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Konnichiwa and welcome to the latest, most obscene, tear-inducing Newsletter than promises nothing but delivers so much more: The 3rdEYE. It’s been a hectic couple of months, let me tell you about it.


Friends, I came to a realization the other day while talking to a close acquaintance – many people who know me don’t see me as a political person. Many see me as a sort of whacked out guru who supports anything that inspires thought or general mayhem. Well, that may be true, but I’ve also got a thing or two to say about all the current proselytizing our own government seems to be doing to justify it’s worldly invasions in the name of FREEDOM – The American way is being threatened by terrorists! Ohhh yes that’s right! I’ve seen it: Every time I buy a lottery ticket from 7-11 the guy selling it to me no longer tells me ‘good luck’ and just smiles. He’s up to something.

The point here is that I’ve not yet had a chance to spew my thoughts fully on the subject, so opportunity came knocking rather hard this fine evening and here we are, looking into each others eyes, listening to that Patrick Swayze song “She’s like the Wind” and doing oh so much not to fall into one another’s arms. The topic this time around is the game that is AMERICAN POLITICS. Don’t change the channel yet, I’ll do what I can not to sound like the broken record so many critics and loudmouths have been playing through the usual media avenues (Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, I’m looking at you). So here we go:

[editors note for version - a picture goes here that says "REMEMBER WHO STARTED IT under a picture of the WTC superimposed over an American flag. Very confusing.]

When I saw the logo I thought it was implying that the United States Started the whole thing... Not by having the WTO dismantled by two of our own Commercial Jets or allowing them to hit. I think the attacks on 9/11/2001 could've been prevented with a couple of our military’s famed patriot missiles - a prospective loss of 300 lives vs. 2,823 (the official count of deaths as of May 28th 2002). But if that happened, we'd not be able to wage a war on Terrorism so vigorously, or be so able -- even without approval of even half the nation's people or the UN -- to go into Afghanistan and Iraq, bunker busters in tow. Just ineffective advertising, but it did manage to light a fuse for me.

Side note: We still haven't caught the men we were supposed to be going after in either Theatres of War: Usama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein are still alive, and can still likely access their bank accounts. Afghanistan is still a wreck, and the U.S. ‘aid’ is far from being able to stop. Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan’s appointed leader, is still protected by a few hundred soldiers of the United States Army. Outside of Karzai’s camp, Taliban rule has unfortunately returned and thus only the city of Kabul can still be considered “free”.

What I do think we started is the snowballing anger these "Rogue Nations" have for us. After all, if we weren’t the world’s police – A job supposedly enforced by the UN – we’d not be the target for much of the hate that bounces off us. There is no reason for the United States to back Israel in everything it does - it only gives the impression that we're against the existence of Palestine. There is no reason for us to occupy so many nations - especially in the Middle East. Why fuel a fire that could've burnt out if we just removed our troops? I know the resources in the region are precious to many of the loudest voices in America, but this sort of obvious protection and hoarding of oil is a greater danger to the people than a boon. Now that we've waged an official "War on Terrorism" the Anti-American sentiment will only grow with each nation we feel the need to occupy just to remove terrorists. Already there are large Anti-American protests popping up all over Baghdad. Chances are we won't be leaving soon enough for the people of Iraq to maintain any faith in our "mission of liberation" for them. For examples see our continued occupation of Japan, and the explosion of worldwide US Army bases post WW2. The largest Military facilities we currently have outside the US are in Heidelberg, Germany.

And just days after the war in Iraq is officially over (the occupation has just begun) there is news of the US discussing siphoning oil from Iraq to Israel. Surprise, surprise. Maybe all those protesters spewing “No war for oil” might not have been so crazy after all? I had too look elsewhere, so I took a look at what the Petroleum Industry's leading publication "Petroleum Argus" had to say:

"New York, 22 April (Argus) — Washington wants the chronically divided UN out of Iraq’s oil business. The anti-war camp is reluctant to cede control until a credible Iraqi authority takes over in Baghdad.

The US is moving quickly on the ground to restore Iraq’s infrastructure and set up an interim governing structure in the aftermath of the war. That process would go much faster and more smoothly, US officials say, if UN sanctions are lifted. "Liberated" Iraqis, guided by the US Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance (ORHA), could run their own affairs, bringing in much-needed investment and dispensing with cumbersome UN controls over oil revenue.

Not so fast, others say. France today called on the UN Security Council to suspend all civilian sanctions on Iraq, including trade, investment, finance and air transportation. But Paris wants to retain a modified form of the UN oil-for-aid programme, including the UN-controlled escrow account for oil revenue, to ensure transparency and international legitimacy. Like Germany and Russia to differing degrees, France wants UN controls lifted gradually, in line with the emergence of a new Iraqi government."

Very Interesting indeed. For the rest of this article and to see the source of this quote go to . Click on the Iraq watch and see all the news regarding Iraq's most precious resource, and the vultures (U.N., U.S. and others) vying for control. There is more than liberation at stake here. There is more than Terrorism being fought here as well.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about this or anything else regarding the Iraqi occupation, or why I think we're to blame for much of the hate much of the world has for America in general. Even though you may see me as some liberal left wing windbag, the fact of the matter is that I don't consider myself Liberal, Democrat, Republican or anything but a free thinker, politically. This is just what I've seen as the motives for our actions.

So there it was, staring me right in the face. I recall hearing from so many people, not exactly ‘pro-war’ people but let’s just call them ‘anti-protest’ people, about how this war “can’t just be about oil! It’s for freedom, it’s to fight terrorism, it’s for your rights!” this was usually followed immediately by a string of slurs and derogative names, and basically them completely ignoring what I saw as obvious: this is about money. It’s about money and the government’s attempts to tighten it’s hold on other nations, and us as well. I know this sound’s paranoid… But let’s examine the often overlooked, quickly passed civil rights abolition bill known as the “Patriot Act”.

the USA Patriot Act was pushed into law on October 26th, 2001. It was touted as an effective means for preventing another terrorist attack and breezed through the House of Representatives and the Congress, most likely due to it’s vicinity to the violent attacks in September that year. Many people have brushed this aside, thinking it will affect them in no way… and they may be right for now, but consider the following.

Under the Patriot Act, the following can be done:

1) The government can request to a judge that any records – including simple google search queries, internet searches, email records and website logs – be handed over without your consent or knowledge. All that needs to be stated to a judge is that your information might be “relevant” to an ongoing criminal investigation.

2) The government can deny civilian requests for information on their own or any files, as stated in the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). This is only the beginning of an iron barrier between governmental plans and keeping the public out of it’s hair.

3) You can be detained and interrogated for saying the wrong thing. Sounds more like Communist Russia than ever. Take the following paraphrased from The Progressive, December 11th, 2001 edition: Two writers from “Voices in the Wilderness” went to the post office to get stamps for a mailing of 4,000 letters. When they requested stamps without the Flag, the teller had them wait. 20 minutes later they were interrogated by Chicago Police officers ran their IDs and asked if they had any warrants. They were then told to come back the next day, and interrogated further by a Federal Postal Inspector. All for stamps, mind you.

And this is just the beginning! Attorney General Jon Ashcroft is currently drafting a “sequel” to the Patriot act, which would allow for the citizenship to be stripped from American citizens, for them to be secretly jailed and without legal representation, to be possibly executed for 15 new acts of “Terrorism” (according to the ACLU), for witnesses of Terrorism to be barred from the media and the general public – to essentially block our first Amendment right of free speech and freedom of press. All of these things are in direct conflict with the Constitution of the United States. It would allow police to spy on civilians without limits, and without their consent.

Why not just burn the whole thing and start over? I came across what could be a draft by what I suspect to be secret members of the Inner order of our beloved nation. What follows is a transcription of the document found written on papyrus, with bronze scroll heads and a mysterious 11 pointed star at the bottom:

Watch T.V., Read Newspapers, Die!

A 4 point system of world domination and happiness via mind-free living.

by Chinóok & Mendes Dredelbaum

In this age of turmoil and constant stress, we feel it is necessary to push the people of the world into a new age. One in which the average citizen can be comfortable with their situation. The goal here is to let them be lulled into a mindframe not unlike that of a beautiful dream - where all cares are arbitrary and remote. This will do wonders for the World Economy and will bolster the illusion of civilization that seems to be fraying at the edges by many of our analysts. It is because of this that the following must go into effect immediately:

1. All citizens of the New Order over age 6 are required to attend a local high class shopping mall for a minimum of three hours a week. Coupons for Couture Boutiques will be mailed out in accordance with individual citizen paydays cited on their IRS forms. This will precipitate the penetration of high fashion to the middle class and serve as a breeding ground for future porn stars.

2. All citizens of the New Order under 12 years of age must watch a minimum of 50 hours of “Reality Television”* a week in order to condition themselves into uber-mensch, willing to humiliate those with the even the slightest flaw. Recognition of physical and emotional perfection is a must, i.e. those with flaws must be thrown off the island a la “Survivor”. In addition to perfecting sloppy body image, this will also raise the level of priority of a great hair style and designer clothes. This rule combined with rule number 1 will create a mind share amongst out citizens that they must have the “latest and greatest”, which will precipitate a magnificent domino effect on the local economy.

*“Reality Television” is quantified by the content of programming meant to subdue the viewer into a deep complacency, unable to distinguish the obvious differences between what is happening on screen and what is happening in actual reality, and involve themselves into the Jones’s business and none of their own. For examples see “Joe Millionaire: a Study in Whorish Americanism” available from New Order Publications LLC.

3. A shit bag guy must be in the Book Suppository at all times. No shit must be thrown at the system. Those brave/stupid enough to disobey this simple rule will be subject to repeat beatings by the adopted muscular children of Rosie O’Donnell. Those who defy this rule on more than one occasion will be recruited into the government for future assassination.

4. Official religion of the state with be “Y” – Which will preach endless contemplation about this life or the possibility of the next without ever coming to any concrete conclusions. Thus, this religion will force the public into utter butter fuck and worship of proclaimed teen German Supergroup “Captain Lovely and the Gladtastabyas”. The uber-mensch will be the protective order of “Y”.

If one follows these 4 ideals perfectly, he/she shall be nigh guaranteed to do nothing but watch the tele, read newspapers and die…Happily. Let the brothers think over this.

Open your mouth, and close your eyes!

So let it be said, in this, the year 2003 E.V., 30 gilbers & 204 doubloons, that this proclamation be put into effect. Get yourself a big screen and relax!

And that was it… I’ve got to find these guys.

Alive and breathing,

c.a. todd
DISCLAIMER: The 3rdEYE newsletter is published electronically every time i feel the urge. A Backlog of previous issues can be obtained by writing to . Other writings by the author are sometimes published in zines, and often on , search for "phylum sinter" without the quotes. These emails may be sporadic, full of insensitive prodding, and may contain links that your mother may not approve of. That being said, it may be forwarded to as many people as you like, as long as it's unedited. if you got this from, you're already subscribed, if you didn't, and want to, send an email to with the word "subscribe" in the subject field. This newsletter does not promote any product, service or following. All links are for informational purposes only. DRINK MORE PEPSI.

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