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1. If you’re interested in writing the next section, please come to the forum named, “The Thread: Scrap Pile,” and leave a note. This is to avoid having two or more writers working on the same section. You could say something like, “I’m gonna do the part after Beckett Grey.”

2. Keep you sections to around 500 words. I’d like many people to be able to participate, and this should enable it.

3. End your section with the characters on the verge of an “event.” This will make it easier for the next writer to pick up where you left off.

4. Follow the characteristics that have been established for characters. If in one section “Johnny” has blonde hair, then he should still have blonde hair in your part too.

5. Do not post comments in the comments box. That space is for the continuation of the story. If you wish to leave comments, please do so at the forum.

6. After signing up to add a post, you have about 24 hours to comply. If you are running into problems, please open it back up to the public. This will keep the Thread from stagnating.

7. Above all else, have fun, be creative, and get involved!

Richard Dani
Archon ­ Lit.Org

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