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In a translated version of historian David Irving’s indictment by the Mannheim District Court (case ref:(4) 5KLs 7/95), dated July 6, 1995, it was written:
Criminal case against David Irving for incitement for race hatred etc.
"Dear Mr. Irving, The Mannheim Prosecutor has charged you by indictment dated May 19, 1995 with Incitement to race hatred, Libel, and Defamation of the memory of the dead. The basis for this charge is a lecture which you delivered on September 2, 1990 in the Engelbrecht House at Weinheim on the Hergstrasse, in the course of which it is alleged that you made the following remarks…”
I was horrified at the extreme statements that Prof. Irving made. Some of the more obvious ones are given below:
There were no gassings at Auschwitz, nor were there any gas chambers there; the gas chambers that are shown to tourists are false models, built by the Poles after the war; the Führer could not know anything about gassings, as they did not exist; less than 70,000 Jews died of epidemics etc., in Auschwitz; there is a gigantic “Holocaust industry”; the German tax payers have had to pay around l6 billion Deutchmarks as a punishment for Auschwitz., which was a bogus situation.
Other statements that Irving has made in the course of his career, include his belief that the Nazis would have buried “Judaism” in a ditch and that Himmler’s and Goebbel’s diaries never mentioned liquidation/ extermination. Certain scholars have pointed out that he changed Eichmann’s words around to suit his thesis. He continues to give speeches to Neo-Nazis, and lies about giving them. He fluctuates between 600,000, 4,000,000 and 1,000,000 as the Jewish death toll. Despite all these factors, he continues airing his controversial views regarding the extermination of European Jews.
One wonders how some people can so blatantly ignore the existence of one of the grossest human rights violations in human history. I find that usually, these mavericks are non-Jewish (obviously) and lacking quite a lot in the sensitivity department, because of the gusto with which they proclaim that the Holocaust was a myth. Somehow, I find it hard to believe that all the insurmountable evidence that supports the existence of the Holocaust is made up by national government(s)/ individuals just to fake that over 6 million Jewish people died during World War II. To what end would this be fabricated? It certainly doesn’t project a sense of victory, nor is it anything that we can be proud of. So why do people like David Irving continue to insult people the world over, with their baseless theories that all that the Jews went through, was fabricated?
Ok, let’s put that aside for a minute – even if they do believe in these perceptions, why royally and proudly declare them in a global environment that is sensitive to this subject?
Hey, I’m all about free speech, but not mindless free speech. We all have views to express and that’s all right – but why not do so with a little dignity and respect for others? And I’m not just talking about insensitivity towards the Jewish population either; I think this applies to all prejudices/ intolerance where ignorance holds reign. So that includes racism, and homophobia, and religious divides, not to mention a hundred other issues where hatred thrives.
But you say, “We can’t all be alike. It’s natural to be different”. Agreed. We are all different. But do we have to be like Mel Gibson’s father, who gleefully proclaims that the Holocaust never happened? Surely, we can be more discreet, if such views will hurt so many people.
Having studied in great depth about WWII and the Holocaust, I find it revolting that some people trample on the memories of so many people, and thereby nullify what they died for, and who they were.
So, Mr. Irving, prove me wrong! I have glanced through your books, and frankly, I do not see much based on flesh fact. And until you can provide more than theories, I prefer to believe in the existence of Auschwitz, gas chambers and Anne Frank.

I referred to and Jamie McCarthy’s writing at - Thank you.

Servitas a Periculum

Servatis a Maleficum

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The following comments are for "Fallen, and not honored...."
by blightedstar

Oh, those wacky nazis! What will they do next?!
It's a pretty absurd claim, but it gets made alot. The strongest case against it, for me at least, is the hugely popular antisemitic sentiment that was growing even before 1900. Even Wagner, the pop star (with no artistic integrity to boot) of his time supported such ridiculous notions of racial supremacy. The nazis have never really had an issue with journalistic integrity; it's well known that Nietzsche, one of the most profound opponents of race hatred and nationalism of any sort, had his writings altered and edited by his anti-semitic sister to read right into the current fad.

( Posted by: Schaard [Member] On: March 7, 2004 )

fallen not honored
You have hit the nail squarely on the head. Do you know what is really amazing? People actually believe the holocaust never happened. How quickly we forget.

( Posted by: brickhouse [Member] On: March 7, 2004 )

wonderfully written
A million times a day I find myself saying that I don't understand people, usually it's little things but this view and how it is held by numbers of people is just sickening. This is written emotionally and got my blood pumping and angry at people like Irving.

( Posted by: Joe Quinn [Member] On: March 8, 2004 )

Just wanted to thank all of you who have given me feedback on my writing - it is especially gratifying to hear from fellow writers, especially on topics like this, which affect me very deeply.

( Posted by: blightedstar [Member] On: March 8, 2004 )

Societal Diseases
Irvin is just another historical revisionist, and this kind of person is cropping out of the woodwork all over the world, especially in Amerikkka, it seems.

This is one of the ways in which the hateniks are trying to legitimize themselves, by doing damage control on their own history. This is so they can get away with eventually attempting the same sort of thing again. This will become particularly more difficult to combat once all the Holocaust Survivors have passed on.

General Eisenhower commanded his military journalists to document as thoroughly as possible everything they found when they liberated these camps, predicting powerfully and prophetically that there would be people who would deny that any of this ever happened.

My first encounter with the fact that many white supremacists deny the holocaust was when I was watching Roots (the television version of Alex Haley's book) and they have a nazi doing an interview with Haley in which he denies that the dead of the Holocaust were even mostly Jews. I think the character even insanely declares the photographed corpses to be "innocent Germans killed by Jews." While there are whackos like this amongst the hateniks, there are much more intelligent people amongst them who cause a much greater problem in that they understand exactly what kind of scum they have around them in their organizations and how to control and manipulate them.

Exactly what are these people's plans? When they get all the power they want, which hopefully they will not, what will they do with it? Is this just an alternate audience they're exploiting for personal power? Is that all it's about for such people, who should know better about the filth they put out? Certainly they know what kind of damage they cause society, but they're getting some type of gain from it.

I think many leaders of the historical revisionists are simply failed politicians or other power seekers who couldn't make it in traditional power venues who then decide to draw their power from the brownshirt crowd.

I do recommend, while we're on the topic, that people run out and rent the movie 'The Believer', which is a fascinating fact-based story about an American (Jewish!) Neo-Nazi.

( Posted by: the alienist [Member] On: March 13, 2004 )

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