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Majestic: Issue #6 Monday, March 18, 2002
In this Issue:
Letter from the Editor
Book Review: American Psycho
Writing Contests & Paying Markets
The Write Off
The Thread

Letter from the Editor
Well, it's that time again already. Yeah, I know, we were going to make this thing weekly. But we've decided to chock it full of content! This issue is just a small taste of what's to come. Look for a super sized issue of Majestic next month with plenty of fresh content only available here in the newsletter! You heard it hear first.

I'd like to take a moment and say thanks to all the staff members who continue to do a great job at the site. We've had a few changes in staff of late. Roganize has moved himself to Lurker status with the occasional quip here and there, but he's welcome back any time! Our favorite Guardian Parteepants has been promoted to Acolyte. He's the only non-creator to ever hold that title. We also welcome Jessica to the staff this month. She's a great writer and is very involved in the site. She's very talented and brings some fresh excitement to the site. She's also heading up the feature at the site: Writing Contests & Paying Markets, so be sure to check that out. Welcome to the team!

The server has been experiencing some load issues with the amount of posts and hits we are getting. The good news is I had already anticipated this and have a new server already ligned up. I'll be sending out an announcement in a few weeks with details. Our move should be smooth and quick, but there will be a few hours of downtime. Fear not, we aren't going anywhere! It's going to be a much needed upgrade. There's several perks that the new server offers too, but I'm keeping them a suprise!

Chrispian H. Burks Editor - Lit.Org

Book Review: American Psycho
By Parteepants

"American Psycho (Vintage Contemporaries)," written by Bret Easton Ellis, is the story of Patrick Bateman. Patrick is a young investment banker on Wall Street, whose days are spent working out, dining in trendy restaurants and debating the etiquette rules for how men should dress. Sound boring? Well, things heat up quickly because Patrick seems to have a penchant for torturing animals, hobos and young ladies with some of the most gratuitously violent methods that have probably ever been put into print. For the life of me, I could not think of more vicious ways to kill or debase the human body.

The underlying theme seems to be that "Americans" in general, and "Patrick" in particular, are overly label conscious snobs who may act sophisticated in public, but when they are behind closed doors, the savagery of their souls is unleashed. While on some level I agree with that message, I disagree with the manner that the last half of this book is told. As Patrick's psyche unravels, the scenes of sex and violence become intrusively more graphic. So much so, that the message, and the reader's ability to sustain their disbelief, is lost.

Ellis is as callous as his main character with his blatant disregard to some causes, namely women's rights, which only manages to strip away his own credibility. To get his point across, he reduces every female character in the story to their reproductive organs. Then, he quickly defiles those as well.

This book came close to being a wonderful piece of literature, but instead Ellis reduced it to cheap sado-masochistic garbage that exploits women's suffering in a lame attempt to be interesting.

Writing Contests & Paying Markets
One of the best ways to be recognized as a writer is to have a few contest wins under your belt. This is exactly what this page is all about, contests for poems, short stories, haikus, science fiction and much much more. There is also a category for Paying Markets where you can make money off your talents.

I've tried to provide all the information needed to submit by contest guidelines. Though each guideline and rules are different, make sure you read them carefully. If you feel you need more info or have questions email me and I'll help you out. If you know of a contest or paying job, send it my way. Jessica@lit.org

A few of the contests are free and some have only a $5 entry fee. So enter and good luck to all of you!

Visit the Writing Contests & Paying Markets and start getting paid to write!

Jessicanm - Acolyte

The Sunday Night Write Off
Yes, it's been a long hiatus, but beginning March 24th "The Write-Off" will be back. The next competition will feature the considerable talents of Tachyon One versus the mighty Hal. Tachyon is new to this competition while The Hal is a veteran with two previous matches under his belt. I'm sure both writers will provide us with interesting reads so I implore our members to take the time to vote on each of their stories. When rating their tales, remember to consider creativity, grammar and word count.

Just a reminder on the rules and rule changes:
  • Each writer will be given a story starter to complete by adding no more than 1200 words to it. (The story starter is not counted against the aforementioned 1200 words.) If a writer exceeds this limit, it is recommended that the voters automatically subtract 2 points from the story. This is to prevent a writer from gaining an unfair advantage by having more words to develop their story and characters.

  • From now on, this competition will take place once a month only. This should help to keep it fresh, and me sane.

  • Writers will be given more time to construct their stories. Instead of a few hours, I'll do my best to get the story starters out a few days in advance. This will give the writers more time to construct their tales and to make revisions.

    Parteepants Guardian - Lit.Org

    The Thread
    Kross was this month's "Guest Thread Spinner" and the story has been quite a ride. But it's not complete. Jump in and give it another go! Lets take this one a little further. The next Thread will begin with a starter from Crowe. Look for it in a week or so.

    For an update on the rules, and etiquette, and to jump in, just click on "The Thread" link at Lit.Org's homepage.

    Parteepants Guardian - Lit.Org

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