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Giest #5 : Downtime
by Chrispian H. Burks (
Copyright All rights reserved.

A well dressed man sitting at a desk looking out over Neon City Giest is on a building ledge outside the window, across the street

"So you're supposed to be my brother. Lofty place you've got here. Giest said looking around the plush office, sliding his mask back to reveal his face.

"I must admit, I'm at a loss. I didn't expect to see you. Not here, not like this." Damien replied.

"So, are you?" Nathan asked again.

"In more ways than one. Your Mother was also my Mother. We are half brothers." Damien sat down, pointing to the seats in front of his desk. "As you can see, I'm a few years older than you. My father passed away when I was 8. When I was 10 My Mother met your Father. You were born a couple years later." Damien finished, as he pored a couple of drinks.

"I'm not sure how to take all this. I've got no memory of any of this. For all I know it could be all lies. But.. It does feel right. Is Our Mother alive? My dad?" Nathan asked as he pushed the drink back, waving his hand and saying "No thanks".

"I'm afraid Our mother passed away about five years ago, in a car accident. I'm sorry you had to find out this way, again. You didn't take it all that well the first time around. I can't imagine having to get that kind of news for the first time, twice. As for your Dad, he left shortly after you were born and we never saw him again."

"What happened to us in Project 9? What did they do to us?" Nathan asked.

"They didn't do anything to you, really, other than use you for genetic material. They never told us how or why, but you were born different. You had abilities never seen before. No human has every been born with powers before. But for some reason, you were. They used you to template the rest of us. But they fused other genes to make us all a bit unique. But you've always had a very strong moral code. You woke up during the last part of the process and destroyed everything. Though the templating was complete, they lost years of research and genetic material. They aren't very happy about it at all." Damien explained.

"It doesn't sound like you have a problem with all this. I take it you were with them on this?"

"Questions, questions. Yes, I was. They offered me the power that you had. It wasn't easy growing up watching you with your "gifts". Always stronger and faster. Let's just say you and I took different paths. But here we are now. In the same place. We aren't exactly the same, but we are alike. And I'm the only family you've got left." Damien said excitedly.

"No, I've got family. They may not be blood, but they are family. I'm not sure why I came here, or what coming here accomplished, if anything. But I appreciate you being straight with me, and thanks for the answers." Nathan stood up, turning to leave.

"Too bad things didn't turn out differently. I'm sure you know what's coming. Good luck. You're going to need it." Damien said with a smile.

Nathan threw his arm up, flipping his hand in a back-handed fashion, as if waving off the comment and kept on walking down the long hall to the elevators.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


"Nathan, she's amazing. I'm sure she'll be faster than either one of us in time." Strom said leaning back against the wall.

Chase was in the practice room working out, moving in and out of the target training program. She kneeled at the end of the line and switched the system into combat training mode.

"She's something else. She never ceases to amaze me." Nathan shook his head smiling.

"You notice how Kode looks at her?" He added.

*Laughs* "You'd have to be blind not to. Its funny to watch them together, she obviously loves the attention, especially from him" Strom said between sips on his coffee.

"They'll work it out, I'm sure. She can take care of herself, it's him I worry about. She might crush the poor bastard" Giest said laughing and patting Strom on the shoulder walking past him into the hall. Strom nearly spewed his drink all over himself.

"Man, don't do that while I'm taking a drink!" He said, wiping his chin.

Giest walked on down the hall, a smile on his face. Yeah, he had family. He was home. The com system suddenly came on, Kode was on the screen.

"Nathan, Dial is upstairs, says he needs to see you. Says it's important"

"I'm on my way up." Giest said.

Giest pulled his mask on. Even though he trusts Dial, he's an outsider. He knows where to find us, and that has to be enough. No need letting him see who we truly are.


"Sorry to drop in unexpected, but I've got a personal delivery, for you and you alone." Dial said.

"Alright, what have you got".

"Here. It's from a guy named Wes Jenner, he said to deliver it to you in person. He said it was a matter of life and death. His." Dial said, almost excited to be a part of this kind of thing.

"Wes Jenner? Justice? Any idea what this is all about?"

"Ex-Justice, Some chick took his job. And I have no idea what's it's about. But he paid me very well to get this to you and only you." Dial replied.

"Thanks, I'll check it out". Giest said as he pulled a credstick from his belt and handed it to dial. "As always, thank you for your services." Giest said.

"Always a pleasure Mr. Giest, Anytime".

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Deep within the Cryogen Arcology.

"Why the hell should I listen to you Twist"

"Jeriko, don't get your fur in a wad. Do we always have to play this game? I rarely ask anything of you. And haven't I always given you what you asked for? Your taste for power is growing, but don't think for a minute that your loyal minions would follow you if Parker and Keller weren't pulling your strings. You don't want me to take Tiberon into my favor. With a few words you won't be the top dog, or cat as the case may be, around here."

"Don't try your threat's on me freaaaaaaaaahh!" Jeriko cried out, throwing his hands up failing to fend of Twist.

Twist had moved so quickly Jeriko didn't get his hands up in time. Twist grabbed Jeriko by the throat and lifted him up off ground, pushing him against the wall nearly crushing his throat. Jeriko was much bigger than Twist in mass, and a couple of inches taller. Except Twist never really stood upright. It was as if Twist grew a foot. Twist is a very thin man. Physically in good shape, but very thin. A wicked smile on any given day. But now his eyes were dark, his teeth looked like tiny razor blades and his hair seemed to have a mind of it's own. His voice usually soft and well mannered now sounded more like the growl of a mad beast.

"Shut up and listen. Take your team and find Giest. Make sure Malek gets close to him." Twist growled into Jeriko's ear.

"But what about ughhh" Jeriko cut off as Twist tossed him to the ground.

Seemingly returned to his usual stature, Twist continued. "I've taken care of everything. You will have no trouble getting out of the compound. On this disk is all the info you'll need and the location of a hideaway I've setup for you. Take the team and get whatever supplies that you need. Get Malek to Giest. Nothing else matters. It's your only task. Take Silhouette with you, this is a good time to see what she's made of."

"Alright. But when this is over, you own me one." Jeriko said.

"Fair enough, I'm a man of reason. There is one more thing though. I have someone else who will be joining you. They have another task. When you meet up with Giest, just don't get in his way. Let him do his job." Twist said grinning.

"What? What are you up to Twist?" Jeriko asked, rubbing his throat.

"Nothing for you to concern yourself with. Just don't fail."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Nathan put his hand up facing Cross. "Enough" Giest said, nearly out of breath. Cross put his sword in it's sheath and propped himself up leaning over on his knees. Caleb fell backwards on the mat with Doberman not far behind him.

"Giest" Cross said between short gasps "Your too damn fast!" Even though his hood was over his face, you could tell he was grinning.

"Good thing I had Doberman on my side, Both of you are pretty damn fast yourself, and Caleb, son, when did you get so strong" Giest said smiling."

"Hey, I can't give you guys all my secret's." He laughed.

Doberman was trying to pry himself off the mat, attempting to point and grunting rather than speaking.

"What, What are you trying to saaaaaaaiiiiiii" Giest cried out.

Strom clipped Giest's legs out from under him and nearly fell over laughing.

"Behind you is what he was trying to say. You should have seen the look on your face" Strom said holding his sides.

"Laugh it up while you can. I'll put you up against Chase and Jade all by yourself. And I don't think your fast enough to take those girls on your own!" Giest shot back.

Chase stood up from behind the computers and gave Strom an evil look before busting out with a smile.

"Bring it" Strom said

Chase put her fist up and said "Someone grab me a couple slices of bread, I'm gonna make this punk a sandwhich" she said laughing.

Giest stands up after catching his breath. "Good workout. Everyone get some rest. We have a mission in a few hours".

Everyone went their separate ways. What they all couldn't know is that in a few hours, everything will be different.

Next issue things heat back up. One of the team will face death. And the past of one of the members will shock the group.
Giest Vol. 1 #5 : Downtime
by Chrispian H. Burks (Crowe)

Chrispian H. Burks
Lit.Org Owner / Founder
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The following comments are for "Giest #5 : Downtime"
by Chrispian

Great story
I enjoyed some of the earlier parts better, but everything is coming togeather, having read all parts at once I guess the main thing I have to say is I love the genetic templating idea, I wish I understood why Giest was born different, but I'm sure it will all be explained in time. I look forward to the next part.

( Posted by: Ragath [Member] On: February 2, 2002 )

One year later
It's been more than a year since the last comment, but don't let it get you down. I love the stories so far, and I'm really interested in seeing a conclusion somewhere down the line.

( Posted by: Washer [Member] On: February 20, 2003 )

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