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10how do i live ..

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" humans require more words."

I also love Grandaddy. They rock the alternative scene. ;)

Okay, so I have been keeping up to date about the little scandal that's being provoked by one of my fellow I've been trying my best to keep out of it, mostly to preserve my own dignity. None of my posts have ever been flamed (that I can remember) and I intend it to remain that way. But I can't get the thought out of my head as to why these people do these things. Is it some need for attention, is it a little game? Is the anonymous nature of the Internet a catalyst that results in people who act in disrespectful ways that they would never dare in the real world? I'm sure all the answers to this are yes.

Anyways, I don't want to analyze this situation again...I'm pretty sure I already talked about it in my blog, "Why the Giant Fell" in response to another one of these one time rebels. All I really want to say is that I ask everyone who reads this to simply turn a deaf ear to the stupidity. Oh, and I think we ought to get rid of the ratings system except for the Write-Off pieces. It's really more trouble than it's worth. But yeah...and good luck to the rebel...I hope you get this all out of your system now cause in the real world someone would have socked you right in the face by now. =D

Take care.

"God grant me distraction."

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The following comments are for ""From the Stories that I've Heard....""
by Darkshine Raven

nice closing line, DS

good friggin' call. i'm with you.


( Posted by: ark [Member] On: February 22, 2004 )

Wonderful to have your support. ;) Good call yourself.

( Posted by: Darkshine Raven [Member] On: February 22, 2004 )

I'm with ark. Funny last line there.

Oh, and yes, yes, and yes (the answers to your questions, in case I didn't make sense). ;)

( Posted by: Elphaba [Member] On: February 22, 2004 )

insinuations and denoting other is just as disrespectfuls
I'm just as disrespectful in person as I am on the internet, but that's just me, and I don't think I'm any more disrespectful than others and I don't know who this was intended for BUT if it was me I hope that one person gets it and understands that I personally enjoy being a bit of a rebel. That's my prerogative
to be such. I'm sure we are just proving each other's point if this was directed at me and ye without sin cast the first stone.
Good piece , well said!
I enjoyed!

( Posted by: johnb79 [Member] On: February 22, 2004 )

oh and
don't suggest violence when addressing members, that has to be against the guidlines. Thanks!

( Posted by: johnb79 [Member] On: February 22, 2004 )

so who is this person?....I'm dying to know if it's me...please someone clue me in at please
The suspense is KILLING ME!

* on another note, I can see where MANY members ((and maybe even faculty)) can be a wee-bit disrespectful at times and hurt a few feelings and step one toes. Conflict is a fact of life, it can be avoided or addressed (like you chose to do). Just so you know that this is feeding a flame whether you want to chose to acknowledge that is ...your choice. I do think this was well worded and the thought projected is consistant and valid.

( Posted by: johnb79 [Member] On: February 22, 2004 )

So happy..
...that it isn't me!

( Posted by: johnb79 [Member] On: February 23, 2004 )

what's important
It's not really important who this is about. I'm talking about a repeating pattern I am seeing here. What is important is that every individual works in his or her own way to combat this destructive pattern.

Aside from that, thanks for your comments (even about the "suggested violence"). ;) I hope you know that I support all the writers in this community, you included, to better themselves in every way we can. I would not belittle you and not admit it to your face. =D And if we hurt each other's feelings we just have to learn to move on...that's the way of the world. =D

Take care.

( Posted by: Darkshine Raven [Member] On: February 23, 2004 )

I agree 100%
Thanks for replying, and you are right about not worry about whom this is directed at. You are so right in the fact that we all should try to make our lives better everyday. Thanks for writing this, I enjoy you.

( Posted by: johnb79 [Member] On: February 23, 2004 )

Penelope, the statement about me perserving my diginity and the reference to being flamed are meant to be more seperate than they are in the entry.

I like to believe that I can control myself anf keep myself out of the way of debates that are malicious and are obviously going nowhere. You have no idea how many times I've been tempted to jump in and comment when someone is being a jerk. I often have a lot of good points to make and I try to convince myself that I can speak up without simply flaming the fire. I know that's not true though so I keep quiet so as not to become another writer fanning a flame of hatred.

I agree that the rating system could be done away with and the Write-off could be decided by comment. I would personally prefer it that way. Honestly, I think people put far too much emphasis on it anyways.

There ya go...even more change from my brain. =D Take care Pen.

Oh and thanks again John.

( Posted by: Darkshine Raven [Member] On: February 23, 2004 )

I never mind =D
Pen, it's a pleasure to have your endorsement! ;) Wonderful to know that I'm getting views for a positive, calm piece of writing rather than because I'm so offensive. However, it's too bad that it's because it's linked to this whole debacle (I liked that you used that word to describe it). =D

And I find it interesting that my other piece of writing up here has gotten no much for people jumping down my throat about receiving and never giving. (That, of course, is not aimed at you Pen.) =D And you know what's even more interesting? I've had a couple of pieces go uncommented on/unrated and I don't whine about it...that's the game. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen (or, indeed the lack of heat).

Thanks again for your support Pen. =D

( Posted by: Darkshine Raven [Member] On: February 23, 2004 )

Spitting at the Sun
Brillance is in what brillance does and vice-versa,gathering a group of individuals and throwings stones at a persons house will wreck the windows of that house and you may gather a audience when you do this but that wont build your house.
Rather than demeaning another let us try to gain popularity by not cheap gossip and grapevine talk but by the quality of our own work and writings.

Spitting at the sun is a futile exercise no matter how big a crowd it is that spits.

Your House will be build by hard work and talent and not from gossiping and *the stories that you have heard*

Wish you all the best of luck with all your literary efforts

( Posted by: rightingit [Member] On: February 24, 2004 )

Spitting at the Sun -2
The subject matter of the blog is based on gossip and grapevine talk which are both an exercise in futility.
Further rather than having a meaningful subject this seems to be an effort to create a illwill towards ...
The audience that is generated by such activity is the same that is generated by
any public display of hostility which is no way contributing to any literature


( Posted by: rightingit [Member] On: February 24, 2004 )

some people
make things worse for themselves. Some people are evil and cannot stand it when someone differs in opinion. Some people go onto and give crappy caustic comments and ratings just b/c one of their pieces got a bad rating.

That won't build your house either:-)

( Posted by: johnb79 [Member] On: February 24, 2004 )

this is my last comment
Yawning at the Sun

"If the sun is the center of all creation,
gaining attention in it's glory,
hounding the earth dwellers with it's beauty.

Wouldn't it be right
for me to step aside
while all the others
at it's glorious light?

You see, I've always seen the sun
as just another part of life.
The sun is no more relevant
than the trees and stars and moon.
Another element in it's place.

So if all my friends flock from the room
to look out at the shining sun.
I'll laugh at it's pomposity

Mr. S is not as important as he thinks.

I prefer to stay inside...
yawning at the sun."

There ya go. This is all I have left to say about this. I hope people will continue to read this blog and see what I'm trying to say. We can all learn from things like this and now I intend to practice what I preach. We're all great people, and it's time we all (and I mean all of us) start acting like it. =D Take care everyone.

( Posted by: Darkshine Raven [Member] On: February 24, 2004 )

At it again, RightingIt
What the hell is it with you and low ratings, RightingIt? Stop that shit.

Rather than demeaning another let us try to gain popularity by not cheap gossip and grapevine talk but by the quality of our own work and writings.

Because of the above comment fragment, I will call you Janus, the two-faced God, from now on.

You recently submitted some putrid crap about Bush, Blair and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). I think Crowe should "sex-up" (actually, there's no need!) your CMD (Comments of Mass Destruction) and eject you from this site. You obvious have no interest in writing or helping others, unless it is to aid them feel disheartened. Go join some bloody chatroom, and cease degrading what are perfectly good posts.

Darkshine: that "last comment" was pretty good. Should have been a post all its own.

( Posted by: jbicko [Member] On: February 24, 2004 )

hey janus aka writingit.
get a life
get a job
get a woman
and learn to read.

i know a good chatroom for you.

( Posted by: universalmester [Member] On: February 24, 2004 )

ooh shit
this is getting good! Why does Janus insist on trying to insult and denote the itelligence of other's? Obviously the only thing considered writing is his own:-)

Go build a house!:-p

once again, I loved this blog, thought it was great, the last comment was killer! I got my shits-n-giggles on that one!

( Posted by: johnb79 [Member] On: February 25, 2004 )

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