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Majestic: Issue #5 Tuesday, February 12, 2002
In this Issue:
Letter from the Editor
The New Majestic
The Write Off
The Thread

Letter from the Editor
Okay, I'm running a little late! I'll try not to let it happen again. I'm very excited about all that we've got going on at the site. Last month we broke our all time record for visitors and page views with over 20,000 page views. We are also working on the new Lit.Org Viewer that will allow easier story reading online. We are also making great progress with your Book Publishing venture. We will be publishing at least three books this year under the Lit.Org Publishing imprint! We've also got Lit.Org swag. You can help your fellow authors by purchasing Lit.Org T-Shirts, Mugs, Mousepads, Hats and more. All the proceeds will be used to build a pool that we can offer as prizes. And speaking of prizes, we'll be giving away some T-Shirts, Books, and much more in the coming weeks.

This coming Thursday is St. Valentines Day. And as a special treat, I'll be putting up a special Valentine page linking to some of the great stories on the site that represents Valentines Day - Lit.Org style. As if that's not enough, Parteepants and myself have been working on a story that's already over 3500 words, over six pages, which will be released Valentines day. So Happy Valentines Day. We hope you spend it with your loved one. If not, spend it with us and sleep on the couch!

So, until next time, read, write, and comment!

Chrispian H. Burks Editor - Lit.Org

The New Majestic!
As you can no doubt see, Majestic is all new this issue. Not only is it now a super cool html newsletter, it will aslo be a weekly newsletter starting with the next issue! We have switched our newsletter software for the Majestic newsletter from Topica to Constant Contact. There is nothing you need to do, except sit back and enjoy.

Future issues of Majestic will have much more original content, and will also be archived on the web site. Look for the url next issue. But in the mean time, send us your submissions for Majestic.

The Sunday Night Write Off
Next week's write off is going to bring in some new blood. I'm not going to spoil it by telling you who, but Parteepants has wrangled some people who haven't played our sick little game before. It's going to be good!

I'd like to remind everyone to help out with the Write Off, even if you don't write for it, every vote helps. Read and Vote for both stories. Visit the Write Off from the Features section on the front page.

Chrispian Burks Archon - Lit.Org

The Thread
The Thread has lied dormant now for a few weeks so I think it's high time we get a new one going. To make this one a little different, Kross has signed on to be this month's "Guest Thread Spinner." I'm sure he'll come up with something exciting and invigorating that we can all sink our teeth into. His post will be up by Wednesday. For an update on the rules, and etiquette, just click on "The Thread" link at Lit.Org's homepage.

Good luck Kross, and I hope we see a lot of new faces participating this time around.

Parteepants Guardian - Lit.Org

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Tell Your Friends
Tell your friends about Lit.Org. Every visitor you send us enters you in the pool for a free T-Shirt and Free book! You don't have to do anything. Just fill out the form on our site and we'll take care of the rest. We'll announce the winner in a few weeks! Tell people about Lit.Org now!

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Site of the Week
This week's site of the week is one of our own's site. Parteepants site is a great collection of his work and really deserves your attention. Go by there and check it out. But make sure you bring lots of time with you, you'll need it! Go there and take a look around. You'll like what you see.

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