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Chapter 1

It was a dark and stormy day in the realm
of Naolapian especially in the palace study
where there sat three girls; (Trouble some
ones in fact) Conoati, Napliaid and Dirosea’s. These three girls were the king’s daughters. Although they wanted so hard to please their father they hated the slightest thought of becoming queens. They were once again in a dispute with their professor about being able to go out of the palace gates as a trip. “Please. I beg of you, just ask dad for my sake.” begged Conoati. “No” replied Professor
Longfellow. “We’ll never ask again, O please
just once.” Said Napliaid trying to bribe. “NO!”
Yelled Professor Longfellow. This took the
girls by surprise because professor Longfellow
was usually a very quite man and it was very
out of his character. Knock, knock. “Who is
there” asked professor Longfellow. “A man sent by the king” said the anaonamas person on the outside the door. “Enter “spoke professor Longfellow sternly. “Actually could you come out here?” Said the man who turned out to be the girl’s uncle. Professor Longfellow exited the room and the girls heard him walk down the hall. “Perfect timing “ snickered Conoati. The girls quietly grabbed their bags and changed into boy clothes and threw their swords over their shoulders. With bounding leaps the girls flew out the window into the court yard below. (you might find this surprising but the window was only about 3 meters of the ground)

Well when they got outside they found it very exiting but scary. “Boom”. They heard a loud boom from off shores and all of a sudden a cannon ball came whirling towards them. They all ran a different way. Then they realized that they were dressed up like boys and that every one thought that they were boys and that people wanted to kill them! So the began to fight. The more they fought the more the worried for the other. Then a hard gust of wind and Napliaid hat went flying of and then to make matters even worse she bumped right into Shacoya her older brother. “Napliaid what are you doing here? Go home right now you might get killed.” yelled Shacoya at the top of his lungs while killing a man that was trying to kill Napliaid behind her back. Then all of a sudden a man from behind yelled duck to all that stood in front of him and a new rank of arrows were released. “This is no place for you, not for any girl.” spoke Shacoya in a normal voice, not loudly or anything. “Then where is my place why can I not fight I am as good as you and I disserve to be here, any ways I can not find Conoati or Dirosea’s.” Hollered Napliaid. Then all of a sudden a rank of arrows came screaming past Napliaid. She even felt the wind of one go by her left ear. “Fine I will go home but please fine Conoati and Dirosea’s please.” Begged Napliaid. “I will find our sisters before this war is over.” Promised Shacoya. As Napliaid ran and dodged showers of arrows and many canon fires Shacoya whispered to himself “I am just worried about what matter I will find them in.” with that he ran off to some how find his two sisters. All the way across the battle field stood two girls that were half the size of the men at least and that were being over run by them.

Then all of a sudden in all the commotion of battle one of the man yanked of Conoati hat and reviled to them her long blonde hair and then out of suspicion they pulled off Dirosea’s hat and it was the same long blonde hair. A man came in front of Conoati and she pulled of her gun and shot him he fell to the ground and the rest of the men grabbed her yet totally ignored Dirosea’s and she shot one after another but they all seamed to pile up again. Then Conoati was grabbed and they carried her off. From behind a man came and stabbed Dirosea’s hard through the shoulder and knocked her out with the end of his gun. The last thing she saw was a dagger going through her shoulder and then the blackness of sleep. About half a mile away fought Shacoya then all of it was as though everything stopped and a arrow came flying through the air and hit the king in the stomach and then another in the shoulder. Shacoya ran over to him just as he fell off his horse and died. But not before he said “love the girls and be there the way I may not able.” “No father.” cried Shacoya. Filled with rage the new king stood and killed many men. Then called for the head for the king of the Kalidar.
He came forth with glee on his face and he said “so this is the new king, he is a boy not a man. He should be easy enough kill.”
“Why do you always have to kill, you go around chopping peoples heads off for fun don’t you think you would like to calm down and gloat in your riches?” Shacoya asked cleverly. The Kalidar king stood thinking, all the Naolapian men where over run now, and depending on Shacoya.
“What say you?” he asked with a grin on his face. The kalidar king noticed this but ignored it. “What say you?” Shacoya repeated. “Well what land would yea give us if we left yea alone?” asked the king of the kalidars. “We will give you the realm

of the Maloinians. Do we have a deal? Is our treaty signed?” he asked stubbornly.
The king began to laugh and laugh at Shacoya. “Why are you laughing at me.” he yelled. “ The reason me be laughing at yea is because me be able to take yea tiny piece of land or me could kill all yea people and take all the land and it would be about the same amount of trouble as signing a treaty mate !” the kalidar king explained. “Alright but it’s your death.” Spoke Shacoya softly. “What did yea say?”
“I was just telling you how it would be your death if you killed us.” Shacoya hinted. “Well yea know something yea does, do yea? If yea tell me mate I be not kill one of yea men.” The pirate exclaimed saucily.” Fine I will tell you what lies beyond the borders a giant army sent to us by the swift creatures of the unseen land. The pirates all gave a little quiver. “What, did yea summon them little one, yea be not able to do that mate. They listen but only to them selves and they be hatten all the light folk. As yea be.” Then all of a sudden a loud and terrible rumble shook the battle field. The monsters of deep had come to the aid though Shacoya did not send a messenger. Then like wild fire the swift creatures of the unseen land flew over the pirates and they all were gone, they had run as fast to their region that the creatures did not have a chance to get them. Shacoya was being praised by all of the men and then he called for his sisters. Only one came and he began to worry about the other two. As soon as he was put down he ordered a royal search for his sisters and if they were found he would lower taxes by a dollar. The search began it was long and painful through the battle field and finally almost a day after the search began Dirosea was found under three pirate bodies barely alive. They took and brought here back to the place she knew best the palace.
Shacoya called for a doctor immediately and one came in a great hurry and started to examine Dirosea and after a little while he emerged from the room with a terrible look upon his usually glowing face and he spoke in not but a whisper and he said “I am sorry young king but Dirosea will not make it she has been bleeding far to long and is almost at her last breath I am so very sorry to have to tell you this. The only way that man may save her is to travel a long ways in a short amount of time and retrieve a magical herb that has been long for sought out by those who are in need .” “I will go” said a young man that was not a Naolapian but a hodroke. He was abandon outside the gates and picked up by a traveler that was smuggling goods past the border and she was shot by our men and when they went to retrieve the body they found the young boy and gave him to the palace to be a servant of it. He once had fallen in love with Dirosea and he was to the day and she loved him too, but as in all kingdoms royalty was not allowed to marry that of servant kin. “ you tell me boy what potential do you have over my knights that have ran further distances than you have in all your days and that have already for sought this magical herb.” Yelled Shacoya “My lord I have a loved one in terrible danger and you share the same worries but my lord I know how to ride and I can ride the fastest here and my lord I would be willing to die for Dirosea please my lord I beg of you let me go.” Begged Cerokay. “If you do not succeed you must swear to never love my sister again and if you do it will be your head. Understood.” The young boy fell to the ground and kissed the hem of the king’s robes. “Yes I understand and I will not forsake my love good-bye I will be back in time.” Cerokay rose and as fast as he could he ran out of the room and grabbed his horse and went galloping off. In a far away land stood Conoati. She had

been gagged and whipped for the impersonation of a man. She had been taken to the realm of the kalidar where she stood before the king. The pirate scum that had called for the death of her family and who years before had killed her mother. It was her job now to kill him. “ What do you want with me you pirate.” She said saucily. “Yea were spared me be knowing of your gift mate.” said the pirate king slowly as though he was thinking. “What gift? I have not such a thing.” “Yes yea do and I know that you are the one that will bring yea brothers kingdom to the ground. He chuckled with a smirk on his face. “What my brother’s kingdom?” Conoati went pearl white then she saw it as though it was an instant replay of her father’s death the strange thing was she had never seen her father die. Then the kalidar king’s jaw fell in amazement, she had I bright beam of brilliant light flowing out of her. She was thinking hard and she saw it over and over again the person who had shot the bow. At that moment she got angry and sparks began to fly from her, and the man that had shot her dad was in the room and he fell down dead when a light fell upon him.

aarowing greenleaf

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