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Your hosts,Penelope and Arc, welcome you....and have collaborated to set the stage...

The Locale

A Creole Townhouse, shutters drawn.
Where many a party has lasted 'til dawn
In the French Quarter but tucked away
from all the fraternity boys at play.
Next door The Hotel Monteleone.
Where Tennessee Williams held court on his throne.
The iron gates creak as you enter the yard.
Greeted at first by the gargoyle guards.
The Ogre will welcome you in his southern drawl.
His ivy covered home, four stories tall.
A decadent place for a decadent beast.
Any desire on which to feast.
The antiques,parlors and secret doors
allow plenty of room for you to explore.
Keep your mind open and no secret hidden.
This is New Orleans and nothing's forbidden.


The LitOgre

A toast to the host of the Masquerade ball.
He’s got a goatee which is grizzled.
His jaw line isn’t rounded or chiseled.
He’s not all that tall, yet he isn’t small.

Behind the mask, blue eyes sparkle and flash,
there’s a bump on the bridge of his nose.
It was broken in a dust up with foes
and compliments his dueling scar gash.

When he grins, teeth gleam ivory,
His laugh might well raise the dead.
A curly calico wig on his head
which he borrowed from Miss Bovary.

He’s wearing a get-up of glad rags
draped from his chin to knobby knees,
moth eaten but devoid of fleas
and loaned by some ‘Big Easy’ hags.

His stocking are rose coloured lace.
Flashed garters sport cap-pistol guns.
Skin gapes through ladders and runs.
Puce sandals from a lost boudoir chase.

A toast to the host of the Masquerade ball.
He might be a puckish scamp
but tonight he’s outlandish camp
and calling - ‘Come one and come all!’


Devil-Mama MIA!

As one of the hosts of the Ogre's ball,
my ensemble must be volcanic.
My mood is a swinging sixties chick
impregnated by something Satanic.
Mia Farrow with the Sassoon cut
inhabiting the character, Rosemary.
The spawn of Satan in her gut
my mini dress colored "canary".
My husband has been acting strangely.
I hope he's not uptight.
He's dressed as Rosemary's husband, Guy.
There's no such thing as the Devil, right?


Amazing Grace!

I’m all decked out in Irish lace
and shoulder an Aran Go Bragh shawl.
While this garb wouldn’t weather a squall,
it pays tribute to my birth place.

A green sequined mask hides my face
Emerald studs jazz up my ears.
They’re booty from rollicking years
on ships which out sailed every chase.

I’m geared up for a blistering pace
My brass-buckled shoes have worn heels.
because I adore jigs and reels.
The tunes map a course I can trace.

O’Malley’s, the name I embrace.
A gambler who loves cards and dice
and wager it’s my favourite vice.
I’ll even bet on a three peg-leg race.

While some labeled her a disgrace,
I’m here to assist our gracious host
tending guests, till they give up the ghost
because, don’t you know, I’m Pirate Grace!


The townhouse doors are flung open and there's plenty of room.
We've music, food and libations to sweep away gloom.
Come join us for spell, please answer our costume call.
You're all very welcome at the LitOgre's Masquerade Ball.

Amy Corless


The following comments are for "The LitOgre’s Masquerade Ball"
by arc


What a compendium! And here's what happened--

Sometime I look into for entertainment in bad English.

Must have typed Ogre while typing this comment and produced Engrish+Ogre in the address window. The result?
I am not laughing now, they got some REAL ogrelike stuff there. ;-|

( Posted by: teflon [Member] On: August 31, 2004 )

Sybil Liberties
How many people are behind one mask
the kind one with a flask.

The mask, like the ovens,
bake the antique face.
should you be outspoken
or stand behind damp lace.

Tonight, we will be happy
and see who all comes out
perhaps the girl can be herself
this time, with no self doubt

( Posted by: harpersfairy [Member] On: August 31, 2004 )

Windmills and batons
Running from armies
Of sheep, I sigh to myself...
Where the hell'd it go?

( Posted by: the Co.konspirator [Member] On: August 31, 2004 )

introductions all around
Lady Godiva have you met Pirate Grace?
She and I did the decorating.
Just look at this place.
Make yourself comfortable.
I must go and mingle.
No Harpersfairy, there aren't any Pringles.
No need for self doubt.
You're among friends
but be careful of the punch
It may give you the spins.

( Posted by: arc [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Going to the Ball
I am coming as the muse,
To bring you all a bit of news.
The things you think you write and say,
Are just my thoughts, I sent your way.

So when you feel me make my call,
Pick up your pen and scribe for all.
Then make believe it is your word,
But you and I know that's absurd.

But at our ball the truth will out,
I'll tell the world, indeed I'll shout.
That everything you've ever seen,
Was wrote by me and sent in dream.

But wait not all that's wrote was good,
Some words of mine, misunderstood.
It down to you, you wrote them down,
I'll take the smiles, you have the frown.

Yes, I think, I'll come as muse,
But costume I must carefully choose.
In case you think I'm not a charmer,
I think I'll wear a suit or armour!

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Gate Crashing Peter Pan
Hmmnh, think I forgot
What I am here for?
Lemme then have a tequila shot
before I walf out the door.
Better first serve me
those pies over there
No, don't you make me
sit on a chair!

What a shame,
while everybody's dressed
in velvet and tunic
I am here having a picnic,
and ain't my posture a jest?
Good, no one cared to ask me my name!

( Posted by: peterpaulino [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Outfit # 1962...Queen of the Prom
All dressed up in a pink borrowed gown
the lace gloves and bodice match
Satin shoes are dyed to perfection
the topper... a sparkling tiaira.
A sweet smile on my face
gives a false sense of innocence
In reality....I've come to the party
as a Mad Barbie Doll
driven insane trying to be perfect
"I'm ready for my closeup, Mr DeMille."
Let's Party Down!

( Posted by: Nitz Kitty [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Bacchus and Romeo..
Familiar images
angel wings and a knight
while moave Bacchus runs the show
which film can this be?
Desree 'Kissing You' playing

My venetian mask
covers my pleasure and excitment
at being asked to the ball
Tina has manouvered her breasts
to please all those men
some blusher in the middle
to make an accent
Ivor will want a dance perhaps?

Creole red flies past
Claire in her dress
for the interview
with a vampire
how she hopes for that kiss

Arc just needs a grey horse
to ride through nekkid
making Peter blush
with his tequila tinted nose

I'm just in black
a simple tailored suit
with silver silk tie
and white shirt

I never wanted to be on stage
but I love being the audience
watching famous moments
supplied with bouyance
by talented souls

( Posted by: londongrey [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Just who I was
Just who I am
Just how I lived

As I walked into the room
Full of balloons and all
Found out, A Masquerade Ball
Came one and all, into the hall

People started singing
But, there were no Church Bell ringing
Must have stepped into the wrong room

I said what I had to say
Gave another room one more try
But Kudos to all
Enjoy the Masquerade Ball

( Posted by: JEANNIE45 [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Who wants to dance?
As I stand on the sidelines
I look down at my dance card
and notice it is empty...

Who will sign my dance card?
Come on take a chance...

We'll trip the light fantastic
I would so much like to dance...

Don't be afraid ...I will not bite
although I am quite mad

I promise not to step on your toes
I'm really not that bad...

( Posted by: Nitz Kitty [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Hope die daily comes...
I fell asleep for just a minute.
My drink must have had something in it.
Maybe Sybil or the Mad Barbie Doll
spiked my Appletini with Rohypnol.
Maybe I just drank alot!
Harlot and Peter Pan poured tequila shots.
I hope diedaily arrives soon.
Don't tell anyone but he makes me swoon.
Grace, all is going as planned.
I can't wait for The Ogre's entrance...Grand!

( Posted by: arc [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Knock it off guys!
I've come to the party
To have a ball
Have a few drinks
And play with y'all
I thought I'd come
As a playboy bunny
But they way the guys chase me
Isn't funny
I've told them to back off
To no avail
They keep trying to squeeze
My pom pom tail!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Let sleeping dongs lie
I think not Tina...not many sons would approve of their Ma in a bunny outfit...they think we were born old and THEY were born by osmosis!LOL

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Canned Ivor
Well now you all dancing I'm getting too hot
This armours so clumsy cause it weighs a lot
I sure people think that I'm just a tin can
They don't look inside and find I'm a real man
I shake, rattle and roll and it makes such a clatter
Everyones wondering, what is the matter
I must join in the fun and forget all my fears
Everyone's dancing, even the 'old dears'
From inside my visor, I've seen someone's bum
And a girl in the nuddy sat twidling her thumb
I must take my suit off, please won't you help me
So grab a can opener and please set me free
Inside you will find, when the shell falls away
A bloody hot Ivor, who's waiting to play
With all of the ravers at our Ogre's ball
Come dance with your muse...the one who knows all

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Music please
Who I do see playing a gig to make us dance why it is The Dirty Dozen Brass Band so this can't be a half baked to do. And lo who do I see backstage but the Meters and The Zydeco Kings.

Yes this will be a good night.

( Posted by: chapter1 [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Ah! Success!
My baton returns!
The music of merry pranks
fills the ballroom air.

( Posted by: the Co.konspirator [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

The Dance...
The rhythm of voices fills the air,
Your voices leave me entranced...
A hand reaches out a greets me,
Mayhaps, enticing me to dance?

The last time this happened,
It truly was quite a shame--
She found me too 'white' to waltz!
A disgrace to the family name!

Holding baton between teeth
like an unthorned rose,
I grasp my partners hand
And pray 'please avoid the toes!'

A waltz of the river
Which runs a full course
begins playing, I think 'Shite!
I dance like a horse!'

My cheeks turn the colour
of deepest of rose,
But you simply smile
And kiss the tip of my nose.

My inspiration continues,
Changing partner after next,
Hearing melodies of Don Juan,
My fav'rite mused guest.

I may not be an über-mensch, but
I see the sun, all the same...
Now, please, if you like,
Can you determine my name?

*winks, bows out*

( Posted by: the Co.konspirator [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

We can dance if we want to
Alas, my nude dear,
I composed not a note,
Not one pitch, nor one rest,
Ah! the words stick in my throat!

'Twas another young Strauss
Ever associated with me,
Though never any relation,
nor royalty fee.

I've never done waltzes,
They're just not my style,
As you can see from my dancing,
the podium from here seems a mile.

I'm out of my comfort zone,
And not merely from musical stress,
But MY GOD, dear woman,
Where has gone your dress?!

( Posted by: the Co.konspirator [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

With Chariot Parked Near...
I came, I entered, surprised was I
All of the costumes, some past the thigh
Such bawdry women, to dance with too
I've gone to heaven, just look at all you

Were should I start, to have my fun
To dance with the girls, and grab their buns
A drink perhaps, red wine from the vat
Then pleasantries, perhaps a chat

My dress, why yes, don't want to forget
A toga my dear, with black accent
Gold drape from shoulder, a citizen now
I earned the right, as soldier that's how

Toga to knee, and sandals what's more
That I may dance, upon this floor
The first I reach, to ask for a dance
Perhaps the bunny, with tail will perchance

Of sweet one implored, dance with me?
Your beauty favors one known as Aunt Bea
Come my dear I'll be a true gentleman
Allow me this dance, to the ball room then

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Fair Maiden...
Of course my dear, then who do you be
Such beautiful lips, from whence came your plea
A dance my fair maiden, would set just fine
Perhaps as well a glass of that wine?

Your figure is pleasant, I must give you that
With hair so fine, and down past that...
You dance divinely, so smooth and free
Hold tight my dear, we'll dance to that tree

Your garments splayed open, oh what a view
Let me turn round and protect honor for you
Your beauty's not challenged by many I say
I hope that you pardon my gawking that way

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Changing partners...
The dance fades, we applaud;
The continuum ever flows,
Changing partners, now, who's next?
Tina, my beautiful rose!

Taking your hand in mine,
A polka begins, we start
Bounding around the room,
Leaving poor nude Claire (bless her heart)

Amy, my dear,
You shall be the next,
Your costume astounds me,
I'm frighteningly vexed!

On to Pen, the pirate,
A Ländler now plays,
What a mix, tuxedo and drag--
My pastor would be crazed!

My dancing still sucks,
Though I know the music by heart,
Each rhythm, each beat,
Every single bowed part.

Finally, I can no longer stand it,
I must leave this dance--
The podium is calling my baton,
While I still have a chance.

I bow out, gracefully,
to Amy, Tina, Pen,
And of course, Claire the nudist,
Here's some money for that, then;

Buy yourself a new dress,
Something satin and soft.
For now, I'm conducting!
I'll send your feet aloft!

( Posted by: the Co.konspirator [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Teflon Don
Buona sera, piacevoli ragazze,
I’mma gonna chase-a all those-a bad paparazzi,
Please-a, have a sippa, uno momento,
Letta me tella you aboutta my house in Sorrento.

Each of you is-sa delicious signora
Clairr, yessa, you can try onna my fedora,
Tina, whatta ragazza, you willa like my Bugatti
Yessa, Peneloppa, I do like Scarlatti.

Letssa go to the aeroporta, right now,
I amma calling my agent, lets bow.
Yessa, me and three offa you,
Willa fly. Arcca, what aboutta you?

Here, taste ugelli de Veneri
They are sweetta, very very,
Delicioso, you say? Whatta that meanna?
“Nipples of Venus.” Would you like some vino?

( Posted by: teflon [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

open the can
My god now you've opened my precious tin suit
I remember, to wear it I thought was a hoot
But for speed entry and just to keep cool
I climbed in all naked, now I feel a fool
But I am not leaving this marvelous ball
There's others in birthsuits, there's fun here for all
I've bared all my soul to the folks in this room
So now you can share in the 'fruit of the loom'
Just show me the place where the beverages flow
Where I can refresh all the parts you now know
With music and drink and a crowd with good cheer
I don't think it matters just how I appear
On Lits album you,ve seen me alone in a tub
So what's clothes between friends in this wonderful club

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

The Bawdry Woman...
Aunt Bea so deft, with needle and thread
Has you covered, dainty toes to head
She's added a drape, from Tina's dress
How lovely SHE looks, all pushed up in dress

I hope she'll dance, with one such as me
Perhaps I'll offer, a New Jersey Tea
Now we'll continue, to mingle and chat
That gumbo looks good, imagine that

The dance is to start, any moment now
Join me dear Tina, and to you I bow
Your lovely this evening, a pleasant smile too
After the dance, what will'st though do

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Oh, I'm sorry I've been stuck in a corner
talking to that insufferable Jack Horner
If he does that plum trick once more
I'm afraid I'll have to show him the door.
Anyone who wishes please head to the terrace
A buffet of desserts flown over from Paris.
Or, if you'd rather there are cigars and brandy
on the second story balcony.
The stairs are quite handy.
My husband Galvatron refuses to join us.
So, I'm sure he would mind if I danced with Odysseus!!
I hope he comes to this decadent soiree.
He'll miss Godiva's butt on display.
I would now like to propose a toast
to my fabulous and brilliant co-host.
She's a hell of a gal dressed in her lace.
Ya'll give it up for Pirate Grace! Cheers!!!!

( Posted by: arc [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Something for All
This party is swinging, will go on all night
We write our own pleasure, so it is just right
With all moods of music and plenty to eat
I think we in for a hell of a treat
Some naked, some dressed up in top hat and tails
Some lively, some tipsy, some still telling tales
Whatever you want, it is really your call
There's something for all at our LitOgre Ball

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Tina My Dear,,,

Dear Lady my wisdoms,no greater than thine
Though dashing and pleasant,not all see this shine
Though good things are hidden,down inside of me
Still others will find me,somewhat tawdry

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

The dancings stopped but just what for
Oh, time to exercise our jaw
Now that all the foods arrived
We'll see the ladies gentler side
Just don't get trampled in their haste
We men can have what's left to waste

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Mind doesn't Matter
Claire it is OK for you
Tina's clothed you, not me too.
My erogenous zones, still fly about
What's in my mind, there ain't no doubt!

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Tina's entice....
...has made me blush
her backless dress
will expose my sweaty palms
William has moved in
but I push him aside
he has wandering hands
that I will not allow, LOL!!
so he leaves me be
and I move to Tina
knocked off my feet
by a vivacious blonde
not Tina, but Amy
searching for her boo
Die Daily has not appeared
will Ivor's Tin do?
I notice that Tina
is rubbing her neck
admission to everyone
her 'zone' to be kissed
Claires buttocks quiver
with carnal desire
she has another website
set out by her hand :-)
Tina is the perfect lady
no Aguilera there!

( Posted by: londongrey [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

There's Ivor...
Where's Ivor he's round here, I seen his grins
There he's coming from kitchen, was searching the bins
Which make me hungry, so where's the food
Como on hosts, we're a starving brood...

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

A Drink...
A drink my darlin a glass of that wine
A little my dear before you should dine
It looks so good, what will you have
I not decided, but make mine halve

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Late Comers
I've just seen Tina inviting a guest
I think that I had better get dressed
A temptress has been asked to call
And join the fun at LitOgre's ball
So if you've got a spare costume
Please let me wear it in this room
The one who's coming right away
May not come as a horse, but is sure to nay

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Food and drink
The endless Champagne fountain's now flowing.
The waiters have been asked to keep the food
You shant be hungry.
You couldn't possible finish.
When the tray is empty
the staff will replenish.

( Posted by: arc [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Tina I'm sorry it's not wrapped
I'm not a Jew, just fancy that
It's not that clothes I didn't wear
My armour plate was everywhere
But when they opened up the can
The only thing I brought was man
But now the invite you have made
Makes me feel a bit afraid
She's wrote to me in prose before
And if she sees me in the raw
I'm scared that she will lose control
And ask for more than rock and roll
Then what if this my wife finds out
I'll never ever get let out!

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

As The Wind Blows...

Give credence then, these words she spoke
She's promised me, of something she wrote
Can't wait till when, It does appear
But, Ahh I must, just send it soon dear

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

To All...

I too will mingle, I must see a friend
To Ivor, old chap, I leave you to mend
Help him girls, Man amongst men
He needs it covered, it's not a new trend

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Temptress here
My dear old Ivor do you behold
Temptress here will be quite bold
Of me dear sir don't be afraid
I play nice, no need to fade...

( Posted by: nae411 [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Lance a Lot
Why, Nae my dear you've come at last,
Your beauty shadows all that's past
I really like the way your dressed
Excuse my suit, it isn't pressed.
Now if you'll share with me this dance?
And please stop looking at my lance
My weapons there for all to see
I'd use it not on friends like thee
Though I'm a knight who's been unclothed
You must remember I'm betrothed
To one who is not here today
But whom I will forever stay
But with a friend so dear and true
I'd like to dance the whole night through
I sure that others will agree
I'm glad your dressed as a banshee!

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Let's party on!
I knew I should have kept
These heels at home
I keep tripping over them
Wherever I roam
My tail's falling off
From being pinched
(If I find out who did it
He's gonna get lynched!)
I'm glad I wore my Wonder Bra
I've the best you know what
Then any by far!
This pary is getting
Really hot
I've had some offers
But I'd rather not
The neighbors saw
all my bunny hops
Said I was Lewd
And went to call
the cops!
So hide me Ivor
Or I'll go to jail
Then Peter will
Have to pay my bail
Rather than be
In that terrible plight
I'll take my tail home
And say goodnight!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

what, who shall I be
a masquerade ball,
what shall i be
when it has taken so long
to discover the real me
I could go as my past
but that wouldn't last
a bruised and battered child
would drive everybody wild
or maybe an athlete
which I used to be
no longer able to compete
due to a bum knee
or maybe a writer
but that's so vain
everybody wants to be
Mark Twain
no shining armor
or I'd go as a knight
me on a horse
imagine that sight
I'll go as a book
if no one minds
open the cover
and read tween the lines

( Posted by: poetryman [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Drinks all around...
The banquet commences,
Ye gods! What a feast!
I pray for some tofu,
I eat no roast beast.

I look to the side,
Seeing Tina, grinning;
A bloodlust in her eyes,
Desiring mortal sinning

The nape of her neck
Lies, not waiting to be kissed,
But bitten by bad things--
Your eyes must have missed.

Her skin now looks pale,
Her dress contrasting well,
Carnal desires in her eyes
Like a bat out of hell.

I place my baton on my stand,
And turn to dear Tina.
'What teeth you show, m'love,
My pleasant young Mina.'

I suppose I'm your victim,
For you are what you eat,
Being, yourself, a veg,
And I consume no meat.

I must warn you, though,
Lest you make yourself ill,
I came prepared for this,
Ingesting my daily garlic pill.

It's great for digestion,
And preventing of colds,
But best when coming up
Against creatures of old,

Such as ghosties or wolfweres,
Beasts of the night,
Like yourself, my dear Tina,
In your vampyric delight.

( Posted by: the Co.konspirator [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Second Line
If any can still walk it is time to second line over to Armstrong Park and say we miss Louie. Than on down to what is left of Storyville to do the Stomp. Now back to the Quarter for restocking and to see if we can find some new blood to replace the sleppers in the group for it is still hours till dawn.

( Posted by: chapter1 [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Swamp water on my boots Aligator of course
Popa LeRouxs
Boy enters the room
Creole through and through
Sneering at the city boys and girls
Mama can you dance?
Behind that mask
Like his knife he cuts through this crowd.
So much noise without a sound?

Nae you gonna sit there all night
And write?
Or you dancing tonight?
Creole soul feels right.

Maple lady so stern so proud
Dance with me feel the sound
Merge with the music
Voodoo magic hits the street

Papa Le rouxs boys
At this party
now we startin

( Posted by: gordon [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

diedaily where for art thou...

You are always good for a comment
clever and precious you are
Come to our party soon
It is getting pretty bizarre

( Posted by: arc [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Creole ? Masquerade
Seems some girls pining
Arcs diving
For some guy who's dieing?
Why are we trying?
Getting late the musics loud
Mama Tigresse enters the crowd
Voodoo drums begin to beat
Can you feel the heat?
Papa Le Rouxs boy knows
Now we gonna show you how it goes
Here in creole country
Now we startin something

( Posted by: gordon [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Temptation passing...
'Tina, my love,
You misunderstand me.
You cannot tempt with liberty
That which has already been freed.

'How did you imagine,
After a century or so,
That be in existence,
After death, so long ago?

'Your sermon speaks volumes,
Though the converted could care less.
My dear Tina, darling Mina,
This is something to confess;

'While you slept in Britain,
Feeling pinching on your throat,
Your sighs created harmony,
Your screams the perfect note.'

I smile a crooked smile to you,
I feel your heart beat faster.
'I was the one, converted you,
Now BOW before your master.'

( Posted by: the Co.konspirator [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Hey Hey Hey
Who was that pickin' on me,
I remember now
I came here to dance
not conga but cha-cha!

And don't you go pickin' on mah Mama,
Even if she tricked me by showing me
she prepared a Cinderella gown
and now coming-in at the ball
like a bunny clown!

Now Mama Bunny Bea
Come let us dance cha-cha
And Pen ~
Don't you go calling these steps a conga!

( Posted by: peterpaulino [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Ivor & Gordon
My dear sweet Ivor forget the lance
I'm here young man, I'd love this dance
This is a ball where all will see
Dancing comes quite naturally.
The night is young and full of fame
Don't look for me to be the same
Gordon tonight my pen will rest
It's time for us to look our best
So get right up and boogie down
We will paint new colors on this town.

( Posted by: nae411 [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Now I am Tired!
Too many grown-ups,
Very little ketchup
For the cat-fish pie!

Where is my Wendy,
Thought she'll be meeting with me
Feel like I could cry!

( Posted by: peterpaulino [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Oh sweet Peter please don't cry
I know Wendy said no lie.
Tinkerbell must have her bound
Leave it to me she will be found
Until that moment please feel free
To dance with all for us to see...

( Posted by: nae411 [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

rosemary ...

i'm here, I didn't want to miss the night
i had lost my way, but followed the arc light
as you can see, i'm dressed as your husband "guy"
now is there something i should know about this fellow "die"?

the party is splendid, your guests are replete
the dance cards are full, not a one incomplete
and who would have guessed, your lovely sister claire
would be three sheets ... and none for her derriere!

the place looks outstanding, a ghoulish grotto
but where's minnie? where's roman? (and adrian marcato!)
the food! the wine! but how much will this cost?
i am out of work since "nobody loves an albatross"!

pregnancy becomes you, your face is agleam
you must be drinking that concoction from Sapirstine
that little (fallen) angel you're carrying, I hope its a Son
now finish your drink (tannis anyone?)

( Posted by: Galvatron [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Is that you?
Oh please tell my Wendy
I had to go.
Couldn't wait much longer
here in the crowd,
running out o' rhymes
they'll think me proud,
to be leaving this banquet
without saying goodbye...

Bye for now...

( Posted by: peterpaulino [Member] On: September 1, 2004 )

Galvatron my dear husband've changed your mind
I'm sorry that Donald Baumgarten(?)went blind.
Now you'll be the star but at his expense.
I'm glad that your here. Why so tense?
You look as if you've seen a ghost.
Come over and meet my co-host.
Pen this John.
John this Pen.
If you are thirsty the bar's in the den.
Now as for diedaily, I can only say this
his sharp mind and his Scissorhands are hard to resist.
You, Galvatron are man of my dreams.
You walk into a room and I just beam.
Rosemary's Baby is a favorite flick.
something about you and I just clicks!

( Posted by: arc [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

Bloody Good Fun
We must all be creatures of the night
The party swings, the mood just right
Two vampires mingle with our guests
And both of them the truth confessed
They like to partake of our blood
Though I wonder how a vegee would?
One moves around with garlic breath
Can evolution bring us death?
I think not friend, we have no fear
Their purpose it is very clear
To laugh and dance and mix and dine
Who cares if some should join their line
We may all become the living dead
But listen what our William said
His souls been freed at liberty
What's good for him, is good for me
Conversion to their ghostly breed
Sounds just the remedy I need
But while I'm dressed in natures way
I'll hide my bum, in case they play
But Tina dear, my 'neck' is taught
Make me your catch, the drink you sought
The things I'll do to have some fun
But don't let Willie bite me bum!

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

Don't fight over me boys!
On second thought
I think I'll stay
It would be rude
For me to run away
I think I'll get
Something to eat
If one of you gents
Will find me a seat
I've had too much wine
I'ts gone to my head
Guess I should switch
To water instead
I'd love to dance
But nobody's asked me
So I'll sit here awhile
And wait and see
Just because I'm
Over the hill
What makes you think
I have no skill
Bet you can't Lindy
As good as me
And as for the cha cha
just wait and see
And for just groovin
I can't be beat
So come on guys
You're in for a treat
So don't fight over me boys
Or I'll go home alone!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

Bunny Hop
May I have the pleasure of this dance?
I know that you will jive and prance
But remember please you called me old
So treat me gently, please be told
And please don't step upon my feet
I like to keep my skin quite neat
I've never danced with rabbit girls
I'm sure you've mastered all those twirls
But can we do the bunny hop
I'd love to see your big ears flop
Oh grandma Bea, this is quite fun
I forgot the things that rabits done
But treat me gentle, please be kind
Know I'm protecting my behind!
Your fur has soothed my fears away
And in your paws I'd like to stay
But others there have joined the queue
To dance with away the night with you
Alas, dear gran I must depart
Now let me see, another tart?

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

No one has asked me to dance. I'm not smelly.
Maybe it's the Devil baby in my belly...

( Posted by: arc [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

Rosemary's Baby
Poor ole Rosemary
You've been chosen
Iguess the devil came round
While you wuz dozin
That's what you get
For foolin around
Now every one knows
It's all around town
And shame on you
For chucking booze down
You know your pregnant
With the devil's own clown
Do you think with booze
you can make it drown?
Now come home with Grandma
Before you fall down!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

I would come with you
but I don't know who to trust
maybe you're all his minions
In this situation booze is a must!!!
I'll stay awhile longer
maybe I'll sit down
my contractions are getting stronger...
is there a hosital around?

( Posted by: arc [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

Grandma to the rescue!
Come on Rosie
You've got to admit
The only REAL friends you've got
Are right here on Lit
Besides no hospital will
Take you in
With you're costume on
And reakin of Gin
Now I know things seem
To be lookin grim
But I know a way out
So we can outsmart him
I'll deliver this monster
While singin a hymn
Put in a box
And mail it back to him!
Then go back to the party
Just like nothin was wrong
Holding hands and singing a song
Dancing all night
We'll have a ball
Ain't nothing new
Grandma's seen it all!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

picture from the ball
I didn'ta getta staytill athe enda,
but here izza a photto of me and my friendda.

( Posted by: teflon [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

I told you not post a photograph of me in that dress!!! I still had chest stubble!! For gawds Sake!!!

( Posted by: londongrey [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

That Was...
A short refrain, from alcohols grasp
Mind where you sit, forget not the asp
Your cup I'll fill, then I must go
To find another, that won't say no

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

First rays
Oh no tell I do not see the first rays of the new day coming. Will it's coming end this grand ball or not? What can one tell their boss and from where so he will not guess we are having more fun than he.
Lo my fair lady hosts help this soul stay in never-never land and not have to face 9-5 land for at least another day or more would be grand. Work our spells on the day and turn it back to night.
My body may be rebelling form over use by my mind still has a lust for life and more.

( Posted by: chapter1 [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

That is a KICK-ASS idea.
You are lady of so many talents.
Deliver my devil, mail him away
and never lose your balance.
What hymn shall I sing?
Amazing Grace is taken.
Maybe I'll sing 99 Bottles
and continue merry-makin'.

( Posted by: arc [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

By the Dawn's Early Light
My arms never weary
From conducting through the night,
My soul begins to wail,
For through the windows, first light.

I dash to the curtains,
Faster than your eyes may see,
And shut them, but carefully,
Can't have that light on me.

Returning to the podium,
In naught but a flash,
I turn my head to the Ogre:
'Where, now, is my cash?

You hired me to perform,
All through the night,
And damn near got me killed
In the inferno of first light!'

Now, normally, I'd be pleased
To conduct like this, pro bono,
But near-death experiences
I cannot do for free, oh no.

And not only this,
But your name I now curse,
For I have wrought plague on this company,
Through the torture of my verse!

( Posted by: the Co.konspirator [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

Fear Not My Dear....
I've now been caught, and ferreted out
Too bad it did not take longer

So now you know, But whilst thou go
With me a little further?

We'll stay right here, enjoy all cheer
Then maybe go off away

Perhaps we'll find, all in good time
A chance for us both to play

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

Oh dear...that lurker in the corner chanting.
That is "my baby Daddy", Legion.
He's pacing and panting
to take his baby to the Nether Region.
He comes to the ball to taunt me for sport
I won't take law into my own hands
I'll take him to court

( Posted by: arc [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

I've been observing from my secret place
you all have made this a success
I don't dare shut this party down
I adore the wretched excess...
I will ask you now to a eat meal
and have a drink or two,
retire to the wardrobe room
where we'll choose our costumes new!
This request may seem strange
but will invigorate the fun
in the closet you have free range
to become anyone...

( Posted by: arc [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

Let me sea!
This wardrobe room has got it all
There's wonderous garbs on evey wall
Now I can clothe my naked self
In 'made to measure' off the shelf.
Now let me see, what shall I wear
This time I'll choose with greater care
And not look like the iron man
That got ripped open by a can
I see the perfect thing for me
Especially as I love the sea
A divers suit with leaden shoes
That'll keep me safe, protect the muse!

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

Knoch em Dead
I take a breath and in I go
My, My where did all my friends go
I think this is a different crowd
Though still all drinking, just as loud
I see the pair who're seeking blood
I've changed my mind, I think I should
Stay as a mortal man, earth bound
Not fear the sun and sleep on 'ground'
This suit should save me from their fangs
So back to dance, with all the gang
With helmet on and boots of lead
My rock and Roll will knock them dead

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

Alright, now, I see
That it's time for a change.
My costume must morph,
Perhaps, out of my range?

Just for the sake of interest,
And for fun with my guests,
Something, now, without my baton,
Sans measures and rests.

The well used knight,
Without shining armour,
Sometimes dented and old,
Yet always bursting with valour

Mayhaps an old, sage
Wizard of words,
Speaking spells of conception,
Conjuring creatures unheard

Ah, finally, I decide,
One I've taken before.
I arrive on my steed,
If you please, hold the door.

She's a little unwieldy,
a little bit old,
But she's my Rocinante,
I, Quixote, the Bold!

I turn my gaze around,
Wondering who, for the time
Will be my Dulcinea,
Reason for my rhyme.

( Posted by: the Co.konspirator [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

p-p-pick up a p-p-penguin.
The latecomer arrives and looks at the crowd:
Dazzling outfits every single one,
A myriad costumes dancing around;
Every shape and description under the sun.

With nervous hands he clings to the wall:
Does his costume really look cool?
So while everyone else is having a ball
He just looks on in fear of being a fool.

Then at last seeing a familiar face
He takes a deep breath and joins in the throng
And once he's finally taken his place
He's suddenly glad that he came along.

The black and white costume stands out a mile
And I must add that this beak is annoying,
But all who see me give me a smile
It seems everyone loves this penguin.

'A penguin?' you ask (or I imagine you do)
So I'll explain how the idea was set:
It's from a book I've been reading by some Russian dude,
About a man and his strange choice of pet.

The bird is odd, but it could have been worse:
I had wanted a Batman suit.
But then I wouldn't have written this verse...
And besides, the penguin is kinda cute.

( Posted by: Spudley [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

Spudley a Linux fan, too?
Dancing along with
Dulcinea, my sweet,
gracefully moving,
light on our feet.

Suddenly, another beauty
Captures my eye.
I find myself surrounded,
my heart starts to fly.

Dulcinea shall not have
One actress, one part,
But all who are here
Have captured my heart.

I cannot spread my heart too thin,
For my love can only stay with but a few.
My senses can only receive so much,
My eyes can only enjoy so many hues.

Take my hand now, dear Tina,
We'll dance for the crowd--
Let's see what we can do,
Bring cheers from the crowd?

Taking your hand in mine,
We spin all around,
As long as the song lasts,
There's no slowing us down.

The pieces reaches coda,
We stop, once more.
I kiss your hand,
Then turn to the door.

I bow out, yet again,
To change style of dress,
Which guise shall I take?
I leave you to guess.

( Posted by: the Co.konspirator [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

Dancing Queen
Well girls push on over
I am not trying to be mean
get off the dance floor
I AM the dancing queen.

All the men will want
to join me in a dance,
line up gentleman I will
give you all a chance.

My beauty is hidden
a mask of black silk,
my pale skin is tempting
white as fresh milk.

My dress is shiney lace
the flows to the ground
covering a delicious body
the best one around.

It dips in the front to
show what I have ample,
tempting you sweet men
to take a sweet sample.

But sex is not what I
am doing on the floor,
if you want that you'll
have to swirl me more.

Walk me to the table,
arms hooked at the elbow.
Help me strut my stuff
and give a great show.

The table stacked with
such delicious drinks
I won't eat as it matters
what everyone thinks.

Can't bust out of the
corsette so binding
or let my hair down
from its tight winding.

Please don't ask me
to even sit down with you.
With all these whale
bones its impossible to do.

So let's nibble a bit
and the delcious fruit
can't eat any vegetables,
they'll make me toot.

And I am a lady here
underneath this dress
I have to act with good
manners to be a success.

The band stirs up the
whimsical melodies again
so curtsying to you
and bow when I say when.

My dancing card is full
so I'll take on Char's
Her and her old man are
performing at the bars.

So look me over once or
twice ladies and gents
Such handsome suited fellows
and women in their tents!!!

Underneath these flowing
skirts are legs long and lean
Nice muscles that are strong,
cause I am the Dancing Queen.

( Posted by: Dareva [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

Still, no Wendy here...
No other kids I fear,
Too bad nobody's known
I'm just here at the chandelier
Crying all alone.

Renae promised to find her
Instead she herself vanished;
Sitting up here's much better
Till the party goes to its finish.

( Posted by: peterpaulino [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

Peter, don't sigh
Peter dear Peter
please don't cry
I found Wendy I didn't lie
She refused to come alone
said she'd wait for you by the phone.
I told her you'd return.
She said waiting made her burn...

( Posted by: nae411 [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

Cheek to Cheek
I see "literally" dancing cheek to cheek
is a new dance (nude dance) on the floor
Claire has donned us with another peek
but the Gents won't look any more!! (sure LOL)

I think Peter poured me some more wine
and Ivor or William helped this poor lass
sit down slowly on the sore tush of mine
from a fall ..oh give me another glass.

Doesn't Arc looked simply beautiful tonight
and Tina as well, did you find your knight?
Wow Penelope you look great in that skin.
Spudley is here now, where have you been??

Oh Hi Ian sorry we didn't get the chance
I am really up for your poetic romance.
How I loved to be wowed and somewhat wooed.
I really am in the dance the dance mood.

Lets take a stroll around the dance floor.
Swizzle and swoosh and drink lots more.
Whew I can barely speak to be polite...
I drink I'll cowl it shum wonderbull night!!

( Posted by: Dareva [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

A Royal Bust!
There's an old gent over there
He looks familiar...why I could swear...
Hey... I know that guy
If I'm not mistaken, he is why
So many wives bit the dust
When his roving eye lit with lust
When he saw a cutie with a terrific bust!
His daughter Elizabeth was all he had
His son died was really sad
He's coming this way, With that look in his eye
I'd love to be Queen, but I don't wanna die
To visit England has been my dream
But the Royal life is not what it seems
So I'll skip out the back, before it's too late
Or the tower of London will be my fate!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

in defense of her honor

there was a great traveler, who roamed a distant land
but his type of heroism, you do not know firsthand
a warrior, a leader, a speaker with great eloquence
but you speak words as if they have no consequence

while you made a large entrance, you can not hide behind his name
unfortunately for these ladies, true is not your aim
in this room are women, fair, sublime
with your words you do not elevate, you attack, you malign

while this party i do not host, i must take a stand
and i want you to hear this, and not second hand
in you i believe there is a poet, a scribe
but to the women in my family, choose your words wisely, do not deride

( Posted by: Galvatron [Member] On: September 2, 2004 )

The hostesses would think
What a spoiled brat I've been.
Someone told me 'Go find a shrink!'
I wonder why adults could be so mean...

It's not my fault I got carried away
Acting childishly in this costume;
Think I need no mask being this way...
Could someone lead me to a changing room?

( Posted by: peterpaulino [Member] On: September 3, 2004 )

Uh OOhhh...
It seems the costume changes
Were rather sad at best
Everyone is daunted
They're simply not impressed

Perhaps it's not their fault
The changes were on a rung
They certainly won't fit right
Told by the sharpened tongue

Every ones complaining
Perhaps they should return
The costume that they came with
The one they wouldn't spurn

For me I haven't changed yet
I lingered in the room
To catch a glimpse them changing
The pretties in their bloom

But one has come to get me
And lead me by the ear
She's pulling on that 'pendage
Until I feel a tear

Ok, I'm sorry I need some wine
She said for me no more
At least that's how I hear it
As she drags me through the door

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: September 3, 2004 )

The costume change was just for a switch.
The Ogre can admit his plan may have a glitch.
Do whatever it is you feel.
Parties are supposed to be fun.
To the ballroom for the Viginia Reel.
I believe it has already begun...

( Posted by: arc [Member] On: September 3, 2004 )

Coming up for Air!
Now penguins are arriving I think I'll leave the sea
This divers suit is heavy and dancing's tiring me
I came here for a good time, in the nuddy it was fun
I'd think I'd rather take a chance of teeth marks in my bum
But no I'll not go naked, though 'twas perfect for a time
I'll go and find a costume that I really can call mine
It must show off all my qualities and hide my hidden fears
When I come back to the ballroom I'll be welcomed by my peers

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: September 3, 2004 )

The Gentle Way
Well now I'm back in new attire. the one that's really me
Where limbs can move to full extent and everything is free
My suit is tied up neatly with a belt around my waist
So everyone can see with ease the level I've been placed
When dancing I can make some moves to carry you on high
I hope that for your safety, that you girls have leaned to fly
If any of you try you luck, to get me on the ground
You'd better have the dancing skill that's in a dojo found.
The 'gentle way' is what I like, when really having fun
So come on vampire mistress and see who lands on who's bum
Though I know your Lord and Master's also practiced at my skill
I think with all the blood he's supped, he's feeling really ill
So now I can enjoy the night, or has it turned to day
Come all my friends and have some fun, before they call Matté!

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: September 3, 2004 )

Thanks to all
Thank you all for coming to the ball.
I was a pleasure being your host.
Think I'll make some coffee
Maybe some jam and toast.
You are all such dreamy guests
I do hope you'll come next time
that Pen and I decide to play
keep your eyes open 'cuz that could be anyday

( Posted by: arc [Member] On: September 3, 2004 )

As much of a pleasure as I am, I meant to say "it" was a pleasure. Hehe.

( Posted by: arc [Member] On: September 3, 2004 )

sure ARC!! hehehe
Too much vino, bella Arc? This was a blast to read. To dance was wonderful. My card was full. Thank you so much for the invitation Ms Arc. and Ms Claire.....looking forward to joining in on ,,,,,,,hmm "who dunnit??" an idea on the Lit train..........
my best to you,,,and I am sure you WERE a pleasure.


( Posted by: Dareva [Member] On: September 3, 2004 )

Oh, believe me...
Amy, and Pen, you were both much to the point that you made me rhyme. Enjoy it while you can, or pray it never happens again, 'cause it probably won't, lol. I suppose my final disguise is one that few people really see these days...myself.

Good show!

( Posted by: the Co.konspirator [Member] On: September 3, 2004 )

And to all a goodnite!
Now that the ball is over
And the party's is no more
My costume is in tatters
And my dancing feet are sore
My dignity has flown the coop
My reputation all but gone
I've enjoyed this mad foray
Into the upper echelon
I promise not to say a word
(My ruby lips are sealed)
About your indiscretions
They will never be revealed
But there is just one small complaint
From this old and tired crone
What happened to all the men
I had to go home ALONE!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: September 4, 2004 )

Ciao Tutti...
Good night to all, It was a great ball
Can't wait the next time you holler...

I'm off with a friend, with her I will spend
A fortnight or hopefully longer...

It won't be Aunt Bea, for her I don't see
The one I leave with is younger...

She's always so sweet, and hardly eats meat
For her I'll help to stave hunger...

And if perchance, she still wants to dance
Her wish I will not deter

We'll dance till dawn, On sidewalk and lawn
My wants for her I'll defer

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: September 4, 2004 )

Pen and Amy
Goodnight, sleep tight
Dream of me tonight.


( Posted by: peterpaulino [Member] On: September 4, 2004 )

Welcome Back Tina!
Hi happy to see you again. Are you a grandma yet? Hope your life is on a more even keel now...if not...we're here to cheer you up!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: November 5, 2004 )

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