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Majestic: Issue #7 Sunday, April 14, 2002
In this Issue:
Letter from the Editor
Reccommended Reading
Writing Contests & Paying Markets
Writer's Desk
The Write Off

Letter from the Editor
Lit.Org has been growing by leaps and bounds these past two years. We've won awards, Been mentioned in Time Magazine and even been among the selected "links of the year" at Inscription Magazine. I'd like to say thanks to our dedicated staff and talented writers. The more people who know about the site, the more your stories are read and commented on.

Lit.Org is about to become a paying market. Though we won't be able to pay every writer, we will be offering up quarterly prizes ranging from $15 up to $50! Keep watching this space for details. We still have to work out some of the mechanics so we'll have a more formal announcement next issue.

We are also working hard to re-structure a few things on the site. Poetry and other sections will have their own "home" pages and we'll be offering an extended "What's New" page with many more features. As always, your feedback has been very helpful. We try to listen to every idea, and more often than not, we use your ideas! Keep them coming. We have some awesome new features coming, like very cheap hosting for writers and much more.

Special Note - Lit.Org's server will be moving in the very near future. This will allow us to offer many new features but it will mean a few days of down time. This is just a short notice to let you know it's coming. We'll have a formal announcement when we are closer to the deadline. It will not take long and the only thing that will not be open are comments and new postings. The site will remain viewable to the public.

Now, go and enjoy the rest of this issue of Majestic. This issue is a great one! When your done, visit the site to read, write and respond!

Chrispian H. Burks
Editor - Lit.Org

Reccommended Reading
Another new feature this month is our Reccommended Reading list. Below are some selected "How To" writing books that we highly recommend. Improve your craft and get paid to write!

How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy
by Orson Scott Card
The Writers Complete Fantasy Reference
by Terry Brooks
How to Write Horror Fiction
by William Nolan
How to Write Poetry
by Paul B. Janeczko
Haiku Handbook : How to Write, Share, & Teach Haiku
William J. Higginson, William S. Higginson

Writing Contests & Paying Markets
Many of you spend hours, days, even months perfecting your poetry, lyrics and short stories, so why not take a few minutes to check out the list of contests at lit.org and enter a few. I've tried to include a variety of contests for all of the many talents we have, but this is where I need your help. Let me know what kind of contests you're looking for. I know a lot of you science fiction writers are left hanging and I promise I'm searching for contests for you, so hang in there. If you have information on any type of contest or a web address or phone number send it my way (Jessica@lit.org) and I'll check it out. The more contests the better.

A great contest site to check out now for all genres' is: www.thetwistinthetale.com. It's a competition site dedicated to fiction with a surprise ending, which runs continuously. That means a competition every month! All the rules and forms you need are on the site. Check it out and take a brave step to see if you have what it takes to win some money and get instant publication on the site. Don't forget to let all of us at lit.org know when you win. We're proud of our members and want to know when they succeeded.

Visit the Writing Contests & Paying Markets and start getting paid to write!

Good luck and good writing,
~Jessica - Acolyte

Writer's Desk
In yet another attempt to meet the needs and interests of our members, we are putting together a section on publishing, or more to the point, how to be published. Certainly, any member who posts a story, rant or opinion has this dream and hopefully this portion of the newsletter will assist you in achieving it.

This month I'll focus on "general" tips to writing. While most of these points fall into the "common sense" category, they are mentioned more as a reminder than anything else.

Tip 1: Writing is a skill that needs to be learned from the ground up and that includes grammar. Without a working knowledge of English Grammar, your chances of being paid for your work are nil. Nobody is going to purchase comma splices, sentence fragments and run-ons no matter how good the storyline is.

Tip 2: Read a lot and then read some more. By reading, you learn your craft. If you wanted to play the guitar, you'd listen to music wouldn't you? Further, you'll learn the field and what types of stories are being published. By knowing which genres are "hot," your chances of making it to print are significantly increased. Hey, give the editors what they want.

Tip 3: Write about, or with, topics that interest you. This will create a sense of realism in your stories. You may also eliminate the need for research by using your current knowledge base. Plus, your own excitement regarding the subject matter should creep into the story and make it more interesting "naturally" without a lot of extra effort on your part.

Tip 4: Show people your work and ask them for their opinion, their REAL opinion. Don't except "Oh, it's great." Pry deeper by asking for their help to improve your story or to make you a better writer. Constructive criticism is the only way we can improve. So, seek it out and give it as well.

Parteepants - Archon

The Sunday Night Write Off
It's that time again. This month's competition will pit the writing talents of Crowe against Beckett Grey. Both contestants are seasoned veterans of The Write Off so you can expect some interesting literature to be produced. As always, reward their hard work by voting.

Parteepants - Archon

This month we're proud to bring you two high profile interviews. The first is with William Shatner's daughter, Lisabeth. She's written the internet thriller "Ruby," which uses a flash browser, faux email and actors to tell the story of a girl with psychic abilities.

The second is with the managing editor of Infinite Matrix, Eileen Gunn. Eileen is an established science fiction writer and former editor of Gorp.com. This e-zine boasts a prestigious staff that includes Hugo award winner Bruce Sterling.

Please check these two out and click on the links to their sites. This will only increase our ability to get these types of interviews in the future. By talking with professional writers, we hope to bring them, their agents as well as their editors to Lit.Org. Sure, they may only be coming to see their interviews but maybe they'll read your stories as well. So please, help us to help you by reading these stories and visiting their sites.

We are also working on several other interviews which we will announce as they come through. We'll keep you posted!

Parteepants - Archon

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Meet the members and staff of Lit.Org. Chat about everything under the sun and let everyone get to know you. Visit the Forums.

Featured Site
ABCTales.com - This issue's featured site is ABCTales.com. If you haven't been, go! It's a great site. They've also been good to us at lit.org providing links and kind words. They have a very large user base, lots of readers and a great staff. Drop by, post some of your stories and tell them Lit.Org sent ya!

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