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She was wearing a short, black skirt and an orange jacket, black shoes and an orange bag. She was walking alone. I knew it was wrong to keep staring at her, but she was so beautiful... I just couldn't help it. I asked myself if she could help me. I certainly felt like asking her for help. She was walking fast and I assumed she was in a hurry. She wouldn't have time for me. But I had to do something. I couldn't just keep standing here. I was alone in a strange world. Why had the wizard sent me here? What was he up to? Well, one thing was for sure: he had very strong magical powers. Elves are unable to travel outside the Elfworld. We are trapped unless a wizard takes us to another world. And that is what had happened to me. Usually, the wizards totally ignored us. I knew that they could be very dangerous and I hoped that this one wouldn't harm me. Ah, it was best not to think about that. Worrying and being scared wouldn't help. The pretty girl was out of sight now. I had been too slow. The other humans on the street looked very different. There were young guys, older people... There was so much to see here! Suddenly, I noticed a store with food. I went to have a look. The food looked very nice. That was a relief. Suddenly, I felt a hand tapping on my shoulder.
It was a strange woman. She had friendly eyes and smiled at me.
"I almost couldn't find you." she said.
She seemed to know me!
"I'm Rhonda. Can we talk for a moment?"
I nodded and followed her to a quiet place, where we could talk in private.
"I knew that you would come. Don't worry, I'm going to help you." she said.
Then, she smiled.
"I'm a wizard."
I was shocked. Apparently, those wizards didn't work alone.
"Don't be afraid. Not all wizards are evil." she said.
"I know..."
"Just relax. One of the evil wizards has come to the humanworld and I have decided to protect you."
The wizards had never helped the elves before. This was very suspicious.
"It all began with that spell... It's a long story." Rhonda said.
"Tell me anyway."
"Yesterday, a wizard said this spell, but something went wrong..."
"Go on."
"We don't know what happened exactly, but... It seems that the spell has given you certain magical powers..."
I was stunned. Me?!
"We didn't want this to happen. It was an accident. These things happen." Rhonda continued.
"Anyway, we need you now."
I was speechless, but Rhonda smiled at me.
"Are you ready to help us?" she asked.
"Me? Helping you?"
She had to be kidding. Since when did wizards need elves?!
"This is absurd." I said.
"No, it isn't. I told you, it was an accident."
I shook my head. She was talking nonsense, right?
"Something went wrong and now you have magical powers that no-one else has, not even we. Only you can do it."
"Do what?"
"Stop the evil wizards. They are planning to make a new kind of magic draught. They want to destroy us."
I was stunned.
"Don't know what's got into them. They've always been evil, but now... No-one will get better from their plans, not even them. It's total madness."
Rhonda shook her head. Then, she suddenly looked me in the eye.
"If you help us, I will take you back to the Elfworld, if you refuse, I'll no longer protect you and you will be destroyed by the evil wizards."
"So, I don't have much choice, do I?"
"No. Follow me."
We walked through the streets without saying a word. It was amazing to see all those humans. Suddenly, Rhonda entered one of the houses and I entered her inside.
"What's wrong with the humans?" I asked.
"What do you mean?"
"Haven't you seen the look on their faces? They don't look happy."
"Oh, that's just the way they are. They are doing fine, trust me."
"Why don't they smile?"
"They're humans. It's a strange world. They just keep making and buying things. Don't try to understand."
"Alright. I won't."
"You should be back home soon." she said.
I liked the sound of that. For a few moments, she looked me in the eye. Then, she took me to some room.
"Sit down and try to relax."
I sat down and she put her hand on my shoulder.
"It's very important to be relaxed." she said.
"What are you up to?" I asked.
"I will help you to explore your new magical powers. Right now, you're still unaware of them."
"Do I have them for good?"
"We're not sure..."
"Don't worry. You're going to be fine."
"Are you sure about that?"
"Of course!"
She was offended and I wasn't relaxed at all, but this whole thing made me insecure. If those wizards messed up their spells...
"Did you discover your new powers?" she asked.
I shook my head.
"Come on. Try it. I know you can do it."
But no matter how much I tried, nothing happened.
"You don't have to fear them. I'm here. Everything's going to be fine."
"I can't..."
"Ssst. Just keep trying."
Suddenly, I felt something strange. It was very unreal, like something was washing over me. The next moment, nothing was the same anymore. I looked at Rhonda and she smiled at me. This was what she had been waiting for. Everything was going according to plan. Suddenly, I relaxed. This was a good thing! There was just so much I could do! I could... But of course, there were the evil wizards. I had to stay calm and watch out.
"What happens now?" I asked calmly.
"You will have to practice."
"It's... amazing." I said.
"Yes. I'm sure it is." she nodded.
For her, there was nothing exciting about this, but for me... It really turned my world upside down and I would need some time to believe that this was really happening to me.
"Now, try to control those powers." Rhonda said.
I was surprised. Why did she think I couldn't control them?
"What are you talking about?" I asked.
"Those powers are meant to destroy other magical powers. If you don't watch out, you will destroy mine."
I was impressed. The thought that I would destroy her magical powers really shocked me! Rhonda looked me in the eye.
"It's a risk I have to take." she said.
I could only stare back at her without saying a word. She wasn't kidding. I was powerful! Waw! I was really powerful!
"Don't get carried away. It's only one spell." Rhonda warned.
I nodded. I felt how I was getting used to this. I began to feel better and better.
"And besides... Most evil wizards have spells that can do this. Some wizards have up to five spells that can destroy magical powers."
"Yes." she nodded. "And some of them can not be destroyed by you."
I was impressed.
"You still need my protection." Rhonda continued.
Then, she took my hand and we left the room.
"I suggest you get some rest now. Take it easy."
"I'm not tired." I said.
"I know, but you have to find out how to control your new powers."

Later that day, another young woman came to see me. She had very long hair and she was wearing a very short skirt. She looked very human, but I knew she was a wizard.
"We need to talk." she said.
She sat down and had a close look at me.
"It's about the evil wizards. They're getting on with their plans. We have to act fast."
I didn't know what to say. She took my hand.
"We will keep protecting you. You're not alone." she said.
"Good." I nodded.
"It's dangerous, but we have nothing to loose. They're planning to destroy us."
"I know. Rhonda told me."
The girl nodded.
"My name is Tina." she said.
Tina told me everything she knew about the evil wizards. She also told me that there was much more that they hadn't been able to find out. Their spells sometimes blocked other spells. She gave me a long list with spells and I kept listening to her. Then, finally, she stopped talking.
"This is all I know..." she said.
Before I could say anything, she got up.
"Follow me." she said.
I followed her downstairs. Rhonda was waiting for us in the hall.
"We have to leave." she said.
I followed the wizards outside. This time, there were less humans.

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