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This part things seem slow at first but then things get better. Angela is getting relaxed but the demon god isn't.

Morning came to Angela’s apartment. The big apple sun came shinning in through her bed room window. Although her white fluffy pillow was on top of her face. A sudden beep came striking through her head and corrupting her dreams. Her nail polished fingers sprung out from her sheets and clamped down on her alarm clock like a cat swiping it’s prey.

“I hate alarm clocks,” she murmured under her pillow.

She soon got out of her sheets and placed her feet on the floor. She stood up tall on her toes and stretched firmly with a yon. She threw on a pare of sweet pants over her panty’s and a T-shirt over her head. After getting dressed Angela went into her small kitchen to get a glass of orange juice and her morning bagel. The apartment was quiet and it was time for T.V. then soap operas, and a movie, and then going out probably. She walked into her living room and sat down on her black lather easy chair. She placed her glass down on her glass table and picked up her black remote for her T.V. and then clicked the green power button. The T.V. screen came to life with a light beep. Judging by what was on the screen it looked like it was the Discover channel. Angela smiled as she watched the lion creep through the bush. She laughed when she saw the picture change to a bunch of monkeys jumping through the trees. The laugh was followed by a giggle when she saw a hippo rise its huge gray head out of the water flapping it’s ears rapidly. Then the title page appeared and it said Wild Side. Angela changed the channel. She liked to watch that channel a lot but at 9:00AM in the morning she was more in the mood for some news and soap operas.

The channel was changed to channel 7 where she could always find the good morning programs. Although there was an add on that channel she still kept on watching it. In seconds the add was over and the news came on. Another good thing about being in America was now she could understand everything on T.V. and she was once again tied to her shows. The host was sitting at a light gray desk with his hands folded. He was a black heavy man named Bill Murry. He always wore red glasses with a dark brown blazer and white button down shirt and green tie.

“Hello I’m Will Murry and I have some good news and bad news as always. First the good news is there has been a Viking longboat found outside of Boston Massachusetts out in the ocean. The vessel was discovered by a group of fisherman who had found it by the bow head when they were checking their fish traps. The bow head was supposedly stuck on one of the traps.”

The screen shot of the reporter at his desk shifted to a video image of the fisherman and some other people taking out the weird war ship.

“Wow. Don’t get news like this very often.”

“Many historians, scientists and researchers on the Viking civilization will be pleased to see the longboat displayed at the Boston Museum Of Science. The bad news is

there has been a terrible disaster at the at Columbia University.

“What?” she gasped.

The other night there was a huge explosion that went off inside the building. Apparently the explosion went off inside the schools lab and had managed to only kill one person.

“Oh, I wonder who it could be”, Angela wondered.

Then a picture of the victim came on the screen. Judging by her looks Angela knew it was professor Grace Allen. Then they showed the destroyed lab and several fire men putting out the remaining flames. Another news reporter was standing there talking to one of the fire men. She asked him about the fire but he said he had no clue.

“So what your saying is you have no clue how this fire started?” asked the woman.

“I have no idea how it really started but it looks like this fire was started from a large explosion.”

“Maybe someone had planted bombs at the university and they must have mysteriously went off?”

“Not quite we’ve checked the whole area and we’ve prohibited where the explosion had taken place. We’ve found nothing that even comes close to that.”

“This was Luis Darling now back to you Will.”

Angela shut off the T.V. and then just sat there for minutes just starring at the blank motionless T.V. screen.

“What could have done that why did it happen?” she asked herself. With out warning the phone came on. She suddenly grabbed the phone and then answered quietly


“Hi Angela its me Derek.”

“Oh. Hi Derek,” she spoke in a low voice.

“Did you just see what happened on the T.V. screen.

“Ya I sure did.”

“I’m still wondering what happened there in the lab and what happened to Grace. She use to be one of my instructors.

“That’s to bad.”

“You seem really quiet today maybe tonight we could hang out or something.”

“I’ll see, it’s just that I’m really tired today.”

“I bet from all that work out in the Middle East you should get some rest for tonight.”

“If I do go out where should I meet you and your friends.”

“How about in time square?”

“Sure I’ll see you later. Bye.”

“Bye.” Angela hung up the phone. Her head dropped into the right armrest of her chair.

“It just seems like one disaster after another,” she moaned to herself.

Most of the day she spent lying around like a lion in the savanna. Yet she loved to do just sit around and do nothing some times. When night had fallen she got dressed and went out the door to night time New York. She was wearing her satin like pants with a long sleeve shirt. She took the elevator to floor level and then walked out to her car. Outside it was very dark and surpassingly there were no stars out. She stepped inside her silver VW Bug then she drove off. Her friend Derek told her to meet her in Time Square. The location seemed odd especially for someone like Derek and his type of friends. She pulled up behind the stop light in the intersection of Bikin street. The whole city was glowing bright like a Christmas tree with all the car lights, lamp posts, and buildings.

Angela knew that it was going to be a while for it would turn green again. She stretched at little bit with tiredness. Even after a full day of resting she was still a bit tired. She sat back in her seat and rested her eye’s. She had never been so tired before.

“So sleepy!,” whispered a raspy voice. Angela’s eye’s popped open with fear.

“Who could have said that?” she asked herself. She looked up at the traffic light and she saw that it was green. She got a grip on her steering wheel and took off.

Else where in New York City a bum walked down a dark ally. He felt like his whole body was frostbitten and turning into ice. He came out the end of the ally and started to walk down the quiet street. He sat down on the sidewalk and took out his cigarette lighter. Like fire on oil, his face started to light up a bit when his lighter flame came to life. He moved his hands around the flame and started to warm up a bit. He pulled out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it up. Then he placed the joint between his lips and started to in hail like a whale sucking up plankton.

“What the hell do you think your doin home boy,” spoke a female voice from behind.

He spun around and spotted a young girl. Her skin looked like it was an African dark color and her long hair was up in a pony tail. She was wearing a strange yellow and white T-shirt with black bell bottoms.

“Who you think your talking to Missy!”

“A bum. Listen your ruinin my business with your rat bitten ass out here on the street.”

The peach fuzz face man got up off the street with his creaky jaws hanging open like a cave. He clinched his yellow uneven teeth with anger.

“Oh ya. Will you may think you own the streets but you don’t own my life! I hope you fall down the river to hell with your jaws open far me to spat in it!” The strange man made his mark by spitting a glob of mucus between her high heel shoes. Then he walked away angrily. The black Puerto Rican girl flipped his back off then went back inside her music shop. The man was enraged but little does he know what is waiting for him. He walked around the alley corner and then took another smoke from his cigarette.

“Are you Troubled my friend?” spoke an eerie voice from behind him. He half turned to face the creepy figure. The figure was sleek and was wearing a long dark robe with a hood. Just barely he could see the face of the stranger.

“I guess ya could say that. Sometimes people forget that other people have feelings or rights and they don’t even care about that at all.”

“I understand.”

“Sometimes I wish those people would just go up in smoke or vanish or something else I’m not gonna say.”

“I totally understand,” spoke the stranger again in a soft eerie voice.

Around the corner inside the shop where the girl who told him off was showing off to her friend how she just scared off that bum.

“I mean that raggedy bastad took off like a little weak puppy.”

“Wow Jane I didn’t know you were that tough,” said her friend sitting up on the counter. Her friend was wearing a similar outfit with jeans, but she wasn’t as dark or as thin. Suddenly a loud blast from what sounded like a violin blasted through the room and pounded at the girls ears.

“What the hell was that?!” asked Jane’s friend.

“I don’t now, it sounded like a blast like that came from that new stereo out back. I’ll go check it.”

Jane walked to the back of the shop where they had the new stereo for trying out music for their customers. She inspected the whole machine and found out that it was un- plugged. She rolled her eye’s at the turned off machine then started back at the front desk. Although, as she walked towards the front desk she could feel her chest burn slightly. Jane figured that it was just probably heartburn.

“So what was it?”

“Oh nothing. The machine was-” Jane gagged terribly and clutched her chest.

“Jane!” screamed her friend jumping off the desk and running towards her fallen girl. Jane fell flat on her back and started to choke and gasp for air. Her friend was in shock she had no clue what to do. Jane’s eye’s were as wide as marbles. Her mouth was full of blood and her skin was tight as could be. In a couple of seconds she stopped moving and choking. She felt her heart and pulse but got nothing. Jane’s arms were as skinny as bones and her mouth stretched open wide with blood dripping from it. Her friend knelt sobbing over her corpse in a puddle of Jane’s blood. Outside stood the man in shock. He had came running over when he heard the sharp screams.

The man didn’t move standing still in his tracks.

“Hmhmhmhmh. Welll. It looks like her days have fallen with her,” spoke the dark figure walking into the street lamp light.

The bum could see his full face in the light, it was a goulish face he had never predicted.

“Ahaaa! Aaahhhaa!” yelled the man running off down the street dropping his joint.

“I see this should be also a warning to all that the game has begun,” said the demon picking up and taking a smoke from the man’s cigarette.

Colin Clifford


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by Gangsta

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