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Tales of the Novem Portis - part 2

Before we continue on with more stories, allow me express that the
reason for writing about these memories is not to convince anyone of anything,
nor spread rumours and lies about the past to be challanged by people who
have been educated otherwise. For me, these are true events that had taken
place in the long past, so therefore it matters not whether anyone believes
them. Mostly, I am trying to put together an accurate timeline of events for
my own personal interest, and I only recently decided to share these truths
with the public due to persons I know whom have advised me that I should let
people know about them. And as far as history is concerned, it has been
written and changed so many times by those whom seek to control the interests
and ways of which people think, that I expect all that I write about to be
proven wrong by the basis of precedented facts. Anyways, back to the
adventures~! P.S. please excuse any errors in my spelling and punctuation.

Now then, where did I leave off at... Oh yea, I was in the midst of
heading back to Windsor in order to gather more information about the strange
alien life-forms that were seemingly taking over my country. But before we
go back there, let me take you further into the past to discuss, from the
beginning, the earliest memories of being Lucifer.

It was strange how it happened really, it was as tho an entire child-
hood lifetime had been inserted into my current memory back then. I was in
my late twenties of age, and still living with a woman whom claimed to be my
mother. I had memories of living with her my entire life in a small house in
a rather small town, and I loved her and believed her to be my true mother.
Mostly, I had memories of growing up as a very religious person whom was
picked on by all of the other children and people that made fun of the way I
looked, acted and of my belief in God. They would tease my about my stupid
first name, and push me to the ground shouting how my God would never save me
or help me with anything. It was on one of those days that one of the other
kids demanded that I tell them what my last name was. And believe it or not,
I had no clue about what they were talking about and had to ask for further
explanation on what a last name even was.

So on that very same night, when I went back home, I asked my mother
about such saying, "Mother, what are last names for?"

She simply replied that last names were not important, and that I do
not need to have one. I explained to her that everyone else in the world has
a last name, and that I wanted to know what mine was. I also expressed that
everyones last name had to be the same as their fathers, and I having no
memory of a father, would now like to know who he was and of what his last
name is.

She responded very strangely saying that she did not know who my real
father was, but she narrowed it down to three names. She further said that
she had been raped by those three men, and that I was the product of such.
But she stood back thinking for a second after that, and then said she will
give me a last name right there and then. So she thought for a moment, then
she said, "your last name will be Framar, and that is what you can tell any-
one else who asks you for it.

"Why Framar?" I asked. "What has brought you to the conclusion that
Framar is my last name?"

"Because," she spoke, "I took the names Frank and Mary, divided them
into two and added them together to make Framar. From now on you will be
known as Ci Framar." And she smiled to me, and insisted that I continue on
with my studying of our religious scriptures.

Some time after that while i was reading and studying different ideas
of religion and God, a very small voice began speaking to me, from inside my
own head.

"I see that now is the time for you to begin." the voice spoke
softly to me. "You have come a long way in your research, and now is the
time for you to chose your magic word."

I didnt quite know how to respond to this strange yet friendly voice
in my head, for there was nobody to even talk back to. So I whispered aloud
"What word? What do you mean a magic word?"

"It is your turn," he said. "It is your turn to harness the power
of that which you have been studying for so long. I want you to think about
all you have learned in your research, and put together a word which makes
no sense based on such. It will be a word that will do anything you want,
and it should begin with the first two letters as fj. When you have created
a word, I will explain how to pronounce and use it to you."

So then it was, that after so long in believing in God, and living my
life based on those beliefs, that I decided to listen to that voice and trust
it. So then I began taking the many names of saints and Gods, dividing them
up and putting them together to make a word. And just as the voice instructed
me to do so, it began with fj and made no sense at all. As I was finishing
up my very special word, the voice again spoke unto me, guiding me as to how
the word should be spelled and used.

"The first two letters f and j are to be pronounced as 'fahye'." the
voice said.

Let me clear this up a little, 'fahye' is like as this; fah as spoken
like 'fall', but like 'fa' without the l's. And the y part was spoken just
as 'yes', but without the 'es', so its just the yi part of the letter 'y'.

"Fj is the beginning of every powerful magic words known in every
dimension, including this univers." the voice explained. "They are words
which create, destroy and control all technology known. But lets not worry
about this at this time, for now lets get your magic word assigned so that
you may begin using it. When such is accomplished, you may speak your magic
word followed by a command you desire, and it will be executed before your
very own eyes."

So an hour or so passed by while the voice helped me with the proper
spelling and pronunciation of the word, and he ended by saying, "There you
have it. That is your magic word from now on, use it wisely." and the voice
spoke no more after that other than to give me an example of how to say and
use the word we created.

I read the word over and over for at least another couple of hours,
and feelings of doubt and anxiety began to take over. Then I decided that I
will try it out. I looked on my desk at a crumpled piece of paper and I said
the word followed by "and that crumpled piece of paper will disappear!" Next
I waited a second, and nothing happened. The paper did not disappear. I
thought to myself I must have said the word wrong, and in fact I had because
the next time I said the word I said it just as the voice did and then out of
nowhere the crumpled piece of paper amazingly disappeared.

When that happened, chills ran up and down my spine and I must have
been white as a ghost because fear began to take over. Seeing that paper
disappear seemed un-natural and wrong somehow. I was so afraid of what had
happened that I used the word again adding "and that crumpled piece of paper
returns!" And it did! It appeared right where it was originally. I was
cold shocked with fright over the event, and I sat motionless for at least an
hour recovering from it.

Thoughts raced through my brain with powerful fear. And then it
happened. I leaped up out of my chair, pushed my desk over and said to
myself, "If this is what God wants for me to do, to become a God myself with
the power to create destroy and control the world, then that is exactly what
I will do." So with intense bravery I began using my magic word with more
confidence then I had ever had with anything else. I decorated the house I
was in with silver and gold. I was full with glorified excitement, and I felt
as tho I were the son of God himself. No words can describe the power one can
feel over this. I did not know what to do or where to begin, and I made a
promise right there and then to myself and my God that I would use the word to
spread the truth of his existence to everyone that crosses my path from there

So after awhile of decorating and re-decorating my mothers house that
I lived in, she returned home. She did not seem very surprised to see her
house had changed so much, almost as though she were somehow involved in what
had transpired that evening. I told her that I had been chosen by God to
deliver proof of his awesome power, and that I will be leaving perhaps forever
to do such. I next demanded for her to tell me the names of the three men who
she claimed raped her, for I wanted to have revenge against them, even though
one of them could be my very own father.

She paused calmely, and didnt seem to want to respond to my demands.
So I demonstrated the power of my word to her by making some objects disappear
and re-appear, and she finally blurted out some odd names to me. And so I

took the names she gave to me, and I left the house convinced, for some

reason, that she was not my mother at all and that none of the names she gave
me would be my father, that I was the son of God and he was my real true


So then it was that I left that house, but not before destroying all
evidence of the word I created, except for a small piece of paper which it was
written on. And for some reason when I went outside, I buried it next to a
tree I used to sit next to and read. Then I was ready to leave yet as I was
walking away I became paranoid about burying that word there, and afraid that
I might forget how to say it. So I simply came up with the idea to use the
word adding the command "and I will never forget this word or how to say and
use it." And then it was permanately installed into my memory somehow and I
walked away leaving behind the small piece of paper with the word buried next
to that tree.

I felt powerful, immortal, strong and compelled to use the word to get
revenge on those I hated. I hated everyone back then, the townsfolk, the

children I grew up with, and especially anyone whom I thought was my father.
I went into town to a popular pub or gathering place, and walked into it with
so much guile that I wanted people to make fun of me again. I wanted them to
pick on me, to tease me, to treat me the way they have treated me all my life
in that town. But I felt more important than that, I wanted to leave and go
somewhere, perhaps to England, straight to the king himself and demonstrate

the power of my God. First off, I wanted to do something to the people in

that town, so I spoke the word with the command that everyone in that area of

town will begin to fight and murder each other untill the next morning. And

thats exactly what happened, they began shouting and attacking each other even

with weapons and objects around them. I felt some feeling of fulfillment,

enough to finally leave that place after that, even if its forever.

I travelled a good distance away from town while thinking about which

commands I should make first. I felt convinced that I should somehow protect

my word, so I used the word adding "and every time I say the magic word anyone

around me will only hear fee-fi-foe-fum, rather than the real word no matter

what." I then used the word many times making more commands, even commands

that would allow me to fly using my arms to stear me around. I spent the rest

of that night experimenting with different commands and ways to use the magic

word, and next I decided that I should think of a better name for myself. A

name worthy of my new powers, one that would yeild respect. I wanted to be

mysterious and elusive, in fact I liked the word 'elusive' so much, that I

decided to call myself Lucifer after elusive, and there I became Lucifer Ci

Framar for all time.

And so then I decided that I would pay a visit to the king of England

himself and declare my God will be his God, and that he will do anything I

demand. At that time the king was rumoured to be a non-believer, and was a

ruthless tyrant who did not seem to care about the common people of his

country, and I felt a need to change that so there is where I went the very

next night after securing my word and practicing how to use it. When I

arrived to his castle, I sneaked up behind him as he was sitting down writing

on some parchment and said "I am the bringer of judgement for my God and you

will bow before me and declare my God as your God."

Well that did not go to well with him, he stood up abruptly and turned

toward me and shouted that I tell him who I am and how I got in there. He

claimed that if I did not respond the way he insisted he would have me killed.
And so I demonstrated the power of my word to him in painful ways, until it

brought him to his knees begging for forgiveness. I replied that it was too

late for his apologies, for I had been insulted and so had my God, and I

forced him to again sit down where he had been. I looked at what he had been

writing and saw that it was some form of love letter to a female and I said to

him, "You are not allowed to write to her anymore, I will remove those words

and what you write on it next will be the last words you ever will write


And so nervously her wrote. He wrote mostly about politics and such

for some reason, and I don't think he believed me much, but he did fill the

entire parchment with writings. When he finished, without delay, I used my

word to turn him into a wooden statue. The word destroyed him and created a

wooded statue that looked just like him, and I had it placed against the wall

behind the chair he had just been in.

And there it was, that I became an evil bringer of judgement unto all

who came cross my path. I used the word to keep me forever at the current age

I was at that i would never grow old again. And for hundreds of years I

travelled around the world visiting kings, queens, and rulers of countries

demonstrating the power of my God. Some times I would give them gifts and

magical objects and jewelry, and I would make deals with them and challange

them for rule over their lands. Being a lover of games, I would play chess or

even a game which is very similar to checkers, that if I win I would gain

control of all they represented, but if I lost I would give them some form of


In the late 1400's or perhaps the very early 1500's I again went back

to England to the castle which the king was living in. He was king Henry VII

and was at that time living in windsor castle which was still under some

construction. I did now visit him the same way as I had the first king I met,

instead I promised him that I would help in any way I can to protect the great

country of England, and that I had great powers and demonstrated the power of

my God for him with the word. He was very impressed with such, and we became

true friends from there on, and he even invited me to live with him in the

same castle with him, but I wasn't ready to settle down yet, I still had to

visit a couple of other countries. I asked him to reserve the offer for in

the next year or so I will return and take up his offer.

And so after a year of travelling, I returned to windsor castle flying

through the air where I spotted him walking in one of the many great fields

there were, and I landed next to him surprising him. He jolted as I began to

speak to him saying I had returned ready to settle down, and I would very much

like to live in windsor and help with any problems England would face from

there on. I promised to protect him for the rest of his life as well as his

family. He replied back to me saying "There is a great empty space under an

area of the castle of which had not been developed or decorated and filled

yet, and if you wish, you may take up residence in there." He added that he

was pleased to see me, and he allready had many requests for me to respond to,

including destroying certain enemies England was faced with at that time. He

was very excited about me moving under the castle, and I was ready to relax

and perhaps write down some of my adventures after travelling for so many

hundreds of years.

And so he brought me down to where I would abide, and it certainly was

a very large empty space with high ceilings, perhaps some 30-40 feet tall. He

offered to have it decorated any way I so wished, but I declined saying I

would use my powers to make it suitable for me. He left me alone after that

and promised to return the next morning because he had some family matters to

attend to. When he left I began to decorate my new home, and I conjoured up a

labyrinth which led to, I believe, three dead ends, and then to a large room

where I would reside in protected by magical door.

When he returned on the next morning, I was allready prepared to greet

him at the bottom of the stairs which connected my area with the rest of the

castle, and he looked around in amazement saying, "You did all of this in just

one night?" I explained that I was very powerful and also very old, but I was

ready to help him with the problems he had been talking about. And so I

showed him the way to my room through the labyrinth, it really was quite easy

you just walk down the hallway and on turn down the third left hallway which

would take you straight to my room. The rest of the halls were protected with

different spells and such, so I warned him not to allow anyone other than

himself down there, unless we planned and arranged it. We then spent the rest

of the day discussing philosophy and solutions to problems a king could be

faced with, as well as England. I made it a point to personally look into

everything we discussed that very evening, and thats exactly what I did.

I returned to windsor late that night after handling many issues for

the king, and when I went inside my chambers, something very strange happened

that would forever change my life. A golden mirror appeared right in front of

me, and in the mirror I saw a very scary being. It was a man with white hair

and red eyes with an angelical blue glowing body, and it scared the living

hell out of me. I quickly spoke my magic word adding "and that man and his

mirror are destroyed for all time!" but nothing happened. It was completely

un-affected by my word. I tried a couple of more times, changing the commands

hoping that one of them would destroy that being, or at least the mirror, and

as I was doing such he was talking to me but I wasn't paying much attention.

Then he said some unknown word, with a command that I would listen to his

every sentence and do what ever he said.

And for some reason thats what I did. I stopped trying to destroy him

and began to listen to him as he spoke, and this is some of what he said to

me; "I am God of all creation, that which liveth and sustain all things

forever, for I am you in the future. Do not ask any questions, but instead

listen to me very carefully, for I am going to give you more power than you

ever had before." He said some powerful word next, and somehow forced me to

say that very same word adding that it will only work for me when I say it,

and only I may use that word to make commands to be executed. And out of

nowhere I began to speak saying, "ioduvehja, only I can use the word ioduvehja

to make commands that only if I speak the word will it work for me and me

alone from now on."

"From now on Lucifer, anything you want, anything you desire you may

use this word 'fjreioduvehja' to attain it," he said very seriously. "This

word is the most powerful word in all of creation in the time period you are

currently in. Furthermore, I have secured its use in all areas of time in the

universes, even in the present time I am currently in. With this word you can

destroy anything in existence and even travel through time, but you may not

enter the present time I am in, for I am in a multi dimensional state of

existence because of a problem that is in your future."

He looked down toward the ground shaking his head speaking. "In the

mid 1600's something very terrible will happen to you that cannot be stopped

by any measure. It will not destroy you, but will end your life as Lucifer.

Use this word I have given to you in any way you chose, but you will not be

able to stop the primary timeline from being fulfilled." And then the mirror

disappeared. A second later it appeared again, and with a wave of his hand a

piece of paper appeared floating in front of me and he instructed me to read

it. Then the mirror disappeared again and I grabbed the piece of paper.

It gave explicit instructions on how to pronounce the new word, as

well as examples of how to use it. Very basically, I could just say the word

followed by any commands, and they would be executed after the two words

"thats all" have been spoken. And from then on, I was more powerful than I

could possibly explain.


Tune in next month for more adventures from The Tales of the Novem Portis....
comments can be emailed to please do not mail me

threats or negative comments because I will not read them throughly and you

will just have wasted your time....

Indigneous Fau Prime-1


The following comments are for "Tales of the Novem Portis part 2 ...."
by Indigneous Fau

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