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The ideal of Love equals Life

I sit here and think about all the events that have occurred in my life and chuckle to myself at how people growing up can misconceive child as being “immature.”
I would like to start this Novel at my childhood and explain the everlasting innocence of the child’s mind conceiving ideals about life.
When I was about the age of 8 or 9 I started to have friends where I could do things with. Such as play stay the night in forts and speak of how girls have coo dies. My very first childhood friend was a boy who lived across the street from my home. We often went on adventures and found our selves fighting off beast’s and creatures of magical powers. Oh, but we would fight back using our ability to transfigure our bodies to something great and powerful, or perhaps we would send a fire ball of doom to our advisory. My friend and I liked to pretend that we were grown up and talk of how we had to wake early in the morning to meet press conferences. We would drive there in our nice cars ( shiny bicycles) and tell people what to do and when to do it.
We got these ideas of the adult “life” from viewing television shows. We often went into hysterics when we realized how naive we were being about growing up. So we stuck to being kids.
Now I feel I need to enter a piece of mind before continuing on my trek through my life. I feel that the child’s mind can conceive the pure idea and out look on life and take from this such a thought that not even a full grown man with a genius I.Q. could comprehend. As children we view the world with a pure, innocent mind not knowing the riggers of life and supporting others. So from this we see the whole spectrum of life as a painted picture only we can explain. We are able to see what actions of others do to their surrounding persons. Example: When I was 12 years old my sister got caught doing drugs in my home. My father and mother were very disappointed. My father was silent and my mother was crying. My sister was angry at them for not “understanding” what it is like to her. I viewed this as a down fall on my sister’s part. She was hurting the family, my parents were hurting her but no one noticed this except for me. I was in disbelief at how we as a loving family treated each other. I truly knew that the only way through this was to relax and come to an agreement. I believe only children can keep this train of thought. Though I also believe that they do not see the whole horizon of life.
Has I was growing up my friends and my interest changed. We went from fighting off magical beasts to riding bikes in the desert next to our homes. In this desert there was a hill in which at the bottom we built “bike jumps.” Next to the hill were many houses. In a few of these homes lived girls that often watched us ride our bikes. At the time we all denied the fact of any girls liking us and us liking they. Though we all had the same thought about these “interesting beings,” we wanted to get to know them. So an a covert attempt to get to know these “girls” we would say things like “girls smell” or “girls have coo dies.” Thus leading us all into a chasing frenzy of the “coo die” game.
As we got older we lost the “being afraid of girls” and realized that the company of the opposite sex was rather delightful. So around the 7th and 8th grade I had many friends of the opposite
sex. There were the original friends I had hung out with plus three girls that would often hang out with us. We would often congregate at my home where we would watch movies and my mother would make us snacks. Now in intermediate school everyone has a girlfriend or a boyfriend, but these little “crushes” were nothing more then lust. I did not start to feel the real emotion of “love” until my sophomore year in high school. I was done with having little crushes and vowed to myself that I wouldn’t put myself in any relationship unless it were to mean something. So I went all through my freshman year and sophomore year with out a “girlfriend.” At the end of my sophomore year I met a girl who was of my liking. She was not like the other girls at our school . She was quite yet out going, she was also pretty but not conceited, as well as smart but she never boosted about herself. This is a rare quality among high school girls. Noticing this I took the advantage to ask her “out.” I saw this as a very risqué thing to do since I had never really talked to her before. She excepted my offer and so it was we were a “couple” as the school year winded down I grew to be very fond of her. I wanted so very badly to spend every waking moment with her. Then we started to grow apart, so it seemed to myself. So eventually I broke up with her, thinking this to be the better thing to do. A week passed and I began to miss my partner. I fell into depression. The whole summer I often thought about her. I would not join my peers in activities that were involved with large crowds. Then school started again and I went back to school with a horrible attitude until I saw my “ex.” I was amazed at how much she had changed. She was more beautiful then ever, her eyes were mesmerizing. She carried herself with an attitude of per acquiescence, still she was not haughty. I knew then that either pheromones were rather strong or I “loved” her. So I talked to her, and again we were a “couple.” I once again grew to pine over her when she was not with me. I also worried about her win she was gone for periods at a time. Then on one evening a friend and I got into the conversation of whether or not Love existed. He was pro for love not existing and I of course was pro for love existing. Eventually we came up with love is like a religion and whether or not you choose to believe it deviates your feelings of love.
I leave this short message to inform anyone who is confused on love and how to tell if it is love. Love plays a major part of life and how we as people deal with it. I feel some people need love to strive and maintain a sane mind, it gives them hope, a reason to live. Hence, love being life.
Understanding of Life
The theories of life will continue to manifest themselves from objects of people’s desire an a attempt to understand the meaning of life. I often find myself laying awake for hours on end trying to come up with any idea of what one is supposed to do in their life. My thoughts often articulate to the same idea every time. I believe that in order to understand life you must live life. I am a firm believer of deviating your own ideas of life not to be told what to do buy some intangible parent figure who deems whether or not you die if you have a faulty in your life. However, I must confess that I also believe that some greater being or some unnatural force as put us here for a greater purpose then just to consume alcohol and have a “life” experience. The only way to achieve this state of mind is to place your mind into the state of self indulgence of life. Such as, spontaneous acts of adventure, drastic changes of one’s personality. These elements combined with a little authority will, I believe, give you the closest experience of what life is supposed to be like. I am not here to tell the viewer what or how to live. I am just here to help one who happens to not have a beacon to follow some advice. So I say that when you feel you are about to have an epiphany of understanding life then turn your head back and make sure you haven’t lost your way to an illusion of faith. Keeping this in mind please understand that I have laid awake contemplating how to peruse my thoughts and coincide them with an arrangement of words that in the long run I hope will better someone’s life, along with having a complete sentence. So I say good luck on your ever lasting trek through the confusion of life and liberty.
Emotions come and go. I have found that most every one suffers from acceptance from the peers. This emotion can be explained in numerous way and be shown in many forms. One form that I see most often is humor. I see people always in attempt to make people laugh, thus making the joker accepted with this particular group. Accepting is something that I believe everyone needs to maintain their conscious homeostasis. Once accepted by a group you can branch off and make other friends. Then after securing your roots you can find a significant other (partner, girl/boy friends, wife/ husband). I feel that this affliction stirs the most controversial emotion ever, love. Love is shown in the most abnormal ways. Love also breaks down into sublevels of emotions. I like to categorize these levels into stages that follow:
1st- Love for a family member. Strong, ever lasting.
2nd- Love for a friend. Strong, secret, and loyal.
3rd- Love for a life partner. Strong, secret, loyal, bountiful, lustrous, passionate.
I could go on with adjectives forever for the 3rd kind of love, but need not to because this emotion is just a belief among most people. I have explained this theory in the beginning. I believe that without emotions. The human body can not function and feel what we like to call “living.” You could keep the senses there, touch, feel, taste and so fourth but those are automated feelings of the body not the mind. Each person views everything differently. Example: Anyone touches a hot stove they will be burned. Tell someone you love them they are liable to cry, sing, get angry, get happy, be stunned and so on. I am trying to get you (the reader) to think about how a person might take these emotions for granted. I found myself thinking about that one restless night on how we have the very free emotion (which no one can steal) to act on it as we like. I thought to myself: “I can laugh, I can be sad, I can be mad. Can I be none of those?” I questioned myself to whether or not I take these emotions for granted. What would we be like with out the ability to laugh or cry. Mindless drones comes into thought. For the reasons above I feel we all as a whole owe a thanks to the emotions that something or someone let us experience.
The Creation of Life
The question of how man became as been around forever. It has puzzled scientists and been argued with various cases. I have discussed this thought with friends and we feel that the answer lays within chemistry and religion, and here is the story of how we came to believe this.
One restless Saturday night Myself, and two of my friends were sitting around discussing atoms and what they are made up of. I had made the comment of an atom being structured much like a universe. The sun is like the nuclease and the orbiting planet’s around it are much like how an atom molecule looks. I mean would it not be so difficult to believe that our universe is just another atom on something greater. . . . . . . . . . . . I have yet not finished putting this theory together I will have it finished when I am done being lazy and I actually start to peruse my thoughts and arrange them into my theory.

Louie B. Tunnell


The following comments are for "Life"
by LouieLou

I've finally gotten around to reading this. First the criticism, then the praise.

1) Put a line break after every paragraph. It makes it easier to read.
2) There are all kinds of weird symbols in this, like "“living.”". I think maybe you're using a weird word processing program. If you have MS Word or Notepad, try using those.
3) I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of this essay is; it addresses too much at once.

1) You put a good deal of thought into this, and it shows.
2) You're pretty perceptive about things; you understand abstract concepts like love and the meaning of life, and you communicate that clearly.
3) You've got a good, solid grasp of how people behave, and why. It's the sociologist instinct, and it's a great instinct to have.

All in all, I thought it was good, just tighten up the formatting a little.

( Posted by: evil_bacteria [Member] On: March 18, 2004 )

The purpose
First of all, thank you for your honesty.

I wrote this in hopes that people will start to look at life and why we are in a different way then they do now. Maybe even for people to appreciate life a little more.

The real purpose:
I don't sleep much. I have a question and I am trying to find the answer, the only problem is, I dont know what the question is. I have suspicion that both the answer and the question lay within philosophy.

( Posted by: LouieLou [Member] On: March 18, 2004 )

I have the answer
I think it was great but the question might come from philosophy but you definately wont get the answer from there. You have to look deeper , how did we get here? God he sent his son to die for us so we could spend eternity with him and so our sins could be forgiven.There is more to life than what you write about in your essay.You can find all the answers in a bible and Jesus will always love you. Give Him a chance. Its a life or death heaven or hell decision and you have to be the one to make it. No one can make it for you.You cant get into heaven by good works or just because you think youre a good person, you have to accept Jesus as ur Lord and Savior and have faith in Him and what He did in the cross for you . Dont ever think no one loves you because you are never alone , God is always with you everywhere waiting with open arms. He loves you , give him a chance, its worth it.
Thanks, Gabby

( Posted by: SezySoccer14 [Member] On: April 15, 2004 )

Ok, i take heed to what you say. However though, I have found MY answer through philosophy. I studied a man named Agustine, he just might be my favorite philospher set aside from Lao Zsu. Agustine did a lot for religions, Im not going to lecture on what he did for who, but he did open my eyes. In the future, when you try to inform people about your beliefs i would pick a better way.


( Posted by: LouieLou [Member] On: April 19, 2004 )

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