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Racism has been a problem in America since this country had come about. Ours being the most diverse country in the world, faces the most problems towards racism. I like most people found a way to coast through life, hoping that I would never fall victim to its grasp. Ignorant just as the rest like me who assumed that racism was near death in our country. While in this sheltered room called ignorance I had no trouble picking out any crayon in the box, becoming acquainted with it and treating it as I did the rest. Recently I had a rude awakening. I fell victim to this unjust treatment. I was accused to be a racist, not because of racial slurs nor had I treated anyone else differently, but because I was white. This statement alone was able to rally up many other people my age, each taking their piece of mob hysteria. Not much later I was struck by two guys who felt I deserved it, for what I am still not aware of.

Reverse racism can be seen anywhere and is usually taken out on the innocent. I do not feel that African Americans should receive scholarships for treatments their ancestors endured or should people of different nationalities be allowed to publicly to voice such opinions as, “I’m not racist. I’m just Pro-black.” Clearly saying that he could be considered a racist for holding African Americans above any other ethnicity. If I, a Caucasian were to publicly announce, “I’m not racist I’m just Pro-white.” I would be labeled as a neo-nazi. If I were to receive a college scholarship for being white, the federation giving out these scholarships would be considered to be the K.K.K.. I think that the only way to begin to cleanse ourselves of this problem is to remove any sign that racism once existed here. Such as doing away with reservations, annex those lands back into our country, allowing people, such as myself, to pass through those lands without paying for a pass. I should not be condemned for what my ancestors did, I had no control over the situation then, and I have no control over it now. Racism has managed to weave its way into our everyday lives. Racism is even present in humor comparing different ethnicities, subconsciously labeling one race superior and the other as the lesser race. Meanwhile those who think about it, know that it is wrong can do little, but watch it feeling helpless, knowing that if they publicly voiced their opinion they could also be labeled a racist.

Reverse racism, I feel, is a new breed of racism. For no reason at all we can label each other as racist and with this justify it in our minds to carry out hate crimes against one another. The only cure for this is to do your part, do not fall victim to this mindlessness and lets hope for the best.

Thanks for reading.
Andrew S. Davis


The following comments are for "Reverse Racism"
by RagewindTempest

Ignore the word 'to' after publicly, sorry guys should have looked over it again.

Andrew S. Davis

( Posted by: RagewindTempest [Member] On: March 19, 2004 )

reversed racism

Others view points enlighten us all while I enjoyed your expressed opion I did not agree with all of it. Whites have never had to experience racism until Black began to enjoy some of the things in life that with whites has always been a given. I grew up in segregation where the signs said "whites only" and "Negroes only." I watched it end. Knowing where you started and where you have come to doesn't let you forget. Slavery will be a part of Black life as long as there is life. So will the murder of millions of Jewish by the hands of Hitler. I don't see anyone asking Jewish people to forget it. Some things in life are never forgotten, the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. etc.
No one, white or black should put there hands on another just because of the color of there skin. Until Whites understand fully about Black culture and the real history there can be no bridge. Blacks are the only race who did not voluntarily come to thing country looking for the American Dream yet unwillingly they built this country from their blood, sweat, tears and there lives. Also whites do not realize that Blacks are not racist but can be prejudice, there is quite a difference. In order for a Black person to be racist they would have to have the main power and they don't. White males have always run this country (of course in the future this may not be the case) for now it is. Racism will not stop until "slave mentality," is no longer passed from one generation to another. This is not to say all whites pass on slave mentality. Blacks have contributed much to this country often not receiving recognition. It is easy to say "get over it" when you or your family member never was a slave," you have no clue what it's like to walk around always being treated different due only to skin color. See not all blacks are singers, ball players or actors many live in poverty. You see a handful of successful Black and think that covers the whole race, not even. Most of the Blacks on television (till recent years) were light skinned many years ago blacks could only get the role of butlers and maids. The NAACP and others felt these movies weren't a good thing to be shown and so these movies no longer are shown. I personally think that they should show them because this generation has no clue other then what they are told. The only way to build the bridge and stop the racism is to stop passing along "slave mentality" to the next generation. Whites should never forget slavery either so it never happens again. Would you tell the Jewish to forget what happened to there people? Of course not and if it had been reversed and whites had been slaves you wouldn't want nor could you forget it anymore then blacks can. We should never forget what has happened to anyone who has lived through such an injustice. Just because a black person today wasn't a slave doesn't mean they aren't affected. It's like a dysfunctional family member there actions affect the family and that dysfunctional behavior is passed along. It is the same with slavery for it was as impacting on black life as what happened to the Jewish. Blacks know by the way others carry themselves the verbal response if you have incite about there culture and them. I suggest if you want to get a full understanding you look into all of the culture not just what the news puts out or the paper. Like the Native American say "walk in my shoes for a day." Blacks don't have to get to know the white culture they birthed white babies stepped and fetched for whites and they stood in the back listening to whites, believe me they know all about whites. The problem is many (not all) whites don't know about blacks and why they can't and will never forget slavery. Both races have groups that encourage behavior most of us aren't for. We teach with our actions if we continue to get to know other people culture and we all welcome each other with respect we can end prejudice. Unfortunately since the beginning of time the earth and the people on it have had such problems. Individually we have to account for ourselves. Like Martin Luther King who was a peaceable man who stood out in a positive way we should be the kind of person who also stands out as an asset and not a liability. I endeavor to be an assets and enlighten those who are uninformed. This is what happens when we don't teach the real black history, white history and all history in school. For if we teach we empower in a positive way. We have the tools we just don't put them to use. Whites want blacks to forget about slavery lets face it a person who has done wrong doesn't want to constantly be reminded. How can one start to fix what one won't accept responsibility for? The Native American has been given land and casinos (in no way does this pay for a whole country) Japanese were compensated for being in camps and the Blacks are still waiting for there "forty acres and a mule." It is way too deep to put it all here and make you understand. Look at it like this, my mother a drunk didn't raise me as she should have and today still it has affects on me and my children. This is how it works my children didn't live with a drunk yet were touched by the past. Please anyone who doesn't understand and would like to, seek out books or educators who will gladly help you to. We only fear that which we don't understand. Do I feel that others should get into collage when others can't, no? I believe in equality for all mankind, no just one race. Understand it is hard to feel sorry for a race who has had it all for so long. It's like my cousin who was spoiled and when she whines about something I don't feel sorry for her at all. I think of how I had to struggle all my life so when she's complaining I think she has nerve and that now she's getting a taste of my whole life. If you start to see this from another's view you will get it. Is it right maybe not but neither are many things in this world. Even if you feel you are being decriminated against you still look at a white face and can go anywhere you wish in the USA. There are still places (a few) that blacks cannot go because of the black skin. Feeling sorry for themselves wasn't a luxury blacks had they had to move forward paving the way for themselves and future generations. Few blacks have had anything handed to them. Even Oprah who is filthy rich could not go into on store and shop they knew who she was and wouldn't unlock the door. Denzel was pulled over and treated as if he were a street thug, they knew who he was. You see legal slavery is over while it exist in other ways. Being white you wouldn't know this first hand. I do want you to go to collage and hope it all works out for you. I thank you for your honesty and want you to know that not all blacks hit or spout off. There are the Oprah's,Bill Cosby's and Myo Angelo's of the world who teach so as to bridge the gap. I can only hope you will seek out what it is that will help you to resolve that which you want out of life. Let me say this, segregation started and ended with peaceful protest blacks over came whites and there racism on these issues. This is truth then why can't you overcome blacks, Asians, or whom ever on this issue peacefully? Whites have not had to overcome such matters. Blacks lost there lives for the right to be educated while it has always been a given to whites. Instead of turning the television when civil rights movies are shown watch it see what it is about. Talk to Blacks 70 or more years old and find out the facts. Come to know why you are having a problem and learn how to solve it just as the blacks did when the white race shut them out. You are the author of your own life and "that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger."
The Black race are a strong people and it's a different kind of strength thanks to slavery, why in God's name would Black's ever want to forget slavery?

C. Davis

( Posted by: cynandwyn [Member] On: March 21, 2004 )

Thank you cynandwyn, your comment has helped me open my eyes towards the issue. I understand now that I had a one-sided look on the issue. I understand where African Americans should remember and be proud. I just wish that in school while taught of slavery it was shown to the students that there were whites who were against slavery, known as abolitionists. So that it was know that not all whites were drawn into this sense that it was an "ok" practice. I just want people to realize what you are saying before they throw around the word racist. I have always been one to give people of different ethnicities more of a chance in hopes that i can be friends with people of any color, proving that i can be better than the image presented by history books of the average white person in the period of slavery.

Andrew S. Davis

( Posted by: RagewindTempest [Member] On: March 25, 2004 )

Reverse Racism
Personally I am still waiting for the middle class white american scholarship and a WHITE ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL, there are numorus times black people in general tend to be racist to white people, this is not a matter of slavery 200 years ago. This is an equality issue. Seeing that everyone is equal then why do "minorities" get better scholarships to better colleges. This is "reverse racism." For anoter shinning example, giving a child a cookie and not another child simpily because ther are more children with black hair like he had, consider it!

( Posted by: UniversityBill [Member] On: April 26, 2004 )

reverse racism
Racism has become like the word God. In using it to explain everything, it often ends up explaining nothing at all. But there is something that has been around longer than racism and that is - Suffering. And though some may have a monopoly on complaining, no one has a monopoly on suffering.
Speaking of the word God, it is open house on that one. You can criticize that word till your hearts content. Perhaps that's as it should be. Whether it should be or not, that's certainly the way it is. But today there are certain people one cannot criticize without having one of the four sanctions, that have also been around since the beginning of time, "economic depravation, imprisonment, torture, and death", leveled against them.
One might say, well, that's the way it's always been. True. But, today, the only difference is we live in an age that supposedly embraces freedom of speech. A freedom people have used to unleash an endless harangue against past injustices, without ever acknowledging who it was that created and developed the notion of freedom embodied in a politcal constitution which has enabled such people to engage in that endless harangue. I promise you it did not come from Africa, and one is NOT a racist for acknowledging such an obvious fact.
Could you imagine anyone during the time of the Romans getting very far complaining against the injustices enacted upon them by the Roman Soldiery?
Progress has been made and such progress should be acknowledged. True, there is a gap between the language of the Constitution and the Behavior of its Citizens, and for one simple reason... There always is a gap between language and behavior. Sometimes that gap is closed in places and open in others, sometimes the gap is there but bridgeable, sometimes closed enough that you can actually jump with little effort. But it is never completely closed and that has not a thing to do with Racism, it has to do with Human Behavior.
In using a word like Racism so carelessly it gets harder and harder to find what one can call, beyond the shadow of any doubt, empirical evidence. Hence the complaints of those who are not and do not deserve to be called or labeled(what's the difference?)Racists. In fact, as everyone knows, all you have to do is disagree with some people, including white liberals, and you are called a racist, sexist, anti-semitic, homophobe.
But that's in keeping with an old, old, American tradition, Hysteria. And let's face it folks, PC is THE movement of emotional hysteria par excellance. But what is that someone once said?: Anyone who spends a lifetime fighting an enemy, has a real keen interest on making sure their enemy, Stays Alive!."
Another quote that might be worth keeping in mind comes from someone who knew a lot about the effects of Resentment, "Beware of the Preachers of Equality, for in them lies - Revenge."
Suffering, the one thing that unites us all and has, like it or not, been the source of everything Joyful in this world(how else would we know what Joy is if we didn't have its opposite to compare it to?), has been used by many today to justify the most outlandish silliness, that it has made it difficult for those who have suffered(and no one is denying that they did)to enjoy the Freedoms they do have. Instead, they squander it in an unimaginative complaining. But of course, since their leaders have set themselves up as experts on Human Behavior and even on the Future, that their followers have become convinced that the kinds of things they've suffered from will NEVER end. Repetition with no development, like bad Rap Music.
Perhaps the only truth is that in an Age of Free Speech, in a Country where so many have died, so much blood spilled to protect those Rights(by the way, we're told "Never Forget" when it comes to Slavery and the Holocaust, but who remembers, adequately, the Brave and the Fallen who gave their lives for us?)
For some time America established what John Ruskin called "the Cash Nexus". Meaning, you're only worth what you have in the Bank. And that kind of rank materialism has today taken on another form. The Suffering Nexus. Meaning, you're only worth how much you've suffered. And now we have those who determine how much each of us has suffered and what it is worth, in their eyes and it's usually worth very little.
In embracing such a position they inadvertantly deplete what sense of humanity they had from the start. Again, it is suffering that unites HUMANITY, and Racism is just one of its symptoms, and not the only one.

By the way, not everyone who gets to a point where they simply feel fed up and want to exercise their freedom of speech hates the world, or anyone. How often have we fought with family vowing never to speak with them again, only to realize how much we love them? What needed to be said had to be said and there you are. Hopefully, everyone gets their say. In the end though, one is tempted to come to the conclusion that, in the final analysis, what would you rather be, right or happy? Perhaps if we came to realize that, like it or not, we really are, all of us, in this together, we might end up actually, genuinely and sincerely, Liking It! To stay in our skin while expressing ourselves and listenting to others. For let us remember, "it is not just the courage of our convictions, but the courage of an attack on our convictions." Maybe keeping that in mind will keep us from flying off the handle in a fit of hysteria which will only serve to blind us from both the suffering AND joy that, together, define our humanity and unite us all. And, as with our families, realize that, no matter what, in the end, we truly need and love each other.

( Posted by: CataGom [Member] On: August 28, 2004 )

Some Enlightenment
First off, if you're going to start a thread on such an important subject as this, do it with "college-level" quality. This is a subject for the masses to ponder over. It doesn't involve personal experiences as much because it's obvious that most people, other than recluses, have been exposed to it at some point in the last couple of decades. Stop the excessive use of the word "I" in writings. It discredits the whole thing as if you are not looking at the "big picture". Life, and opinions created from life experiences, go beyond personal experience.
Recently, a sports analyst on ESPN named Stephen Aldrich was asked if he was thankful the Kobe Bryant case was dismissed. His immediate response was that it was a huge relief to him as an African-American because in Eagle, Colorado, the population is overwhelmingly white. His inclination was that Kobe Bryant did not receive a fair trial AUTOMATICALLY due to the fact that there is hardly any African-American residents in that area.
THIS is reverse racism in it's purest form. By no means, in a criminal trial, is one to assume any level of unreasonable decisions because none of them are black. Instead of focusing on how blacks are the minority and that creates fear in the heart of Stephen Aldrich of ESPN, he could be more optimistic and think Kobe Bryant has plenty of white fans and is incredibly popular and a great basketball player, perhaps the superstardom will sway the jury. But no, the focus is on the dread of leaving a black man's predicament in the hands of white people.
This type of attitude resurfaces a certain level of frustration from those who are born after the civil rights movement and don't see things such as a white jury trying a black man to be a problem. The trial would still be fair. On a side-note, there are overall concerns about the structure of the judicial system, but is this ESPN analyst being paranoid? Is this lingering fear that white people are "out to get" the black people resurfacing emotions that don't need to be addressed? The answer is yes. Although it is difficult to put the historical significance of racism aside and co-exist in a racism free existence, one has to believe in mind over matter and one by one we can continue towards progress.
The same goes for the over-zealous whites. You know who you are. The type that says "we need a "white entertainment channel" and a white college scholarship. That's the most ignorant statement possible. If you want an all-white channel, turn to the home and garden network or MSNBC. This type of behavior encourages blacks to be paranoid. It is unfair and completely ignorant to black history.

Thanks and praise to CataGom who doens't have a defeatist or ignorant attitude towards this subject

( Posted by: EnlightenedOne [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

Reverse Racism
The White and Black Sections of Albany, New York

This piece with links can be found here:

I was curious about Albany, NY, and decided to drive around and check it out. It only reinforced much of what I rant about here on (My reverse racism experience, recently at an Albany, New York McDonald’s restaurant, below)

* * * *

I have expanded on the theme of my, “Reverse Racism” post below.

I used this complaint (found in link) form to let McDonald’s know what is contained in this post, providing a link to this post, sent 1:15 PM EST, today.

The Albany Court House was surrounded by scaffolding and showed evidence it was undergoing major restoration. A gothic style church with spires going skyward is atop a hill, simply gorgeous.

A Freedom Rally was going on at the Pepsi Arena downtown and a Christian Music Station was broadcasting live from the event based on the vehicles with their banners parked in front.

Historic, 3 Decker brink buildings, combination small street level shops, with living area above, line streets to and from the city’s center. Signs painted on the brick buildings from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s dot various buildings and give evidence to a time gone by, never to return.

Many walls of one of these building are usually used as a form to build up the wall of an adjacent building when built. Many of these building have been torn down, have fallen down, and are in complete disrepair, with very few exceptions.

Broken glass, windows containing little glass, boarded up rows of houses, trash, debris, and drug vendors working the corners extend out from the pristine government/corporate center.

From experience, I know that a private investors coming in from the outside, or from the isolated crime area, downtown, are up against more opposition, receive more scrutiny from police and authorities, and are more likely to be exposed to fines, arrest, having his/her life permanently altered, and even could end up in prison, possibly more so than those living as parasites, criminals, addicted to drugs and alcohol, or even those openly selling drugs.

The Authorities and Police in downtown America are more about revenue collection, than anything to do with criminal correction which involves WORK and ACTUALLY SPENDING TAX DOLLARS TO ALLEVIATE SOCIAL PROBLEMS.

The fact that government and corporate buildings are in the best shape and being near them you are safest as there are more police patrols and laws are actually enforced in these well defined areas, that end abruptly, as if the next block is a third world country, and one not seeming to be even part of the other.

If there were incentives, if there were not punishments, and if it was feasible, these areas would be thriving and historical buildings would be used, maintained, and preserved.

We are pissing away our heritage and important history.

Elected officials, corrupt and otherwise give preference to corporate projects and projects using huge amounts of taxpayer dollars making government buildings bigger and promoting the corporations getting bigger and exerting more influence.

There seems to be an unholy alliance between big business and big government.

Individuals, small business owners, and independent property investors are being squeezed out, into oblivion, and America’s past history is being covered over, lost, as if it never existed.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag for the CORPORATIONS for which it stands …,” might actually be recited by children standing up in classrooms saluting the flag one day.

In the Communist former USSR, independent business people, small business owners, independent thinkers, writers, journalists, artists, and those outspoken about government leaders were quickly rounded up and killed with their entire families, or made to suffer, freeze, starve, and die a slow death in Siberia.

In America there is no quick sign that we are sliding towards a similar nightmare form of government, corporate style Socialism, Corporatism.

A few CEOs in a handful of mega corporations are destined to rule the world and every aspect of your life, cradle to grave, and may even decide who lives, who dies, whether or not you are allowed to have children, or have access to even the smallest piece of the pie, that will be reserved only for the corporate/governing elite.

* * * *

I was driving around Albany, NY, September 18, 2004, sometime past noon.

I drove through the bustling city center, and felt afraid, looking at all the boarded up buildings, broken glass, debris, drunks passed out on sidewalks, and the style of dress, and the way those out and about, walked around and carried themselves, I decided I probably would not stop.

I saw an older Caucasian man walk out of the Port of Albany Lounge not to far South of the Pepsi Area and the downtown center.

I decided to go in and have a drink. I didn’t like the looks of the glasses for beer, so I ordered spirits on the rocks.

Clarence Carter’s, “Smokin’” was playing on the jukebox as I came in and most of the patrons were singing along. Someone on the end of the bar decided to buy a round for the bar.

I had a second double shot over the rocks, of my favorite blended Scotch Whiskey.

I decided that I wanted to lower my BAC, and left after #2, walking North toward McDonald’s.

I was asked for cigarettes, I don’t smoke, and if I had spare change, many times before I reached my destination.

I smelled marijuana wafting in the air as I walked by what appeared to be subsidized public housing that was probably constructed within the last twenty years on the same side as the mammoth Albany Housing Authority building.

The brick face was coming undone on many of the buildings, and there were some very ‘urban’ looking and very young adults pushing around babies and walking their children speaking almost unintelligible forms of the English language.

I reached the McDonald’s restaurant just South of the Pepsi Arena and noticed I was the only Caucasian in the restaurant or in the area, period.

An African American bus driver walked in just behind me.

The lines were equal, and I could have decided to stand in line in front of the African American young female adult, or the young African American male.

If I stood in the young African American male’s line on the right, I would not be writing this piece in my opinion.

I was correct in assuming that the left line was shorter. But, when it was my turn, the African American woman, rolled her eyes, walked in the back, checked the coffee and soda machine, and seemed to be trying to waste time and not serve me.

The bus driver who was behind me was served as were the next three or four customers behind him. The customers behind me got annoyed and went into the other line and got service.

The African American woman then very rudely asked me, “Can I help you,” or something similar. I ordered a McChicken off the $1 menu. She seemed annoyed and said she had to get one in the back.

Everyone else that ordered the same item were served out of the bin in a similar way, except for me, the only Caucasian, at approximately 2:30 PM, this past Saturday, September 18, 2004.

The African American woman put the McChicken in the bin, after seeming like she spent a long time out of view, then putting the sandwich in the bin, not serving it to me.

More time went by, and I had to ask the manager to get my McChicken. He served it to me.

I was thinking of the 3 restaurant workers indicted at a Massachusetts rest area restaurant, along a highway, not a McDonald’s, that were repeatedly bringing food items back to the bathroom areas, even the female worker(s) bragging to each other on who could do the most disgusting things to food items that were being served to unsuspecting patrons.

I was afraid to eat the McChicken and threw out the sandwich as I walked South to my vehicle parked just past the Port of Albany Lounge.

I then drove just 5 minutes South, to the primarily white/suburban area of Glenmont, and paid another $1.08 for a McChicken and got prompt courteous service from a young white male, who I had told my story of just trying to get a McChicken at the Albany location and he told me only, “They are nasty over there.”

I then ate the McChicken unafraid it had been altered, poisoned, or otherwise contaminated.

So even if it is a common occurrence that suburban looking whites are treated with the same discrimination in that same Albany, NY, McDonalds would there even be a news story, investigation, or lawsuit?

Let’s switch the scenario where a lone Black male goes into a primarily white/suburban area and gets the same exact treatment I did, then what?

Well, if he complained, there would be an investigation, and most likely a multimillion dollar class action lawsuit would be filed.

So if any one individual is denied his or her rights based on race, sex, or because of their category, the whole system is biased and unfair for all.

Freedom, Rights, and Our U.S. Constitution, just might be cruel propaganda to keep pathetic sheep and the ‘no clue’ masses in check and in the dark about what is really going on.

-Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083


* * * *

update, September 20, 2004, 1:45 PM EST:

I just called, 518-434-8380, which is the listed number for McDonald’s, Corner Pearl & Madison, Albany, NY 12202, location at approximately 1:40 PM, today.

I just talked with someone with a male voice claiming to be one of the managers claiming that he and another were the only ones on the registers at 2:30 PM, this past Saturday.

He claimed that no African American female operated the registers at the time in question, and that his is the location about 400 yards South of the Pepsi Area, in Albany, NY, and that he is white.

He furthered mentioned something about a large number of Christian women customers that were part of a convention. It is possible I could have been mistaken about the manager’s race, but I doubt it. I am positive it was an African American female beside the only other register open, operated by an African American male on Saturday, that gave me separate and unequal service. So, I assume that he is either lying or I called the wrong location.

P.S. please check out, this story is posted there at 12:45 PM EST, September 20, 2004. Links there expand on the above theme. I post there as, "Vikingas."

( Posted by: Vikingas [Member] On: September 20, 2004 )

This is a very interesting article. Funnily, I have only ever heard it properly mentioned by those members of our community who work in the Met Police in London. Not many people realise what they have to put with.

In London race relations between ethnic groups is hardly covered if at all. For instance, the East Pakistani's do not get on well with black people, there have been many instances of racial violence shown from the former to the latter, yet it never makes the news, all people want to hear about is racism from white people. Although all of it is news worthy to show people we still have a long way to go, it doesn't quite paint a true representation of society.

But we must not forget, who is responsible for the spread of racism, who taught who? There are many African Americans who fight any type of racism, and fortunately I think a huge number frown on it.


( Posted by: londongrey [Member] On: September 20, 2004 )

Hidden "Racism"Where?
Been to Albany, NY and I never had any problems. One person's experience does not speak for or give that person the right to condem a whole race of people.

( Posted by: DieBaronHobskewward [Member] On: September 20, 2004 )

Black, white, red, yellow, who's better
I'm not going to be long, I found your article rather interesting to say the least, first off no matter what we think, there is no superior race, when you can say I'm going to live and I can't die, then you shall be superior, when your blood is a different color than mine and doesn't shed , you are superior, when your tears never flow then you are superior, and finally when you can take a loaf of bread and feed thousands you shall be deemed superior, may God have mercy on the soul who thinks he is above us all....Bob

( Posted by: poetryman [Member] On: September 20, 2004 )

It is when you said about preferential treatment, are you saying that black people get scholarships because they are black? And not through hard work and potential? White people are already privileged, so what's the problem?

I do think that all types of racism need to be represented properly, and that has well highlighted by you, however aren't your other views a bit dated? If the policeman I know said anything like that they would get the sack.

Sorry, just thinking through the points. Each circumstance of racism, needs to be treated individually on it's own merits, I don't think you can make generalisations anymore.


( Posted by: londongrey [Member] On: September 20, 2004 )

forward not reverse
something many of you didn't know. If a person who is classified as caucasion applies for a scholarship at many colleges considered to be black institutions, they have a higher chance of receiving one than an african american does, because it's about diversity, as the smae priciples that affirmative action was founded upon. Yes there is alot of discrimination in all aspects of society, but how call you even classify it as reverse racism, when at one time or another every race has and to this day still is discriminated against, it depends where in the world you are.....racism just keeps going forward, although I wish you were right I wish we could put it in reverse and do away with it entirely....Bob one can dream

( Posted by: poetryman [Member] On: September 20, 2004 )

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