slim, I still prefer the whiplash.

The following day, I went to the mall and went straight to the lingerie section. There were lots of lingerie that looks so sinful. Some were so skimpy, It barely covers anything. I finally saw this black lingerie made of soft lace. It was flimsy yet not too bold. I went to the fitting room and almost gasp at the image I saw in the mirror. It’s as if a vixen’s looking right at me. I chuckled at my reflection and decided that’s the image I want to project to my husband once we’re alone. A vixen. A fox. Happily I paid for my things and went home humming a happy tune.

It was Dec.23 when an idea flickered in my mind. I decided to surprise my husband. It was raining hard that night. Bob was into one of his romantic moods, he told me to get into the shower while he changes the bed sheet. I kissed him and jumped into the bathroom. As I took the towel from the closet, my eyes saw my old rain jacket covered in a plastic. My sister gave it to me before I and Bob got married .I only used it once. I didn’t like the color I just didn’t want to offend my sister. An idea came to mind, and I grinned at the thought I’ve concocted as I tiptoed out of the bathroom to the main door, leaving the shower running. Only clad with my rain jacket, I was giggling like a schoolgirl when I rung the doorbell. I heard his footsteps approaching. I pressed again the buzzer and I heard him say, “Coming!”

He opened the door and I said, “Surprise!” as I opened my rain jacket displaying my sexiest smile. I can’t really describe what happened. I guess I surprised him so, he didn’t react the way I expected him to. It’s as if, something hit him so hard he stepped back in shock. Before I know it, he stepped back so far he hit the metal stool and stumbled backwards hitting his head with a jar. I didn’t know which was louder his shout of pain or the crashing of the jar. But he passed out after that. I don’t know if it was due to over shocked or the terrible pain he’s feeling in the head. Whatever. I decided to call our family doctor and hastily dressed up. I felt so guilty I shouldn’t have done it. It must have been too much for him to handle. By the time the physician arrived, he was coming around and he’s groaning.

“ I thought a saw beautiful naked woman” he said groggily.

“ It was just your imagination,” I said. Wishing silently he’d forget that I tried to surprise him. That it’s me whom he saw naked and it was me who’s responsible for the big bump on his head.

I spent a couple of days playing a devoted wife and a patient nurse. Out of so much guilt. During those times I’d catch him staring at me as if trying to remember something and then he’ll just shake his head as if trying to dismiss an idea.

Bob kept on asking me, “What happened Sabs? I don’t remember anything.”

And I kept on answering, “You just fell, that’s all”. Hoping he’d forget what happened that Dec.23.

Just a few more hours and it’ll be year 2002. We’ve been busy preparing the food and we were almost done when I felt his hand snaked around my waist and his chin on my right shoulder. I leaned back and sighed, “we’re done.” I turned to face him and kissed him on the lips. He kissed me passionately, something he’s never done in a long time. Then he stopped and looked me in the eyes, “Nope, we’re not yet done. We still need to do something”. I looked at him quizzically. “But first,” he continued, “I need you to don yourself that rain jacket you wore last time.” Then he cracked a naughty smile.

I was blushing so hard as I threw a marshmallow at him, “ You nuts! I was hoping you’ve forgotten about it. “ I was smiling shyly.

“That was a cool trick you pulled.” Bob said.
“It’s meant to be a surprise,” I said.
But before I finished my sentence he pulled me again in his arms and right there and then in the kitchen, we made passionate love.

I never knew that my Christmas surprise will really do the trick.

It’s been several months, since that happened. But I feel happy and fulfilled especially now that I hold our baby in my arms. Our little angel, who took after her dad. What else could be a better gift?


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by FreeSpirit

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