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Majestic: Issue #4 January 20, 2002
In this Issue:
Letter From the Editor
New Features
Site Spotlight
The Write Off

 Letter from the Editor
My friends kid me for using the phrase "take it to the next level". It's sort of a philosophy of mine. Naturally, the idea isn't original, but it's something that has stuck with me. I've noticed the phrase has been seeing it's fair share of spotlight lately, especially among internet companies. Makes sense.

Lit.Org is no exception. With each new issue you'll notice we've done just that. We've taken it to the next level. And we've done it again this time around. We are bound to make our goals a reality very quickly at this rate. There is no doubt that lit.org is one of the best, most feature packed writing sites around. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and feedback.

Chrispian H. Burks
Editor - Lit.Org

 New Features
This go around we've added features for all you aspiring web developers. We've cooked up a content syndication tool to let you include stories on your home page. You have the choice of including your own last ten stories, or the last 10 from the lit.org home page.

Also, we've added member icons so you can link directly to all your stories, or your profile.

Check out the Media Kit for everything you need! http://www.lit.org/mediakit.php

 Site Spotlight
ABCTales is a great site for some exposure. They are a very high volume site with a huge archive of work online for those of you who can't read enough. http://www.abctales.com

 The Write-Off
There are some minor changes being made to this competition that hopefully will improve it. The first was actually suggested by Jeff, and it’s designed to eliminate biased voting. From now on, Write Off postings will not show the author’s name until after the competition. This should also make this meet more interesting, because we can attempt to guess who wrote which story based on their style.

The second suggestion came from Hal and it’s designed to increase the fairness of the competition. When it comes to voting, we must consider word count. One person could gain an unfair advantage by going well beyond the limit. To counteract this, I propose that an author should loose 1 point for each 100 words submitted beyond the word count limit. The word count does not include the story starter!

Because almost every story has gone beyond 1000 words (including my own), the word count will be raised to 1200 words.

All of these rules will be in effect for this week’s competition between Beckett and Hal.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Jeff and Hal for the great suggestions, and Rogan and Jeff for their fantastic Write Off submissions.

Guardian ­ Lit.Org

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